Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


2703. Wilson Carpenter

A farmer. May have been born in RI.
He came to Guilford when only one year old, and was brought up in that town.

CENSUS: 1850 US Census - See image:  RIN 00546 Wilson Carpenter 1850 ... jpg
Name: Wilson Carpenter
Residence: Rutland, Vermont
Age: 84 years
Estimated birth year: 1766
Birthplace: Rhode Island
Gender: Male
Race or color (on document):
Race or color (expanded):
Death month:
Death date:
Film number: 444926
Image number: 00007
Reference number: 36
Dwelling: 13
Household id: 15
Marital status:
Free or slave:
Collection: United States Census, 1850

GRAVE:  - See image:  RIN 00546 Wilson Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
Wilson Carpenter
Birth:  Aug. 7, 1766
Windham County
Vermont, USA
Death:  Apr. 14, 1855
Rutland County
Vermont, USA  
Family links:
 Hepsibah Robinson Carpenter (1772 - 1860)

 Betsy Carpenter (____ - 1822)*
 Relief Carpenter (1794 - 1842)*
 Israel R. Carpenter (1797 - 1882)*
 Orren Carpenter (1800 - 1822)*
 Eli Carpenter (1801 - 1829)*
 Mahala Carpenter (1805 - 1836)*
 Hephzibah Carpenter Gould (1807 - 1852)*
 Lemon Carpenter (1807 - 1891)*
*Calculated relationship
Riverside Cemetery
Rutland County
Vermont, USA
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6363. Edward Carpenter

Resided in Ellenburgh, N.Y.1  MILI He enlisted in the war of 1812 as a musician.

6364. Relief Carpenter

GRAVE: - See image: RIN 69102 Relief Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
Relief Carpenter
Birth:  1794
Death:  Jan. 23, 1842
Rutland County
Vermont, USA  
Family links:
 Wilson Carpenter (1766 - 1855)
 Hepsibah Robinson Carpenter (1772 - 1860)  
Riverside Cemetery
Rutland County
Vermont, USA
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6367. Orren or Orin Carpenter

NAME: Orren on grave but Orin on submission.

GRAVE: - See image: RIN 69107 Orren Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
AND RIN 69107 Orren Carpenter GRAVEb.jpg
Orren Carpenter
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Birth:  1800
Death:  Jul. 1, 1822
Rutland County
Vermont, USA  
Family links:
 Wilson Carpenter (1766 - 1855)
 Hepsibah Robinson Carpenter (1772 - 1860)  
Riverside Cemetery
Rutland County
Vermont, USA
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6368. Eli Carpenter

GRAVE: See image: RIN 69108 Eli Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
Eli Carpenter
Birth:  1801
Death:  Jul. 26, 1829
Rutland County
Vermont, USA  
Family links:
 Wilson Carpenter (1766 - 1855)
 Hepsibah Robinson Carpenter (1772 - 1860)  
Riverside Cemetery
Rutland County
Vermont, USA
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6369. Lemon Carpenter

CENSUS: In 1850 US Census and on same page as father.

GRAVE: - See image: RIN 69109 Lemon Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
AND RIN 69109 Lemon Carpenter GRAVEb.jpg
Lemon Carpenter
Birth:  1807
Death:  Mar. 1, 1891
Family links:
 Wilson Carpenter (1766 - 1855)
 Hepsibah Robinson Carpenter (1772 - 1860)
 Mary Carpenter (1800 - 1877)  
Riverside Cemetery
Rutland County
Vermont, USA
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6370. Mahala Carpenter

GRAVE: - See image: RIN 69111 Mahala Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
Mahala Carpenter
Birth:  1805
Death:  Mar. 11, 1836
Rutland County
Vermont, USA  
Family links:
 Wilson Carpenter (1766 - 1855)
 Hepsibah Robinson Carpenter (1772 - 1860)  
Riverside Cemetery
Rutland County
Vermont, USA
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6371. Horace Carpenter

