Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


3569. Ezra Joneth Carpenter

Carpenter, Rehoboth Family, Book 929.273 C225c, G. S. by Amos B.
Carpenter, pub. 1898, p. 245. (aka Carpenter Memorial)
Sources and information received from one of his descendants, Floyd
Hurst in 1994.  
1820 Census #974.7X 2 pa, Hanover, Cau, NY; Ezra
1825 Villanova, Chau., NY.  # 479.631-Cherry Creek Cem, Chau. NY;
#874,795V22F-1865 Cherry Creek #479,638 (Welcome)
History of Cherry Creek #974,795 / cl V22p-Chau Co. NY.  
Census 1850 #3988 Pt. 14;  
1880 Census Chau, NY #338031;  
Max Carpenter old Family Letters.
Ezra married Polly Button and had 11 children. Some children stayed in OH,
some moved to MI.  
Many children joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons) and moved west to UT.
This line submitted by Floyd Hurst of West Jordan, UT in June 1999.
It was submitted with assistance from Donna H. Hellewell of Aptos, CA.

UPDATE:  by Joyce
Ezra Joneth Carpenter, Patriot, born 10 Aug 1764 West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, died 07 Aug 1849 Kirtland, Geauga, Ohio, married Susannah 'Polly' Button, born 1789 Connecticut, died 1827 Not sure if she died in NY or OH

Susannah "Polly" Button

NAME: Butler or Button.

3570. Robert Carpenter

Abt 1775/1777 or 1762?  See below.

This is not - repeat not - Number 1712 on page 245 of the Carpenter Memorial. No family listed in that record.
Y-DNA has indicated that this line is part of Group 15 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project. And not part of Group 3 or the line seen part of the Carpenter Memorial.

NOTE: Donna Ione (Harris) Hellewell of Aptos, CA 95003-4205 (b. 1926) updated the descendants and related ancestors of Robert and Phebe (McNair) Carpenter in March of 2001. She is now deceased.
Her efforts replaced 765 records with errors with about 14,604 names.  These new names have many many notes and sources.  Of the 14,604 names about 8,580 are direct descendants of Robert & Phebe with spouses.
Donna, Thank You Very Much for your Efforts!  John R. Carpenter - 8 March 2001.
Donna received tremendous help from  Elma Carpenter of Battle Creek, MI, and Helen Fox of Canandaigua, NY, as well as many others too numerous to mention.  The material in the submitted records have been sent to them from the individuals themselves and/ or relatives. They have also found additional  information in official records,  newspapers, and reunion notes.  They will not be responsible for errors they have received as all material has not been validated.  With all attempts for accuracy, they know there will be some errors, but none were purposeful.  Please be charitable, they have tried very hard to be accurate. Some files were edited for grammar and/or spelling errors, and some were not.
We feel you, who are searching for your ancestors, will be saved countless hours if you find your name in this file as all people are linked to ancestors and descendants if they were known or could be found.  The 14,606 names we are submitting to John Carpenter for his "Carpenter CD"  represent over forty years of research.   The cost to do this much compiling, has not been calculated, but it is a considerable amount.  Please use the information we are providing with care, and respect the privacy of those you meet through this file.  Thank you, Donna Harris Hellewell.  Submitted in March 2001.

One record from descendants of his daughter Betsey, showed both Robert and Phebe's birthplace as Connecticut, but research shows this to be questionable as other records state differently, but since Connecticut shows up in records occassionally, especially in thier son, Nathaniel's records, perhaps further research in that area should be done.  Their daughter Margaret gave (MI state cencus of 1884)  Robert's (b. abt 1775)  birthplace as,  Massachusetts, and Phebe McNair's as R. I. (Which validates some other records). In the 1880 U.S. Census of Washtenau Co., MI  their daughter Nancy, gave  their birthplace "father unknown", mother: Connecticut.   Calvin Loomis Jr., their son said in the 1880 U. S. Census of Athens, Calhoun, MI, father's birthplace was unknown and mother's R. I.  In a biographical review of Calvin, it said his mother was born in Connecticut, so both places are again given.

National Archives, Washington, DC,  Robert b. 1775 applied for a bounty land warrant which was granted to descendants of the Revolutionary War veterans.  In the document it reads, "That in his childhood he understood and he verily believed that the said Robert Carpenter, father of this desponent, enlisted to serve during the war of the revolution and that in the summer of 1777 he belonged to Colonel Michael Jackson's Regiment in the Massachusetts line and that he was killed in Battle at or near Stillwater a few days previous to the surrender of General Burgoyne's army in 1777." Robert b. 1775 stated that he had a document to this effect but it had been burned when his house burned. Chester Loomis, who had been raised with Robert, signed the document as the then Justice of the Peace of Ontario County, NY.

