Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


1149. John Carpenter

Number 792 in CARPENTER MEMORIAL on page 139.
Family on page 259 (# 284). A Farmer.

It is probably this John of Rehoboth, private in the Lexington scare in Capt.
Lyon's Company served 7 days . Again in Capt Hicks company in Col Thomas
Regiment Dec 8,1776 served 15 days, marched from Rehopboth to Bristol. Again we
find a John Carpeneter  who served in Capt John Dodges company at Warner Hill.
Enlisted 2 Apr 1778, served 1 month 29 days.  He was a farmer.

Sarah Utter

Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 10:15:02 EST
Subject: [CARPENTER] Mrs Sarah Carp.d 1785
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United States Chronicle Junes 2, 1785

PROVIDENCE, June 2.  Tuesday Evening last departed this life at  Cranston,
inth 41st year of her age Mrs. Sarah Carpenter wife of John Carpenter.  Her
remains will be interred this afternoon at the Family Burial-Place in  Warwick:
The funeral will go from Widow Lockwood's House in Cranston at 2 o  clock when
the attedance of the Friends and acquaintance of the Dceased is  requested.

3045. William Utter Carpenter

Number 1910 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 259.
No Family listed.  A Mariner.

BIRTH: image
Name: William Utter Carpenter
Birth Date: 25 Aug 1766
Birth Place: Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Father Name: John Carpenter
Mother Name: Sarah Carpenter
Page Number: 217
Source Information Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, 1636-1899 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.
Original data: Arnold, James Newell. Rhode Island Vital Extracts, 1636–1850. 21 volumes. Providence, R.I.: Narragansett Historical Publishing Company, 1891–1912. Digitized images from New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts.

3046. Lydia Carpenter

Number 1911 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 259.
She married a house painter.

1151. Capt. Benajah Carpenter

NUmber 793 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 139.
No family listed.

He was Captian and had the command of a two gun battery in the Revolution, he was killed at the battle of Long Island 27 Aug 1776.  He served under the command of Col. Henry Knox in a regiment of artillery.  Letters of
administration were granted on the estate of Capt Benajah Carpenter, Gent. on May 9 1777.
SEE: 30 Sept 2001 E-mail below.

E-MAIL:  Thu, 15 Mar 2001  From: Bruce E. Carpenter "carpenter"
I typed in my distant uncle Benajah Carpenter's name  on the excellent googles serach engine site.
Uncle Benajah was an artillery officer in the Revolution. His name came up with the great news his cap
is still extant in a museum in New York City. He was killed in the Battle of Brooklyn. Makes my day.
Bruce Carpenter
"One of the leather caps worn by the Rhode Island Company, that which belonged to Lieutenant Benajah Carpenter, may be seen in the museum of the Sons of the Revolution, in Fraunces Tavern, in New York City. It is a small black leather helmet, or cap, formed of six pieces of jacked leather sewn together, forming a cone shape, with a small brown and red tassel at the top. The odd-shaped front of heavy black jacked leather is decorated with a
gold painted anchor shaded with dark red, with the motto "For Our Country" painted above the anchor, in gilt letters on a red ground. Under the anchor, also in gilt letters on a red ground, is the Latin motto "In te, Domine,
speramus." At the base of the cap on both sides are two small brass buttons with bone backs, having on the face of each a convex anchor. Buttons stamped the same were worn on the jackets of brown faced with red. "
When looking further uncle Benajahs name came up in the George Washington Papers now being published by the University of Virginia. There were two other Carpenters mentioned in the index. One a Richard.

E-MAIL:  Mon, 16 Apr 2001  From: Phoebe Cortez -
Page 35: "RUN away from the Subscriber, an Apprentice Lad, named James Hopkins, 19 Years of Age, round favoured, of a fair Complexion, about 5 Feet 7 Inches high, and has black strait Hair: Had on a green outside Jacket,
green Breeches, a blue Surtout, white Worsted Hose, and took with him a Pair of blue Yarn Hose. He is by Trade a Chairmaker. Whoever takes up said Apprentice, and returns him to his Master, shall have Two Dollars Reward, and all necessary Charges, paid by  BENAJAH CARPENTER N.B. All Masters of Vessels are cautioned against carrying away said Apprentice, as they would avoid the Penalty of the Law.
Providence, Dec. 15, 1774  Providence Gazette December 31, 1774"

Number 1864 on page 254 in the Carpenter Memorial.
Family on page 426 (#605).  Residence Lyndon, VT.  He moved there in 1796 and
went into a school house to live until he could build a house of his own.
He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War - was engaged in the battle of
Monmouth, and Redbanks, and also in a skirmish at Harlem Heights, where he was
wounded by a musket ball which he received in his side and carried it with him
to his grave.
It was probably this Abel Carpenter who was Ensign in the 2nd RI
regiment, Israel Angel, colonel, and was promoted in the same company to 2nd
Lieutenant, services rendered in 1777 and 1778.
He reside in Lyndon at the time of his death.  he was one of the select men of
the town for 20 years, and filled various other offices in town with honor to
himself and credit to the town.  He never was confined to his bed a day in his
life by illness until his last sickness, 10 days before he died.
The family monument to Abel Carpenter Esq., one of the Revolutionary soldiers,
was the first monument errected in the cemetery at Lyndon, VT.
An Abel Carpenter served in the Revolutionary war as private in Captain Hicks
company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's regiment, Aug. 2, 1780; served 6 days; marched
to Tiverton on the RI alarm.  The compiler of the Carpenter Memorial
is not sure if this last Abel Carpenter is the same as this Abel Carpenter.

E-MAIL:    Date:  Sun, 30 Sept 2001  From:  Phoebe Cortez -
Alphabetical List of Officers of the Continental Army - C - Fifteenth Virginia - page 145
Carpenter, Benajah (R. I.). Captain Lieutenant of Knox's Regiment Continental Artillery, 10th December, 1775;
killed at Long Island, 27th August, 1776.

