Group 2 - Descendants of Richard Carpenter RIN 669-
The Providence (Pawtuxet section, now in Cranston), Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, now part of Providence County, RI Carpenter line


4256. Julia Carpenter

Probably not the same Julia but interesting data!
VOL. 4  PG 277
William Francis Hocking M.D.  1836--1903 of Yonkers New York, and
Cleveland, Ohio, married 1871, Julia Carpenter born 1848 Southbridge,
had issue; (a) Grace Louise born 1875, married  PROFESSOR WILLIAM H

2033. Rebecca M. Carpenter

Jesse Carpenter 1762–1843 FSFT#  K1VV-BLR​​
Marriage: 1814
Margaret Rachel Cottrell  1785–1880 FSFT #  LTH9-YG4

COMPARE: <---- sources listed.

Seth Otis Thayer

Job Thayer  1782–1857 • FSFT  LR6T-HQ2​​
Marriage: 1823  Kanawha, Wood, Virginia, United States
Fanny Taylor1790–1857 • FSFT  L418-C5Q

2034. John A. Carpenter

Jackson county is now in WV.
NAME: AKA "Dusky".
John A. (17) Carpenter was born 1820-1823, married Mary E. Sharp circa
1850, resided in Jackson County in 1850 and died in Roane County after 1870.
(There is much evidence to suggest that Martha, Joseph and John A. were
actually children of Thomas (17) and Sarah (Wright) Carpenter and that
Stephen and Susan were children of John (16) and Sarah Ratcliff Carpenter.
Research is necessary!)

Mary Malinda Tanner

Here is another situation with an individual having two spouses named the John
Carpenter but who have different parents.  This Mary Malinda with the same
parents but listed as Mary, in one marriage, married John Carpenter.
Which one is the correct spouse is not known.
One of the Marys may have had for a father one of the two Jesse Tanners in the

2036. Alfred Carpenter

Roane county is now VW.
CHILDREN: Ann born 1855 is not proven.
MARRIAGE: Was Alfred married to a Nancy Wolfe?  Or was this Nancy Miller's
former married name? Could Ann be of this other marriage?

4291. Ann Carpenter

Not proven as child.  Maybe child from another marriage?

2044. Jesse "Buffalo" Tanner Sr.

Jesse and Lucinda (Raines) Tanner his third wife, found in 1870 census
Roane Co. and 1880 Roane Co. WV.
Jesse Tanner Sr. called "Buffalo".

NOTE: Jesse "Buffalo" TANNER Sr. AND Jesse "Ike" TANNER may or may not be the
same person.  I think maybe, but there is enough debate to allow two until
further details come forth.

From: Rick Greathouse>
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 11:09 AM
To: John R. Carpenter>
Subject: Re: Samuel Tanner Regarding the disputed wife of Jesse Tanner to 1st Mary Polly Carpenter and 2nd Judith Carpenter or Judith Miller? I think Jesse stating that Judith's parents were J. & Elizabeth Carpenter on Judah's death certificate would be reliable. I think Jesse would have known whom the parents of Judith were. Death register entry for Judah Carpenter, line 41:
i. Mary Carpenter, died 1835 in ,,VA; married Jesse Tanner Abt. 1821 in ,,VA; born 1790 in ,HARR OR MASON CO,VA; died 26 Mar 1885 in ,ROANE CO,WV.

CENSUS: 1850 US Census
1850 - Census: Wirt County, Virginia
Household of Jesse Tanner
Name: Jess Tanner
Age: 46
Birth Year: abt 1804
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1850: District 70, Wirt, Virginia
Gender: Male
Family Number: 244
Household Members: Name Age
Jess Tanner  46
Judith Tanner  46
William Tanner  16
Thomas Tanner  14
Riley Tanner  12
Henry L Tanner  10
Elizabeth Tanner  8
Emma Tanner  6
Sarah Tanner  4
Miles Priems  18

Supplied by:
Rick Greathouse

Mary Judith "Judith" Miller

Polly Miller, married first to her uncle John Carpenter, s/o Jeremiah &
Elizabeth Mann Carpenter. Her marriage is listed in Mason Co. (W)Va. as
Polly Carpenter, & Jesse Tonan, 4 Aug. 1820, there is also a Nancy Miller
& Jes Toner, 17 Aug. 1821. She is listed as Polly Miller Carpenter, a

NOTE: Marriage dates for Judith Carpenter and Mary Judith (Miller)
Carpenter (a widow) who married James Salisbury are the same.
The other Judith Carpenter (maiden name - Carpenter) may be listed in error.

