Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


531. John Carpenter

Number 362 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 91
Family is on page 165 (#157).
A blacksmith and a gunsmith.  He deeds to his mother Elizabeth, 28 Nov 1787.
What he deeded is unknown.
He signed the Revolutionary War Pledge at Cornwell Precinct, New York

WILL: Abstracts of Wills Vol IX 1777-1783
>Page 107.--"The last will and testament of JOHN CARPENTER SMITH, of
>the Precinct of Goshen, in Orange County, February 16, 1778. I, John Carpenter
>Smith, of the west side of the Wallkill, in Orange County, being sick and
>weak. I desire that my body be buried in a decent manner, and all debts
> I leave to my son, Richard Carpenter, all my blacksmith tools and gunsmith
>tools, and "5. To my daughter Anna my own bed and bedding whereon I lodge.
>To my son, John Carpenter, "5. My wife's clothes to be equally divided among
>my two daughters, Anna and Phebe. My children are to be brought up at the
>discretion of my executors. All the rest I leave to my four youngest
>children, Anna, Phebe, Jesse, and Asa. My son John is to receive his "5
>when of age, and the other children are to have their shares when of age. I
make my brother, Wait Carpenter, and my trusty friend, Samuel Gale,
>executors." Signed, "JohnCarpenter Smith."
>Witnesses, Samuel Bayley, David Bayley, John Conner. Proved, February
>19,1779. (Indexed as will of John Carpenter.)

Will date 2/16/1778 proved 2/19/1779
Precinct of Goshen, west side of Wallkill
NYHS wills  Vol 33 pg. 183
Wife not named but her clothes were to go to her duaghter - I assume she had
died previously
He had blacksmith and gunsmith tools.
Ch:  Richard Carpenter, Anna (the youngest), Phebe, Jesse, Asa, John, (not of
brother Wait Carpenter
friend  Samuel Gale
wit:  Samuel Bayley, David Bayley, and John Conner
will indexed as John Carpenter

Amy or Ann Jennings

NAME: Amy most likely over Ann.

1677. John Carpenter

Number 1028 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 165.

532. Waite or Wait Carpenter

Number 363 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 91
Family is on page 165 (#158).
A blacksmith. He owned land in Minisink Ongle, Lot 14 with Jonathan Smith,
George Smith, Joshua Smith, Isiah Vail, Nathaniel Owen, and Henry Smith.
SEE: "Records of Harry Hawkins Smith of Goshen, New York", curator of Goshen Library.
NAME: Waite in AF and Wait in CM.

WILL: Will of Weight Carpenter, Blacksmith
Sept 1784 Proved July 1, 1785
Wallkill Prect. Ul Co.
wife Mercy (see *Jeremiah Smith will below)
Ch. Mary
     Elizabeth m James White
     Weight  (probably m 3 Nov. 1788 Pres. G. ch. Elizabeth Clark)
Exec.  Dr. Jonathan Sweezy and son in law James White
Wit:     Jonathan McCamly, Nicholas Carpenter, Blacksmith, Elizabeth Smith.

Elizabeth Mercy Clark

NAME; Only known as Mercy in the CM.

534. Joseph Carpenter

Number 365 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 91
Family on page 165 (#159)
He was called "Joseph 3d" in one record.  He was referred to as "Joseph Sr." in
1776.  A cabinet maker in Conklin Town..
Will extract: It was dated in the precinct of Goshen, Orange county, NY.
Mentions wife, Ruth, son Daniel when he arrives at the age of 21 years.  A
daughter Hannah and Ruth, and a child unborn.  Will proven 11 July 1775.

WILL: Joseph  CARPENTER THE 3RD. Precinct Goshen, Orange Co., NY, Liber 37,
Page 488, Will made 8 June 1775. Proved 11 July 1775. Wife- Ruth
Carpenter. Son- Daniel. Daughters- Hannah & Ruth.
Executors- Daniel Vail, John Smith of Orange Co.
Witnesses- Michael Jackson, Esq. of Orange Co., William Oldfield & Hannah
Smith. Adm. granted Daniel Vail & John Smith 24 April 1785.


Some claim her maiden name is Coe but no documenttion!

1686. Ruth Carpenter

Number 1037 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.

1688. Elizabeth Carpenter

Number 1039 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.

ELIZABETH CARPENTER - International Genealogical Index  Gender: Female Marriage: 27 AUG 1787 First Presbyterian Church, Goshen, Orange, New York   Spouse:  THOMAS BARNEA

1689. Hannah Carpenter

Number 1040 in the Carpenter Memorial.  No family listed.

