Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


16965. Caroline "Carrie" Kaufman

Caroline (Carrie) Kaufman married  David Hewitt.  Caroline was sometimes called Candice, or Carrie.

1880 U. S. Census of Ontario , Film 448175 Soundex.   Parents and three children were in their home. David Hewitt 39; Carrie 33; Irving 5; Sarah 3; Orrin 6/12; Sally Carpenter Kaufman 79.  Sally Carpenter Kaufman was Carrie's (Caroline's) mother.

1892 NY State Census, South Bristol, Ontario, NY.  Carrie Hewitt 48; Ervie (Irving) 17; Sarah 15; Orin 12.  On this same census was Geo Richards 43; Rosa 18; Elwyn, 15; Winifred, 14.  I am not sure of the relationship,  maybe in the same household. Carrie's brother Irvin Morris Hewitt married Rose Richards, so this is probably Rose's father.

1900 U.S. Census of Ontario , Caroline Hewitt is head of the household with sister Emile Kaufman Gooding.

Letter from Nina Atwood to Mrs. Merle Fox.

David M. Hewitt

South Bristol, NY, Town Records 1838 - 1925. David Hewitt, 1867, Constable. (wife Candice Kaufman).

26719. William Hewitt

Died in infancy

26723. Orrin M. Hewitt

Age 20 when he died.  Middle initial might be D.

16966. Helen Carpenter

She was 83 yr 11 mo. at time of death.  "She leaves 3 sons and 3 dau. Charles S. and Charles Parker of Naples, Frank of Honeyoe, Mrs. Deforest Horton of Honeyoe, Mrs. Ida Thomas of Canandaigua, (it doesn't name the third daughter), eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. O. L. Simmons, of Canandaigua. Funeral was held at the home of Mrs. Fred Davis. . ."

Mentioned in sister, Nancy's, obit. in 1904 as living in Canandaigua, NY

Living in Bristol, Ontario, NY when her daughter Clara Parker Pierce died in

Walter Parker

1856, Walter D. Parker, Pathmaster, source: South Bristol, NY,  Town Records.  Wife is Helen Carpenter.

Records in possession of Mrs. Merle (Helen) Fox, Canandaigua, NY.  Ida Parker Thomas is Merle Fox's grandmother. Walter's father Walter Parker was the son of James Parker and Sallie Barrett.  Dates are in possession of Helen Fox mentioned in paragrah one. Walter's mother's father was Joseph Bevins, and mother Sarah Hooker. Given here for those that may be researching this line.

26729. Clara Ann Parker

Clara's husband, William Eugene Carpenter, was a first cousin to her mother, Helen Carpenter, (dau. of Benjamin Carpenter).  Clara's husband, William Eugene Carpenter was the son of Rowena Carpenter, a sister to Benjamin.  (Benjamin was the third child in the family, and Rowena was the tenth child of the family, this is why Rowena's son is marrying her brother's granddaughter (Clara Parker, dau of Helen Carpenter, who is dau. of Benjamin Carpenter.)

Clara and William Eugene were related, as Clara's grandfather, Benjamin Carpenter was a brother to William Eugene's mother, Rowena Carpenter.

OBITUARY;  Mrs. Clara Parker Pierce, age 47 years, died at her home at Richmond Center on Saturday evening at 8:30 o'clock, after a prolonged illness.  She had been confined to her home for two years.  Mrs. Pierce leaves her husband, Eugene Pierce; her mother, Mrs. Helen Parker; three brothers and three sisters, Mrs. Silvia Horton, of Bristol; Clark B. Parker and Mrs. Ida Thomas, of Naples; Charles H. Parker and Mrs. Nancy Davis, of Livonia, and Frank B. Parker of Honeoye.  Rev. Wilson of Allen Hill, officiated at the funeral services at the home on Tuesday morning.  The services at the grave were in charge of Rev. E. P. Wood.  Interment was in Woodlawn.  (Newspaper clipping from Helen Pierce Gerlock from her Pierce history.)

From Edith Thomas of Clarkson, NY, "Clara had no children".

Visit to Woodlawn Cem., Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York, Sept. 1995, Section 10,  W. Eugene 1849-1926 and Clara A. Parker, 1866-1913.

