Group 19 - Descendants of Hans Zimmerman-176302
of, Steffisburg, Bern, Switzerland
in Europe & in North America


2. Hans Zimmerman

See Article:  ARTICLE Peter Zimmerman of Steffisberg Switzerland.pdf by Sharman Meck Carroll.
HANS ZIMMERMAN m. Sept. 10, 1599, Barbi Winteregg,
StefTisburg, Switzerland.
l.Barbi Zimmerman, bapt. Dec. 30, 1600,
Steffisburg. Sponsor was Maria pitri.
2.Anna Zimmerman, bapt. May g, 1602. Sponsors
were Apolonia Russer, Anna Nussbaum.
3.Verena Zimmerman, bapt. Oct. 11, 1607. Spon_
sors were Brigida and Anna Russer.
4.Johannes Zimmerman, m. Anna Zaug

3. John Zimmerman

Group 19 - unattached

Possible name = John based on 1773 tax list.
Tax Assessment Listing for 1773 Ayr Township, Bedford, County, PA
Last Name Alternate Spelling First Name Amount of Tax
Simmerman    Zimmerman                    John                   2.0

The children of this "John" Zimmerman is mostly speculative.  
More genealogical research and Y-DNA testing is needed.
Please contact me, John R. Carpenter, for details on how you can help document
and contribute to the Y-DNA documentation of this line.  
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4. Dr. George Zimmerman

Group 19 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project -
Dr. George Zimmerman, b. Feb. 1779 in Washington County, MD  or PA?

I know that Dr. George Zimmerman came to Ohio in 1804 from the Washington County, PA area.   He had several children and the family has stayed in the area since 1805.  The little town of Zimmerman, Ohio was named after him.     I dont have any information about his father.   I know that some of his papers /writings were in German.   He was closely associated with the Shoup family in the area, his son married their daughter, and he knew them from PA.   The shoup family was originally from the Bern, Switzerland area.
Per Joseph R. Zimmerman


Nancy Durnbaugh


16. Elizabeth Zimmerman


5. Nicholas Timmerman

Group 19 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project -