Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


2580. Daniel Needham Carpenter

Number 1604 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 233.
AF has birth as abt 1755 and last name as NEEHAM, but this is incorrect.

2581. William Barney Carpenter

Number 1608 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 234. Family is number 532 on page 393.
He went to Newville, OH thence to Mansfield, OH and lastly to Colorado.  A Miss Osburn says he died in Wilbraham, MA in 1809 or 1810.  The Compiler of the Carpenter Memorial thinks she is right, as she has always been found to be very accurate in genealogical matters.

Is there a son named Clark missing from this family?  Or was it a son-in-law?  Anyway he was supposed to be a baptist minister.  See Justin's notes.

2582. Jesse Carpenter

Number 1618 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 235.
He moved to the state of NY about 1776.
He was a strong Anti-mason.  He had black powder blown into his face, which
caused his children to say his face looked as though it was muddy.  It was
imbedded into the skin so that it could not be got out, and it sometimes
trobubled him with an intolerable itching.
See the extensive notes in the above record.

NOTE: He was a Revolutionary War veteran from a Massachusetts regiment. Jesse moved to Madison Co NY in 1800 and died at the home of his grandson, William CARPENTER, at the age of 96.
SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census
Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001
Bernard Carpenter 84 Benjamin Carpenter Boonville Oneida
Isaiah Carpenter 75 George Murray Vernon Oneida
Daniel Carpenter 80 Daniel Carpenter Portville Cattaraugus
William Carpenter 87 Samuel Carpenter Potsdam St. Lawrence
Lewis Carpenter 70 Lewis Carpenter Springwater Livingston
Margaret Carpenter 71 Benjamin Carpenter Deerpark Orange
Peggy M. Carpenter 72 J. E. Burton Madison Madison
Guy Carpenter 56 Guy Carpenter Norfolk St. Lawrence
Jesse Carpenter 91 Elijah Carpenter Nelson Madison

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Subject: [CARPENTER] Check out History of Madison County, NY  Jesse
from Wooster MA
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_Click here:  History of Madison County, state of New York - Chapter 13._

Jesse Carpenter from Wooster, Mass., settled in Erieville, in 1808. Elijah
and William, his sons, settled here also, the latter subsequently moved to
Ohio,  while Elijah remained in Erieville. From Jesse, the Carpenters of Nelson
have  descended._3_ (

3 - Dr. Carpenter of Erieville, and Alpheus Carpenter a  noted mechanic
engaged upon the railroads of Michigan, are of this family. The  Harris' family
among whom are Dr. Harris and Rev. Mr. Harris of Georgetown, are  descendants of
Jesse Carpenter.

2589. Reuben Carpenter

He appeared in the census in 1790 in Sutton, Worcester,
Mass..5 Census indicates 2 white males over 16, 2 white males under 16 & 2 white females. He appeared in the census in 1800 in Upton, Worcester, Mass..6 Census indicates 2 free white males <10 & 1 26-44, 1 free white female >44. He appeared in the census in 1810 in Upton, Worcester, Mass..7 Census indicates 1 free white male 26-44, 1 free white female <10 & 1 16-25. He died in 1830 in Franklin Co, Ohio.8

6085. John Wilson Carpenter

BIRTH: - see image: RIN 95020 John W Carpenter Birth.jpg
Vermont, Vital Records, 1760-1954
Name: John Wilson Carpenter  
Event: Birth  
Event Date: 20 May 1795  
Event Place: , , Vermont, United States  
Gender: Male  
Estimated Birth Year:  
Father: Reuben Carpenter  
Mother: Anna  
Spouse's Father:  
Spouse's Mother:  
Film Number: 27501  
Digital Folder Number: 004542977  
Image Number:

CENSUS: 1850 US Census - See image: RIN 95020 John W Carpenter 1850.jpg
United States Census, 1850
Name: John W Carpenter  
Residence: Bennington, Morrow , Ohio  
Age: 55 years  
Calculated Birth Year: 1795  
Birthplace: Vermont  
Gender: Male  
Race (original):  
Race (expanded):  
Death Month:  
Death Year:  
Film Number: 444709  
Digital GS Number: 4204508  
Image Number: 00469  
Line Number: 14  
Dwelling House Number: 673  
Family Number: 684  
Marital Status:  
Free or Slave:  
  Household Gender Age
 Freman Doty  M 24y
   John W Carpenter  M 55y
 Huldah Carpenter  F 52y

