Descendants of Johann Zimmerman-150839
Aka "John Carpenter" of Culpeper County, Virginia

Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters - 2022 Update

Descendants of Johann "John Carpenter" Zimmerman-150839 was born about 1695 to 1700 maybe from Salzburg in present day Germany and his descendants are spread out through the southern states of Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia and even in Tennessee and Arkansas.

Reportedly, Johan Zimmerman came to America circa 1721 and settled in the second Germanna Colony in what is now Madison County, Virginia where he began using the surname Carpenter, the English equivalent of Zimmermann, in the predominantly English-speaking area. In time he became John Carpenter.

Five descendants has Y-DNA tested and are part of Group 22 genetically having the Haplogroup base of "R-M269." This Haplogroup used to be called the "Western Atlantic Modal Haplogroup" and it is the most common male Haplogroup in Western Europe.

These Y-DNA testers have a Y-DNA genetic profile or fingerprint is unique from other Carpenter and Zimmerman groups within the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.

The Carpenter Cousins web project is an effort to update and correct Carpenter/Zimmerman and related names.
Y-DNA testing allows the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project to tell the genetic difference between this group and many others.

The number after the surname is a record information number (RIN) from the Carpenter Cousins Project master genealogical database.
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NOTE: Names and relationships have been retained for those living, but other details have been removed for privacy.

UPDATE: 21 November 2022
Over 5,800 descendants are now listed in this report. This includes some 4,200 descendants of son
Michael C. Zimmerman-190894* whose children took the surname Carpenter.
* If you are a biological male Carpenter descendant, PLEASE contact me!

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