In the 1850 US Census - Sydney is listed as the spouse of John S. Carpenter.  A Mary, on the same page, is the wife of Solomon Carpenter.

From: Rick Greathouse>
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 10:45 AM
To: John R. Carpenter>
Subject: Re: Carpenter
John, Regarding... Jesse "Buffalo" Tanner Sr. (Sudna Sidney Carpenter , William , Joseph , Nathaniel , Joseph , William ) was born in 1795 in , Roane, VA. He died on 26 Mar 1885 in , Roane, WV. [Notes] Jesse married Mary Judith "Polly" Miller, daughter of Samuel C. Miller Jr. and Rebecca Carpenter. Mary was born about 1815 in , Braxton, VA. She died on 21 Dec 1859 in ,, VA. The information for the death certificate of Judith Carpenter Tanner was reported by her husband Jesse Tanner Sr. who related that her parents were J. & Elizabeth Carpenter [Jeremiah & Elizabeth Hamm/Mann? Carpenter]. See death record on line 41 at the following link. Thanks, Rick

From: Rick Greathouse>
Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2015 2:54 PM
To: John R Carpenter>
Subject: Re: 2a. Group administrator and FTDNA policies on non-Y test kits in Y p
It might take me some time to go through this. I probably won't get to it until after April 15. I still have to do my taxes and as of Sunday am working with the police investigating a break in at my grandmother's house Zadia Dale Price Greathouse. She passed in 2010. I was planning to remodel her house just to have a place to stay in Richwood when want to visit there, but nope... the thieves and druggees aren't going to let us keep anything decent there. It has been broken into three times. It sets on the Greathouse homestead land settled there in 1906 when Ervin M. Greathouse, son of Isaac B. & Sarah Elizabeth Tanner Greathouse moved his family there to run his own lumber tram operation hauling logs to Cherry River Boom & Lumber Company. At first glance at Judith "Polly" Carpenter... I think Jesse Tanner's first wife Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Carpenter nickname may have been attached to Judith by some researchers who didn't catch that Jesse Tanner married Mary Elizabeth "Polly" about 1820. She appears to have died about the time her son William Tanner was born about 1836. She has been reported as daughter of Jesse & Sarah Jane Riffe Carpenter. Jesse next married Judith Carpenter daughter of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Hamm Carpenter about 1827. Their first child appears to have been Thomas Tanner if I recall. I have not seen any records in which Judith was named Polly. I can give you Judith's death record rather quickly, in which Jesse Tanner related her parents as J. [Jeremiah] and Elizabeth [Hamm] Carpenter. Her death register entry is on line 41. -- Rick Greathouse>

4296. Riley Tanner

Riley Tanner was born about 1839, married Nancy E. Collins`15 August 1865
and died before 27 December 1876 when Nancy E. (Collins) Tanner remarried.

The Mowrey Book and this orginal record are again in conflict.  Riley is
listed as the son of Jesse "Ike" Tanner (Sr.) b. abt 1795 AND Jesse "Buffalo"

4298. Elizabeth "Betsey" Tanner

Elizabeth "Betsey" Tanner was born circa 1842 and married Peter Pool   9
January 1867.

4300. Sarah E. Tanner

Sarah "Sally" Tanner was born around 1847 and married Isaac Greathouse  3
September 1863.

From: Rick Greathouse>
Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 12:14 PM
To: John R. Carpenter>
Subject: Re: Carpenter
John, Thanks for the info... Regarding Sarah E. Tanner married Isaac B. Greathouse, there was a newspaper article written about her in the Reedy News, "124 Grand Children" in Jul 1931 a year before her death in 1932.
The submitter of the typed copy has stated that Fred Craig Sr., [ran several newspapers in Spencer], dropped it off to her in the 1960s while she was visiting family in Spencer. The first son she named Irvan Greathouse of Richwood was the grand-father of my father. Her death certificate is available here: Her son-in-law, Edward Tanner, whom married her daughter, America Tucker, was a little confused about whom her parents were, obviously. Sarah Elizabeth Tanner married a William Tucker after Isaac B. Greathouse's death on 29 Dec 1881. And some 50 years ago from date of newspaper article, she and Isaac were living on the land that belonged to Adam Goebel in 1932. Deeds: Leonard Simmons to Isaac Greathouse; Isaac Greathouse to J. Claude Bartlett; J. Claude Bartlett to Adam Goebel. Rick

Mary "Polly" Carpenter

Peter and Mary Coger lived on Elk River on the tract of land that Peter bought
from Jeremiah Carpenter.
See page 48 of the Mowrey 1997 book.
She was widowed when her husband drowned in the Elk River on 10 Oct. 1866.