CENSUS: 1860 US Census
Name: John Carpenter  
Residence: , Morrow, Ohio  
Ward: Bennington Township  
Age: 65 years  
Estimated Birth Year: 1795  
Birthplace: Vermont  
Gender: Male  
Page: 37  
Family Number: 275  
Film Number: 805017  
DGS Number: 4284142  
Image Number: 00281  
NARA Number: M653  

CENSUS: 1870 US Census - See image: RIN 95020 John W Carpenter 1870.jpg
Name: John Carpenter  
Estimated Birth Year: 1795  
Gender: Male  
Age in 1870: 75y  
Color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, Indian): White  
Birthplace: Vermont  
Home in 1870: Ohio, United States  
  Household Gender Age
 George Mead  M 53y
 Mellissa Mead  F 30y
   John Carpenter  M 75y

6086. Cyrus Carpenter

IGI has the following infomation which has the correct birth date but wrong location.
Cyrus Stacy Carpenter    Male
Birth:  14 APR 1798   Killingly,Connecuitcut, , , Usa
Death:  11 NOV 1868   Carroll, , Ottawa, Ohio

2594. Nathan Carpenter

Number 1606 in the Carpenter Memorial.  A Farmer.
Family on page 391 to 393 (# 531).

2595. Benjamin Carpenter

Number 1633 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 237.
Family  on page 398 (#541)

Ruth Howard

NAME: Howard, but some records list it as Hayward.

6108. Calvin Carpenter

Number 3493b in the Carpenter Memorial.

6109. Sally Carpenter

Number 3493c in the Carpenter Memorial.

6110. Polly Carpenter

Number 3493d in the Carpenter Memorial.

2599. Dorcas Carpenter

Number 1638 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 238.
Her husband was a farmer.
This descendancy line was submitted by Marilyn Eckerman Newman of Reno, NV in a
letter dated 15 Dec 1999.

2601. Isaiah Carpenter

Number 1640 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 238.
Family on page 398 (# 542).  A farmer.  See Notes.
Isaiah Carpenter b. 8 Jan 1735 and Isaack Carpenter b. 8 Jan 1734
are probably intermixed.  Both claim Mehitable Thompson as motherbut one Jotham Carpenter and Jonathan Carpenter as father!

E-MAIL: Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001
From:  Bill Wilson
Did any early Carpenters of Rehoboth marry Mayflower descendents?  It
occurred to me that this was a distinct possibility.  And sure enough, while
browsing through the index of the John Billington Mayflower Family I found
several familiar Carpenter names from my line.
I thought I had hit pay dirt!  But as I read the fine print, I saw the
Billington book identified an error in Amos B Carpenter1s book, which
apparently throws my family line out of the Rehoboth Family completely.
The discrepancy arose when ABC apparently read incorrectly the data of 1640
Isaiah Carpenter born January 8, 1735, and should have identified him as
Isaack Carpenter born January 8, 1734/5, who died young without issue.
To clarify the problem, I have listed the descendants from both books.
Square brackets [] are mine.
Carpenter Family of Rehoboth (by Amos B Carpenter, 1898)
  16 William Carpenter
  19 Joseph Carpenter
  46 Benjamin Carpenter
 189 Jotham Carpenter m Desire Martin [a Mayflower descendent, see below]
 635 Jotham Carpenter
1640 Isaiah Carpenter b Jan 8, 1735 d Jan 17, 1809 [maybe should be Isaack]  m Mirriam Sly in 1767
3495 Benjamin Carpenter
5743 Heman Carpenter
7378 Orrin Carpenter
7903 Florence Carpenter [my maternal grandmother]
John Billington Family from the Mayflower
(by Harriet Woodbury Hodge, 1988, published by General Society of Mayflower Descendents, 4 Winslow Street, Plymouth, MA 02361)
   1 John Billington   (a Mayflower passenger)
   2 Francis Billington
   9 Mercy Billington  m John Martin
  24 Desire Martin     m Jotham Carpenter                    [ABC #189]
  97 Jotham Carpenter 1m Mehitable Thompson d 10 Feb 1746/7  [ABC #635]
  * Isaack Carpenter  b Swansea 8 Jan 1734/5         [ABC #1640 Isaiah]
               doubtless d y, not in father1s will or any
               document to show he survived infancy.
[and this is the fine-print footnote:]
* Contrary to the account in Carpenter (Rehoboth) Gen pp 238, 398-9, there
is no indication that the son 3Isaiah2 (Isaack in birth record) . . . lived
to maturity.  The adults described as these sons of Jotham Carpenter do not
belong to this family. . . And son Isaack, as 3Isaiah2, is mistakenly
identified as an adult Isaiah of Vermont.
Can anyone help me straighten this mess out?
Bill Wilson.

