Group 7 Descendants of Anthony Carpenter - THE VERY SPECULATED Progenitor of Group 7 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.


1583. Vernard Dee Carpenter

1900 Madison Co., KY census Pg 116A has year as 1896.

1584. John William Carpenter

KY Vital Stats per Richard Carpenter has month as April.

1586. Moss G. Carpenter

Died from a bleeding ulcer.

1588. Luther Larkin Carpenter

Massive heart attack.

1592. William Andrew Carpenter

Section foreman for B&O Railroad. SS#268-18-5554. World War IVet-Pvt.Co.G3 BN1 Gas Regt. Entered 5 Sep 1918 and honorable discharge 15Dec 1918 because his dad died.  Ran a still on Canal Rd. with Joe Sundo.Joe's brother was killed by a revenuer. This was told to me by EdithGraham. Grandma Dorothy Gau Carpenter said William worked with her secondhusband Carl when Rt. 4 was built as waterboys and were hired at Armco onthe same day.

William could play four songs on the banjo.  He could also play the Juiceharp and the french harp (harmonica).  Grandma Dorothy said the thing sheliked best about him was his work ethic and also that he saw to it she sawher parents who lived in Dayton.  He always had a good garden.

During the depression, William would push chunks of coal off a train afterit slowed down to go over a trestle.  He would then jump off and go backand pick up the chunks to heat their house and sell some for money.  Therewere nights when he and Dorothy would go without supper so the kids couldeat.

Actual spelling is McKee, Ky. Mandy is middle name on birth record but on1900 census it has initial A. and he went by Andrew as middle name.

1920 Lemon Twp, Butler Co, OH census Pg 168A has year as 1895.

Working near switch and placing oil burners under tracks to keep switchesfrom freezing. Hit by train.

This is in Fairfield Twp.

Dorothy Irene Gau

Gau wasn't always full name sometimes part of a name. Carpenter not alwaysspelled same

Born at 727 N. Idaho

Grandma died of heart failure in her sleep.  Helen found her abt 7:45 AMin a very restful position.  She was on the first leg of her trip northand was going to move to NC.


Grandma was cremated.  The kids had to sign off to allow this which is whyit took so long to get her buried.

1593. Martha Ellen Carpenter

Lived in Dayton in early 50's.

Marco Gabriel Graham

Died by being run over by a traction car in northern Ohio.

2599. Marco G. Graham Jr.

Was in the Navy.

He was in the Navy stationed in San Diego, Cal. Found drowned in a oiltank.

Louis McDermott

Had a son by previous marriage named Louis Jr.

Veterns Hospital.

1595. Nancy Marion "Georgie" Carpenter

Went by first name of Georgie.

Charles Carpenter bible has 12 Dec 1900.

Joseph Sundo

Name was Sundors a long time ago.

Hughes Memorial Hospital was where death occurred.

1598. Katherine "Allie" Carpenter

Possibly married an Elmo Hill. Lived in Hamilton in early 50's. Husbandcalled her Katie. This was not her real name.

1920 Lemon Twp, Butler Co, OH census Pg 168A has year as 1906.

1599. Louis Everett Carpenter

Mom's obit.

Social Security App has day as 1st, year as 1907 and born in Brownstown,IN..
1920 Lemon Twp, Butler Co, OH census Pg 168A has year as 1907.
1930 Liberty Twp, Butler Co, OH census Pg 71B has year as 1907.

2612. 11 Carpenter