Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


11418. Lewis Allen Carpenter

In 1850 US Census with parents.

11421. David Carpenter

CENSUS: 1850 US Census: See image: RIN 129638 David Carpenter 1850 ... jpg
Living next to parents in Foxborough, Norfolk, MA

11423. Erastus Payson Carpenter

He received his education in the public and private schools and
academies in ,MA, where he prepared for college.  He
entered into the straw business at the age of 20, in the
employment of Oliver Carpenter and went South to sell goods;
while yet a minor he was taken into partnership by his employer
and they established and he had charge of a branch store in
Richmond, Va.   His interest in the bonnet business increased
until he consolidated the several manufacturing establishments
in Foxboro and at the age of 30 built the Union Straw Works,
then the largest factory of its kind in the world, employing
nearly six hundred people. In 1861 he went to England and
interested new capital. He continued with the straw works until
1870 when he left the business for railroad interests.  He was
the first president of the Foxboro Branch railroad which finally
grew into the Mansield and Framingham railroad;  he had the
charge of building this road and was the president and largest
owner in the Framingham and Lowell railroad. He has since been
president of the Martha's Vineyard railroad which he built and
of the ,NY, B. & S. railroad. In 1865 he erected the first
cottage in Cottage City and organized the Oak Bluff Land & Wharf
Company to develop this place. He has been president and leading
spirit in this company nearly ever since. He had personal
supervision in the laying out of parks, streets and the building
of the Sea View house, (costing over $100,000), of the wharf,
annex, and hundreds of cottages at Cottage City. He has also
been interested as promoter and director in many other
railroads, telegraph, telephone and manufacturing corporations
and at present, in 1895, is the president of the Van Choate
Electric Company which is now erecting the largest manufacturing
plant in Foxboro. He has ever been a moving spirit in securing
the progress and prosperity of his native town and has served on
many of its official boards and committees.  He has had the
charge of erecting the Foxboro town house, memorial hall and
many school buildings, Union straw works, and Neponset straw
works, and many others.   He was one of the originators.
corporators and first president of the Foxboro savings bank,
Loan Fund and Building association and Cemetery corporation. It
is through his efforts the fund was secured for building the
Carpenter memorial chapel in North Hill cemetery.  He
contributed liberally towards the first reliable fire engine,
and for some time was foreman of the fire engine company. He
contributed the pulpit of Bethel church and was president of the
Temperance reform club which did a great work in 1877 and 1878.
During the war he organized and commanded a rifle company and
exhibited such an interest in our soldiers that the G. A. R.
Post and W. R. Corps are named in his honor. In 1857 he caused
to be established the printing office now publishing the
Reporter.  By his efforts over $1,000 was secured for the public
library of which he was one of the trustees.  In 1872.1873 and
1874 he was elected to the state senate, and served as chairman
of the railroad committee. The Senate ordered 10,000 copies of
his address on the Hoosac Tunnel question. He was very prominent
in all matters of interest to the state. In 1891, he was a
member of the House of Representatives  in 1878 he was chairman
of the town's centennial and executive committee and delivered
the historical oration, June 29.   It is difficult to conceive
of any one man who has done so much for so many sections of the
country and for the welfare of so many different people and on
so many different lines of enterprise as has been accomplished
by Hon. E. P. Carpenter. He is now in his 73d year, active,
vigorous, and working steadily many more than the 10 hours per
day in the interests of his many enterprises and for the welfare
of his fellow men, enjoying the respect, esteem, love and
confidence of all who know him.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 551

20244. Gardner Anderson Carpenter

Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915
Name: Gardner Anderson Carpenter  
Titles & Terms:  
Event: Birth  
Event Date: 22 Nov 1844  
Event Place: Foxborough, Norfolk, Massachusetts  
Registration Date:  
Registration Place:  
Christening Date:  
Christening Place:  
Christening Age:  
Death Date:  
Death Age:  
Father: Erastus P. Carpenter  
Father's Titles & Terms:  
Father's Birthplace:  
Father's Age:  
Mother: Caroline E.  
Mother's Titles & Terms:  
Mother's Birthplace:  
Mother's Age:  
Paternal Grandfather:  
Paternal Grandmother:  
Maternal Grandfather:  
Maternal Grandmother:  
Additional Relatives:  
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: p 101  
Film Number: 1420726  
Digital Folder Number: 4215182  
Image Number: 596

William Harrison Alden

His pastorates were, North Attleboro, and Lowell,,MA., Albany,
N.Y. and Portsmouth, NH - TEXT pg 553

11433. David Carpenter

The Carpenter memorial chapel was built by the trustees named in
the will, see No. 3159

Erastus P. Carpenter, Williard P. Turner and David Carpenter.
This chapel is built entirely of blue field stone in its natural
state, laid in Portland cement; it will seat about 100 persons;
has a fine basement, receiving room and tool room for the
cemetery; total cost, including furnishings, about $3,500.