Rick Greathouse -
Indicates via email on 7 April 2015 ...
She has been reported as daughter of Jesse & Sarah Jane Riffe Carpenter.

Lucinda "Gandee" Raines


SPOUSE: Jesse "Ike" or Jesse "Buffalo" Tanner?  The same person?

It is interesting to note that in the Mowrey book concerning this marriage,
there are no birth dates given for any of the children.  This is in variance
with all other families which at least show a year of birth.

4309. Zelpha Mary Tanner

In 1870 census she is called Zelpha age 2 yrs. b. Va.
In 1880 census she is called Mary age 12 b. Va.

2046. James Tanner

CENSUS: 1850 US Census
1850 - Census: Gilmer County, Virginia
Household of James Tanner
Name: James Tanner
Age: 48
Birth Year: abt 1802
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1850: District 17, Gilmer, Virginia
Gender: Male
Family Number: 255
Household Members: Name Age
James Tanner  48
Nancy Tanner  45
Jefferson Tanner  22
Washington Tanner  18
Noah Tanner  14
Dinon Tanner  12
Joshua Tanner  8
Eliza Tanner  7
Susan Dunbar  34
A possible marriage record for James Tanner may be:
Name: Elizabeth Shaffer [Was she Nancy?]
Gender: Female
Spouse's Name: James Tanner
Spouse Gender: Male
Marriage Date: 1821
Marriage Place: Lewis, West Virginia, United States

Supplied by:
Rick Greathouse

4317. Elijah Tanner

Elijah Tanner was born about 1830 and married 1st Barsheba Nelson 21 November
1849 2nd Sarah E. Moore 3rd Eunice Cart and 4th Mary Sears.

4320. Dixon Tanner

Dixon Tanner was born about 1838 (idiotic).

4321. Eliza Tanner

Eliza Tanner was born around 1841 and married John Smith 23 May 1858.

4322. Joshua Tanner

Joshua Tanner was born about 1842 and never married.

Judith "Polly" Carpenter

NAME: Judith was known as Polly, but her name is often spellt as Judy or Judah
instead of Judith.    See page 48 of the Mowrey 1997 book:
Per page 48: 11. Judith (17) Carpenter was born around 1809, married Jesse
"Ike" Tanner circa 1837 and died 10 October 1859 (Jesse reported her death in
Roane County.  Other records have her death in Braxton county, VA.
She was fifty years old and the daughter of J. and Elizabeth (Hamm) Carpenter
of Braxton (page 49) County. She and Jesse's first wife, Mary Carpenter
(daughter of Jesse and Sarah Jane Riffe Carpenter) are probably buried in the
old Tanner Cemetery on Craig Ridge.

MARRIAGES need clarification. Children conflicts. Could there be 2 Mary

See line 41 Tanner, Judah death Oct 10, 1839 Roane County VA. Died of consumption age 50.
On the next page it lists her parents J & Elizabeth Carpenter of Braxton County, VA.
Jesse Tanner is the spouse and reporter of death. He is listed as the husband of the deceased. See image at:

2047. Elijah Tanner

Elijah Tanner was born about 1802 and married Marian King 29 August
1833. (This woman's name is also found as Mary A. and Mary Ann.)

2051. Mary Carpenter

Mary Carpenter Compact Disc #13 Pin #4772

Absalom Aylor

Absalom Aylor Compact Disc #13 Pin #4771
Father: Henry , Jr. Aylor  Disc #13 Pin #4759
Mother: Barbara Carpenter  Disc #13 Pin #4752

2053. Alexander A. Carpenter

NOTE: Two Ancestry Family Trees by the same person but with different children. See below.

ANCESTRY:  Carpenter Family by Bette Carpenter

Alexander Carpenter
BIRTH 25 JUN 1806 • Muddy Creek Mountain, Greenbrier County, Virginia
DEATH 10 APR 1854 • Trace Fork Mud, Putnam, West Virginia

John F Carpenter  1775–1845
Mary "Polly" Wheeler  1775–

Spouse & Children
Catherine G Fleshman  1800–1864
Moses Fleshman Carpenter  1832–1896

Ancestry Sources
1840 United States Federal Census
Ancestry Family Trees
Virginia, Compiled Marriages, 1740-1850
West Virginia, Marriages Index, 1785-1971

