Group 2 - Descendants of Richard Carpenter RIN 669-
The Providence (Pawtuxet section, now in Cranston), Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, now part of Providence County, RI Carpenter line


8447. Mary Emily Chapman

MARY married a ? TAYLOR.

8448. Janette Chapman

JANETTE married a ? Brenensthul.

5404. Mary Esther Haviland

MARY was a Friend who evidently married out of Meeting as Rev. Daniel Tinkham
(of White Creek, N.Y.) was pastor of the Waites Corners Baptist Church who
married her to her first husband WILLIAM WHITE..

5407. Lydia A. Carpenter

Age 8 in 1855. Had at least two children. Third child, Areline maybe a child.

5408. George W. Carpenter

See MircoFilm 913,004 Item 3:Vol. 141 (NY state) Page 65a:
Carpenter Family Bible records which lists his family.

Age 6 in 1855 Hoosick census per the Timothy Carpenter book.  Number 570-5 per
that record.  Not born in 1849 but 1844.  See above.
Married twice in the Timothy Carpenter book:
1) Elizabeth Agan (1851-1915) m. abt 1864 - i child b. & d. 1875.
2) Emma (Haviland) Brundige (1859-1951) m. 1917 - no children.
Carpenter Family Bible records lists one marriage:
1) Melissa E. Barlow (1849-1935) m. 1885 - 4 kids.
Information on marriages not incompatable.  Divorce or other separation
appaears likely in early marriages.

8462. 1 Carpenter

Number 1049 in the Timothy Carpenter book.

Emma Brundige Haviland

Haviland was the maiden name.  She was a widow of Sherman J. Brundige.

Jane Hayes

JANE remarried, but to whom is unknown.

5438. Prudence Carpenter

NOTE: #590 in T. Carpenter book.
PRUDENCE married twice and had children from both unions.

Wendell B. Young

WENDELL in one record spells his name as "WENDLE".  He reportedly had an uncle

5439. Joseph Sutherland Carpenter

NOTE: #591-5 in T. Carpenter book.
JOSEPH and members of his family are mentioned in various census records of
Panama, N.Y.  One record indicates his third wife was an EMMA BOWERS; there is
an EMMA BOWERS interred in the Lewis Road Cemetery.  Henry's (son of JOSEPH)
gravestone was in fair condition in 1966.  Wife LAURA ANN ______? is recorded
as having a stone, the the compiler of the above book was unable to locate it.

Melinda Lenox

MELIDA was 19 years, 6 months and ? days old when she died.  Death date on
gravestone is 18 June 185?, the last number not readable.  JOSEPH's second wife
died in Sept. 1853.

Laura Ann

LAURA ANN ____? might have been a BARNES or BOWERS, probably the former based
on misinformation given regarding JOSEPH'S wives.

8472. Henry S. Carpenter

NOTE: #1056 in the T. Carpenter book.

8473. Sherman Carpenter

NOTE: #1057-6 in the T. Carpenter book.
SHERMAN was listed in the 1865 census of Panama and the 1870 census of Harmony
Twp., N.Y.

CD 20, 1st Edition      SAME SHERMAN?
>Ohio 1880 Census, ADAMS CO., OH 1880 CENSUS
> SNDX ----NAME----                  ----TOWNSHIP----     PAGE
>>C615 CARPENTER, Sherman            Liberty            # 096A

8474. Malinda Carpenter

NOTE: #1058-6 in the T. Carpenter book.
MALINDA is listed in the 1865 census of Panama and the 1870 census of Harmony
Twp., N.Y.   Died at age 19 and 6 months in June 1880.  This would make her
born in abt Jan 1861 not 1859 as listed in the above book.
***SEE NOTES on MELINDA LENOX who is indicated dying at 19 years and 6 months,
this might be a cross note error.

8475. Laura Ann Carpenter

NOTE: #1059-6 in the T. Carpenter book.
LAURA was listed in the 1865 census of Panama, the 1870 census of Harmony but
not in the 1875census of Harmony with the rest of the family.  This probably
indicates she died before the 1875 census.

8476. Oliver Carpenter

NOTE: #1060-6 in the T. Carpenter book.
OLIVER was listed in the 1865 census of Panama and the 1870 census of Harmony.

8477. Francis Carpenter

NOTE: #1061-6 in the T. Carpenter book.
FRANCIS was first mentioned in the 1870 Harmony Twp. census.

8478. George Carpenter

NOTE: #1062 in the T. Carpenter book.
George is first mentioned in the 1875 census of Harmony Twp.