TAX: 1800 - image
Name: Robert Carpenter
Assessment Year: 1800
Assessment Place: Augusta, Ontario, New York, USA
Residence Year: 1800
Residence Place: New York, USA
Source Information New York, Tax Assessment Rolls of Real and Personal Estates, 1799-1804 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.
Original data: New York (State), Comptroller's Office. Tax Assessment Rolls of Real and Personal Estates, 1799–1804. Series B0950 (26 reels). Microfilm. New York State Archives, Albany, New York.

1800 U.S. Census, Augusta, Ontario, NY (later named Middlesex, and still later Yates Co., NY). Robert b. about 1775 is on the census as head of a household.  He has one son under 5 (Abner b. 1799); one adult female (Phebe McNair Carpenter) is also on this census but not named.  From a letter from Helen Fox of NY, it said, " On this census Calvin Loomis and John McNair are listed together.  Another listing reads Benjamin Loomis, Nathan Webb, Robert McNair, John McNair, Jr. together in that order."(This is mentioned here because Loomis' raised Robert Carpenter, and Phebe's [Robert's wife's] father is Robert McNair, and Robert McNair and John McNair, Jr. are half-brothers.)

1810 U.S. Census, Middlesex, Ontario Co., NY, Robert Carpenter , 1 male over 26, (b. 1775) and Phebe McNair Carpenter, 1 female over 26, (b. 1781) have 4 sons and 1 daughter (Abner b. 1799; Sarah "Sally" b. 1801; Benjamin b. 1804; Nathaniel b. 1806; Calvin b. 1808). Betsey was born Sept 1810, obviously after the census was taken.

1815, Cleveland History of Yates Co.    Robert Carpenter owned the farm owned in 1869 by Levi Fountain.

1820 U.S. Census, Bristol, Ontario, NY (in 1838 it was divided and became South Bristol).  Robert and Phebe have 5 sons and 5 daughters (same as above with the additions of Betsey b. 1810; Robert O. b. 1812; Margaret b. 1814; Nancy b. 1816; and Rowena T. b. 1819).

1830 U.S. Census, Bristol, Ontario Co., NY. Robert and Phebe have 5 sons and 5 daughters, same as in 1820, but Abner is now married and head of a household next door, and Sally is also married and is with husband, William Kaufman, in same area.  Robert and Phebe had added William b. 1821 and Phebe b. 1823, so the numbers remained constant.  Little Christine was b. 1826 but died in 1827 so is not on the census.

Ontario County Historical Society, newspaper on Election Day 3 Apr 1838 may have something about Robert falling from a wagon and being killed.  Election day was the day Bristol was divided into South Bristol, and Bristol, Ontario Co., New York.

Tombstone for Robert b. 1775 is interesting as it reads "1762-1838."  It is unlikely it was 1762 because he has older brothers and sisters and the last closest one was born in 1769, and we believe Robert was born later.  He was killed in a fall from a wagon in 1838 on Election Day when Bristol was divided and South Bristol was formed. Phebe's dates are questionable on the tombstone also, as are Sarah's.  Phebe 1768-1867, Sarah 1720-1836. If Phebe had been born in 1768, she would have been 57 when her last child, Christine, was born, which is very unlikely.   Phebe was 70 on 1850 census, so she was probably born about 1781 because Abner,  her first child, was born in 1799.  Sarah, Phebe's mother or Phebe's sister,  would have been 116, (also unlikely).  The graves of Robert and Phebe and Sarah McNair were moved from Naples to E. Springwater Cemetery in Livingston County by his son, William Carpenter, when his wife died in 1890.  Helen Fox's note:  "The graves in South Bristol,  called Flowing Well, were in bad condition by 1890.  Nothing is visible there today (1996.)  No doubt Robert McNair (Phebe's father) is also buried there,  but tombstones were gone in 1890."  When tombstone was cut for the new cemetery, the dates were probably given incorrectly.

On the back of the sheet orginally submitted to the archives is CORR C#5 10/17/60 5A or SA.  This sheet gave them from Conn. (wrong, I submitted that sheet, and later found out he was born in Palmer, Mass., but it is believed that they did live in Conn.  for awhile, or one of their children did, perhaps Nathaniel did according to his descendants)..  Old Archive sheet is on film #1273776 in the SLC Family History Library.