Isaiah Carpenter and James Breckinridge were accused of rioting
by the New Yorkers who claimed that they had taken land under
the New Hampshire grant, within the limits of NY
territory;  and further, that they had taken up arms to fight
for the land as a part of Bennington.  This accusation was not
true;  they were within the limits of Bennington.  It arose from
the fact that they were loyal to the proposed government of
Vermont.  It was about the year 1777.
Isaiah Carpenter was one of the first settlers of Salisbury,
under the New Hampshire grant;  he was a conspicuous character
in the difficulties between the "Green Mountain Boys" and the
"Yorkers."  Mr. Carpenter was a near neighbor of Judge Olin. The
"Yorkers" drove Carpenter from his cabin on a few acres of
clearing, and put one of their grantees in possession.  One day
as the "Yorker" was chopping a tree there was a report, and a
ball whistled by his head;  he supposing that it was some
hunter, kept on chopping;  in a few moments there was another
report, and a second bullet struck the tree a few inches above
his head.  He left for parts unknown, immediately, and Carpenter
had full possession.  A short time after this, Judge Olin shot a
steer which he was killing for family use;  Carpenter, hearing
the report, took his musket and came running down to Judge
Olin's inquiring "Where are the Yorkers".
It is said by members of the family that he joined the
Revolutionary forces and was aid to Gen. Warren.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 238
2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 840

Vermont in the Making: 1750-1777
By Matt Bushnell Jones
Hardcover: 471 pages
Publisher: Archon Books (1968)**
** Reprint of a 1939 book.
Vermont in the Making, 1750-1777. By MATT BUSHNELL JONES. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1939. Pp. xiv, 471. $4.00.)
NEW YORK GRANTEES APPEAL 203 ... Hampshire claim of jurisdiction, although it did conflict with the Bennington grant. Under these circumstances, the Breakenridge claim of title was clearly invalid, and if, as James Duane said, the defendant's lawyers told him he had no case, their advice was sound," nevertheless, Breakenridge would make no admissions, and, as the plaintiff was caught unprepared with necessary formal proof of his title, the former won a temporary victory by way of a nonsuit, only to have the case go against him at a later trial. The first case to be tried, therefore, was that brought on behalf of the lessee of Captain John Small, a reduced officer in the 4md Foot, against Isaiah Carpenter of Shaftsbury, who claimed title under Wentworth's patent of that township. Captain Small had obtained a military patent from New York, in October 1765, for three thousand acres under the King's Proclamation of October 1763, and his land was located in Bennington and Shaftsbury." At the trial the plaintiff proved his title and offered evidence that his patent expressly provided that two hundred acres should be reserved for each settler under a New Hampshire title, upon condition that he pay the usual New York fees, and that Carpenter had been offered this amount of land but had refused to comply." Thereupon Carpenter offered as proof of his title a certified copy of the New Hampshire patent for Shaftsbury and of Governor Wentworth's instructions relating (0 land grants, but the court excluded these documents because no evidence had been offered to show that
"Narrative of the Proceedings Subsequent to the Royal Adjudication Concerning the Land to the Westward of Connecticut River, p. 8. "N. Y. Military Patents, vol. " p. 176 (Land Bureau of N. Y. Dept. of State) . et Narratiue of the Proceedings, etc., P: 8.
204 VERMONT IN THE MAKING New Hampshire ever included the land in question or that Governor Wentworth ever had authority to grant it. Carpenter was not prepared with the proof required, and the verdict was in favor of Small's tenant." Another suit was pending against Josiah Fuller to establish the title of the Rev. Michael Slaughter to two thousand acres in Bennington, a military grant which had been acquired by James Duane in 1765/~ and the Princetown proprietors brought suits against Jeremiah French, William Roberts, Gideon Brownson, and Samuel Rose, who had settled on those lands under New Hampshire grants.40 In these cases the plaintiffs claimed their titles under grants junior in date to those of the defendants, but in view of the ruling against Carpenter no defence was made and the plaintiffs won, and ultimately judgment was given against Breakenridge also." In the light of the decision of the United States Supreme Court in the Vermont-New Hampshire boundary case, we now know that proof of the authority of New Hampshire to make grants west of the Connecticut River could not be furnished by the defendants in these ejectment cases, because such authority did not exist. In consequence it would appear that the judgments in these cases resulted from the actual state of the law and the facts, and were not attribas
MS. bill of exceptions filed in the case, now in Library of Congress Division of MSS., Papers of the Continental Congress, no. 40, vol. I, fol. 67--68 (printed in Hall, Early History of Vermont, p. 481) . .. Alexander, A Revolutionary Conservative, James Duane, p. 71. '" Ibid., p. 75. "For an account of these ejectment suits from the standpoint of one of the plaintiff's counsel, who had also a financial interest in the outcome, see Attorney General Kempe's report to Governor Dunmore, Mar. 7, '77' (British Public Record Office, C. O. 5/1102, pp. 121-141).
284 VERMONT IN THE MAKING not take any advantage, for our People did not understand Law," a statement that, when backed by a body of armed men, carried a somewhat sinister connotation. Lieutenant Governor Colden later described this gathering as a disorderly riot," and his Council ordered the arrest of Breakenridge, Samuel Robinson, the Rev. Jedediah Dewey, Nathaniel Holmes, Henry Walbridge, and Moses Robinson." They were indicted, together with some others, but not one of them was ever brought to trial. In September I770, after the trials of the ejectment cases, a second attempt was made to survey and divide the Walloomsac patent, but again the commissioners were prevented from making the survey by a body of settlers who threatened violence.':' During the ensuing winter attempts were made by the victors in the. ejectment cases to take possession of the disputed lands. A posse seized the house of Samuel Rose in Manchester, in behalf of the Princetown owners, during his absence from home, but they soon departed when they saw a body of his neighbors in the offing. Isaiah Carpenter of Shaftsbury was also briefly dispossessed, but a tenant who was put in charge for Major Small soon fled in fear. Two attempts at ousting James Breakenridge from his Walloomsac lands having failed, a large posse, which numbered about two hundred men, was gathered by Sheriff Henry Ten Eyck at Albany in July I771.15 As Robert ...
END OF PAGE NOTES: "Doc. Hist. of N. Y., vol. IV, p. 379. 13 N. Y. Council Minutes, vol. 26, P: 167. U Hall, Early History of Vermont, pp. 122-123; Doc. Hist, of N. Y., vol. IV, pp. 405-406, 411-412. 1ll Ira Allen wrote a quaner-ccntury after the event, in his Natural and Political History of ... Vermont (p, 30), that there were 750 men in this ...

