Group 2 - Descendants of Richard Carpenter RIN 669-
The Providence (Pawtuxet section, now in Cranston), Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, now part of Providence County, RI Carpenter line


15376. Irwin Manuel Bowers

Taken from the Mowrey book, page 172, Vol. III
Children of Irwin Manuel Guy Bowers, of Guy M. Bowers/Thelma Blanche  Carpenter
(21), of Stanley Guy Carpenter (20).  Note the name of Irwin, this is the first
time that  "Guy" has appeared as a middle name for him.

15417. Margarete Carpenter

Taken from the Mowrey book, entered here for clarification  for the parents of
Vaughne Callow:
Margaurete Mary (22) Carpenter was born 15 May 1938, died 2 November  1977 and
married Vaughne Callow (born 2 August 1936, son of Vaughne and Wilma  (Long)
Callow and grandson of Marion and Nancy "Nannie" (Ellis) Long.