William Eugene Pierce

William Eugene's second wife, Clara Parker is the daughter of his cousin, Helen Carpenter Parker.  Helen's father was Benjamin Carpenter, and William's mother was Rowena Carpenter.  Benjamin and Rowena were brother and sister.  Benjamin was one of the oldest in his family and Rowena was one of the youngest, therefore, Rowena's son is marrying her brother's grandaughter (Clara Parker, through Helen Carpenter, thru Benjamin Carpenter).

See the Rowena Carpenter file for William Eugene's children.  They are listed in that file.

Living in Canandaigua city at the time of his brother William H. Pierce's death 1917 (also given as 1914).

Obituary:   William Eugne Pierce, age 77 years, of this city died this morning following a long illness.  He leaves two sons, Harley L., and Ralph D. Pierce, and one granddaughter, all of Los Anglels, Calif., and six brothers, George, Leighten, [Daniel] Donald (Irmen)  and Melvin Pierce of Canandaigua, Benton Pierce of Reed Corners, and James Pierce of Bristol.    Funeral services will be held at Woodlawn chapel Wednesday at 2 o'clock, Rev. Nelson L. Lobdell of the Universalist church, officiating.  Interment in Woodlawn Cem..  (Newspaper clipping from Helen Pierce Gerlock from her Pierce history.)

Visit to Woodlawn Cem., Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York, Sept. 1995, Section 10,  W. Eugene 1849-1926 and Clara A. Parker, 1866-1913.

16967. Nancy Carpenter

Ontario County, New York, Historical Society, Canandaigua.  Index to marriages 1808 to 1880.  "6 Apr 1854 Nncy Carpenter to Denison B. Davis. 124M.

Obit.  She was 69 yrs. old. "She leaves a husband and six children, Carlton and Fred Davis, of Canandaigua; Mrs. Carrie Preston of Livonia Centre; Mrs. Nellie McMillian and Mrs. Fannie Eighmey, of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Emma Depew of California.  A daughter, Mrs. Lottie Stevenson, died in Farmington a few years ago.  She also leaves a sister, Mrs. Helen Parker of Canandaigua and brother, Abel Carpenter and sister, Mrs. O. L. Simmons, of Athen's. . .The golden wedding would have been in March."

Dennison Davis

Family records said there were no children for Carrie, Carlton, Lottie or Fred, but that is incorrect as Fred had a daughter that died in infancy. Records from Edith Thomas of Clarkson, NY, and Helen Fox of Canandaigua, NY.

Death date was also given as 5 March 1907, not 15th.

26733. Carrie Davis

Family records said Carrie had no children.  She is mentioned in her mother's obit. as living in Livonia Centre, NY in 1904

Obit.  Resided the last five years at Livonia Centre, NY.  She died a few months after her mother and was 48 yrs. old.  Her husband died 18 Aug 1896.  . . She leaves, besides her father, Dennison B. Davis, two brothers, Carlton A. and Fred G. Davis, of this place and three sisters, Mr. George McMillan and Mrs. Frank H. Eighmey, of this place and Mrs. Hiram Depew, of Los Angeles, Calif.

Orrin Preston

Of Farmington, NY at his marriage. Source:  Wife's Obit.  Lived at Allen's Hill, until failing health made him give up farming in 1894,  and they then moved to Livonia Centre

26735. Carlton Davis

Family records said Carlton had no children.  He is mentioned in his mother's obit.  as living in Canandaigua, NY in 1904.   Burial was also given as Woodlawn Cem., Canandaigua, Ontario, NY.  Another birth date was a year earlier, 1957.

Dolly Aldrich

Living in Canandaigua when her mother died.

26737. Lottie Davis

Family records said Lottie had no children.