541. John Carpenter

Number 8323a in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 781.
Family on page 782 (# 1669 1/2).

Will dated Jan. 13, 1766, proved Oct. 14, 1767, merchant, wife Jane,
names son Matthew, daughters Julia, Rachel, Amira, brothers Elijah, and
William.  Brother-in-law Hezikiah Howell Jr., Stephen Howell, Charles Howell,
sisters-in-law Phebe Howell, Susanna Howell and Abigail Howell his wife,
Michael Jackson and Hezikiah Howell executors.  It is evident that his wife was
Jane Howell.

Likely he and his wife were buried on the family farm in Orange County, NY. Their graves are likely lost in time.

1692. Julia Carpenter

Number 8325 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 782.

1693. Rachel Carpenter

Number 8326 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 782.

1694. Amira Carpenter

Number 8327 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 782.

544. Julia Carpenter

Number 8323d in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 781.

547. Daniel Carpenter

Number 327 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 86.  No family listed.  He married a niece of his mother.
PARENTS: It appears that two Daniels were confused in various records.  This report has 2 Daniels, father and son as separate people.
BIRTH: Colonial Families of the United States has about 1734 as birth.
DEATH: The same record as above lists his death date as 13 June 1814.
The same record as above has the following information: "... he removed with his father to Dutchess county, New York, when the latter took up residence there.  When about twenty-five years old he went to live in fishkill, New York, where in company with William WILTSIE, he established a ferry to some adjacent point.  during the Revolutionary War, Daniel was very prominent in his section and most patriotic.  He was also a member of the Second Regiment, Dutchess County Militia and served in the Revolutionary War.  Some time after 1781, he removed to Troy, New York, becoming one of its orginal inhabitants; united with first Presbyterian Church of Troy, 17th May, 1809; m. Esther Thorne, d. 22nd Feburary, 1809."
A Patriot who served in the 2nd Regiment, Dutchess County, New York Militia.
SEE: New York in the Revolution as Colony and State by Roberts.
SEE: Colonial Famlies of the United States, pages 109 to 113, by George Norbury MacKenzie.
Sandy Blum submitted a copy of this record for inclusion on 27 May 2001 via E-Mail.

Esther Thorne

She is listed as spouse in the Carpenter and Related Family Historical
Journal, Vol. 5, winter 1994, Number 7, page 417.  See husband's notes for

549. Joseph Carpenter

Number 329 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87
Family is on page 160 (#147)  No descendants known other than his children.
A merchant and Justice of the Peace in Stanford, Dutchess County (now
renamed),New York.  He married a daughter of Judge Smith.

RECORDS: All the following from Hempstead Town Records of LI, NY.
Vol. IV - Joseph Carpenter reference.
Dec 25 1756 Earmarks
Vol V again I do not have.
Submitted by Phoebe Cortesis of CA via E-Mail on 6-8-98.
Ancestral File has him "of Newton," LI, NY.
NOTE:  A check on line finds these volumes on line. See:
Records of the towns of North and South Hempstead, Long island, New York [1654-1880]
Edited by Benjamin D. Hicks. Printed by order of the Town of North Hempstead.
Corporate Author: Hempstead (N.Y.)
Related Names: Hicks, Benjamin D., ed.
Language(s): English
Published: Jamaica, N.Y., Long Island Farmer Print, 1896-1904.
Subjects: Land titles > Land titles /New York (State) > Land titles / New York (State) /Hempstead.
Hempstead (N.Y.) > Hempstead (N.Y.) /History > Hempstead (N.Y.) / History /Colonial period, approximately 1600-1775 > Hempstead (N.Y.) / History / Colonial period, approximately 1600-1775 /Sources.
Note: No more published?
"Books of laws and deeds. 1684-1696": v. 8, p. [121]-499.
Physical Description: 8 v. 24 cm.
Records of the towns of North and South Hempstead, ... v.4.
Only 4 Carpenter matches found under the search fields. One was a House Carpenter and the others carpenters by occupation. No Joseph Carpenter found.
Records of the towns of North and South Hempstead, ... v.5
Only 9 Carpenter matches found. Five entries are occupational House Carpenters.
Image Number 516 - Book Page 510 Index. Ear Marks.
Carpenter, Daniel Pg 417
Carpenter, Joseph Pg 429
Image Number 542 - Book Page 536 Index.
Carpenter, Daniel Pg 417
Carpenter, Joseph Pg 429
Image Number 423 - Book Page 417 Hempstead Town Records
The Ear Mark of Daniel Carpenter is a slitt in the off Ear & a half penny under the Same & a half penny the fore Side the near Ear
Entered this 31th Day of August 1750
Image Number 435 - Book Page 429 Hempstead Town Records
The Ear Mark of Joseph Carpenter is a swallow fork in Each Ear & a half penny the fore Side the Near Ear
25 Dec 1756
Earmarks were in leiu of branding for domestic animals.