E-MAIL:  From:
Sent: Sunday, June 04, 2006 8:45 PM
Subject: Re: Benajah Carpenter
> In answer to Fred Murphy:
> << Am interested in Benajah Carpenter, born to Stephen Carpenter, Jr.  and
> Jane Thurston Carpenter on 30 October 1748 at Rumford, Rhode Island.  >>
> This Benajah Carpenter was born at Rehoboth, Mass., on 27 August 1748
> (Arnold, _Vital Record of Rehoboth_); 30 October 1748 is his date of baptism
> (Arnold, _Vital Record of Rhode Island_), which also occurred at Rehoboth (the
> original Rehoboth settlement, site of its First Congregational [or  Newman]
> Church, became Rumford, East Providence, Rhode Island).   That Benajah's baptismal
> record shows him as the son of Stephen Carpenter  _Jr._ should not be construed
> as indicating that his paternal  grandfather was necessarily also named
> Stephen but only that Benajah's father  was the second-oldest Stephen Carpenter
> living in Rehoboth at the  time.  Online sources, probably repeating Amos B.
> Carpenter (1898)--whose  work is not reliable--show Stephen Carpenter's parents as
> James and Grace  (Palmer) Carpenter.  Some of these say that Stephen is
> mentioned in the  will of his grandfather Jonah Palmer (whose second wife,
> incidentally, was  Abigail [Carpenter] Titus, dau. of William2 and Abigail [Briant]
> Carpenter of  Rehoboth [formerly of Shalbourne, England].)
> <<   . . . on August 17. 1771 he married Sarah Taylor in  Providence.
> Familytreemaker lists him as a captain and mariner who died at  the battle of Long
> Island 27 August 1776, but Providence deeds records from 1773  to 1775 describe
> him as a chairmaker whose lathe and sundry tools were sold by  administrators
> 8 July 1776 and whose real estate was sold 17 June 1778 at public  auction.
> In 1779 Sarah Carpenter married Thomas Smart at Providence.   Can someone
> reconcile these seemingly disparate sets of records? >>
> There's nothing inherently contradictory here: The description of Benajah  as
> a captain is consistent with his having been a captain of artillery when  he
> was killed (coincidentally, on his birthday) (Arnold, _VR of RI_).  His
> description as a mariner could reflect a misinterpretation of his  captain's title.
> On the other hand, there are many examples during this  period of men who
> were occasionally identified in the records as  mariners but whose primary
> occupation was something else.  He could  therefore easily have been both a
> chairmaker _and_ a mariner (perhaps a ship's  carpenter).  If, after consulting all
> the primary and secondary sources  pertaining to Benajah, you find that the
> mariner label appears only in  the secondary ones, you may properly conclude that
> if he was a mariner at  all, it was not his main occupation.
> From what I've been able to gather from online postings, the administrators
> of Benajah's estate were John Carpenter (Stephen and Jane [Thurston]
> Carpenter's son John, 10 years older than their son Benajah, was the  latter's
> youngest half-brother) and Mrs. Sarah Carpenter (Benajah's  widow).  (Presumably 8
> July 1776, the date on which you  say his lathe and tools were sold by his
> estate administrators, is a  typo.)  If administrator John Carpenter is named in
> the deed of  sale of the late Benajah's lathe and tools, it encourages the
> conclusion that  Stephen and Jane (Thurston) Carpenter's son Benajah was a
> chairmaker.  (The Providence record giving Capt. Benajah  Carpenter's date and place
> of death and the conditions surrounding it  also indicates that he had a
> daughter Jane [b. ca. 1773], presumably named after  his mother, Jane [Thurston]
> Carpenter [see Arnold, _VR of RI_].)
> If any of the Providence deeds you mention, in which Benajah is described  as
> a chairmaker, involve him as a grantor (seller), check for wife Sarah's
> signature or mention of her in the acknowledgement section (just below the
> signature[s]).  You may find either--as an indication of her  having relinquished
> her dower rights--even if she's not named in  the body of the deed as a grantor
> with her husband.  This would  provide additional circumstantial evidence (as
> does Sarah's remarriage, to  Thomas Smart in 1779) that she was the wife of
> the Benajah Carpenter who died in  1776 AND was a chairmaker.
> It seems fairly certain that Capt. Benajah and chairmaker  Benajah were the
> same man.  And leading to the same conclusion  is that only one Benajah
> Carpenter is found in the respective birth,  marriage, and death records of Rehoboth
> and Providence until 1778, when a  Benajah Carpenter, born at Rehoboth, was
> presumably named after the  recently deceased man.
> Your other questions shouldn't be difficult to answer if you're willing to
> do a little primary research.
> Gene Z.
> Correction to my reply to Fred Murphy (6/4/06):
> << From what I've been able to gather from online postings, the
> administrators of Benajah's estate were John Carpenter (Stephen and Jane  [Thurston]
> Carpenter's son John, 10 years older than their son Benajah, was  the latter's
> youngest half-brother) . . . >>
> John Carpenter was the son of Stephen Carpenter and his first wife, Martha
> Hunt (Arnold, _Vital Record of Rehoboth_).
> Gene Z.
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 12:32 PM
Subject: Re: Benajah???