Resided in Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Miriam Sickles

NAME: Could this be Miriam Van Syckle of Warren county, NJ?
Father:  Samuel Van Syckle
Mother:  Mary Mack

6375. Cyril Carpenter

Resided in Rutland, VT   Cyril Carpenter collected and
preserved a musket, flint lock gun, an old continental, a
continental $4 bill;  also the eye and tongue of the old court
house bell, which was taken from the ruins.  These old relics,
he presented to the museum at a promenade concert.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 408
1  OBIT The following is a notice of his death:  "Captain Cyril
Carpenter of Rutland, died at Ellenbury, Wy., a week ago
Saturday.  He was a native of Ira, VT"  Dated, Sept. 24, 1890.

6376. Varnum W. Carpenter

One IGI entry has "W." as middle name.
CENSUS: 1850 with census with father - see Wilson's notes.

6377. Betsey Carpenter

GRAVE: - See image: RIN 69122 Betsey Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
AND RIN 69122 Betsey Carpenter GRAVEb.jpg
Betsy Carpenter
Birth:  unknown
Death:  Oct. 19, 1822
Rutland County
Vermont, USA  
Family links:
 Wilson Carpenter (1766 - 1855)
 Hepsibah Robinson Carpenter (1772 - 1860)   
Riverside Cemetery
Rutland County
Vermont, USA
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2704. Mary Carpenter

Number 1697 on page 244.  Record indicates she died Nov. 28, 1744.  This is
questionable.  The AF has a death year of 1844. No birth date given.  If born
after Wilson, she would be born about 1768.  Possible twin to Elizabeth?

6378. 1 Russell

BIRTH: DATE ABT 1738 (16-26, 1800) <-- as listed in AF.  Possible 1783

6379. 2 Russell

BIRTH: DATE ABT 1785 (10-16, 1800) per AF.

6380. 3 Russell

BIRTH: DATE ABT 1787 (10-16 1800) per AF.

6381. 4 Russell

BIRTH: DATE ABT 1790 (UNDER 10 1800)

6382. 5 Russell

BIRTH: DATE ABT 1791 (UNDER 10, 1800) per AF.

6384. 7 Russell

BIRTH:  DATE ABT 1795 (UNDER 10 1800) per AF.

6385. 8 Russell

BIRTH:  DATE ABT 1797 (UNDER 10 1800) per AF.

6386. 9 Russell

BIRTH:  DATE ABT 1799 (UNDER 10 1800) per AF.

2708. Caleb Carpenter

Number 1700 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.

Wayne Carpenter of Findlay, OH provided the update to this family line in a
letter dated 27 May 1998.  Caleb was a farmer and a carpenter.

The following is a letter written June 30 1841 from Caleb & Mary (Ballou)
Carpenter to their son, Marsena B. "John" Carpenter. Handwriting of the
original letter matches perfectly with that of Cyrena (Carpenter) Taylor.
"8 June the 30 1941          Dear Son
i take this opportunity to rite a few lines to you to inform you of our good
health and hoping these few lines will find you enjoying the same blessing we
received your letter of may the 20 about the midle of june we are glad to hear
from you but we think the time very long since we have seen you or had the
pleasure of conversing with you we want you to come home and we will tell you
all that you want to hear of Louisville we have much to say to you when you
come home but we cannot express our feelings by nting when you receive this you
will see a cold - senseless thing it can only speak through your lips it cannot
breath a parents love and the ardent desire they have for your wellfare it only
ashures you that your friends live and remember you and want to see you you
cannot look at this and see the display of friendship in their countenance nor
the extended hand to welcome you to their warm embrace we should have rote
before now but we did not know where you was you rote last fall that you
thought of going away from where you was then we have not had a letter from you
since we want you should come home this fall if you ever think of coming home
why cant you as well come this fall as evan I've felt this sorrow of waiting
any longer your friends and relatives are all well at present. we have not
heard from Sopers since last winter Asahe Charles and Lucindia has been to work
in Canada about three months Charles and Lucindia is at home now and Asahe has
gone to montral now Hosea Stafford is in the michigan he does not talk of
coming back here Moses Taylor talks of Coming home this fall produce of all
kinds very low but money scarce i said all kinds."
FROM: JOHN CARPENTER of England ca. 1300 Family History Report by Wayne
Carpenter, Findlay, Ohio - 27 May 1998.

