Descendants of ________ Carpenter
Born about 1747/1751 of SC - died about 1782 GA
Progenitor of Group 16 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.


1. Carpenter

Group 16 - Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project -

NAME:  A descendant reported his name as Thomas?  Compare to Thomas "Jack" Carpenter-5337 Different B&Ds & spouse however.   Sons are John, Rueben, & Thomas. Wife's father is Charles.  Some speculation is that John could be the name and loosely based on Private John Carpenter who served with the VA Militia and was listed as sick twice in hospital and who is no longer found after 1782.

NO DETAILS on any of the following and no children for them;
Carpentar Compact Disc #144 Pin #175041
Carpentar Compact Disc #138 Pin #288085
? Carpenter Compact Disc #51 Pin #297206

IGI has birth about 1747 of SC. No children listed.


The Siege of Charleston was one of the major battles which took place towards the end of the American Revolutionary War, after the British began to shift their strategic focus towards the American Southern Colonies. After about six weeks of siege, Continental Army Major General Benjamin Lincoln surrendered forces numbering about 5,000 to the British. It was the biggest loss of troops suffered by the Continental Army in the war.

92 Americans killed,148 wounded and 5266 captured.

Aftermath: An active and bitter partisan war began. The British advance was marked by more than the usual destruction of war; the Loyalists rose to arms; the Patriot population regrouped around some of its militia commanders to harass the British and their Loyalist allies. Little mercy was shown on either side, especially after Tarleton's decimation of the Continentals at Waxhaws and Light Horse Harry Lee's decimation of the Loyalists at Haw River, which many saw as massacres.

Charleston remained under British control until they evacuated it in 1782 due to the imminent Treaty of Paris.

Georgia was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies, and fourth state to ratify the US Constitution.   Georgia Revolutionary Line units:
1st Georgia Regiment
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Georgia Regiment of Horse Rangers

DEATH:  Bef 10 Sep 1782 when Abigail remarried.  Odds are there was no divorce, but death that ended the marriage.
Per TLC - he was killed in the Revolutionary War, thus c1775-1783, leaving five children whose names were not specified in the official record but were stated by a great granddaughter of Abigail Jordan Carpenter Moffett to be Thomas, Reuben, John, and two daughters. Josephine Moffett Robinson who was born circa 1825 and wrote the diary in the Summer of 1884.

These, plus 2 daughters were listed in the 1784 diary. See Abigail Jordan's notes.
In 1803 -John, Rueben and Thomas were listed in the Georgia Taxroll. In 1805 -Henry, John and Thomas were listed in the Lincoln Co. Georgia Land Lottery. Up to 1838 -Thomas was named on various land transactions in Henry Co. GA along with Zachariah. He put up the $1500 bond with Wilkes for theHarlen kids guardianship.

Zachariah Thomas Carpenter Birth 1750 Death 1782 in United States

Abigail Jordan

Lincoln County is a county located in the U.S. state  of Georgia, with the Savannah River forming its northeastern border. Located above the fall line, it is part of the Central Savannah River Area  (CSRA) and a member of the CSRA Regional Development Center. The county was created on February 20, 1796. The county seat  is Lincolnton. (from Wikipedia)

DIARY:  See pdf file under CE/Books, Articles, Wills & such/RIN 139369 Abigail Jordan DIARY.pdf

BEFORE Lincoln County was Wilkes County

The county seat is the city of Washington. Referred to as "Washington-Wilkes", the county seat and county are commonly treated as a single entity by locals, including the area's historical society and the Chamber of Commerce.
Wilkes County, named for British politician and supporter of American independence, John Wilkes, is considered Georgia's first county, as it was the first of eight original counties created in the first state constitution on February 5, 1777. While the other seven counties were fashioned from existing colonial parishes, Wilkes was unique in that it was formed from land ceded in 1773 by the Creek and Cherokee Nations in their respective Treaties of Augusta. It is located in the Piedmont, above the fall line on the Savannah River.
Between 1790 and 1854, Wilkes County's land area grew smaller as parts of it were used to make new counties. The Georgia legislature formed the counties of Elbert, Oglethorpe, and Lincoln entirely from portions of Wilkes County.
(from Wikipedia)

Lincoln County was created out of Wilkes County in 1796.
Abigail Jordan (b. 10 Feb 1751 SC) married a Carpenter in SC and moved to NC where at least 2 children (Reuben & Thomas Carpenter) were born? They relocated to present day Lincoln County, GA before 1781. There Carpenter died and Abigail married a Thomas Moffett on 10 Sep 1782. Abigail’s father, Charles Jordan died in 1780 in the then Wilkes County, GA and this may have caused the move.  But they may have been there by 1770 to 1775.

Her children's names and marriages, as well as death, were recorded in the 1884 Diary of Josephine C. Robinson.  Josephine was the daughter of Sarah Saunders and Jacob Moffett.  Jacob was the son of Abigail (Jordan) Carpenter and Thomas Moffett.   She stated Abigail was a noblewoman and her brothers wealthy merchants.  I found a Loyalist named Byer Carpenter (along with Joseph & Henry Jordan) were murdered by SC Patriots, though I doubt Abigail's husband was a Loyalist seeing how her second husband was a patriot.