Please note in the following version for the same person, no Moses Fleshman Carpenter  1832-1896!
ANCESTRY:  Carpenter Family by Bette Carpenter

Alexander Carpenter
BIRTH 25 JUN 1806 • Muddy Creek Mountain, Greenbrier County, Virginia
DEATH 10 APR 1854 • Trace Fork Mud, Putnam, West Virginia

Unknown Father
Unknown Mother

Spouse & Children
Catherine G Fleshman  1800–1864
Elizabeth Carpenter  1827–1849
Mary Jane Carpenter  1829–1848
Arbaugh Carpenter  1834–1840
Nelly Ann Carpenter  1836–1854
Eliza Carpenter  1838–1862
Sarah Hariet Carpenter  1841–1850

Catherine G. Fleshman

Moses Fleshman  1761–1847
Elizabeth Arbaugh  1766–1840

2055. Zenith Carpenter

NOTE: This person is highly likely a duplicate of RIN 20269. The different is an extra Zophar in between.

MARRIAGE: m. 11May 1792:   Mary Carpenter married Alexander Boyle, son of John
Boyle.   John's  daughter, Ann, later married Zenith Carpenter on
23 Mar 1793. These are neighbors and have close ties in land transactions.

Could the followng data apply to a son of this Zenith?
On Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:43:52 EDT DBurtCarp writes:
>I found a little more info:
>The Civil War Zenith had the following children:     (BORN ABOUT 1820?)
>Robert Larkin                  (BORN ABOUT 1845?)
>William Russell
>Vivanda I
>John Geary
>Henry Zenith
>George Washington
>Ann Elizabeth
>Mary Emma
>Robert Larkin had the following children:
>Cynthia Josephine 7/8/77 - 7/9/01
>Robert Marion 11/2/79
>Everett Zenith 5/24/84 - 2/23/68
>Edith Elaine 3/31/87 - 6/4/25
>George Edson 8/25/86
>All born in Holton, Ks
>Everett Zenith had the following children:
>Dana Herbert 7/16/15 - 4/28/95
>Richard Everett 9/26/17
>Robert Larkin 11/16/19 - Died in the 1970's
>I do not understand the nomenclature that was used in the attachment
>you sent me.  I will take the liberty of calling you one day to ask you to
>explain it to me.
>Thanks again.
>David Carpenter
>Missouri City, TX