6393. Anna Carpenter

BIRTH: Probably born in Guilford, VT or Louisville, NY.

2710. Aaron C. Carpenter

Number 1702 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 244.
Family on page 408-409 (# 559).
NAME: Listed as A.C. in the CM.  This A.C. was born about 1772.

It was assumed that Aaron C. Carpenter born 6 Mar 1770 of VT who married Sarah Ana Demeris was the same person as A.C. Carpenter (no spouse given) # 1702 in the CM was the same person.  Y-DNA testing does not prove this out.  A.C. Carpenter is of the Rehoboth, MA Carpenter line and the descendants of Aaron C. Carpenter have tested as descendants of the Providence, RI Carpenter line.

Aaron C. Carpenter died between 1830 and 1869 in either Portage or Marion county Ohio.
NOTE:  Lewis & Philander are not listed as sons.

CHILD:???  - compare below mother's name to maiden name of wife above.
Name: Philander Carpenter
Gender: Male
Burial Date:
Burial Place:
Death Date: 22 Nov 1869
Death Place: Pierson, Montcalm, Michigan
Age: 74
Birth Date: 1795
Birthplace: New York
Occupation: Farmer
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name:
Father's Name: Aaron Carpenter
Father's Birthplace:
Mother's Name: Demeris Carpenter
Mother's Birthplace:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B53249-8
System Origin: Michigan-EASy
Source Film Number: 1295523
Reference Number: v A p 11
Collection: Michigan Deaths and Burials, 1800-1995

Sarah Anna Demeris

James (Jim) Edward Carpenter of Palm Coast, FL has this person as a spouse of Aaron Carpenter.  The children listed are in conflict with the children listed in the Carpenter Memorial.

6396. Hiram Carpenter

Number 3635 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.
Both he and his wife died within a few days of each other in 1839.

6397. Chloe Carpenter

Number 3633 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.
Residence in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, Canada.

6398. Edward M. Carpenter

Number 3634 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.

6399. Cynthia Carpenter

Number 3636 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.

2712. Edward B. Carpenter

Number 1699 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.
It was probably this Edward who was fined by the supreme court of the Provincial government of Vermont for opposition to the government of that state, claiming to be subject to the state of New York.  He appealed the fine which was remitted on October 24, 1784.  He probably resided in Guilford, VT at that time, but there is no further trace of him since that time.

Descendant info from Arlene Anderson
4300 W. River Rd. Apt # 207
Minneapolis, MN 55406-3677
They lived in southern NY or Northern PA
From early times in America until now there is a break in the family line that none of the dedicated Carpenter historians can mend. The earliest traceable ancestor in our direct line is Edward Carpenter ofwhom the late "Aunt Alliell" writes the following:

Edward Carpenter's parents died when he was young. He was oblidged to live with an Uncle. This Uncle had a son of whom he was proud. He made Edward wait on him. Edward became dissatisfied with his home and stoleaway one morning with his few possessions tied in a small bundle. Settlements were far apart in the days of the early part of the 19th century. So bitter were his feelings against his uncle, he never let him know of his whereabouts. Therefore, we do not know the name of his uncle or where he lived. He met and married Anna Drake in 1802. She was the grand daughter of Princess Anneke Jans Bogardus. This is a mistake to consider her a princess. Tradition has it that Anneke Jans was the daughter of Jan Webber, who was supposedly the son of William of Orange, and an unknown mistress. This is pure fiction, there being no facts to prove the tradition.