She was a daughter of Judge Smith, an officer under the Crown.

1697. Daniel Carpenter

Number 968 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 160
Born abt 1745 per the CM.  No family listed.

1698. John Carpenter

Number 969 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 160

1699. Smith Carpenter

Number 970 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 160
Smith and his brother John entered the Navy and one of them died.
The other returned to New York a captain in the Navy and married a lady from

1700. Benjamin Carpenter

Number 971 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 160

1701. Dorcas Carpenter

Number 972 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 160

1702. Joseph Carpenter

Number 973 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 160
No family listed.

554. Benjamin Carpenter

Number 335 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87
Family on page 160 (#148)
Benjamin Carpenter being much annoyed by the Tories removed to ____.  This was
at the time that the Tories of Dutchess county put on such a bold front and
gathered their forces at Washington Hollow.  At the time of Benjamin's marriage
to Mary Pugsley, he lived on the land given him by his father, but his house
having been trice robbed by the Tories, he sold and purchased a place in
Stanford, NY called "Carpenter's Hill."

REF: Carpenter Chronicles Vol. 23, 1995, BB TOPP. Page 9 HISTORY OF DUTCHESS
COUNTY NEW YORK, Hon. Morgan Carpenter History.
Benjamin, the youngest son of Daniel, born 11 Jul 1749, resided in Charlotte
precinct upon land inherited from his father, until, because of his loyalty,
his house had been robbed and plundered three times by Torries.  He moved in
1778 to land purchased in Charlotte and Washington precincts, now the town of
Sanford.  He took the oath of "abjuaration to the King of Great Britian and
allegiance to the United States" in 1784 and died in 1837 at age 88.  He left
the home tract to his youngest son, Morgan, having some years previous
purchased a farm near the city for his older sons.

SEE: The Carpenter and Related Family Historical Journal, Vol. 5, Winter
1994, Vol. 7, page 417 which states he is believed to be a Patriot who served
in col. William Willett's Levies.  Source: New York in the Revolution as Colony
and State by Roberts pages 86-87, and The Carpenter Memorial.

Transcribed by Nettie J. Stickles - If you have any additions
or questions, please contact me.  
Located on Carpenter Hill Road on the Stanfordville/Pine Plains boarder.
Cemetery Very well taken care of. Transcribed as I could read them.
Plaque on the wall near entrance reads:
Carpenter Burying Ground 1800    Benjamin Carpenter 1749-1837
and Mary Pugsley Carpenter 1756-1821        and    Decendents.
Large pillar stone that sits in the middle reads: Ben Carpenter b. July 11,1749
d. Jan 17,1837           Mary wife of BC b. Mar 25, 1756 d. Nov 16, 1821.
Elizabeth Carpenter b Apr 26 1791 d Oct 8, 1808.
Samuel Pugsley Carpenter b Mar 8, 1780 d Jan 30, 1814.
Cornella Carpenter b Nov 6 1789 d Mar 12, 1840.
Catharine B dau of Morgan & Maria Carpenter d Feb 21st 1820 ag 2mos.
Benjamin P son of Morgan & Maria Carpenter b Nov 25 182* (* could not read)
d Dec 30 1836.
Samuel Carpenter d Jan 30 1811 age 34 years.
His Wife Died Mar 12 1840 age 51 yrs 1mo 6days (No name of wife on stone).
On Large stone: In Memory of Benjamin Platt Son of Morgan & Maria Carpenter.
You died Dec 30 18** 15 yrs old 1mo. (You can figure out dates from the stone).
Small stone CBC.
A couple of large stones that are unreadable and a number of stones that look
new that have the same information on them as the Large Monument.
Transcribed and Contributed by Nettie Stickles. Updated December 5, 1999.

1703. Sarah Carpenter

Number 974 on page 160 in the CARPENTER MEMORIAL.

1705. Maria Carpenter

Number 976 on page 160 in the CARPENTER MEMORIAL.

1706. Samuel Pugsley Carpenter

Number 977 on page 160 in the CARPENTER MEMORIAL.

