Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


19170. Otis Raymond Carpenter

He died May 7, 1932, the result of an automobile
accident, near Meadville, Pa.

19172. Harley Deforest Carpenter

Harley D. Carpenter was a pioneer in electric power in the Meadville area.
Harley married Mabelle Vivian
Waible, of Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Apr. 27, 1918. He established an
Electrical supply store in Meadville, whtch is operated by his wife and
sons. He also had a franchise for an olectrical line which supplied
the rural section of Crawford Co. He died July 1, 1960. She was born
June 22, 1893, and lives at 494 Chestnut St., Meadville, Pa.

19176. Mae Lucinda Jones

She is referenced in no. #186.  Lived in Greenville, PA.  Was a marginal
farming family. The name "Licinda" is more often spelled "Lucinda."

25766. Baby Boy Eastlick

The record records the name as "Baby Boy."

19178. Naoma Ada Jones

She is referenced in Jones-Smith Genealogy as no. #187.  Lived in Corry, PA.
A farming family.  Her first name is sometimes written as "Naoma" or "Norma."

19179. Sam Welcome Jones

He is referenced to no. #188.  He married a second time but name and dates are
not known.

25771. Mary Cathryn Jones

NAME: Mary Cathryn or Mary Catherine.  No children.

19180. Velva Nancy Jones

She is referenced by Jones-Smith as #189, and she is referenced by Roha in
#153s.  She was very active in genealogy, compiling the first Michael F. Roha
document.  She enjoyed quilting and made many, including one for each of her
five grandchildren.  She was an avid gardener of both vegtables and flowers.
She worked hard on the dairy farm.
She was married to William Joseph Roha and met him while working for an old
german family in town (Dreitleins) as a cook.  He was a young milk man whom she
later fell in love with.
William was a successful dairy farmer on Titusville Road in Meadville, PA.  He
delivered milk to retail customers in town.  He is listed as #153.
!CENSUS: 1920 Crawford County, PA: William J. Roha age 31, Velva N. age 28,
Neil A. (1 yr. 3 mo. son) and Harold G. (brother).

Max Roha submitted this line in a letter dated 27 July 1998.
Velva was born in the house Welcome built many years ago on land that Abner
bought from Jacob Cutshall in 1834, in Randolph Twp. She complied
this record and is very much interested in family history.

19189. Sarah Elizabeth Query

Sarah Elizabeth Query, [9] (Ella[8], Parley [7], Abner [6], James
[5]), born 7 Mar. 1896 at Harrisburg, N.C,, died 23 May 1930 at
Meadville, Pa., buried at Guys Mills, Pa.; married to Clark H.
Davison, born 1889 (?) at Meadville, Pa., son of John Davison and
Mary Ellen Ewing. Occupation farmer. Sarah graduated at Edinboro
Normal School, 1916. She was a teacher and housewife.

19190. Lloyd Clare Carpenter

NAME: Lloyd Clare Carpenter in one part and Lloyd Harold Carpenter in another
part of the record!

19191. Parley Carpenter

Parley Carpenter, [9] (John[8], Parley [7], Abner [6], James
[5]), born 26 July 1896 at Guys Mills, Pa., married Hazel lone
Judd, 20 Nov. 1920. She was born 19 June 1897 Chagrin Falls,
Ohio, daughter of Hugh W. Judd and Margaret Elliott Judd.
Occupation farmer. Hazel Judd a school teacher and housewife.