Descendants of Group 5 Zimmermans / Carpenters


1. Zimmerman

This descendant line is based on a genealogy file maintained by Bob Carpenter at
Carpenter and Zimmerman descendants who have been Y-DNA tested are part of Group 5 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project. See:

This is not Hans Zimmerman who married Anni Russer. A descendant of that line tested their Y-DNA and is in Group 19.

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Dear John, Terry, and all,
I thank you for letting me in on the discussions about my book and research! I think I can clear up some of the issues you pose.
First of all, I was incorrect in Carpenters A Plenty that our Zimmermans descended from the Heinrich Z. family of Wattenwil, GROUP 9. All researchers had previously assumed that and failing documentation I also made that assumption. Insert DNA: The DNA test of course proved that the two families are in fact genetically distinct.
Over the past 10 years or maybe longer (? time flies) I have discovered the extensive Zimmerman family in Steffisburg, Canton of Bern. This family village is the location of our Zimmerman family. We are GROUP 5. That is our distinct Zimmerman group. Quite a number of Zimmerman descendants now relate to one another. The problem: Our Zimmermans of Steffisburg were Mennonite and Amish; therefore, they did not get their infants baptized. I have traced numerous Zimmermans from 1590 or so in Steffisburg only to have a gap around 1700. At that time many of these Zimmermans migrated to Alsace. In Alsace a Peter Zimmerman became a fellow preacher with Jakob Ammann and converted to the Amish sect. Which Peter? There are two in Alsace. There were four Hans Zimmermans in Alsace in the 1700-1720 range. Which one is which?
I am copying this to Bob Carpenter of Lompoc, California. He has done a superior job of keeping our Group involved and in following up on the most recent research and information.
Quickly here is what we know: Hans Zimmerman of the 1732 Pink Plaisance is directly related to members of the Zimmerman family of Germana colony in northern Virginia. Early members of that family left Steffisburg and settled in the German States before coming to America. Nicholaus Zimmerman and his two sons, Hans and Christian, arrived in 1733 on the ship Hope. They were from Steffisburg, to Alsace, to America. They also match genetically. Of the North Carolina Zimmermans the following match genetically--Peter, Jacob, Johannes, and Christian. We suspect all are children of Hans of the Pink Plaisance and the DNA seems to indicate that.
Enter Barto Hilton or Helton: Bob notified me of him and the genetic connection. I had been unable to locate him in my book (I think it is too long). I am delighted that you have indicated his ancestry. He apparently was a son of Joshua P. Carpenter; I even wrote in my book that he moved to Asheville but I had no idea he changed his last name. Joshua P. with Barto, Ailey (Alice), Pinckney, and a granddaughter Mamie were living in Burke County in 1880. I lost them there. Joshua P.'s wife was not in that household in 1880.
So I hope I have helped: Carpenters A Plenty Zimmermans are GROUP 5; GROUP 9 is the Wattenwil Zimmermans of Lancaster Co, PA. Everyone in Group 5 are genetically related and most descend from Pink Plaisance, Hope, and Germana immigrants. Let me know if this is too confusing; also, Bob Carpenter, please jump in with your comments.
Let me know if this has helped, Robert Carpenter

GROUP 5 - Comments by Robert Carpenter 5 Feb 2015
Bobby Carpenter of Lompoc, CA began our DNA journey. In 1982 I authored the genealogy, Carpenters A Plenty, which traced descendants of Hans Zimmerman and others who arrived on the ship Pink Plaisance in 1732. Hans and about 5 other Zimmermans, all kinsmen and now most likely the sons of Hans, removed to North Carolina in the 1750's. My research suggested that they were Swiss, possibly Mennonite. They resided in Lancaster County, PA for about 20 years when Hans lost his property through debt. The sons arrived first in North Carolina with Hans arriving about 1757 or so. There was Hans, his only proven son Johannes, Peter, Jacob, and Christian. Kinsmen Samuel and Joseph resided in present Cleveland County, NC. They were definitely not sons of Hans but were related.
The DNA has now proven that the Zimmerman family resided in the village of Steffisburg, near Thun, in the Kanton of Berne. Subsequent research after my book's publication indicates that the family were Mennonite and some became Amish, followers of Jakob Ammann of Alsace. Members of this Zimmerman family moved to Alsace from the 1670's through the 1730's or so. I hired a Swiss researcher who documented the family of Steffisburg becoming Amish. One member of the family, Peter Zimmerman, became an Amish preacher and spent some time in jail in Thun because of his religious beliefs. My hope that the Swiss researcher would document the parents of Hans Zimmerman remains unfulfilled. Yet, his work confirmed that the family left Steffisburg because of their religious beliefs. My research into parish records in Alsace has uncovered few leads, since Mennonite and Amish believed in adult baptism and chose to avoid the state churches.
Since Group 5 has been initiated, the DNA from all the NC Zimmermans--Johannes, Hans, Peter, Jacob, and Christian match. In addition matches with the Germana Zimmermans of Culpepper and Madison County in VA and PA Zimmermans also match. All either trace their lineage to Steffisburg or to Switzerland. Other Zimmermans also left Switzerland traveling to Germany. The ancestry of the VA Zimmermans include at least two generations in Germany prior to their arrival in VA.