E-MAIL:  2016
From: Tami Kuginskie
Sent: Friday, October 28, 2016 7:10 AM
To: John R Carpenter
Subject: Re: Carpenter Cousins
Thanks for the response, John, at this point in the search, any extra confusion is a bit disturbing!! I agree that there were Robert Carpenters other than my ancestor but, perhaps because of my focus on our line, I don't find it quite as vague as previously.
The connection to the Loomis family of CT with my ancestor, I believe, makes for some convincing 'circumstantial evidence' - up to and including the Land Grant information. (It also provides a possible connection - geographically as well as time-frame - to your Carpenter ancestors and mine, but that's a divergence for future efforts!!) I've found possible evidence that Abner Loomis moved from CT to Palmer, MA around the time that Robert Carpenter would have been there. A reference to Robert Carpenter's possible connection to the same area in CT might pan out to support a more solid lead but, again, a divergence for later. Right now, I'm feeling quite happy to explore what we do know from the DNA.
My gut feeling is that my Robert is the first of my direct line here in the US, that he was born around 1750 and came here in his late teens or early 20s. He might have been married before he came but (partially gut feeling and partially the Loomis connection) possibly married in CT (maybe a Loomis??) and moved to Palmer, MA with Abner's family. The fact that our DNA relatives (Gray, etc.) were in VA at or before the proposed immigration of my ancestor but he (likely) went to CT makes me think he wasn't a brother to them, but a cousin (which, with my limited grasp of DNA, seems to be borne out by the science??) At this point my investigative research capabilities are not up to that particular task.
Prior to coming to the US, he was in the Wiltshire area of England and relatives remained there until the late 1800s when George's ancestors came to Canada from there. At some point, an ancestor of all of our group made his presence felt in London where he begot a son who ended up in NZ!! Another cousin came from the same area in England and wound up in PA. Past that, we all seem to have been quite 'fruitful' and multiplied with great efficiency until the present day! I assure you, this is simply a theory and, as you already know, I have no problem veering in a different direction as the evidence dictates!! To date, however, my instincts have provided me with valuable framework, and I have a certain confidence in the fact that many 'possibles' have panned out.
I do want to point out that the graves of Robert, Phebe, and her mother were relocated and the birth dates of all three are, with little doubt, in error on the gravestones. None of the dates seem to have credibility. All available evidence points to a 1775 birthdate for Robert our patriot's son who died in 1838. There's no evidence at all that he could have been born earlier and much logical conclusion that he was not. Not sure where the notion that the Robert who died in 1838 could have been in the Rev War and survived to later claim he was his own father to secure a land grant based on that service?? Did I misread that part of your letter to Linda?
I know your main focus is on the Rehoboth Carpenters but I'm certain you, like me, are as interested in the interconnections of all the families sharing our surname. I reassure myself that, though you are incredibly busy, my missives don't bore you to death!!
I continue to encourage my relatives to submit their information to Carpenter Cousins in the hope that, eventually, all the connections will be clear and help me make the jump from England to the Colonies for my own direct line!! You've been so instrumental in the search and I thank you every day!!

Compiled by Elma Wisnieski Carpenter (1937-2012) and Donna Harris (1926- )
Published by:
Elma E. Carpenter
268 Potter's Drive
Battle Creek, MI 49015
(269) 968-5166

Phebe McNair

Birthdate for Phebe has been given as 10 Feb 1781 and 2 Oct 1781.  Because it was given in numbers, you can see that these two dates are opposite each other.

1800 U.S. Census, Augusta, Ontario , NY, although Phebe is not named, she is there with Robert and a son under 5 (Abner b. 1799).

1810 U.S. Census, Middlesex, Ontario , NY Film 081387 (same place as Augusta) she is also there with husband, 4 sons, and 1 dau.

1820 U.S. Census, Bristol, Ontario , NY, Film 193717, she has 5 sons and 5 dau. 1830 U.S. Census, Bristol, Ontario , NY, Film 017053, she is still shown with 5 sons and 5 dau, but her oldest son, Abner, and dau Sally is now married.  She has added William and Phebe. Christine b. 1826, d. 1827. 1850 U. S. Census, Naples, Ontario , NY, Film 44287, she is 70 yrs. old. See husband's documentation.!

Ontario County Deeds,  1857, Archives Building, Canandaigua, Ontario , NY, Book 128, p 265-267.  Phebe signed off on the sale of the land. Her other children in the area signed too, William, Phebe (Mrs. John Jones), Nathaniel, Benjamin, Eleanor (Benjamin's wife), Rowena (Mrs. William Henry Pierce), Robert, Plexany (Robert's wife), William Kaufman and Sally Carpenter Kaufman (husband and wife), and Betsey (Mrs. Thomas Griffis). Calvin, Nancy and Margaret were already in Michigan.  Abner had gone to Indiana and was deceased by this time according to family records.

1850 U.S. Census of Naples, Ontario  NY.  Phebe Carpenter age 70, b. RI is living next door to her son Calvin Carpenter.

South Bristol, NY, Town Records 1838 - 1925.  Births were registered in 1884; women ran for office in 1921.

Tombstone dates are 1768-1867.  Her birth date is in error (as are others on that stone).  She was b. 1781. Grave is in E. Springwater, Livingston County, NY.  Another birth date of 2 Oct 1781, as well as 10 Feb 1781 had been given.  Using numbers for months and days makes this confusing.  See directions to Cem. on Sarah McNair's record.

For census records, see husband's documentation.

8476. Christina Carpenter

Christine was less than one year old when she died..

Christina was less than one year old when she died.

