Descendants of William Carpenter of Providence (Pawtuxet section, now in Cranston), Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, now part of Providence County, RI


9081. Nancy Pearl Shrader

Nancy Pearl Shrader was born 18 March 1947 and died 30 May 1966 with  the
birth of her only Child, Melody Farrell. Doctors had told Nancy that her heart
was  too weak to give birth to the child but she refused to have an abortion.
Rumors have  it that James Farrell, the father of Melody, threatened to leave
her if she aborted their baby.   Melody was raised by her Aunt Alberta, who
married Glen Sandy of Calhoun County  22 March 1985 in Wood County and resides
in North Carolina.

9086. Drexel Lee Mowrey

BURIAL: Creston,Wirt Co WV Mount Plesant Cemetery.
Drexel Lee Mowrey was born 22 October 1930, died 17 July 1994 and  married
Willa Grace Long 12 June 1950 (born 23 October 1932, daughter of Howard  and
Matilda (Mace) Long). Drexel was a wounded and  a decorated veteran (silver
star, purple heart et cetera) of the Korean War. He is buried in Mount
Pleasant Cemetery  on Groundhog Ridge outside of Creston, Wirt County, West