> In answer to Bruce Carpenter:
> << If the "8 July" is a "typo" as Gene suggests then it is a gross  one. >>
> Concerning 8 July 1776--given in Fred  Murphy's posting as the date on which
> the administrators of Benajah  Carpenter's estate sold his lathe and
> tools--it's not "8 July" but "1776"  that I assume is a typo.  This is not because the
> day, month, and  year, taken together, predate the death on Long Island  of
> Revolutionary officer Benajah Carpenter,  but because "letters of administration
> were granted to John  Carpenter and Mrs. Sarah Carpenter, both of Providence,
> on the estate of  Capt. Benajah Carpenter, Gent., May 9, 1777" (Amos B.
> Carpenter  [1898]).  It stands to reason that the administrators' sale of estate
> assets occurred after that date (probably on 8 July 1777 or 1778).
> << If Benajah was married to Sarah at death, then why was his  property on
> public auction in 1778, a year before she remarried? >>
> Estate assets, particularly real estate, were commonly sold at public
> auction (vendue) when debts accruing to the estate were too great to be  paid by
> other means.
> On 21 February 1794 "[a] petition of Sarah Smart, of Providence, in  the
> State of Rhode Island, late widow of Benajah Carpenter, deceased, was  presented
> to the House and read, praying relief in consideration of the loss of  her said
> husband, who was killed while an officer in the Continental Army, in an
> engagement with the enemy on Long Island, the twenty-sixth [_sic_] of August,  one
> thousand seven hundred and seventy-six" (_Journal of the House of
> Representatives of the United States_, 2:68).  The petition was referred to  the
> Secretary of War and was ultimately denied.
> << Actually Carpenter was a Captain-lieutenant, a rank equivalent to  a first
> lieutenant today, one rank below captain. Amo Carpenter's reference to  him
> as a "captain" may have refereed to him as a ships captain. >>
> For the present discussion, his actual rank is less important than his
> perceived rank.  Apparently almost all contemporary records in  which Benajah's
> rank is mentioned refer to him as "Capt.," which  raises the possibility that the
> "mariner" label comes from a  misinterpretation of his military title.  (It's
> likely that Amos B.  Carpenter's description of Benajah as "captain and
> mariner" came from  one of the many Carpenter-descendant informants with whom he
> corresponded  and who furnished much of the data he presents.)  As I indicated
> previously, however, if a contemporary record were to be found that describes
> him as a mariner, it would not preclude his having been primarily a
> chairmaker.
> There is but _one_ birth record for a Benajah Carpenter in New England  prior
> to 1778; _one_ marriage record at Providence (or elsewhere) of a  Benajah
> Carpenter during this period; _one_ Providence death record of a Benajah
> Carpenter (he is called "Capt."); and _one_ record of letters of  administration
> granted at Providence on the estate of a Benajah Carpenter (he  is again called
> "Capt.").  And I gather from Fred Murphy's  posting that only _one_ Benajah
> Carpenter, described in one or more deeds  as a chairmaker, purchased real estate
> in Providence, and that  the estate of only _one_ Benajah Carpenter was
> administered after letters  of administration were granted to John Carpenter and
> Mrs. Sarah Carpenter in May  1776 (none before that).  Considering also the
> rarity of the  forename Benajah, it is highly unlikely that there were two  Benajah
> Carpenters of Providence (is there any local record in which the  name is
> accompanied by "Sr." or "Jr."?), much less two of similar  age who also died at
> about the same time.
> If the deed of sale involving the lathe and tools names the same
> administrators as the letters of administration, or if the deed pertaining to  the real
> estate sold at public auction describes the same property as a  deed of
> purchase in which Benajah is described as a chairmaker,  it would be positive
> evidence that the Revolutionary officer and the  chairmaker were the same person.
> I'm reasonably certain that one or both  of these "ifs" will be confirmed.
> [Fred Murphy: Do you have copies of  the relevant documents?]
> << The senior-junior problem could be easily solved by someone with  access
> to Rehoboth records. >>
> Stephen Carpenter was born at Rehoboth on 7 June 1696, son of James
> Carpenter and his second wife, Grace Palmer; they had married there on  15 April 1695
> (Arnold, _VR of Rehoboth_).  He appears to have been the  oldest Stephen
> Carpenter at Rehoboth.  Despite having married twice  and fathered 13 children, the
> only vital record in which his name  appears with the generational identifier
> "Jr." is for  son Benajah's baptism.  Stephen may not have been the oldest
> member of the church in which the baptism occurred, however: he and wife Martha
> joined the First Congregational Church of Rehoboth (the so-called  Newman
> Church, now in Rumford, R.I.) on 4 July 1731.  Another Stephen  Carpenter and a
> Mary Carpenter (his wife?) had joined the church on 10 July  1726.  This _may_
> explain Stephen's being identified as "Jr."  in Benajah's baptismal record.
> A look at the original church record,  on the other hand, may indicate that
> Arnold's transcription (in which  "Jr." appears) is not accurate.
> << I wouldn't like Captain-lieutenant Carpenter made into a  chairmaker, if
> he really wasn't. >>
> Nor would I.
> Gene Z.

Sarah Taylor

Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, 1636-1899
Name: Sarah Carpenter Father Name: Benajah Carpenter Marriage Date: 22
Aug 1779 Marriage Place: Rhode Island, USA Spouse Name: Thomas Smart Page
Number: 220

1152. Jacob Carpenter

Number 794 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 139.
No family listed.

Name: Jacob Carpenter
Birth Date: 28 Aug 1750
Birth Place: Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA
Relative: chi:Stephen Carpenter; chi:Jane Carpenter
Comments: 2d wife
Source: Vital Record of Rehoboth, 1642-1896. Marriages, Intentions, Births, Deaths, with Supplement containing the Record of 1896, Colonial Returns, Lists of the Early Settlers, Purchasers, Freemen, Inhabitants, the Soldiers serving in Philip's War and the Revolution.
Source Information Rehoboth, Massachusetts, Vital Records, 1642-1896 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2000.
Original data: Arnold, James N. Vital Record of Rehoboth, 1642-1896. Providence, RI, USA: Narragansett Historical Publishing, 1897.
SEE ALSO: image
Name: Jacob Carpenter
Event Type: Birth
Birth Date: 28 Aug 1750
Birth Place: Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Source Information Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data: Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Vital and Town Records. Provo, UT: Holbrook Research Institute (Jay and Delene Holbrook).
Born 25 Aug 1750 in the Carpenter Memorial.

Elizabeth Carpenter

Number 1873 on page 255 in the Carpenter Memorial.
Family listed on same page.

1184. Thomas Carpenter

Number 822 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 142.
Family on page 263 (# 293).  A Farmer.

