Descendants of ________ Carpenter b. abt 1747/1751 of SC d. abt 1782 GA - Progenitor of Group 16 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.


287. John Warren Carpenter

BURIAL: John Warren Carpenter is buried at Concord Baptist Church Cemetery,
Lineville, Clay County, Alabama.  His wife Irena Viola Dean is also
buried in the cemetery.  She died Sept. 21, 1958, and was buried on Sept. 23,
CENSYS: 1900 Clay Co., AL, Census - John W., age 28, b. May 1872, AL -- Irena
V., age 27, b. Dec. 1872, AL - Charlie Thomas, age 7, b. Sept. 1892, AL - John
B. age 6, b. Jan. 1894, AL -- Lacy F., age 4, b. Aug. 1895, AL -- Sallie A.,
age 3, b. April 1897, AL -- Cecil L., age 1, b. Dec. 1898, AL.
"Dad remembers the day Great-Grandfather John Warren died very well.  he died
of the flu while living with Charlie and Maud down on the Bemiston Hwy at
Talladega.  T. T. had a small Gulf gas station and he personally had the flu
so Dad and John Warren were keeping the store.  Dad noticed that John Warren
seemed to be cold all day and he asked him if he felt ok.  John said he felt
alright but just couldn't get warm.  The next day he had a serious case of
the flu and he died at home...."[Source: Subj: Re: Carpenter Date 98-07-29
From: Richard Carpenter to Donna

Irena Viola Dean

Information about Irena Viola Dean:  On her death, Viola left 127
descendants.  When Viola was about 2, her mother took her and went to the
field to pick some peas for dinner.  Her dad had gone into town.  Sometime
during the  morning, her mother picked a watermelon and sat down with Viola
under a tree.  She broke the watermelon open and apparently ate some of it.
While she was sitting there resting, a limb fell from the tree.  it hit her.
She either rolled down the hill after being hit or crawled down the hill
trying to get some water.  When they found her, her head was either in the
mud or the water (according to who is telling the story).  Viola was standing
on a rock close by, crying.  Her brother, Joseph, was not with them according
to Viola's daughter Nobie.
"The State of Alabama Clay County, Probate Court 3 day of September 1892
Viola and Joseph Dean, Minor heirs of Lucy Dean, deceased, Estate of -- This
day came A. T. Dean, Guardian of said estate, and filed his statement,
accounts, vouchers and evidence for a final settlement of his administration
-- It is ordered that the 3rd day of October, 1892, be appointed a day on
which to make such settlement, at which time all persons interested can
appear and contest the said settlement if they think proper. [Source: Clay
County Newspaper, Oct., 1892, viewed by me]
Her name is stated as "Viola Carpenter" on her stone; she is buried at the
Concord Baptist Church Cemeter in Lineville, Clay County, AL.

636. Olen W. Carpenter

NOTES: Olen W. Carpenter - JOHN, THIS IS JUST A SIDE NOTE: I have in my
possession a gown and hat that was were worn by Olen.  The gown looks almost
like a christening gown.  I also have the bedroom suit that his father John
Warren Carpenter and his mother Irena Viola Dean set up
housekeeping with, as well as clothes worn by both of them.
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288. Reuben Henderson (Robert) Carpenter

NOTES: Reuben Henderson Carpenter - Tombstone reads "Son of Z. T. and M. T.
Carpenter. Born Mar. 8, 1873 Died July 12, 1897." It has an inscription that
is hard to read.
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290. Margaret Beatrice Carpenter

In the 1920 census Beatrice was listed as single and 35 yrs old living
with her mother, Mattie.  Mattie was listed as head of household.
BURIAL: Ashland City Cemetery.
CENSUS: In 1920 Census of Clay county, AL.

Margaret Beatrice Carpenter - In her brother Evans's funeral
announcement, it indicated that she was Mrs. Beatrice Hall.  I'm not sure
whether this is a misprint or whether she remarried. [Source: 1959
AnnistonFuneral Home Records, p. 419, viewed by me at the Alabama Room,
Anniston Library, 27 Oct. 1999]

W. Warner Todd

BURIAL: Pleasant Grove Cemetery
MARRIAGE: Married probably Clay county,AL.

291. Irene Carpenter

RESIDENCE: Lived at Holly Ponk,,AL near Anniston.
BURIAL: Concord Cemetery.

Irene C. Carpenter -- My grandmother called her Aunt Reenie [pronounced
with a long e sound].  After Irene and Garfield married, they moved to
Cullman County and lived at Holly Pond.  They eventually moved to Anniston
where both of them died.  Tombstone reads birthdate as June 15, 1891.  Aunt
Reenie died Oct. 31, 1969.  She is buried at Concord Baptist Church,
Lineville, Clay Co., AL.

Garfield Haynes

BURIAL: Concord Cemetery

295. Mary Bulah Carpenter

Mary Bulah Carpenter died May 6, 1959.  She had a son by Wesley Sparks,
the son's name was Hyman Sparks.  Hyman married Lela ? [Footnote:
conversation with Z. T. Hampton, 10/31/98]

296. Warren Lorenzo Carpenter

BURIAL: Purvis,Lamar,MI.
MARRIAGE: Married at Clay county, AL at brides fathers home.

Rachel Joanna Summerlin

BURIAL: Purvis,Lamar,MI.

658. Benton Elmer Carpenter

BURIAL: Coaltown, Purvis,MI.