3574. Oliver Carpenter

CENSUS: 1850 US Census - see image - RIN 129590 Oliver Carpenter 1850 ... jpg
Name: Oliver Carpenter
Residence: Oneida, New York
Age: 80 years
Estimated birth year: 1770
Birthplace: Rhode Island
Gender: Male
Race or color (on document):
Race or color (expanded):
Death month:
Death date:
Film number: 444278
Image number: 00146
Reference number: 33
Dwelling: 222
Household id: 241
Marital status:
Free or slave:
Collection: United States Census, 1850

3578. Christopher Carpenter

Wood County is included in the Parkersburg-Marietta-Vienna, West Virginia-Ohio (part) Metropolitan Statistical Area. Wood County was formed in 1798 from the western part of Harrison County and it was named for James Wood, governor of Virginia from 1796 to 1799.

MARRIAGES:  2 but unknown to whom when.  Spouses are probably reversed.

CENSUS: 1810 US Census      
United States Census, 1810
Name: Christopher Carpenter  
Event Place: New Point, Wood, Virginia  
Page Number: 259  
Line Number: 1250  
NARA Publication Number: M252  
NARA Roll Number: 71  
Film Number: 0181431  
Digital Folder Number: 004433430  
Image Number: 00510


CENSUS: 1820 US Census      
United States Census, 1820
Name: Margrett Carpenter  
Event Place: Not Stated, Wood, Virginia  
Page Number: 183  
NARA Publication Number: M33  
NARA Roll Number: 138  
Film Number: 0193697  
Digital Folder Number: 004433182  
Image Number: 00202

8479. William Carpenter

CENSUS: 1820 US Census      
Name: William Carpenter  
Event Place: Not Stated, Wood, Virginia  
Page Number: 183  
NARA Publication Number: M33  
NARA Roll Number: 138  
Film Number:  
Digital Folder Number: 004433182  
Image Number: 00203

3580. John Carpenter

GRAVE: images
Rev John Carpenter
Birth:  1772
Maryland, USA
Death:  Mar. 25, 1855
Elkhart County
Indiana, USA
Family links:
 Sarah Bush Carpenter (1772 - 1855)
 Nicholas Lewis Carpenter (1803 - 1872)*
*Calculated relationship  
Oakridge Cemetery
Elkhart County
Indiana, USA
Plot: Section 18 Row 38 Plot 5

Created by: Sandra Price
Record added: Aug 23, 2006
Find A Grave Memorial# 15478633

Sarah Bush

NAME: Bush or Buck?  One record has her father as Michael Buck.
Was she a widow?

GRAVE: image
Sarah Bush Carpenter
Birth:  Oct. 12, 1772
Harrison County
West Virginia, USA
Death:  Mar. 26, 1855
Elkhart County
Indiana, USA  
Family links:
 John Carpenter (1772 - 1855)*
 Nicholas Lewis Carpenter (1803 - 1872)*
*Calculated relationship
82y 5m 14d  
Oakridge Cemetery
Elkhart County
Indiana, USA
Plot: Section 18 Row 38 Plot 4
Created by: Sandra Price
Record added: Aug 23, 2006
Find A Grave Memorial# 15478622

8482. Mary "Polly" Carpenter


8483. Catherine Carpenter


Christian Sipe
Spouse:   Catherine Carpenter 1794 – 1862
    Lydia Sipe 1821 – 1914
   Samuel Sipe 1823 – 1916
   Barbara Sipe 1828 – 1861
   Elizabeth Sipe 1832 – 1926
   Susannah Sipe 1835 –
    Mary Magdalene Sipe 1838 – 1932
   Laner Sipe 1839 – 1939

8485. John Carpenter


3581. Nicholas Carpenter Jr.

Number 1719 on page 245.
Hand written notes in my CM has that he married Mary ? and had sons Nicholas,
Thomas and others in VT.
AFN CQLC-2L and 4KLT-KJ are believed to be the same.

8490. Nicholas Wiatt Carpenter

Was this the Nicholas Carpenter pressed into the Royal Navy with a
brother about 1812?  Was his middle name Wiatt or Wyatt?

John J. Brown Jr.

From: Mark Brown   
To: Linda Crockett York
Cc: Don McMurray ; Kurt Cook ; John R Carpenter
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 9:33 PM
Subject: Re: Rootsweb: Susan SEYBOLD m. John J. Brown


I truly love geneaology and the Internet ... I post something and years later it comes back to bite me ;-).

