Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


18729. Walter T. Carpenter

Walter may be the walter listed as living with Daniel Carpenter in the 1870 census of Greenfield PA 0042 (age 18, born in PA).

CENSUS: 1900 US Census - See image:  RIN 137059 Walter Carpenter 1900.jpg
He is living in Washington City, Washington Twp., Washington, IA and his mother is with him.

Inessyeve J.

NAME: Best guess on name.  
In the 1900 US Census she was married for 22 years and had had 9 children of which 8 were living in 1900.

18733. William Harvey Carpenter

Letter from Willard Carpenter Sr to Brian Wells Carpenter, 9-20-1999: ....I had recall on some Carpenter's living in Waymart, PA. (1935-1945).  We used to go to Waymart with Grandpa Harry T. (Carpenter). The peoples names and info. are as follows Nell and Will Carpenter.  I would guess they were about the same age as Grandpa C. and they had two daughters. 1. Charlotte  2. ?.  Charlotte was married to a man by the name of Howard Spangenberg who was in the timbering, logging business and worked all the way from Waymart to Canadensis.  Looking at some of the tree they may have been the children of Simeon Carpenter who was listed as a farmer in Wayne County?  I thought you might be able to trace it....

18743. Arta Tyler Sweet

A teacher, educated at Harford and Keystone Academies.

25278. Jennie Osborne

THere was a Jane M Osborne living with the Osborne family along with her grandmother Julia A. Sweet.  I suspect that this Jane, age 29, was the same person as Jennie rather than an additional sister.

18747. Nellie Bell Carpenter

Ref.12E,M: Picture- NELLIE B. CARPENTER HIS WIFE MAY 25,1893
Ref.12E,M: Picture- MY WIFE AND BABY.
Ref.35: 09-00116-01.
Ref.35,v5,p69: Nellie Bell Carpenter b. 25 Nov 1866 m. Norris.
!Can be found in the 1880 Census of Olyphant, PA, p.181D.
!She is buried in the Carpenter plot in the Prospect Hills Cemetery in Peckville, PA.
!Lacka Co. marraige certificate: vol 26 page 202 no. 9230.

In the inside cover of a book apparently owned by Nellie (The Webster-Franklin Fifth Reader, 1871), Nellie wrote the following:
A district school not far away
with snowy hills one wintry day
was humming with its wanted noise
of three score mingled girls and boys
some few upon their tasks intent
but more on furtive ???? ????
and while the masters down ward look
was fastened?? on the?? copy book
rose loud and clear a rousing smack
as it was a battery of bliss
let off in one tremendous kiss
whats that thee startled master cried
that sir a little ??? replied
was William Willetts? if you pleath??
I saw him kith?? Swana?? ???
With ??? own to make a statute
youll?? the master ?? thundered
hither (???) ??? ??? ???tch are taken on thack
Will hung his head in fear and shame
and to that awful Presence?? came
a great green bashful simple?? ???
the ??? of all good nature and fun
with stolen ??? on his back
with a smile surpressed(sic) and birch up ??? raised
the master thundered and amazed that you may bigest burped too
showed?? be guilty of an act so rude
might?? ??? ??? ??? ????
what evil genius ???? you to it??

John Norris

Ref.35: Spouse of 09-00116-01.
Ref.35,v5,p69: Nellie Bell Carpenter m. Norris.

Lacka Co. marraige certificate: vol 26 page 202 cert # 9230.

Lacka Co. marraige certificate: vol 37 page 136.

Interestingly, a John Norris - of the same age - is listed as being buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Dunmore PA:
Norris John
30y 7m
not given

18748. Harry Tyler Carpenter

Descendant updates from Bill Carpenter on 19 Mar 2011.

Ref.12E,M: Picture- HARRY T. CARPENTER 1872-1959

Lacka Co. marraige: vol 43 page 52 #15115, which required the consent of Isabelle's guardian, Joseph G. Bell.  They were married in Olyphant by S.C.Simpkins.

I (Brian Sr.) have an extremely vague memory of my great grandmother and grandfather.  I was taken to a doctor to get a vaccination.  This doctor's office was at the base of the hill upon which my great grandparents lived.  My memory consists of nothing more than knowing that I was just scared by the vaccination and remembering the trip up the hill from the doctor's office to their house.  I can't even recall their faces.  (I know believe that this memory is of my Davis Great Grandparents)

I believe that I vaguely remember an event related to one of them dying.  I recall visiting Uncle (actually great-uncle) Wharton and his wife, Janella.  I believe that I was under the impression that one of his parents died.  During this visit they gave me a big, old stuffed dog that belonged to their daughter, Janie.

1893 Olyphant directory: Carpenter, Harry, laborer, bds Moosic near Grassy breaker.

1899 Olyphant directory: Carpenter, Harry, timberman, h Moosic.
!1899 Olyphant directory: Carpenter, Harry Jr., lab, res Moosic.????

Who the heck is this Harry Carpenter Jr.?????