David Carpenter has been much interested in the genealogy of the
Carpenter family and has rendered valuable assistance to the
compiler; he has written several articles on his branch of the
family which have appeared in print. He has many things in his
possession handed down in the family line, which are of much
Interest, one worthy of mention, a remarkable clock, which has
come down from his great-grandfather Nehemiah, which has the
merit of value in itself, and the greater value of antiquity. It
cannot now be bought for any sum. It was not considered of much
value by the family previous to the present generation, but was
considered differently by Nehemiah, and as worthy of special
mention In his will. In his will he gives his household
furniture, with the exception of the clock, to his three
daughters.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 554

11449. Thacher Bird Carpenter

Thacher Bird during the most active part of his life engaged in
the millinery business on an extensive scale, and later in the
patent business, at New Haven,,CT, and subsequently he lived
on a mountain ranch in Napa , CA, near San Francisco
where his only child, Edwin, was in business;  later, he
returned to the old homestead in Foxboro;  be was greatly
interested in Masonry, Odd Fellowship and temperance; he was
well educated and possessed a high moral character.    His wife,
Susan was the daughter of Samuel and Jane B. Fuller, b. at
Sterling,,CT, July 21, 1823, and during her entire married
life assisted her husband in the millinery business.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 554

CENSUS: 1860 US Census - see image:  RIN 72450 Edwin W Carpenter 1860.jpg

Susan P. Fuller

She descended from Dr. Fuller who came over in the Mayflower;
She d. April 18, 1881, aged 57 years.

NAME: Susan G. in 1860 US Census

11451. Esther Euphemia Carpenter

They had four children of which 3 are alive per the 1900 US Census.

CENSUS: 1900 US Census - see image:   RIN 72450 Edwin W Carpenter 1900.jpg
Her nephew Edwin W. Carpenter and his wife are living with them.

11453. Edmond Peter Carpenter

He resided the greater part of his life at San Francisco, CA

11454. Willard Mason Carpenter

Resided in New Haven and Rowley,,MA.

CENSUS:  1880 US Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Willard CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   50   MA   Works In Jewelry Shop   MA   MA
Mary CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   48   MA   Keeping House   MA   MA
Source Information:
 Census Place Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts
 Family History Library Film   1254523
 NA Film Number   T9-0523
 Page Number   310D
Nearby is:
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Shirley CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   26   RI   Works In Jewelry Shop   MA   RI
Mary CARPENTER   Other   M   Female   W   22   RI   Works In Jewelry Shop   RI   RI
Lowell WILMARTH   Other   W   Male   W   43   MA   Works In Jewelry Shop   MA   MA
Fred W. WILMARTH   Other   S   Male   W   23   MA   Works In Jewelry Shop   MA   MA
Aubrey COX   Other   S   Male   W   23   NY   Works In Jewelry Shop   NY   NY
Charles LEONARD   Other   S   Male   W   23   HUNGARY   Works In Jewelry Shop   HUNGARY   HUNGARY
Byron KINGMAN   Other   S   Male   W   21   MA   Works In Jewelry Shop   MA   MA
Walter FURGERSON   Other   S   Male   W   23   MA   Works In Jewelry Shop   MA   MA
 PERKINS   Other      Male   W   26   ENG   Works In Jewelry Shop   ENG   ENG
Henry MERRICK   Other   S   Male   W   36   NOVA SCOTIA   Works In Jewelry Shop   NOVA SCOTIA   NOVA SCOTIA
Peter GALLAGHER   Other   S   Male   W   40   IRE   Works In Jewelry Shop   IRE   IRE
John MURPHY   Other   M   Male   W   25   RI   Works In Jewelry Shop   RI   RI
George B. THOMPSON   Other   S   Male   W   27   MA   Works In Jewelry Shop   MA   MA
Catherine DAILEY   Other   S   Female   W   30   IRE   Servant   IRE   IRE
Mary A. ELEY   Other   S   Female   B   43   PA   Servant   NY   PA
Clarence BURGESS   Other   M   Male   W   30   MA   Works In Jewelry Shop   MA   MA
Fanny BURGESS   Other   M   Female   W   28   VT   Works In Jewelry Shop   VT   VT
Frederic MERCH   Other   S   Male   W   23   GERM   Works In Jewelry Shop   GERM   GERM
Source Information:
 Census Place Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts
 Family History Library Film   1254523
 NA Film Number   T9-0523
 Page Number   311A

11456. William Frederick Carpenter

CENSUS:  1880 United States Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Wm. Fred CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   38   MA   Canvasser For Paper   MA   MA
Mary A. CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   35   NY   Keeping Periodical Store   MA   MA
Grace W. CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   12   MA   At School   MA   NY
Bernard V. CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   8   MA   At School   MA   NY
Source Information:
 Census Place Foxborough, Norfolk, Massachusetts
 Family History Library Film   1254547
 NA Film Number   T9-0547
 Page Number   90A

20272. Bernard V. Carpenter

He was living in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1894.  He was possessed of very high artistic talent and before reaching his majority became instructor in art for Students' Art League and for the Elmwood School at Buffalo.
2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 681

Bernard V. Carpenter was born on 27 Feb 1872 in Foxboro, Norfolk, MA.  He died in 1936.  He was the son of William Frederick Carpenter (1841-?) and Mary A. Smith (c. 1841-?).  Descendant of Captain William Carpenter (1605-1758/1759) of Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.

He was possessed of very high artistic talent and before reaching his majority became instructor in art for Students' Art League and for the Elmwood School at Buffalo.  He resided in Buffalo, NY in 1894. His ancestry is documented in the genealogical book by Amos B. Carpenter. A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE REHOBOTH BRANCH OF THE CARPENTER FAMILY IN AMERICA.  Also known as the CARPENTER MEMORIAL. Published 1898 By: Press of Carpenter & Morehouse, Amherst, MA.  See page 681.