It turns out that I am your source for part of the John Brown information (my e-mail address used to be

Yes, this is my direct line. Here's what I have (at least, the relevant pieces):

John J. Brown, Sr. (b. Abt. 1740 VA d. Abt. 1808 Harrison Co., WV) [my 6G-Grandfather]
   m. Abt. 1755 Eleanor Bogardus (b. Abt. 1744 VA d. Aft. 1810 Harrison Co., WV)
John J. Brown, Jr. (b. Abt. 1764 Lewis Co., WV d. 14 Sep 1835 WV)  [my 5G-Grandfather]
   m. 04 May 1791 Margaret Carpenter (b. Abt. 1766 Hardy Co., WV)
John G. Brown (b. 15 Sep 1815 Lewis Co., WV d. 16 Sep 1906 Allerton, Wayne Co., IA)  [my 4G-Grandfather]
   1m. 29 Jan 1838 Rebecca Nutt (b. 15 Nov 1815 Lewis Co., WV d. 1864 Hancock Co., IL)
       (this marriage had 13 children)
   2m. 1867 Susan Seybold (b. ? d. 1901 Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO)
       Manley Brown (b. Abt. 1872 d. ?)
Marcellus C. Brown (b. 05 Dec 1838 Lewis Co., WV d. 14 Jul 1905 Allerton, Wayne Co., IA) [my 3G-Grandfather]
   m. 30 Mar 1862 Wythe, Hancock Co., IL Rebecca Jane Lilly (b. 03 Jul 1840 Columbus, Franklin Co., OH d. 14 Nov 1928 Des Moines, Polk Co., IA)
Perry Allen Brown (b. 01 Sep 1864 Hancock Co., IL d. 06 Nov 1933 Des Moines, Polk Co., IA) [my 2G-Grandfather]
   m. 28 Oct 1888 Decatur Co., IA Millie Velma Deisher (b. 09 Oct 1870 Decatur Co., IA d. 03 Feb 1953 Stuart, Guthrie Co., IA)
Carey Marcellus Brown (b. 28 Aug 1890 Wayne Co., IA d. 23 Jun 1944 San Louis Obispo, San Louis Obispo Co., CA) [my 1G-Grandfather]
   1m. 31 May 1911 Weldon, Decatur Co., IA Lelia May or Mae Trisler (b. 15 Dec 1891 Weldon, Decatur Co., IA d. 13 Mar 1960 Leon, Decatur Co., IA)
   2m. 1941 Almeda Lucretia Slasor (b. 15 Aug 1888 Springfield, Bon Homme Co., SD d. 29 May 1973 Thousand Oaks, Ventura Co., CA)
Walter Everett Brown (b. 29 Jul 1912 Rock Island, Rock Island Co., IL d. 01 Feb 1989 Butler, Bates Co., MO) [my Grandfather]
   m. 20 Feb 1932 Abilene, Dickinson Co., KS LaVeta Mary Hankerson (b. 23 Apr 1917 Herington, Dickinson Co., KS d. 28 Dec 1974 Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO)
[My Father]

It appears that you did connect Susan Seybold to the wrong John, to the father (John J., Jr.) instead of to the son (John G.).

Of the information you sent in your e-mail, only one item is news to me:

A daughter married George M. Browning in Harmony Two., Hancock Co., IL.

(I don't suppose any of you folks have any more information about this marriage?)

John, Kurt, and Don,

I am looking for any descendants of John J. Brown, Sr. and Eleanor Bogardus.

I am also looking for any information about John G. Brown's second wife Susan Seybold, and their son Manley.

Can any of you help? Thank you!

Mark Gregory. Brown
7821 W 100 ST
Overland Park, KS 66212-2444
(h) 913-642-7986

----- Original Message -----
From: Linda Crockett York
To: Mark Brown
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 7:37 AM
Subject: Re: Rootsweb: Susan SEYBOLD m. John J. Brown


It is through my husband's side that we descend from Margaret Campbell's brother Thomas Carpenter


Linda York

----- Original Message -----
From: Linda Crockett York
To: Mark Brown
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: Rootsweb: Susan SEYBOLD m. John J. Brown

I will insert comments into your original message to answer your questions as best I can

I just found your posting on RootsWeb for Susan Seybold.

You have her as John J. Brown's wife.  correct

What is your source for this information? Was there a reference to simply a John Brown, with no middle initial?

The notes that I have do not indicate a middle initial
so I will defer to you on that point -- since I do not have a source noted for that information
place of birth  from Mark G. Brown
list of children  from Mark G. Brown

born HampshireCo.,  W,Va. Source: : Kurt Cook

Source;  John R. Carpenter < >
e-mail of 8-18-2002
has his birth as about 1774

(To make matters worse, John J., Jr.'s father was John J., Sr., who married Eleanor Bogardus.)
agreed!   I have no information on them beyond names

I have Susan Seybold as the second wife of John G. Brown, the son of John J. Brown.
I did not have dates for Susan or marriage date -- so did not know whether she was first or second
Susan and John G. married in 1867 had a son named Manley, b.c. 1872.

I'm trying to locate Susan (who died in Kansas City in 1901) and Manley.

(John G. died 16 Sep 1906 in Allerton, Wayne Co., IA and is buried in Big Springs, Wayne Co., IA).
What date of birth do you have for John G.  --- this death date does not work with the abt 1774 -- that I have for his birth

Thanks for any help you can share.