So Edward's wife Anna was not of royalty. The land in question on what is now Manhattan Island was willed to the heirs of Anneke Jans Bogardus and they in turn legally sold it to the governor. So actually nobody was cheated out of the land. Aunt Allie continues: "Edward was a great hunter, but he hunted alone. One night one of his friends coaxed to go along for he did just hunted at night. At last he was told he might if he did just as he was told. They went a fourth of a mile into the woods and lay down by a log. Now said Edward do not make asound or a move till I give permission. Edward began to imitate the cry of a panther, after some time the cry was answered. But there was some difficulty getting it to approach, suddenly it placed its paws on the log and its burning eyes looked down on them. The friend could not keep still. He sprang up with a cry, and the panther was gone. They made their way home and never would Edward take anyone with him again on these hunts."

-4- Edward was a Colonel in the War of 1812, but we have no account of this, and the War Department and Archives cannot find his record without more information on him. Edward came to Wisconsin on foot from Pennsylvania with only his gun. We are not sure of when he came or if anyone accompanied him. We only know his wife and sons did not at that time.  Some stories say he came with his daughter and her husband, Nancy and Job Loper, this would have been sometime after 1830 "as that is whenthey were married. Since Nancy was only fifteen when she married, she seems rather young to make the trek across the United States, The gun Edward carried is in the Possession of Billy Carpenter at Eureka, the son of Max. Edward is buried near Eureka. On his gravestone it says he died in 1860 at the age of 75 years, and some months and days. This makes the date of birth being 1784.  If these years are correct he would have died before his wife and son even came to Wisconsin as they came after September of 1864.  Edward and Anna had four children:

JOE: He came to Wisconsin, it is not known when, but lived near Marionon the way to Antigo. Some information has it that he lived near Clintonville in 1388. They, must have had a large -family, as some ofwhich lived in Outagamie County about one hundred years ago.

GABRIEL DRAKE: He married Louise Heavener in 1833 and he came toWisconsin in 1864. He is of our direct line.

JOHN OR CALEB: We are not sure of His wife's name was Kate,they had a son John and did not come west.

NANCY: She married Job Loper and moved to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania.They had a large family. First, they lived in Delhi and later moved to DePere. Nancy was born in 1815, married in 1830 and died in 1373.  Her husband, Job Loper, lived from 1807-1881. ~

Anna Drake

Anna's Uncle is Sir Frances Drake

6403. Caleb C. Carpenter

Did not move to Wisconsin.

6404. Nancy C. Carpenter

Moved to Wisconsin from New York in Delhi and West DePere.
She was a early pioneer  on a farm  near Eureeka, Wisconson around 1854.
(census record info.). She had  nine children by 1860. Nancy was born 1815 married 1830, died 1873.

6405. Joseph C. Carpenter

Came to Wisconsin in 1853 -1858, near Marian.
Lived in Winnebago County 1860 -1866,then to Outagammi Co and Wapaca.
He moved around a lot. Census showed him near Eureka in 1860 with his mother, Anna (Edward had died), wife Harriet, and three children. Further records showed him in 1870, in Outagamie County , near New  London, without his mother, but with wife and seven children.  From there we loose track of him. Family oral history has him near Clinonville in 1880. He diedbet 1895 - 1900 in Birnonwood (? sp.) Wisc.

6406. Jetson Carpenter

NAME:  Carpinter in the 1880 US Census.