From: Donna Cuzze
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... Where are we on DNA and Am Rev Soldiers? FYI: I re-read Josephine's diary about Abigail. Never does it state where Abigail lived before she married Moffett. What it says is: After the war, he [Thomas Moffett] married the widow Carpenter - whose husband had been killed in the war, she having five children - Thomas, Ruben - John and two daughters, but she was a noble woman and possesed of property - She was Abigail Jordan (before she married Carpenter) of high family her brothers being very prominent wealthy and influential men.
We know Thomas Moffett was living in WILKES / LINCOLN CO GA and that he and Abigail moved to Jasper Co GA after marriage. We know in 1794 that John & Thomas Carpenter paid taxes in WARREN GA and Reuben was living in EDGEFIELD SC in 1800. We know the three brothers bought land from James Moffett in 1805 LINCOLN GA. After that, Reuben lived in EDGEFIELD, Thomas went to HENRY GA and John stayed in LINCOLN GA until at least 1820.
But there is nothing to say where Abigail & Unknown Carpenter came from.
**OF INTEREST !! In 1794 GA, WARREN CO, Thomas Carpenter was listed in GRAY's Dist . (Reuben's daughter married a James Gray). However, Thomas was born at earliest 1775 which means he was only 19 when taxed. There was also a JOSEPH CARPENTER on same page** Abigail was already married married to Moffett by 1794 but Joseph may have been a brother or grandfather of her unknown husband.
In 1818 I only found record of, John Carpenter listed in LINCOLN GA, no township. In that same tax list were JORDANS: Levi, John C., Jacob & John.


Thomas Moffett was born circa 1760 in SC.  His father, James Moffett, had immigrated from Scotland; first living in SC and finally in Wilkes/Lincoln County GA.  Josephine C. Robinson's diary stated that James' son, soldier Thomas Moffett, married the widow Abigail Jordan Carpenter after the American Revolution ended.  Josephine went into a lot of detail about many descendants but I am only going to list Abigail's children briefly as they are half-siblings to our Carpenters.  These children were all born in Jasper Co Georgia where Thomas and Abigail had relocated and were subsequently buried.

Margaret “Peggy” Moffett circa 1784 m. Nathan W. Jackson
James Moffett circa 1785 m. Sarah “Sally������� Bellamy
Jacob Moffett circa 1790 m. Sarah H. Saunders
Nathan Moffett circa 1790 m. Mary
Jane Moffett circa 1794 m. David Hunter
Elizabeth Moffett circa 1796 m. Elijah Boynton

NOTE-1:  Nathan Moffett moved to Talladega Co AL and lived near Thomas Carpenter's son Reuben L. Carpenter b.1828.

NOTE-2:  Margaret's spouse was a JACKSON.  When Thomas Carpenter's son Thomas M. Carpenter died, a Thomas JACKSON was administrator.  I am unaware of any relationship between Margaret Moffett Jackson and Thomas Jackson but trying to find one.

BURIALS:  Josephine C. Robinson's diary states that Thomas Moffett died age 59, Abigail Jordan Carpenter Moffett died Nov 4, 1822 and were both buried in a Baptist Church yard in Jasper Co GA.

From: Donna Cuzze
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Subject: JORDAN: Question
Hi Steve,
Hope you are doing well. I need your opinion. I am looking at Abigail Jordan again. In the first 3 generations of her children, there is not one child named Charles. In the 1700s it was typical to name the first son after the father's father and the second after the mother's father. And Abigail did name her first son with Moffett, James after the paternal grandpa.
Don't you think if Abigail's father was the Charles who died in AMREV in 1780 that the family would be proud of that and have a lot of children named after him? And Charles had sons Dempsey and Samuel who fought in the revolution, not one Moffett nor Carpenter was named after any of them.
The Carpenters had many Reubens, Starlings, Thomas's and Johns (with a healthy number of Zachariahs). We don't know which of Abigail's Carpenter sons was the oldest ... John, Reuben or Thomas. But that should mean one of them was named after her father.
As time went on, people strayed from the naming procedure but if the naming procedure means anything:
-Reuben Carpenter's first son was named Reuben which should be his father but without the 1810 census, we don't know if there was a son born before Reuben.
-John Carpenter named his first son Thomas and according to census had a second son who is unidentified.
-Thomas named his first son Zachariah and the second son Thomas M. (Don't know what the M stood for).
There is no way of telling if they sons born before these that died young, but still each of the sons had a daughter named Abigail. All 3 had sons named Thomas. And since Thomas Moffett raised the boys, they may have given their sons the name Thomas after him.
There was a John Jordan who was given permit 1810 to go into the Indian Territory on the same day as Thomas Moffett, maybe Abigail's father or brother, but maybe no relationship.
So my question to you is, "If you had to make a guess, which Jordan do you think may have been Abigail's father?"
I value your opinion and hope you can help me narrow it down to a couple of prospects that I can spend my time researching. Unfortunately, many people on Ancestry are showing Charles as Abigail's father without any proof and I just can't believe it for the reason I stated about there not being one Charles out of 3 generations in two families.
Thanks for any input, I am copying John R. Carpenter to see if he has any additional info that may help.
Donna Cuzze Las Vegas, NV

2. 1 Carpenter

NAME: Matilda? Did she marry a James Rodgers?

3. 2 Carpenter

Did she marry a Wilkins?