3062. David Carpenter

E-MAIL: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 From: Lynn Brandvold  -
To: Phoebe Cortez -
Interments in an UNNAMED GROUND, MILAN
"Old Gravestones of Dutchess County, New York" by J. W. Poucher published in
1924, pages 160-161.
Note: Some of Poucher's listings have been found to be inaccurate, so use
these with caution. If you find any inaccuracies in this listing please send
them to me so that I may correct them. Lynn Brandvold  Thanks.
CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: About three miles north of La Fayette, on the farm of Henry Killmer.
CONDITION: Thickly overgrown.
INSCRIPTIONS: 14 in number. Copied in August, 1914. by J. W. Poucher, M. D.
and Miss M. O. Johnston.
REMARKS: Unnamed ground.
2. Carpenter, Caleb, d. 1851, Oct. 14, a. 30 y.
3. Carpenter, David, d. 1831, Apr. 23, a. 78-7-17.
?Is the data above for this David?

3067. Joseph Carpenter

Number 1989 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 263.  No family listed.
DEATH:Died 1788? per penciled in notes in my Copy of the Carpenter

James Bliss

Parentage not confirmed?

1187. John Carpenter

Number 825 on page 142 of the Carpenter Memorial.
Family on page 264 (# 294).  A farmer.  He was married 3 times.
1) to Bethia French 19 Mar 1755,  2) Mary Woodward on 23 Dec 1756 and
3) to Mary IDE, a widow on 16 Apr 1801, she was the daughter of Edward

We (Amos B. Carpenter of the CM) thinks it is this John who enlisted as
private in Capt. Nathaniel Carpenter Company, Col. Carpenter's Regiment in
the Rhode Island scare dated Dec. 8, 1776.  He served 16 days and marched
from Rehoboth to Bristol.  He enlisted a second time in Capt. Dodge's Company,
Col. Gerrish's Regiment dated 1 Apr. 1778.  He served 3 months and 3 days.
It is handed down in the family that he served as a soldier in the Revolution.

AFN NSSV-41 and GG5S-Z8 are the same person.

Bethiah French

DEATH:13 April per the CM.  15 April per the AF.  Both in 1754, yet she
married in 1755? Death year of 1756 more plausible.
Her only son was born 6 April 1756 and she likely died about a week later.

Mary Woodward

died age 68.

3076. Sarah Carpenter

Number 1998 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 265.

3079. Elijah Carpenter

Number 2001 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 265.

3081. Sylvia Carpenter

Number 2003 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 265.

Mary Carpenter

Number 573 in The CARPENTER MEMORIAL. page 112.
AFN NRSV-GQ has birth date on 18 Nov. 1752 married to
John Carpenter.

1189. Nathaniel Carpenter

Need Find A Grave entries for children

Number 826 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 142
Family on page 266 (#295)   A farmer.
They moved to Guilford, VT in 1780.

It appears he enlisted as a resident of Guilford, VT as a private in Capt.
Drapper's Company, Col. Gardner's Regiment and served 8 months in 1775.
A "Nathaniel of the Grants. Cumberland county, Guilford, VT enlisted into the
independent Corps of Rangers under the command of Major Whitcomb, 4 July 1779.
Nathaniel of Guilford went to Westmoreland Feb. 17, 1777 during the war and
served to Dec. 31, 1779 and was paid 68 pounds and 16 pence.

Nathaniel was born January 13, 1743/44 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, and died
in Leyden,Mass..  He married ELIZABETH CARPENTER May 09, 1765 in Bristol, MA,
daughter of JOTHAM CARPENTER and MEHITABLE THOMPSON.  She was born December 20,
1746 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, and died in RI.
It appears that he enlisted in the Rev. war as a resident of Guilford,VT, as a
Pvt , in Captain DRAPER's Company, Col Grdener's regiment; served 8 months in 1775.
Nathaniel of the Grants, Cumberland Co., Guilford,Vt. enlisted into the
independent corps of rangers ,undercommand of Major Whitcomb. July 4 , 1779.
Nathaniel of Guilford went to Westmoreland, Feb 17,1777. during the war served
to dec 31, 1779 and was paid 68 L (Pounds) and 16 s ( shillings.)
According to the book The History of Leyden ,Mass 1676- 1959
Nathaniel left the Guilford Vt area and came to Leyden,Mass to avoid " Yorker
disputes. "  {Big trouble back then as to who Vt belong to NH or NY}
Marriage: May 09, 1765, Bristol, MA
CYNTHIA15 CARPENTER, b. August 11, 1767, Rehoboth,Bristol,Mass.; m. ELIJAH
ROOT; b. of Montague,Mass..
OLIVE CARPENTER, b. December 08, 1770, Guilford,Windham, VT.; m. A. BULLOCK.
ELIZABETH CARPENTER, b. April 07, 1773, Guilford,Windham, VT.; d. April 30,
1773, Guilford,Windham, VT..
DAVID CARPENTER, b. September 01, 1774, Guilford,Windham, VT.; d. June 05,
JOTHAM CARPENTER, b. February 17, 1776, Rehoboth,Bristol,Mass.; d. Leyden
He was killed in a mill in Leyden Mass.
UNAMED CHILD CARPENTER, b. November 26, 1776, ? Guilford,Windham,Vt.; d.
January 1777, Died when 6 weeks old.
NATHANIEL CARPENTER, b. August 31, 1778, Guilford , Vt.; d. Maryland , N.Y.; m.
# 2013 in the Rehoboth,Mass branch in TheCarpenter memorial.
page #266 family was not noted elsewhere in the book
He moved to western part of Mass, (Leyden) then to Maryland,NY
ABEL CARPENTER, b. April 16, 1781.
Operated a tavern with Brother David and guidance of his father
DR. JOSEPH CARPENTER, b. May 27, 1783, Leyden,Mass.
He moved to Maryland,New York state, near his brothet Nathaniel.
He was a Physcian
ELIZABETH CARPENTER, b. April 18, 1786, Leyden ,Mass.; d. September 10, 1849,

Generation No. 2

ELDER3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born September 01, 1774 in Guilford,Windham, VT.,
and died June 05, 1840.  He married (1) JEMIMA NEWCOMB September 19, 1801.  She
was born January 10, 1780 in Bernardston,Mass., and died September 01, 1828.
He married (2) LYDIA HITCHCOCK Aft. September 1828 in Leyden,Mass.  She was
born May 15, 1800.