5440. Elihu Carpenter

NOTE: #592-5 in T. Carpenter book.    ELIHU had at least 7 children.
ELIHU died age 61 years, 11 months and 3 days.  His will date 7 July 1891, was
probated 28 March 1892 at Mayville and is located in Vol.10, page 186.
Gravestones were inspected in 1966 and were in fair condition.

CENSUS: 1880 US Census
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Elihu CARPENTER   Self M Male W 50 NY Farmer                NY NY
Patty CARPENTER Wife M Female W 47 NY Keeping House NY NY
Emejine CARPENTER Dau S Female W 13 NY                NY NY
Source Information:
Census Place Ellery, Chautauqua, New York
Family History Library Film 1254815
NA Film Number T9-0815
Page Number 241B

Margaret Haskins

MARGARET was referred to as "PATTA".  She died age 59, 3 months, 19 days.

Her ancestry was English on both sides of her family.

AFN - Same person, but dates are slightly off.
Margaret HASKINS (AFN: M063-36)
Birth: 18 Aug 1831 Ellery, Chautauqua, New York
Death: 7 Dec 1890 Ashville, Chautauqua, New York
Father: Ira HASKINS  (AFN: M05V-CM)
Mother: Hannah SEARLES  (AFN: M05T-V3)
Marriage(s) Spouse: Elihu CARPENTER (AFN: M063-21)

Margaret Haskins
Birth: 18 AUG 1831 Ellery Center, Chautauqua, New York
Death: 07 DEC 1890 Ashville, Chautauqua, New York

8481. Frederick Albertus Carpenter

NOTE: #1065-6 in the T. Carpenter book.
FREDERICK was mentioned in his father's will as residing in Randolph, N.Y. on
28 March 1892.  He is mentioned in the 1870 census of Harmony Twp.  Reportedly

5442. Levi Brownell Carpenter

NOTE: #594 in T. Carpenter book.

Mary Green

MARY was buried in Lot 32 at age 30.  All children were minors when their
mother. who lived in Busti, was appointed guardian under letter dated
10-19-1868.  Later, on 4-13-1872, the guardianship was changed to a CAHARLES G.
MAYPOLE, ESQ., upon petition of MARY.  Guardianship letter #3-47 is on file at
Mayville, N.Y.

8486. Ellis Carpenter

NOTE: #1070-6 in T. Carpenter book.  Buried in lot 334.

8488. Marvin Carpenter

NOTE: #1072-6 in T. Carpenter book.  Died age 9.

5456. Susan Matilda Carpenter

NOTE: #606-5 in the T. Carpenter book.
At least 2 children.  Per gravestone; "Age 81-10-22".  Probably Maryville, N.Y.

5458. Orlando Haskin O. Carpenter

#608 in the T. Carpenter book.

Some records, including the gravestone give ORLANDO'S middle initial as "O",
but the compiler of the above book stands by his conviction that the middle
is "HASKIN".   Per gravesstone; "Age 70 years, 21 days".
1850 Ellery census indicates "H.".  Gravestone in good condition in 1966.  No
stone found there for FANNIE.
Compiler records indicate there should be a stone there per CLARA GREEN.

Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007 10:15 AM
Subject: (no subject)
    "The funeral of Mrs. H.P. Hibbard (sic) [Fenton] was held Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the late home at 833 North Main street, Rev. Dr. W.P. Hellings officiating.  The music was furnished by Miss Turnwall and Miss Feather.  The bearers were R.H. Johnson, T.W. Pelham, E. A. and L.B. Fenton, F.W. Dewey, Daniel Smith.  The burial was in Lake View cemetery.
Those in attendance from out of the city were Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Pelham, Buffalo;  Mrs. C. Ide, Mrs. VanWert, Mr. and Mrs. George Upham, Hartfield; Mr. and Mrs. Davis, D. M. (sic) Smith, Ellery;  Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Hunt and Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Carpenter, Dewittville."
(Jamestown Evening Journal, Wednesday May 26, 1897, page 4.)
from Chautaqua Co. NY rootsweb

5459. Fannie A. Carpenter

Number 609 in the Timothy Carpenter and his Descendants book.
In the 1850 Ellery census, Fannie was less than a year old. Gravestone
could not be found in 1966, but reported there earlier.
No family lised for her in that record.

The 1850 census of Ellery Township indicates Fannie was less that a year old when the enumeration was mad.
There reportedly is a gravestone for Fannie, but the compiler was unable to locate it in 1966.
Burial: Ellery Cemetery, Bemus Point, Chautauqua County, NY

Robert Carpenter

Number 1495 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.
Family on page 308.  He married a Carpenter not of his line.  He probably
married the Fanny Carpenter of the Timothy Carpenter line.