Is this direct line for you ???????????
not closely related to me -- so I had never followed up on this information.
The Carpenter connection --- John J (G?) first wife
is where my interest was at in this connection as I descend from her parents --through her brother Thomas

I have a John G. Brown Sep 15, 1815 died Sep 16, 1906
as a son of John J and Margaret Carpenter Brown
with wife Rebecca Nutt
It is possible (probable) that I have Susan attached to the wrong John Brown ----

so what I have is
John J Brown / Eleanor Bogardus -----no dates
    John J. Brown/ Margaret Carpenter (1764-1835)
        John G. Brown / Rebecca Nutt  (M2? Susan Seybold)

The sources I have for John G are
Don McMurray    ancestry file
Mark Brown ancestry file

Living in Livingston Co., MO in 1880.

From the U.S. Census of 1840 for Lewis County, Virginia:

Males Females
<5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90 <5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90
Family left Lewis Co. WV between 1850-1860; based on census'; believed 1851.
A daughter married George M. Browning in Harmony Two., Hancock Co., IL.
(2) children died before 1880.
In1905, (10) children alive.

So ? is it possible that you are missing John J ./ Margaret generation from your listing and I have Susan Seybold connected to the wrong John ---
dates work better this way -- although  I will admit my dates are not complete -

What do you think?????????????????

Mark Brown
Overland Park, KS

3587. Joseph Carpenter

Nicholas is the father, but which one?

West Virginia, Marriages Index, 1785-1971
Name: Joseph Carpenter
Gender: Male
Spouse's Name: Jemina Bennett
Spouse Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1805
Marriage Place: Harrison County, West Virginia
Source Information: West Virginia, Marriages Index, 1785-1971 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.

CENSUS: 1810 US Census

CENSUS: 1820 US Census
1820 United States Federal Census
Name: Joseph Carpenter
Home in 1820 (City, County, State): Lewis, Virginia
Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 25: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 1
Number of Persons - Engaged in Agriculture: 1
Total Free White Persons: 2
Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 2
Source Citation: 1820 U S Census; Census Place:  , Lewis, Virginia; Page: 5; NARA Roll: M33_133; Image: 177.

CENSUS: 1830 US Census

CENSUS: 1840 US Census
1840 United States Federal Census
Name: Joseph Carpenter
Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Chester, Wabash, Indiana
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 50 thru 59: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39: 1
Persons Employed in Agriculture: 2
No. White Persons over 20 Who Cannot Read and Write: 3
Free White Persons - Under 20: 4
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
Total Free White Persons: 7
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 7
Source Citation: Year: 1840; Census Place: Chester, Wabash, Indiana; Roll: 97; Page: 12; Image: 32; Family History Library Film: 0007731.

Indiana Marriages, 1802-1892
Name: Ann Wilcox
Spouse: Joseph Carpenter
Date: 5 Aug 1847
County: Fulton
State: Indiana
Source: County Court Records at Rochester, IN
Source Information:
Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp.. Indiana Marriages, 1802-1892 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: With some noted exceptions all marriage records in this collection can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, or available through Family History Centers throughout the United States. For specific source information listed by coun.

CENSUS: 1850 US Census
Name: Joseph Carpenter
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1850
Event Place: Perry, Miami, Indiana, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Marital Status:
Race (Original):
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Birth Year (Estimated): 1790
House Number: 943
Family Number: 967
Line Number: 16
Affiliate Publication Number: M432
Affiliate Film Number: 160
GS Film number: 442938
Digital Folder Number: 004192465
Image Number: 00425
Citing this Record
"United States Census, 1850," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 17 May 2013), Joseph Carpenter, 1850.

CENSUS: 1860 US Census
1860 United States Federal Census
Name: Joseph Carpenter
Age in 1860: 75
Birth Year: abt 1785
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1860: Henry, Fulton, Indiana
Gender: Male
Post Office: Akron
Value of real estate: View Image
Household Members:
Name Age
Joseph Carpenter 75
Anna Carpenter 58  ----> wife? Yes
Thomas Carpenter 71 ----> brother? Yes
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Henry Twp., Fulton, Indiana; Roll: M653_260; Page: 751; Image: 243; Family History Library Film: 803260.

3588. Thomas Carpenter

Thomas was 9 months old when his father was killed. Captain Johann Nicholas Carpenter (he went by the name of Nicholas Carpenter) ... see below for more info.  The question of which Nicholas is the right one is the question.

CENSUS: 1850 US Census  - See image: RIN 8216 Thomas Carpenter 1850.jpg
1850 United States Federal Census
Name: Thos Carpenter
Age: 60
Birth Year: abt 1790
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1850: Henry, Fulton, Indiana
Gender: Male
Family Number: 118
Household Members:
Name Age
Thos Carpenter 60
Nancy Carpenter 49
Siman Harsh 19
Malinda Harsh 17
Wm Harsh 12
Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Henry, Fulton, Indiana; Roll: M432_146; Page: 409B; Image: 501.