CENSUS:  1810 US Census --
Name: Samuel B Carpenter
Event Place: Armenia, Dutchess, New York
Page Number: 309
Line Number: 942
Affiliate Publication Number: M252
Affiliate Film Number: 30
GS Film number: 0181384
Digital Folder Number: 004433400
Image Number: 00257
Citing this Record:
"United States Census, 1810," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 14 January 2015), Samuel B Carpenter, Armenia, Dutchess, New York; citing p. 309, NARA microfilm publication M252 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), roll 30; FHL microfilm 181,384.
Name:  Samuel B Carpenter
Home in 1810 (City, County, State):  Armenia, Dutchess, New York
•Number of Free White Males: under 10 years old:  0
•Number of Free White Males: over 10 and under 16:   1 ---> born 1794 to 1800
•Number of Free White Males: over 16 and under 26:   1  ---> born 1784 to 1794
•Number of Free White Males: over 26 and under 45:   1  ---> born 1765 to 1784  -----> Matches with birth year of 1780!
•Number of Free White Males: over 45:  0
•Number of Free White Females: under 10 years old: 1
•Number of Free White Females: over 10 and under 16: 2
•Number of Free White Females: over 16 and under 26:  1
•Number of Free White Females: over 26 and under 45:  0
•Number of Free White Females: over 45:  0
•All Free Persons of Color:  0
•Slaves of All Ages:  0

DEATH:  1814 per the Carpenter Memorial and 1811 per Grave info.

Samuel Carpenter
Birth:  Mar. 8, 1780
Death:  Jan. 30, 1811
Age 34 years  
Family links:
  Carpenter (1789 - 1840)*
*Calculated relationship  
Carpenter Burying Ground
Dutchess County
New York, USA
Created by: karen kelly
Record added: Apr 15, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 35923677
Samuel Pugsley Carpenter
Birth:  Mar. 8
Death:  Jan. 30   
Carpenter Burying Ground
Dutchess County
New York, USA
Created by: karen kelly
Record added: Apr 15, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 35923395


NAME: Name not known.  May have been Mercy.  Data from Carpenter Burial

1708. Cornelia Carpenter

Number 979 on page 160 in the CARPENTER MEMORIAL.

1709. Elizabeth Carpenter

Number 980 on page 160 in the CARPENTER MEMORIAL.

555. Mary Ann Carpenter

Number 334 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87.
22 Feb 1752 is her baptism date.

John Carpenter

Number 312 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 85
Family on page on page 157 (#137).   See Note below regarding birth date.

He moved from Jamaica, LI to Troy, NY.  Residence Pittstown and Washington
Hollow, NY.  A Farmer.

He settled at "the nine partners," Dutchess county, NY and also resided at
Pittstown, NY eight miles from the North river: He lived there before the
making of wagon roads in that place, at a time of great scarcity of provisions.
The sturgeon (a large fish) caught in the river was at that time called "Albany
Beef" and was drawn from the river by a horse and chain for a distance of 10 or
more miles into the country.

It was probably this John Carpenter who then of the NorthEast Precinct of Dutchess County,
New York signed the "Articles of Association" in July of 1775.  Page 103
The history of Dutchess County, New York (1909), Edited by Frank Hasbrouck.

BIRTH: The Carpenter and Related Family Historical Journal, Vol. 5, Winter
1994, Vol. 7, page 417 indicates his birth as Nov. 1, 1743.

AFN:  The 2 following Ancestral File Numbers are the same person:  FN2L-CD & 1SFB-HN4

1714. Daniel Carpenter

Number 940 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 157.
No family listed.

1720. 4 Carpenter

Number 943 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 157.
A daughter whose name is not known who married a Velie.

557. William David Carpenter

No matches found for this person. could he be a composite?

Maybe Daniel Carpenter and Margaret Hall?

ANCESTRY: citing Ancestry Family Tree.
Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Spouse & Children
Jane Love  1763–1866
John Carpenter 1783–
David P. Carpenter 1787–1851
Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Spouse & Children
Jane Love   1763–1866
John Carpenter 1783–
Judith Carpenter 1785–
David Pearl Carpenter 1787–1851
Sarah Carpenter 1794–
Elizabeth Carpenter 1799–
William Carpenter 1801–
Caleb Carpenter 1804–
Jane Carpenter 1807–

559. Ensign Solomon Carpenter

Number 366 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 91
It was probably this Solomon, with others, who purchased land for a parsonage
at Warick, NY, paying 450 pounds lawful money of the state of NY, 1779.
Solomon makes an exchange of land with William Finn of Goshen on 25 Mar 1738.
BIRTH: 1712 to 1716 in most records.  See E-MAIL below that lists age at death.
Born about 1716 per the Carpenter Memorial.
An Ensign in the Goshen Colonials in 1738.  A Patriot who signed "The
Revolutionary Pledge" in 1775 in Goshen, New York.  He did Patriotic service in