Date: 98-07-10 15:13:58 EDT
       Zenith Carpenter, eldest known son of Zophar, was born in Botetourt
Co., VA about 1771/76.  He was of age when his father died in 1798 and received
his 100 acre inheritance at that time, whereas his borthers, Rufus and Robert
waited until they were of age and the remaining 200 acres remained in their
Mother's name until  then.          The 1810 census of Garrard Co., KY lists
his age as between 26 and not yet 45;  In 1820 as as over 45; and in 1830,
after he had moved to neighboring Rockcastle Co. as being from 50 to not yet 60
years of age.  If over 45 yrs. of age in 1820 , he would have to have been over
55 in 1830 and no more than 59.  So his birth date would fall from 1771 70
         Zenith is difficut to trace.  His name appears in the index of the
Garrard Co. Circuit Court cases, but all of the books are now in the State
Archives.  I have not bothered to make the many trips necessary to search.  It
is the genealogist's worst night-mare when records are completely destroyed by
fire.  It is also our misfortune that Zenith moved to Rockcastle Co. where in
1873 arson resulted in all of the County Court records being bing a loss for
countless families doing research.  What remains on Zenith is the result of
lean gleanings from limited sources.
         Zenith was no doubt named for his uncle, Zeno.  Various records
record Zenes, Zenus, and even Tenus when uninformed researchers misread old
hand writing.  Eventually, the name Zenith stuck and carried on, per evidence
of a grandson like-named.  On 23Mar1793, Alexander Boyle was the bondsman for
the marriage of his sister Ann to Zenes (Zenith) Carpenter in then Madison Co.,
         The 1810 census for Garrard Co. lists both Zenith and Ann as between
26 and 45 yrs. of age.  They have 2 boys and 3 girls under ten; 2boys and 1
girl 10-16; 1 boy and 1 girl 16-26.   The 1820 census probably lists all of
their children, under 10, 3 boys and 1 girl; 10-16, 1 boy and 2 girls; 16-18, 1
boy; 18-26, 2boys and 2 girls (12 children in all supposing that all listed are
          In 1822, for some reason, Zenith and Ann sell their 100 acres to
Rufus.  This transaction documents the location of each brother's land.
Zenith's land adjoined Thomas Kennedy on the north, Robert Carpenter on the
east, Ambrose Ross on the south, and Rufus Carpenter on the west.  The acreage
of Zenith was the choice land of the 300 acres owned by the brothers, but all
of the land was classified as 2nd rate.  In1824 he is in neighboring Rockcastle
Co.  which connects Garrard on the south.  He paid taxes this year and had 200
acres of 3rd rate land on Skeggs Creek which covers the greater portion  on the
south part of the county.  He is listed with 1 white male and 5 horses.  He is
carried on the tax list until 1835; however he apparently had sold all of his
land as early as 1831.
         ( This compiler suggests for the history buff that the early hunter's
trace and later settler's trace called Skaggs Trace after the brothers Richard
and Henry is probably the source for the name Skeggs Creek.)
           In 1830 Zenith is between 50 and 60 yrs. of age with 2 boys and 1
girl, 10-15; 1 boy and 1 girl, 15-20; and 1 girl 20-30.  Ann is either deceased
at this time or living with one of her children.  I choose to think that she is
dead as Zenith begins to get rid of his land. Where he goes or if he went
anywhere is a mystery.  He may have stayed and died in Rockcastle Co., or he
may have gone south as at least one of his children did.
           The late Forrest Calico, author of, A History of Garrard Co. and
its Churches, left many notes on family research he had done over many years. I
am fortunate to have copies of many of these notes that refer to my family.
Mr. Calico is perhaps the first person to develope in me an interest in history
and family, especially on the Carpenters when he told me about Kegley's
Virginia Frontier and its reference to Zophar Carpenter.  Family had never
mentioned Zophar as a relative, but in my youth I had at times when hunting, or
establishing a Crow Blind on Graveyard hill, I would read the Markers in the
Cemetery and wonder who they were. Back to the notes.  One of the notes, which
had no source, names the alleged children of Zenith and Ann as:  Robert and
Elizabeth of Hardin Co., TN; Jane Carson, wife of S.M. Carson of Shelby Co.,
TN; Harrison and Finley Carpenter, Susan Minks (later Branaman); Telitha C.
(may be Cummins?); and matilda Preston of Rockcastle Co.  Some of these names
are disputed by other researchers as being the children of Zenith.  They have
no proof and neither do I.  There are two exceptions.  Elizabeth is a proven
daughter of Zenith as he is so identified as the father in her marriage bond to
a James Mitchell with a minister's return date of 27Jun1820.  There is no bond
date in the Garrard Co. However, on the same date there is also an alleged
marriage of a James Mitchell to a Polly Watkins, both returns by the same
minister!   Anyway, It is likely that Elizabeth went to Hardin Co., TN as there
is proof of a family connection there.
          In the 1897 Annals of Platt Co., MO was published the genealogies of
its noted families.  The Carpenter features:   Robert Carpenter, son of Zenith,
of Alabama, was born in 1795; married Rebecca May (marriage confirmed in
Lawrence Co., AL on 7Feb1820).   Their son, Zenith Carpenter, was born
27Jul1821.  The article goes on to name children and marriages, etc.   With
this information, I decided to test Mr. Calico's statement that Robert and
Elizabeth were of Hardin Co., TN.  This county is on the Tennessee and Alabama
border, not far from Lawrence Co., Alabama where Robert was married.  While I
was in the area on a business trip, I  visited the court house, but had only
abt 30 minutes to search as the office closed at noon.  I was able to check the
indexes only.  True enough, there were several Carpenter entries, including a
Robert and Rebecca and Zenith, which had to be the grandson of the subject of
these notes who is later found in Missouri.  Other Carpenter names were
Lucinda, andThomas W.    All entries spanned from 1846 to 1867.  I am certain
that other data is available when time and effort suits.   The question
remains; who were the other children of Zenith and Ann, and where did Zenith
spend his last days.
           In my early days of gathering data, I sometimes failed to record
the source, as I no doubt felt that I would never go as far in detailing as I
find myself doing now.  One of my notes that I copied from a published source
refers to testimony which involved Ambrose Ross, quote:   " Zenith Carpenter
told Ambrose Ross he considered him as big a fool as he ever saw when drunk."
Interesting as Zenith's brother, Robert married Ross' daughter.
           The suggested children, not proven will remain as part of the notes
on Zenith until proven or disproven.
Gerald R. Tudor    1998  A. D.

Ann Boyle

John Boyle abt 1750 - Sept 1824
Jane Black abt 1751 - 7 Dec 1801