Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


42389. Dorothy Ruth Miller

Family records: Ben Miller of Martinsville, IL.  Dorothy Ruth lived in Martinsville in 1984, but died in Feb before her mother in Apr of 1985.

42390. Hubert Dean Miller

Hubert Dean Miller lived in Orlando, FL in 1984 & 85.  Information sent by Ronald Dean Miller of LaFayette, GA in Oct 1993.  Corrections sent in Dec 1993.

42392. Dr. Delmar Ray Miller

Delmar Ray Miller lived in Tallahassee, FL in 1984 & 85.  Information sent by Mrs. Delmar Ray Miller in Sept 1993.

42394. Mary Margaret Miller

Mary Margaret lived in Jamestown, Boone, IN. in 1984 & 1985.  She was a twin to Mattie Martha. Information on Mary Margaret's descendants was sent by Sharon Sue Hutchings (Zachary) Wooters of Indianapolis, IN in Aug. 1993. Mary Margaret died in Witham Hospital in Lebanon, White, IN

Robert Eugene Hutchings Sr.

Information on Robert Eugene from Mrs. Ben Miller, Martinsville, IL in 1980-1981, and reunion records. There are possibly more grandchildren.  Robert served in Vietnam.  Corrections and additions received from Mrs. Sharon Wooters of Indianapolis, IN, Aug 1993.

42397. Gladys Grace Higginbotham

She lived in Marshall, Clark, IL, and died at age 71, .  Her obituary said she was survived by a son Max Thompson of Marshall, IL.   She also had a brother Everett Higginbotham of West Union, IL. She had 3 children and nine grandchildren  and 7 great-grandchildren and 3 great great-grandchildren.

Billie M. Garver

Billie lived in Marshall, IL in 1977

42401. Doris Maxine Williams

Doris Maxine lived in Martinsville, IL in 1973.  Two sisters married two brothers. Irene Malinda Williams md. Walter Eugene Conner, and Doris Maxine Williams married Wilbert Conner.