WILL: Goshen Libene p. 241, made March 20, 1783, probated July 30, 1794.
Executor Michael Carpenter.  Witnesses: Albert Foster, Henry Conkling, Nehemiah
Carpenter 2nd.  See E-Mail for death date.
From the FHL Catalog:
Probate records, 1787-1916 ; Index to Surrogate's records, 1787-1941
authors: New York. Surrogate's Court (Orange County)
format: Manuscript/Manuscript on Film
language: English
publication: Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1970
physical: 133 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
Wills v.1-2 1830-1837 v.A 1787-1797 Family History Library US/CAN Film 835417

NOTE: There are two similar or duplicate lines involving the descendants of Solomon Carpenter.  Either the Ensign (RIN 13186) or the Colonel (RIN 4738) - Solomon Carpenter that is.  Notes have been made where duplication has been noted.  Until further research proves which descendants went with which Solomon, I will keep such markers.  JRC 1/2004

From: Gene Zubrinsky
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2013 4:53 PM
To: John R. Carpenter 2
Cc: John F. Chandler ; Terry Carpenter
Subject: Re: Your Online Descendants Material - a reply
Upon further examination of Seversmith's corrections of his own work, I see that the following passage contains an error:
You have a "Solomon problem": . . .Hannah, Michael, William, Nehemiah, James, and Benjamin (nos. 436–441)—skip a generation; they are actually the children of that Solomon's son Ens. Solomon and the latter's wife, Elinor. In addition to this last Solomon (b. 1712, d. Goshen 24 June 1791) . . ."
Seversmith originally gave the date of death of Ens. Solomon6 Carpenter (Solomon5, John4, John3, William2 of Rehoboth) as 1722 (2:540). That this is a typo—he had a wife and children—is confirmed in the Supplemental Information section of the same volume, where the author says the following: "Solomon, born in 1712, died 24 June 1791 (not 1722), aged 82 years, and was buried at Phillipsburgh. His will, dated 30 September 1779, was proved 20 March 1783 (Liber A, p. 24 of Wills, filed at Goshen, New York)" (2:1011). Then, in the Supplemental Information section of a subsequent volume, Seversmith says (about the previous correction), "Delete the date of death" (4:2048). Find A Grave, however, lists a Solomon Carpenter as buried in Wallkill Cemetery, Pillipsburgh; an accompanying photograph of the gravestone indicates that he "departed this life June 24th 1794 in the 82nd year of his age" (Solomon Carpenter (1712 - 1794) - Find A Grave Memorial ). He was thus not 82 but 81 and born about 1713. Who, then, is the Solomon Carpenter depicted in the aforementioned probate record, and which of these two men was the son of Solomon5?
The Solomon thought to have been the son of Solomon5, incidentally, was an Ensign at Goshen in 1738, not a Lt. Colonel.

GRAVE: - See image: RIN 13186 Solomon Carpenter GRAVE.jpg
Solomon Carpenter
Birth: 1712
Death: Jun. 24, 1794  
  Inscription: who departed this life June 24th 1794 in the 82nd year of his age

Burial: Wallkill Cemetery Phillipsburg Orange County New York, USA
Created by: LadyGoshen Record added: Jun 05, 2009  Find A Grave Memorial# 37958096

E-MAIL: Submitted Tue, 4 Apr 2000 From: Phoebe Cortez at
She cites: .
Cemetery Hill Road Cemetery Middletown, Orange County, New York.
Contributed by Maude Conklin [].
Rte 17, to Orange County Fair grounds exit, make left at light, under next
light and make left on Cemetery road.  Large well maintained cemetery on your
right.  Recorded by Maude Conklin.  (partial listing)
Carpenter, Caroline J., w/o Nelson B. Carpenter 125/9/1883 - 56 yrs 2 mos 1 ds
Carpenter, Nehemia, 7/9/1790 - 40 yrs
Carpenter, Solomon, 6/24/1794 - 82 yrs
NOTE: Cemetery notes and/or description: From Rte 17, near Middletown NY, exit 122, cemetery is east of the Wallkill River and west of Rte 17 in old community of Phillipsburg on Cemetery Road. It is called the Wallkill Cemetery with a postal code for Phillipsburg in Orange County, NY.

Eleanor Dunning

Compare RIN 29086 and RIN 21867.