CENSUS:  1880 United States Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Jetson CARPINTER   Self   M   Male   W   57   NY   Farmer   VT   NY
Kate L. CARPINTER   Wife   M   Female   W   54   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY
Source Information:
 Census Place Hancock, Delaware, New York
 Family History Library Film   1254823
 NA Film Number   T9-0823
 Page Number   217C

6407. Catherine C. Carpenter
Catherine C. Carpenter1 F
Catherine C. Carpenter||p8.htm#i144993|Edward Carpenter||p8.htm#i144988|Anna Drake|b. 14 Aug 1792|p12.htm#i144464|||||||Joseph Drake|b. 28 Mar 1762\nd. 30 Jun 1847|p21.htm#i118950|Elizabeth Jones|b. c 1778\nd. 16 May 1847|p36.htm#i128502|
•Father: Edward Carpenter1
•Mother: Anna Drake1 b. 14 Aug 1792
1.[S3114] W. H. Coulter, Caskey Families of Sussex County, N. J. and Orange County, N. Y.; ( Heritage Quest Online, 1955), typescript, page 21. Hereinafter cited as Caskey Manuscript.

2715. John Carpenter Jr.

BIRTH: Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1850.  First Series - Birth,
Marriages and Deaths.  By James N. Arnold (1891) - Volume 1 - Kent County:
Page 107. 2-116 Carpenter, John, of John and Sarah, Feb. 21, 1775.
DEATH: died before 1825.

6408. Cornel Allen Carpenter

BIRTH: Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1850.  First Series - Birth,
Marriages and Deaths.  By James N. Arnold (1891) - Volume 1 - Kent County:
Page 107. 2-162 Carpenter, Colonel Allen, of John, Jr., and Lydia,
Nov. 1, 1805.

CENSUS: 1840 Census - Head of Household and listed as Colonel A. Carpenter with grandfather John Carpenter.

2725. Nathaniel Carpenter

Number 1795 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 249.   See additional notes.
His family is number 579 on page 415 and 416.
He served in the Revolution in a company commanded by Lt. Tucker from
Woodstock, CT.
Nathaniel settled in Hanover, NH about 1796; But he first settled in Cornish,
NH in 1775, then a while in Stratford, VT until 1796 when he returned to

Alfreda Dresser

Daughter of Number 473 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 100.   See additional

NAME: Elfreda or Alfreda. Alfreda on birth info for children.

2728. Elijah Carpenter

Number 1794 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 249.
Family on page 415 (#578).

6419. Lovina Carpenter

Number 3759 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 415.

2732. Hannah Carpenter

Number 1799 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 249.
No family listed.

2734. Abuel Carpenter

Family on page 416-417 (# 581).  A farmer.  He was drafted in the Revolutionary
War but sent a substitute.   His father moved to Windham, VT about 1860.

Hannah Webb

Born in either NJ or MA.

2735. Abel Carpenter

Number 1802 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Family is Number 582.
The CM has Rehoboth and JLC has Westminister, VT. It appears that the move was about 1760 by his father to VT.

JLC Notes: Notes for ABEL CARPENTER:
Abel was a Pvt. in  Revolutionary War from Vermont,serving in Capt. Whitney's Co. in 1781. Listed in Westminster ,VT Census in 1791
From Barbour Collection, Ashford CT 2:256
Same, Abiel, son of Amos Carpenter and Polly Goold born 2 Aug 1746
From "Headstones and Epitaphs in Westminster VT" compiled by Bertha Miller Collins and Edited by Alice Caggiano: East Parish Cemetery - Abel Carpenter b 1749; d 16 Nov 1804, age 55; wife Sarah d 19 Aug 1793 (or
1795), age 42; son, Samuel d 12 Mar 1840, age 54.

Sarah Fippin Phippen

NAME: Last Name is Phippen in the CM and Fippin in JLC's records.
Error corrections in the Carpenter Memorial on page 840 indicates name as
PHIPPEN and not FIPPEN on page 250.

Benjamin or Alden Whitney

NAME: Alden was corrected in the CM to Benjamin.

6443. Huldah Carpenter

Number 3784 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No Family listed.

Solomon Bliss

Is his father Noah Bliss, Jr., b. 13 Nov. 1759 in Rehoboth, MA who went to VT?
Possible but not proven.

6444. 8 Carpenter

Number 3786 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Died in infancy.

6445. 9 Carpenter

Number 3785 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Died in infancy.