Marriage: September 19, 1801

Marriage: Aft. September 1828, Leyden,Mass

DAVID N.16 CARPENTER, b. June 15, 1803, Leyden ,Mass.; d. March 15, 1868,

HARRIET JEMIMA CARPENTER, b. December 02, 1805, Leyden ,Mass.; d. Aft. 1881,
Edwardsburg ,or Ontario,Michigan; m. ELIJAH KINGSLEY.

JOTHAM ORLANDER CARPENTER, b. November 09, 1806, Leyden ,Mass.; m. ELIZA

According to family records he was born Oct 16, 1808

CHARLES JARVIS CARPENTER, b. January 10, 1809.

LYDIA ELIZA CARPENTER, b. September 28, 1810, Leyden ,Mass.; d. June 14, 1856,
unknown; m. HEZEKIAH ROUNDS.

JOSEPH WARREN CARPENTER, b. September 22, 1813, Leyden ,Mass.; d. September 22,
1813, Leyden ,Mass..

Burial: Died same day

MARY NEWCOMB CARPENTER, b. December 10, 1815, Leyden ,Mass.; d. February 04,
1859, Leyden ,Mass.; m. SAMUEL C. BROWN, September 10, 1835, ? Leyden,Mass.

Marriage: September 10, 1835, ? Leyden,Mass

SARAH ANGELINE CARPENTER, b. March 13, 1818; m. DAVID MOWERY, September 07,
1840, ? Leyden,Mass; b. Leyden ,Mass..

Marriage: September 07, 1840, ? Leyden,Mass

CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA CARPENTER, b. November 06, 1820, Leyden ,Mass.; d. January
15, 1856, Athens,Susquehanna Co. ,Penn.; m. DANIEL NEWCOMB ROUNDS, April 07,

Marriage: April 07, 1840

AUSTIN WILLIAM CARPENTER, b. March 31, 1823, Leyden ,Mass.; d. February 28,
1873, Leyden ,Mass.; m. CAROLINE C. BROWN, April 14, 1847, ? Leyden,Mass; b.
March 01, 1812.

Marriage: April 14, 1847, ? Leyden,Mass


DWIGHT N.16 CARPENTER, b. May 15, 1830, Leyden ,Mass.; m. MARY C. MOWRY; b.
August 20, 1834.

Residence: 1898, Leyden ,Mass.

ELDER3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born April 18, 1786 in Leyden ,Mass., and died
September 10, 1849 in Montague,Mass..  She married SALMON ROOT November 04,
1807 in Montague,Mass..

Marriage: November 04, 1807, Montague,Mass.











Generation No. 3

THE ELDER3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born June 15, 1803 in Leyden ,Mass., and died
March 15, 1868 in Greenfield,Mass.  He married PHEBE MARIA NEWCOMB April 17,
1825 in ? Leyden,Mass, daughter of WILLIAM NEWCOMB.  She was born Abt. 1802 in
Greenfield,Mass, and died 1846 in Greenfield,Mass.

He held office of Sheriff & Postmaster
he was a Farmer in Greenfield

Marriage: April 17, 1825, ? Leyden,Mass


HARRIET17 CARPENTER, b. Abt. 1830, Leyden ,Mass.; m. A. ETHRIDGE.

MARY ELIZA CARPENTER, b. Abt. 1831, Leyden ,Mass.; d. Died young.

Burial: ? Leyden,Mass.

SYLVIRA CARPENTER, b. September 12, 1831, Leyden ,Mass.; d. August 02, 1877; m.
REV. JAMES AVERILL; b. of Thompson,Conn..

ADMIRAL CHARLES CARROLL CARPENTER, b. 1834, Greenfield,Mass; d. Aft. 1898,
Portsmouth,N.H.; m. ANNA BROWN, 1862; b. 1842, N.Y. City,NY.

He was comander of the steamer Nantuckett of the U.S. Navy for some years; in
1893 was commander of the navy yard at Portsmouth,N.H.; in 1894 he was made
Rear Admiral and is now ( 1897) on the retired list.

Marriage: 1862

YOUNGER4, JOHN THE ELDER3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born January 10, 1809.

He settled in st. Louis,Mo. whwere he resided for 40 years. He had a daughter
named Fanny H. Carpenter who lives in St Louis




1.  History of Leyden,Massachussetts 1676 - 1959, by William Tyler Arms   With
the Colaberation of Marsha E. ArmsPub by The Enterprise and JournalOrange ,Mass
2.  Amos Bugbee  Carpenter, A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of
the Carpenter Family in America,  (1898).

They moved to Guilford, VT in 1780.2  SOUR S203
1  MILI It appears he enlisted as a resident of Guilford, VT, as
private, in Captain Draper's company, Col. Gardner's regiment;
served 8 months in 1775.
1  MILI Nathaniel of the Grants, Cumberland , Guilford, VT enlisted
into the independent corps of rangers under the command of Major
Whitcomb, July 4, 1779.
1  MILI Nathaniel of Guilford went to Westmoreland, Feb. 17, 1777,
during the war served to Dec. 31, 1779;  was paid Đ68 and 16s.
2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 142

From: Charles E. Sibre
Sent: Sunday, February 11, 2018 1:26 PM
Subject: Carpenter Family Priceless Document
I found your e-mail address on the Carpenter Family DNA website. I am Charles E Sibre, age 68, living in Annandale, VA. Genealogy is a hobby. My wife, Ellen, was adopted as a baby. Her adopting mother, Edith Burnham Russell, is a descendant of Elizabeth Carpenter (b.4/18/1786 Leyden, Franklin, MA - d. 09/10/1849 Craftsbury, Orleans, VT). Elizabeth was Edith's great, great grandmother. Elizabeth Carpenter is the daughter of Nathaniel Carpenter (1/13/1743 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA - dead 1786 or 1826) and Elizabeth Carpenter (maiden name) (1/13/1743 Rehoboth - died unknown Cumberland, RI).
Ellen has inherited a family scrapbook, assembled by her grandfather, that has an original, handwritten, linen-paper, sheet of the Nathaniel and Elizabeth Carpenter family - starting with their marriage 1765 through the birth of their 10th child Elizabeth in 1786.
I am searching for a Carpenter family association or group to whom I can send an image and transcription of this valuable document, but have not found one as I have for many of Edith's other old New England ancestors. Do you know of one? Of multiple ones who would be interested?