1900 Olyphant, PA 287/331
Carpenter, Harry, head, Nov 1832, 27, m, 3, laborer, coal mine
Isabella, wife, Apr 1876, 24, m, 3, 1, 1
Miles, son, Dec 1897, 2, s

The 1910 Census of Olyphant (p.257A) indicates that Harry and his family were living on Moosic St. in Olyphant, PA.  It also says that he worked for a lumber company.
1910 Moosic St. Olyphant, PA
Carpenter, Harry, head, 36
Isabel, wife, 34
Miles, son, 12
James B., son, 9
Lester H., son, 6
Robert ??, son, 2
Simpson W., son 1/12
217, 230
Feeney, Mary
James, son

The 1920 census, p 235B, indicates that Harry and his family owned their own home on North Valley Ave. in Olyphant.
CARPENTER, Harry T. 46
Isabella 45
Miles 22
James 19
Lester 16
Robert 11
Warton 9
VESSIE, William 39
Mary E., 35, England, England, England
Roberta 14

1930 census of Olyphant, Lackawanna, PA:
CARPENTER, Harry, (head) $3,000, 57, married at 24, PA, PA, PA, laborer, coal miner
Isabel, wife, 53, married at 20, PA, Scotland, Scotland,
Miles, son, 32, electrician, coal miner
Robert, son, 22
Wharton, son, 19, truck driver, grocery store
Olive, grandmother, 88, wd
CARPENTER, James (head) 29, $15, electrial engineer, coal miner
Florence  28  , PA, Wales, At Sea
Willard D. 7
James B. 5

Raymond Wallis recalled that Harry Carpenter had a very close friend, name Bill Hair, who talked about Harry quite a bit.  Raymond recalls that Harry and his father were very, very close.

Isabelle Vessie

Ref.12E,M: Picture- ISABELLA V. CARPENTER 1876-1960

Lacka Co. marraige: vol 43 page 52 #15115 (or 15415), indicates that her legal guardian was Joseph G Bell.  The application of the marraige license was Jan 2 1897.

The above reference to Joseph G. Bell is interesting.  Her father had died prior to her marraige, but her mother was still alive.  I wonder who Joseph Bell is, and why her mother was not listed as her guardian.  Joseph G. Bell is buried at Prospect Hill very near the Vessie family plot.

Her obituary can be found on page 23 of the May 16, 1960 issue of the Scranton Times: ....surviving are five sons, Miles, Olyphant; James, Green Grove; Lester, Orlando,Fla.; Robert, Warehouse Point, Conn; and S.Wharton,Peckville; a sister, Mrs. Eva R. Sweeney, Jessup;.......Barthold Funeral Home, Blakely Corners with the Rev. John B. Tavaglione, Olyphant Presbyterian Church, servies will be conducted tomorrow at 8 P.M. in the funeral home by Grace E.Barthold Chapter, OES.

Need to search for James Vessie's death certificate.

Prospect Hill Cemetary Data
Pg Names (3) Gender Date of Death Age Date of Birth Block Lot Notes Cause of Death
C5 Carpenter, Isabella Vessie F 05/14/1960 84 04/08/1876 25 7 Terminal pneumonia
V1 Vessie, Elizabeth F 10/19/1944 60 ~1884 4 5 ½ Arteriosclerotic Nephritis
V2 Vessie, William M. M 06/25/1959 79 ~1880 4 5 ½ Cerebrovascular accident

Anna Gertrude Fessenden

Anna Gertrude FESSENDEN (AFN:10WZ-4D0)
Father:  Warren Gilbert FESSENDEN (AFN:10WW-66S)
Mother:  Edwinna MAIN (AFN:10WW-671)

Marjorie Moran

Marjorie MORAN (AFN: 10WW-6GG)
Father:  Mark Asher MORAN (AFN: 10WW-6D2)
Mother:  Clara Louise GRANT (AFN: 10WW-6F8)

18765. Wright Frank Carpenter

This line submitted on 11 Jan 2000 by Billie Geist

Mabel Lora Atwater

NAME: Middle name may be Lora or Laura.

25308. Albert Glenn Carpenter

He never married. He went by Glenn.

25309. Dale MacK Carpenter

He never married.

25311. Fern Mabel Carpenter

E-MAIL: 11 Jan 2000 Billie Geist
> Billie Geist wrote:
> > John,
> > My uncle, Dale Carpenter, passed away this morning and will be buried
> > this week.  The obit is not yet posted.  Dale was the last of this
> > Carpenter branch as he and his only brother, Glenn, were both bachelors.
> > My mother, Fern Mabel, was one of his sisters.  Dale was the last of
> > this generation of Carpenters to pass and the last carrying the
> > Carpenter name on this branch.  These are the children of Wright Frank
> > Carpenter who was the son of Isaac Hobbs Carpenter.  According to what I
> > have found on the LDS site, Isaac was the son of a Thirza Hobbs and
> > Cyril Carpenter.  I have not yet been able to prove this link but, if
> > true, we should be well documented beyond that.  Do you have anything
> > indicating that the LDS info. is either correct or incorrect about
> > Isaac's parents?  I would appreciate any help.
> > Regards,
> > Billie Geist