Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


7036. Lucy Carpenter

I am thinking there must have been more PUTNAMS.
Barbara Gjeltema.

7040. Nathaniel Carpenter Jr.

MARRIAGE: 6 April 1823 in most reports but 1 April 1823 in the records
of the Douglas Town Clerk's Office.

14246. Nathaniel Carpenter

"Barbara Gjeltema" has him as a child in her record.
She cites records found at the Douglas Town Clerk's Office.

SPOUSE: Lydia or Sylvia Ann WOOD.  Sylvia A. in Barbara's records.
Married Castle Creek,Chengo NY. This per Buck Carpenter at

7042. Seba Carpenter

All (children) must have been born in Douglas they were in the Town Clerk's
records on a sheet of paper which said additions to the Vital Records
of the Douglas, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849.
Barbara Gjeltema.

14247. George Carpenter

Died age 17.

14250. Morris Lee Carpenter

Died at age 16 months.

7043. Comfort Carpenter

MARRIAGE: Second marriage date was a published or intended date.

Sarah G. Balcom

NAME: Balcome in several records, however Balcom is what is noted in the
Douglas Town clerk's Office.
MARRIAGE: Widow Sarah G. carpenter married Royal Cummings.

7065. Edmund Carpenter

First in the South Douglas Cemetery in the Fairbanks lot and later moved to
the Carpenter lot in Evergreen Cemetery, Douglas by their son.

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Questions:  Is Barbara Aldrich the daughter of Margaret Aldrich, third wife of
Edmund?  Sometimes the
names are spelled Margaret and sometimes Margara.  Edmund is also spelled
Edmond and sometimes
Edmund.  Depending on the record you are looking at.  Some of this information
was gotten from the
Town Clerk's Office of Douglas, and some from the other sources mentioned

14266. Baby John Carpenter

NAME: BABY JOHN CARPENTER (birth unregistered).
There is one gravestone in Evergreen Cemetery in the Carpenter lot that
says "Edmund, Barbara, Baby John.  This is the same lot as Walter E.,
his two wives, and several of his children are buried.
Birth of this child not registered.

7083. Abiah Carpenter

Abiah Carpenter Compact Disc #5 Pin #126383

Father: Abiah Carpenter  Disc #5 Pin #126385
Mother: Hopestill Short Disc #5 Pin #126386

Rosina Goff

Rosina Goff Compact Disc #5 Pin #126384

7091. Abigail Carpenter

Number 3914 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 426.
AF has birth as "abt. 1803".
See notes on page 427.

CENSUS: Listed as Head of Household in the 1840 US CENSUS of Lyndon, Caledonia, VT.

Josiah Cahoon Willard

An Innkeeper.  AF has birth as 1799, even though it may have been before this.

14279. Charles Wesley Willard

Charles graduated Dartmoouth and settled in Montpelier, VT.  He studied law
with Peck & Colby; was admitted to the bar in March 1853.  In 1855-6 he was
secretary of state and declined a re-election.  He was ssenator from Washington
county in the legislature of VT 1860-61; was elected to congress in 1868,
and represented his district from March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1875.
He was one of the committee to revise the VT statutes; he did principally
all of the work, as the two who were elected with him had been elected to the
bench.  This was about the last work he did.  He died in 1880.

14280. Andrew J. Willard

He was educated and read law, he was admitted to the bar in Caledonia county.
He served as town clerk for many years in his native town, Lyndon.  On removing
to St. Johnsbury, he was elected town clerk of that town. He was a director of
the Passumpsic savings bank at St. Johnsbury, and held many important offices.