From: Charles E Sibre
Sent: 18 September 2020 18:29
Subject: Contact from the Guild Website regarding your Carpenter study

In my wife's family records is an ORIGINAL handwritten marriage and child birth record, that is 256 years old, that is on waxed linen paper starting at the marriage of Nathaniel Carpenter (b. 1/13/1743 in Rehoboth, son of David Carpenter and Johanna Walker) and Elizabeth Carpenter (b. 12/20/1746 Rehoboth, dau of Jotham Carpenter Jr and Mehitable Thompson). It records from their marriage on 5/9/1764 in Rehoboth to the birth of their 10th child Elizabeth Carpenter b. /18/1786, plus some later family additions showing the descent line down to Amanda Root Graves and Albert Mattoon Graves. The ORIGINAL is in a family scrapbook assembled by Kenneth H Graves Russell, the father of my wife's mother. This seems to us to be a very valuable document and we will be happy to share an image of it, and a transcription of its contents (though I can't find that right now). This messaging system does not allow attachments. is there a better organization to get this information to? If interested, contact me at
Charles E. Sibre

GRAVE:  image
Nathaniel Carpenter
Birth: 13 Jan 1743 Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 20 Mar 1826 (aged 83)
Burial: South Leyden Cemetery, Leyden, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA
Memorial #: 86250318
Bio: Children:
Contributor: Jeri Plumb (48836594)
Family Members
Elisabeth Carpenter Carpenter                 1746-1789
Jotham Carpenter                 1766-1789
Cynthia Carpenter Root                 1769-1845
David Carpenter                 1774-1840
Nathaniel Carpenter                 1779-1863
Joseph Carpenter                 1783-1855
Eliza Carpenter Root                 1786-1849
Created by: P.K. Magruder (47017377)
Added: 4 Mar 2012
Citation: Find a Grave, database and images ( : accessed 24 February 2021), memorial page for Nathaniel Carpenter (13 Jan 1743–20 Mar 1826), Find a Grave Memorial no. 86250318, citing South Leyden Cemetery, Leyden, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA ; Maintained by P.K. Magruder (contributor 47017377) .

Elizabeth Carpenter

Number 1645 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 238

GRAVE:  image
Elisabeth Carpenter Carpenter
Birth: 30 Dec 1746 Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 16 Nov 1789 (aged 42)
Burial: South Leyden Cemetery, Leyden, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA
Memorial #: 86250095
Family Members
Jotham Carpenter                 1708-1777
Mehitable Thompson Carpenter                 1701-1746
Nathaniel Carpenter                 1743-1826
Hannah Carpenter Bliss                 Unknown-1757
Dorcas Carpenter Bullock                 1731-1820
Sybil Carpenter Ingalls                 1739-Unknown
Half Siblings
Freelove Carpenter Whipple                 1749-1834
Oliver Carpenter                 1753-1845
Desire Carpenter Ballou                 1755-1816
Jotham Carpenter                 1766-1789
Cynthia Carpenter Root                 1769-1845
David Carpenter                 1774-1840
Nathaniel Carpenter                 1779-1863
Joseph Carpenter                 1783-1855
Eliza Carpenter Root                 1786-1849
Created by: P.K. Magruder (47017377)
Added: 4 Mar 2012
Citation: Find a Grave, database and images ( : accessed 24 February 2021), memorial page for Elisabeth Carpenter Carpenter (30 Dec 1746–16 Nov 1789), Find a Grave Memorial no. 86250095, citing South Leyden Cemetery, Leyden, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA ; Maintained by P.K. Magruder (contributor 47017377) .

3085. Jotham Carpenter

Jotham was killed in a mill at Leyden,,MA.