CENSUS: 1860 US Census
In 1860 US Census with brother and single

Thomas Carpenter Compact Disc #132 Pin #968752
Age at death: age 79 -3- 5

Author: Linda Crockett York Date: 10 Aug 2002 2:31 AM GMT
 Surnames: Clevenger, Thompson, Harsh, Polluck
 Classification: Query
I am researching the family of Thomas Carpenter ( son of Nicholas and mary Wolfe)
1790 Harrison Co., Va (now W.Va) - 1869 Fulton Co., Ind married 1814 Champaign Co., Oh
Meacy Clevenger 1795 Oh - 1846 Fulton Co., In ( I don't know who her parents were --wish I did!)
Thomas and Meacy were parents of 6 children
William 1815 -1886 wife was Sarah
Joseph 1819 went to Kansas
Lucinda 1822 M: Rev. David thompson
Emily 1825 (Harsh)
Benjamin 1830 - 1909 m: Eliza Polluck
Malinda 1833 (Harsh)

Thomas Carpenter
Birth: Dec. 20, 1790 Clarksburg Harrison County West Virginia, USA Death: Feb. 25, 1869 Fulton County Indiana, USA Thomas Carpenter was born 20 December 1790, Clarksburg, Harrison County, Virginia (Now West Virginia). He died on 25 February 1869, Fulton County, Indiana. He is buried in Gilead Cemetery, Gilead, Miami County, Indiana. Find A Grave Memorial# 66572399 Below is what I have on my 4th Great-Grandfather. Notes for THOMAS CARPENTER: Thomas was 9 months old when his father, Captain Johann Nicholas Carpenter (he went by the name of Nicholas Carpenter), was killed by Tecumseh's Indians, near the Ohio River in what is now West Virginia and now known as carpenter's Run. We do not know at what time Thomas left Virginia, but he was as a young man a resident of Logan County, Ohio near Bell fountain. It was probably here that all of his children were born. At least some of his brothers and sisters were also residents of Logan County. We have no record of any of them coming to Fulton County Indiana, unless possibly Barbara who married Abel Clems (aka Clemans, Clemmons), and this is uncertain that she was ever in Fulton County. Thomas Carpenter's sister, Barbara mentioned above was murdered, (as well as all her children) on 10 November 1805, by her husband Abel. Abel was tried and hung for the murders in 1806, near Morgantown, Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Sometime near 1843 Townsend Evans deeded 80 acres of land -but this was not the main home place. We also find the same 80 acres deeded to his son William 5-17-1844, Who in turn deeded it to Benjamin on 5-17-1849, his youngest brother. It was located sec 29, twp 30, Range 5. Thomas bought one of the long rifles which Walter Carpenter once owned. He said he wanted to hand it down to the youngest son as he himself was the youngest and they were the ones who never got anything from home, and so the gun has been passed down and helped to keep the family history alive. Thomas is also remembered as a great bee-hunter. Mentioned twice in the history of Akron, In (Fulton Co) by Brundize. Researcher this line: Richard Dutton -- richarddutton@localhost Sources : AFN: 8HBP-NN and Pike family records from HElen Utter Pike / Quaker records. Thomas carpenter 1790-1869 Thomas Carpenter was born in or near the edge of Clarksburg, Va. (now W.VA) Harrison County Dec. 20, 1790. He did die in Fulton County, on Feb 25, 1869 at the age of 79 years, 3 months and 5 days. He married Meacy Cleavenger sometime near 1814. She was born 10 March 1795 and died in Fulton county In 27 Feb 1846. they are both buried in the cemetary at the north edge of the village of Gilead, Ind Thomas was but 9 months old when his father was killed by Indians, on 4 Oct 1791, near the Ohio River in what is now W. Va and now known as Carpenter's Run. Deed Book, Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia) Oct 2, 1805 _____ Isaac and Elizabeth Clemens and Thomas and Meacy Carpenter moved west to Logan County, Ohio by 1808, and were neighbors _____ Thomas emigrated with 2 of his older brothers to Champaign Co., OH. He went to Fulton Co., IN in 1840. He was deeded 80 acres of land in the SE part of Henry Twp. in 1843. In 1857 he deed this land to his son Benjamin for $900. Another source gives date of birth as 04 Oct 1791 1820 census Logan County, Ohio lists three children, 3 males, one female under 10. (Residing in household was Thomas' sister, Nancy Ann Carpenter) 1830 census, Lake Twp, Logan County, Ohio 1840 census, Miami County, Indiana 1850 census, Fulton County, Indiana, lists him as 60 years old, and worth $1600. (In the household was Simon Harsh, age 19, son-in-law husband of daughter Malinda, and Simon's brother, William Harsh, age 12) Thomas Carpenter is listed in the 1820 census of Lake Township, Logan County, OH. Listed are: Boys--3 less than 10, 1 26-45; Girls--1 less than 10, 1 26-45 and 1 person in agriculture. He is also listed in the 1830 census of Logan County, Ohio. Listed are: Boys--1 less than 5, 2 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 40-50; Girls--2 5-10, 1 30-40. Carpenter, Thomas State: Indiana Year: 1850 County: Fulton Roll: M432_146 Township: Henry Twp Page: 409 Image: 496 Carpenter, Thomas 60 b. Va Nancy 49 b. Oh (2nd wife) Simeon Harsh 19 b. Oh (son-in-law) malinda 17 b. Oh (daughter) William 12 b. Oh (Simeon's brother) 1860 census: Akron, Henry Township, Fulton County, Indiana page 237 Carpenter Joseph 75 b. Va Anna 58 b. Pa Thomas 71 b. VA. THOMAS CARPENTER FAMILY by Walter F. Carpenter (page 115) of Fulton County Folks Vol 2 Thomas came to Fulton County, Indiana in 1840. Townsend Evans deeded him 80 acres of land in the SE part of Henry Township in 1843. In 1857, Thomas deeded the same 80 acres to his son Benjamin. He received $900 for it or @11.25 an acre, as shown in the deed book in the courthouse in Rochester. Thomas was married in Urbana, Ohio to meacy Clevenger April 26, 1814. Thomas and Meacy lived shortly after their marriage in Belfountain, Logan County, Ohio. We do not know the exact date when Thomas Carpenter left Va. and came to Ohio. We do know from a court record in Deed Book No 5, harrison County, Va. Oct 2, 1805, that Thomas was there then. Thomas is listed in the census of Logan Co., Oh for 1820. He and Meacy were married at that time, of course,. and had 4 children (3 males and 1 female), under 10 years of age. He is also listed in Logan County in 1830. We find him listed in 1840 in Miami Co., Ind and Meacy died 2-27-1846 in Fulton Co. at the age of 51. She is buried in the Gilead cemetery, Miami Co., Ind. In the 1850 census of Fulton Co., Thomas is listed as 60 years old and his work at $1600 which was quite a sum in 1850. Father: Nicholas CARPENTER b: ABT 1743 in Maryland Mother: Mary WOLF b: UNKNOWN Marriage 1 Meacy CLEVENGER b: 10 MAY 1795 Married: 26 APR 1814 in Urbana, Ohio 1 Note: Children William CARPENTER b: 15 MAR 1815 in Bellfountaine, Logan County, Ohio Joseph CARPENTER b: 1819 in Bellfountaine, Logan County, Ohio Lucinda Ann CARPENTER b: 11 FEB 1822 in Bellfountaine, Logan County, Ohio Emily Catharine CARPENTER b: 1825 in Bellfountaine, Logan County, Ohio Benjamin CARPENTER b: 13 APR 1830 in Bellfountaine, Logan County, Ohio Melinda CARPENTER b: BET 1832 AND 1833 in Bellfountaine, Logan County, Ohio Sources: Title: Fulton County Folks, volume 2 Repository: Call Number: Media: Book Text: Thomas Carpenter Family page 115 ___ Thomas Carpenter and family found in the 1820 Census, Ohio Series: M33 Roll: 90 Page: 78 (Lake Township, Logan County, Ohio) ___________________________________________________ Family links: Spouse: Meacey Carpenter (1795 - 1846) * Children: Joseph W Carpenter (1819 - 1894)* * Reverse Relationship Burial: Gilead Cemetery Gilead Miami County Indiana, USA Maintained by: Thomas Ebling Originally Created by: Susan Pratt Habermann Record added: Mar 06, 2011 Find A Grave Memorial# 66572399