662. Eunice Carpenter

PARENTS:  Possible error in parents!
Eunice Drucilla Carpenter -- I think this is the daughter of James
Warren Carpenter, Jr., not of Warren Lorenzo Carpenter.  Warren Lorenzo did
have a daughter named Eunice who was born in 1897, but I suspect the two are
NOTE: In reviewing the data both "Eunices" had the same birth and death data.
Thus I am noting this one as only Eunice born 1897 until further info.
JRC 4/2000.
Name:Eunice Drucilla CARPENTER
Birth:26 Nov 1896  Place:,Clay,AL
Death:20 Feb 1951  Place:

297. Cinthia M. Carpenter

BURIAL: Macedonia Prim Bapt Cemetery.
NOTES: Emmie Carpenter - Willie and Emmie's marriage is in Clay Co Marriage
Book H, p. 455. They were married by S. W. Pruitt, M.G., at the home of
the bride in a double wedding with Cynthia Carpenter, her sister.
SUBMITTED BY: Sharon at:
DEATH: 31 May or 31 Mar 1945 - 2 dates given.
MARRIAGE: 2 dates for marriage: 26 and 27 Sept. 1903.

Cinthia M. Carpenter - Her tombstone gives her death date as May 31,
1945.  Various spellings of Cinthia's name have ben found: Syntha, Cynthia,
Cyntha, Sinthia.  She was wheelchair bound for 13 years before she died due
to arthritis.
While she was sick, her son Frank had to go back to his home in either Ft.
Payne, AL, or Scottsboro, AL.  She insisted that Homer's daughter Pauline and
Grover's daughter Kathryn go with him so that he would not have to go by
himself.  She died either that night or the next.  She died at Homer's house
and was embalmed in his front room because he would not let her be taken to
the funeral home.  She is buried at Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church
between Ashland and Lineville, Clay Co., AL.  Her tombstone inscription
reads: "She has gone to meet her dear ones who have gone on before."  I have
marriage date of Sept. 27, 1903.  Per Sharon.

Thomas Edward "T.E." Hampton

BIRTH: AND DEATH: Clark, GA or Clay,AL.
BURIAL: Macedonia Prim Bapt Cemetery.

Thomas Edward Hampton - According to his daughter, Lela Mae, he was
injured in a logging accident.  Because he felt like he had to work to
support his family, he went back to work too soon.  He contracted pneumonia
soon after and died.  He is buried at Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church
between Ashland and Lineville, Clay Co., AL.  His tombstone inscription
reads: "Our darling one both gone before to greet us on the blissful shore."
He moved from Macedonia to Barfield to take care of his parents and his Aunt
Sposha. [Source: Conversation with Lela Mae Griffin, 10/31/98]
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666. Clarence Dale Hampton

BURIAL: Macedonie Prim Bap Cemetery.

Clarence Dale Hampton - His sister-in-law Lessie believed that Clarence
had a brain tumor since he went blind shortly before his death.  However, at
some time, I have been told that he had cerebral syphillis.  Tombstone
inscription reads: "Gone but not forgotten."
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668. James Frank Hampton

James Frank Hampton - called Frank.  Died April 7, 1990, in Talladega,
Talladega Co., AL. He was married twice:  the first time on July 24, 1938, to
Lucille Brewer in Clay Co., AL; the second time to Yvonne Mae Whatley.
Lucille was born Feb. 1, 1904, in Pine Hurst, GA.  Vonne is dead, but I don't
know when she died; she died of cancer.  Frank lived in Smyrna, GA, for
awhile.  Sometime after Vonne's death, he moved back to Talladega.  He was a
member of the United Methodist Church.  For many years, he drank a great
deal.  At his funeral, there were many men that he had helped after he became
a recovering alcoholic.  He and Vonne never had any children, but they
adopted her grandson Barry.
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670. Sarah Jane Hampton

BURIAL: Macedonia Prim Bapt Cemetery.

Sarah Jane Hampton - Sarah Jane is buried beside her mother and father
in the cemetery at the new Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church, Clay Co., AL.
The inscription on her tombstone reads: "A little time on earth she spent
till God for her his angles sent." [Angels is spelled incorrectly on the
Per Sharon at:

298. Cora Ellen Carpenter

BURIAL: Macedonia Prim. Baptist Church, Linevile,Clay,AL.
DEATH: 1975 in one record and 1983 in another.
NOTES: Cora Ellen Carpenter - I have her death date as 1983.  Record of her
marriage to Genadus A. Morrison is in Book F, p. 454 in Clay Co., AL.  I
have an additional child listed for them:  Annie Maude Morrison.
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Genadus A. "Nade" Morrison

DEATH: buried: Macedonia Primative Baptist Church, Linevile, ,AL.

299. Emmie Carpenter

NOTES: Emmie Carpenter - Willie and Emmie's marriage is in Clay Co Marriage
Book H, p. 455. They were married by S. W. Pruitt, M.G., at the home of
the bride in a double wedding with Cynthia Carpenter, her sister.
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Willie Gay Upchurch

MARRIAGE: Married Clay county,AL. Double Wedding w/sister Cinthia. SEE: page 455 by S.W. Pruitt.

678. Oscar Upchurch

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679. Odessa Upchurch

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300. Nancy "Nan" Elizabeth Carpenter

BIRTH: per
NOTES: Nancy "Nan" Elizabeth Carpenter - information on Nancy and Arthur
Powell was given by Pallie Powell Lockett of Dadeville, AL.  Nancy's
marriage to Arthur M. Powell took place at the home of David H.
Carpenter. The ceremony was performed by Elder H. H. Goodman.
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Arthur M. Powell

MARRIAGE: Married at David Carpenter's Home in Clay county,AL by H.H.Goodman.

684. Willie Lee Powell

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