3086. Cynthia Carpenter

AMOS B. CARPENTER, ESQ., Dear Sir --Yours of the 4th inst. was
duly received and a few days after I sent you a copy of the
Times of this city which contained a copy I had made of those
things I thought would do you the most good in the way of
calling attention to the matter. I looked the matter up about
which you have made inquiry some thirty years ago but have none
of the data gathered at that time at hand now. I have written to
Montague where I was born, and hope so get something from my
mother that will be of benefit to you. The only obstacle in the
way is her extreme age, she being now past 84.
As to her, she was the daughter of Cynthia, who was the daughter
of Cynthia, (No.2008)whose father died at Montague. He was a
soldier In the revolutionary war; and his children were Cynthia,
Abel, (Troy), Nathaniel, Joseph C., and Eliza.
David (Leyden) was the father of D. N. Carpenter of Greenfield
and died about a quarter of a century ago. He was the father of
C. C. Carpenter in command of the United States Navy at this
time in Chinese waters.
You may not be aware that I have been away from my 'base of
supplies' for more than thirty years. Because of this fact I
Cannot recall individuals, names or dates with the same
exactness as when still upon my native heath. I have therefore
written to my mother who has had two strokes of paralysis since
April, and it is possible that I may be able to get something of
service to you from some observation she might make. I trust
this is so, because it cannot be long before she goes to join
those who have gone before.
Although my name is not Carpenter, I have always been proud of
the strain and name of the family. For they have always been
found in honorable places. So far as my personal observation has
gone, there has never been a black sheep in the flock and it is
my opinion from the jealous care with which they have preserved
the name, that it is worth all the additional honor you can give
and bring to them. The members of this family did not wear
'ready made' clothes; they struck out into an unknown country;
they felled the trees; they reclaimed the soil; they raised the
sheep and sheared them; and their good wives and daughters
carded, wove and spun the cloth that made the garments for a
race of men, who were giants as strong and sturdy as those that
stood in the forests around and about them. They earned their
living 'unawed by force and unbribed by gain.' They have in all
the stormy times that have past and gone been loyal and
representative men. If diamonds have ever shone in their fronts,
they were obtained by the honest labor of their own right hands.
No investigating committee has ever called one of them to a
sudden halt in a mad career of bribery, vice or crime, so far as
I have ever known or heard.
Yours, Mr. Carpenter, has been a long and thankless task. You
have doubtless derived some pleasure and incurred more expense
than most men would, but the satisfaction must always be great,
as you watch the work grow and take form under the magic wand of
your inspiration.  However the end may be, as to your getting
all the data you want, to make it full, perfect and complete,
you will have the consolation of knowing that it will tell the
unborn thousands, of just the kind of timber such men were made.
And your work will be an incentive toward calling from the
descendants of the present generation of Carpenters, a unity of
praise as will cause them to rise up and call their forefathers
I regret sincerely that I cannot give you more of the
information that you desire but as stated in the opening of this
letter I may be able to gather from my mother such fragments as
will enable me to recall things that have long since passed from
my memory. You must remember that I was born in 1836 and truer
words were never spoken than that I am not as young as I used to
be. Forty years ago your request would have been answered with
alacrity for then the pride of family and the chances to
investigate were much greater than now, for in these days I am
looking down instead of toward the slope.
I shall go to Montague some time next month and shall take
pleasure in making such inquiries as might lead to something
that will he of service to you. I sent a slip of the Times
article to the Gazette and Courier of Greenfield,,MA. and if
it is published in that section of the country I have no doubt
but that it will be productive of good results. With a
disposition to assist you in every possible way,       I am
yours very truly,
Memorandum - Until I hear from my mother I cannot send you the
name of my great grandfather and great great grandfather. My
grandmother was born in Leyden. Franklin ,,MA., and I
think the year was 1767.
She had the following named brothers:
David settled in Leyden.
Nathaniel and Joseph settled in Maryland, N.Y.
Abel settled in Troy, N.Y.
And I think there were three more, will write after I return
from Montague.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 840

Elijah Root

Of Montague,,MA.

3090. 6 Carpenter

Died when eight weeks old.

3091. Nathaniel Carpenter

He removed to the western part of ,MA., thence to Maryland,

3093. Joseph Carpenter

He moved to Maryland, N.Y., near his brother Nathaniel.

1190. Samuel Carpenter

Number 807 of the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 141.
Family on page 260 (# 287).
Samuel married twice.  Her name is not known.  Her name may be Elizabeth.
His second marriage was to Deborah Greenman on Jan 21, 1754 or Nov. 15, 1753.
Probably the later the intention date.

The birth dates for his family are obviously incorrect.
Samuel, the son is listed as born on 4 Apr. 1733, which is the father's BD!
Joseph, the son has his uncle Joseph's BD of 22 June 1736.
Elizabeth, the daughter has her aunt Elizabeth's BD of 10 May 1741.
Solomon, the son, probably of the second marriage, has a BD of 21 Apr 1754.

He received property for his service (for military or state service of some kind?) near Sweden in Orleans (now Monroe), NY.  He may have been buried there. Documentation not provided and some inconsistencies found.

Deborah Greenman

Name: Deborah Greenman Carpenter
Died: 03 Jun 1818
Age: 86
Buried: Carpenter
County/State: Rensselaer, NY
Notes: town: Stephentown; husband: Samuel Carpenter; mother: Sarah
Clarke Greenman; father: Sylvanus Greenman.

3098. Thomas G. Carpenter

CENSUS: 1800 US Census
Name: Thomas Carpenter
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1800
Event Place: Rensselaerville, Albany, New York, United States
Page: 93
Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Affiliate Publication Number: M32
Affiliate Film Number: 22
GS Film Number: 193710
Digital Folder Number: 004955940
Image Number: 00099
Citing this Record:
"United States Census, 1800", database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 November 2015), Thomas Carpenter, 1800.
NOTE: 1 male <10, 1 male 26-45 (abt 1755/1776)--- 1 female 26-45

3100. Samuel Carpenter

Number 1929 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 260.
No family listed.  Birth date listed in the CM is that of his father.

3102. Elizabeth Carpenter

Number 1931 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 260.
No family listed.  Birth date listed in the CM is that of her Aunt Elizabeth.

1191. Joseph Carpenter

Number 808 of the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 141.
No family listed.

WILLS: Rensselaer Co. Surrogate Court Records.
CARPENTER, Benjamin died intestate. Adm. Esther Carpenter. Rec. 19 Jan 1799.
CARPENTER, Joseph of Stephentown 29 Aug 1796 - 22 Mar 1797. Heirs: wife,
Sarah; sons, Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, Sylvanus, and Soloman
Carpenter; daughters, Sally, Deborah, and Mary Carpenter. Exec: Thomas G.
Carpenter.  See WILL below.

Is this the same Joseph Carpenter who died in DeRuyter, Madison, NY on
1 April 1822 in his 84th year?  Buried in the old DeRuyter Burial Grounds.
NO! See below.

Interment Record for Joseph Carpenter
Name: Joseph Carpenter
Born: 22 Jun 1736
Died: 29 Aug 1796
Age: 61
Buried: Carpenter
County/State: Rensselaer, NY
Notes: Joseph & his brother Samuel among 1st in S'town; town: Stephentown;
wife: Sarah; mother: Deborah Carpenter; father: Solomon Carpenter
SEE: "Search for "Carpenter".