Meacy Clevenger

Meacy Clevenger Compact Disc #132 Pin #968753

Meacey Carpenter
Birth: 1795
Death: Feb. 27, 1846 wife of Thos. ae 51y-11m-17d   ----------------> This works out to be about 10 Mar 1795 (no obit found) Family links: Spouse: Thomas Carpenter (1790 - 1869) Children: Joseph W Carpenter (1819 - 1894)* * Reverse Relationship Burial: Gilead Cemetery Gilead Miami County Indiana, USA Created by: Susan Pratt Habermann Record added: Mar 06, 2011 Find A Grave Memorial# 66572360

Nancy Thompson

Nancy Thompson Compact Disc #132 Pin #968795

3590. John Carpenter

Number 1658 in the Carpenter Memorial. Family on page 400 (# 546).

8506. Horace Carpenter

DEATH:He drowned trying to save another.

3594. Rev. Josiah Carpenter

When he was a mere boy he enlisted in the Revolutionary service , and was
sentinel on Roxbury Neck with two of his brothers, when one of his others
( Oliver ) was killed.
He was a minister. of the Congregational Church .
He graduated Dartmouth College in Hanover,NH.,with first honors of his
class, in 1787 and was ordained in charge of the church at Chichester,NH,
November 2 1791. He was  pastor there nearly  36 years being dimissed at his
request July 24, 1827. This long connection testifies to his worth,and his
piety,faithfullness and abilty need no other testimonial. He passed away in
Chichester ,NH ,March 1 , 1851