See image: RIN 24549 Isaiah Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
Isiah Carpenter
Birth:  unknown
Death:  Jan. 17, 1809   
Center Shaftsbury Cemetery
Shaftsbury Center
Bennington County
Vermont, USA
Created by: Dann
Record added: May 24, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 52770675

Mirriam Sly

See image: RIN 53232 Mirriam Sly Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
Meriam Carpenter
Birth:  unknown
Death:  1838   
Center Shaftsbury Cemetery
Shaftsbury Center
Bennington County
Vermont, USA
Created by: Dann
Record added: May 24, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 52770676

6117. Rachel Carpenter

She lived only a short while after marriage.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 846

6123. Zipha Carpenter

She died on the day of the battle of Bennington.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 846

2602. Nathan Carpenter

Number 1641 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 238.
Family on page 399 (# 543).  [After his second marriage they moved to Mansfield, CT. NOTE: this statement is for son Nathan!]  He died at about 1818 at John Ross's in Willington, CT.  He probably moved to Stafford, CT but there were not any of the family there in 1840.

MARRIAGE: Married Warren, Bristol, RI or Willington, Tolland, CT? Marriage to Hannah Thomas for for his son.  (See: RIN 8357 for the other Nathan that the IGI has married to Hannah Thomas, but proven in error.)

NOTE: Compare: AFN SCVF-GG with1BQ9-0NC

6125. Sally Carpenter

Number 3501 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 399.
No family listed.

IGI also lists the same info.

6127. Mary Carpenter

Not listed in the CM (Carpenter Memorial).

6128. Marah Carpenter

Not listed in the CM (Carpenter Memorial).

6130. 5 Carpenter

Unnamed child.  Not listed in the CM (Carpenter Memorial).

6131. Susanna or Susan Carpenter

Number 3504 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 399.
No family listed.  Her father, Nathan, died at her home in Willington, CT.