Last Will and Testament
Joseph Carpenter of Stephentown
Information on this page was submitted by Joanna Powell-Wilson.
A copy of the Last Will and Testament of Joseph Carpenter recorded March 22, 1797.
In the name of God, amen. This twenty ninth day of August in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety six. I Joseph Carpenter of Stephentown in the County of Rensselaer and the State of New York being in a low state of health but of perfect mind and memory, blessed be to God therefor, and calling to mind the mortality of man and knowing that it is [-?-] unto man to die, do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament
And principally and first of all I recommend my soul to God to give of my body to be buried in a decent Christianlike manner at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named and [-?-] but I shall receive the same by the mighty power of God at the general resurrection and concerning that worldly estate which it hath pleased God to bless me with, I dispose of in the following manner.
I give my wife SARAH in lieu of her dower or power of third the use of half the house, barn and [-?-] also my son BENJAMIN to deliver to her five bushels of wheat, five bushels of rye, fifteen bushels of corn annually when they become merchantable, also I give two cows to her, she to take her choice, and my son Benjamin to keep them well and bring them to the [-?-] for milking. Also, I give her my own saddle & bridle and some sheep, my son Benjamin to keep them well, also two hundredweight of good pork and one hundredweight of good beef salted up annually to be delivered her sufficient firewood left at the door and her logs put on and her [-?-] green as well as dry and what fruit she is blessed to use which grows on the farm, also my son Benjamin to give her twenty pounds and I give her all my household furniture and otherwise to be at her disposal.
I give my son THOMAS one hundred pounds and my best [-?-].
I give my daughter SALLY a [-?-], I have before given her to be her part of my estate.
I give to my daughter DEBORAH, twenty pounds and her [-?-] last at equal to what my daughter Mary has, also this writing what I have before given her to be her part of my estate.
I give to my son JOSEPH all [that certain?] lot containing about eighteen acres which I now own, also a part of the fifth lot containing about thirty two acres being [the] northwest quarter of said lot, one hundred and twenty pounds in settling the legacies, also I give him my other desk.
I give to my daughter MARY twenty pounds and a mourning suit this with what I have before given her to be her part of my estate.
I give my son SYLVANUS one hundred pounds.
I give to my son SOLOMON, one hundred pounds.
I give to my son BENJAMIN the Sixth lot and [-?-] of the fifth which is contained in the same lease with the lot aforesaid [-?-].
That all my just debts and funeral charges should be honestly paid and whatever shall remain to be equally divided amongst my six sons.
And I do hereby appoint THOMAS CARPENTER the Executor of this my last Will and Testament.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written in the presents [sic] of these witnesses who in the presence of [each other?] have subscribed our names
Joseph Carpenter (L.S.)

Sara or Sarah Greenman

Interment Record for Sarah Carpenter
Name: Carpenter, Sarah
Died or Buried: 23 Sep 1820
Age: 87
Buried: Carpenter
County/State: Rensselaer, NY
Notes: town: Stephentown
husband: Joseph Carpenter
mother: Sarah Clarke Greenman
father: Sylvanus

3104. Sarah Douglas Carpenter

Interment Record for Sarah Douglas Carpenter
Name: Carpenter, Sarah Douglas
Born: 19 Sep 1758
Died or Buried: 21 Sep 1796
Age: 38
Buried: Carpenter
County/State: Rensselaer, NY
Notes: town: Stephentown
husband: Jasper Crandall
mother: Sarah Carpenter
father: Joseph Carpenter

3106. Deborah Carpenter

Name: Deborah Martin Carpenter
Died: 02 Oct 1796
Age: 34
Buried: Carpenter
County/State: Rensselaer, NY
Notes: town: Stephentown; mother: Sarah Greenman Carpenter; father:
Jos Carpenter.

3107. Joseph Carpenter

This marriage may be in error.  There was a Joseph Carpenter who married a Sara

3109. Silvanus or Sylvanus Carpenter

The following probably relates to this Silvanus or Sylvanus Carpenter *.

----- Original Message -----
From: Donna Cuzze
To: John R Carpenter 2
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 3:42 AM
Subject: Sylvanus Carpenter in NY Census

1790  NY, Stephentown:            Silvanis Carpenter *

1800 NY, Stephentown / Rensselaer:  Sylvanus Carpenter *
    same pg with: Solomon, Thomas, Joseph Jr & MOFFIT

1810 NY, Stephentown /Rensselaer: Sylvany Carpenter *
                      same pg with: Solomon
                      next pg has: Thomas, Josephus & Benjamin

1820 NY, Groton, Tompkins:  Sylvanus J. Carpenter
             shorter pages, no others on page. Jacob on previous page

1830 NY, Groton, Tompkins: Sylvanus J. Capenter

1840 NY, Groton, Tompkins: Sylvanus J. Capenter     TWO LISTINGS IN 1840
                   same pg with Rufus

1840 NY, Stephentown / Rensselaer:  Silvanus Carpenter  *     TWO LISTINGS IN 1840
                        same pg with Philander,  Jonathan G.

1850 – Ancestry doesn’t list this census separately.

1860  NY, Rensselaer  St.Ephentown : Sylvanus Carpenter

Sylvanus B Carpenter              Smithfield Districts 2 and 3, Providence, RI              abt 1863    Rhode Island  White              Male

Sylvanus B Carpenter             Randolph, Orange, VT       abt 1828             Vermont         White             Male

Silvanus Carpenter             Harrison, Henry, IN             abt 1865    Indiana             White             Male

Silvanus Carpenter             River Bend, Gaston, NC       abt 1864    North Carolina             White             Male

Mercy Goodrich

NAME: Goodman in one record and Goodrich in another.  Goodrich in the record

Name: Mercy Carpenter
Born: 01 May 1774
Died: 24 Sep 1864
Age: 90y
Buried: Carpenter
County/State: Rensselaer, NY
Notes: town: Stephentown; husband: Deacon Sylvanus Carpenter; mother: Margare
Gillett Goodrich; father: Elijah
SEE: "Search for "Carpenter".

1195. Jeremiah Carpenter

Number 810 on page 141 in the Carpenter Memorial.  A farmer.
His family is on page 260 & 261 (# 288).

1197. Jonathan Carpenter

Number 812 on page 141 in the Carpenter Memorial.
Family on page 261 (# 289).  A farmer.

3125. Miriam Carpenter

Number 1952 on page 261 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Her husband was a farmer.