16968. Charles R. Carpenter

CENSUS:   1880 United States Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Charles CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   40   NY   Carpenter   NY   NY
Charlotte E. CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   36   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY
Hattie V. CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   13   NY   At Home   NY   NY
Eleanor CARPENTER   Mother   W   Female   W   68   NY      NY   NY
William GARDNER   Other   S   Male   W   18   NY   Laborer   NY   NY
Source Information:
 Census Place East Bloomfield, Ontario, New York
 Family History Library Film   1254908
 NA Film Number   T9-0908
 Page Number   124A

Charlotte E. Dodge

A penciled note said Charlotte Dodge was a sister of Mrs. Parker. Obituary stated she died at the home of her dau. Mrs. John Curtis in Cheshire, age 59 yrs.  "At the age of 16 she came to this town and lived with Mrs. Sardis Simmons for a number of years, and after her marriage she lived in this town for a number of years.  She leaves one sister, Mrs. Parker of Naples and one child.  Hattie, wife of John Curtis and one grandchild, Mary C. Curtis. . .Burial at Naples.  The families of C. W. Simmons and R. M. Allen attended the funeral."  1903

16969. Abel B. Carpenter

1880 U. S. Census, Sherwood Twp., Branch County, Michigan, 87/92 Carpenter M., wm, 30, head, b. NY, parents b. NY; Mary, wf, wife, b. MI, father b. MI, mother b. PA; William M., wm, 3, son, b. MI. father b. MI, mother b. MI (if son, the father said he was b. NY); Abel B., wm, 37, cousin, b. NY, parents b. NY.  This Abel B. could be the son of Benjamin Carpenter and Eleanor Brown.  The age would match and Benjamin stayed in NY when some his brothers and sisters went to Michigan.  This could, however,  be another Carpenter family.  More research is needed.

Abel was mute. (Hearing imparied from childhood disease.) He did have a wife and a daughter.

Mentioned in (half-sister's) Nany Carpenter Davis' obit. as living in Allen's Hill.

From Edith Thomas of Clarkson, NY., "Abel Carpenter was married and had a daughter but have been unable to find out anything except daughter attended his funeral.  No one remembers her name or where she lived."  We show her name as Ethel, and she married (1)Alonzo Wood and (2)James R. Conner, and (3) a Mr. Williams.

Ontario Co surrogate court records, NY lists at web page:
CARPENTER, ABEL B.                  1908  RICHMOND
Submitted by: Phoebe Cortez (
Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002.

26741. Ethel Carpenter

Syracuse, NY 1909.  She is listed as Ethel Carpenter Williams on one record.

16971. Otisca "Lanny O." Carpenter

Not adopted.

Newspaper Clipping on Microfilm at the Historical Society in Canandaigua, Ontario NY. marriage date 16 Oct 1878

She is mentioned in half-sister's (Nancy Carpenter Davis') obituary in 1904 as living in Allen's Hill, NY

Newspaper Article in Bristol Ontario NY Town Hall Scrapbook 66, Page 43. "A very enjoyable event occured at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Simmons, Tuesday afternoon, the occasion being the birthday of Mrs. Simmon's mother, Mrs. E. Carpenter (Eleanor).  A number of friends were present, among whom were Mr. E. Carpenter age 73, Mrs. Sardis Simmons, age 71, Mrs. (Sally) Kaufman age 83, and Mrs. W. (Rowena?)Pierce age 63. The old ladies especially enjoyed the occasion immensely, and we can vouch for their entertainment as we all know Mrs. Simmons pleasant and cordial manner of entertaining her friends."  Article about 1885.

Charles W. Simmons

History of Ontario County, New York : with illustrations and family sketches of some of the prominent men and families
Source Information History of Ontario County, New York : with illustrations and family sketches of some of the prominent men and families [database on-line]. Provo, UT: Operations Inc, 2005.
Original data: Aldrich, Lewis Cass.. History of Ontario County, New York : with illustrations and family sketches of some of the prominent men and families. Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason, 1893.,1884,650,1938
(image 714 of 938)
History of Ontario County, New York by Aldrich, Syracuse, NY 1893  Part II - Family Sketches, p. 172.  SIMMONS, Charles W., Richmond, was born on the old homestead of his father, Sarids, May 21, 1847.  He was educated at the Canandaigua Adacemy under prof. Clark, and subsequently engaged in farming.  In 1879 he married Otisca L., daughter of Benjamin Carpenter of East Bloomfield, but born in South Bristol December 30, 1852.  Of their four children, Arthur C. was born August 12, 1889; Nellie B. was born September 29, 1887; Jane Ola was born July 23, 1889; and Carl Richmond was born Febraury 21, 1891.  In March 1881, Mr. Simmons bought of M. P.Worthy the store at Allen's Hill in which he has since engaged in general merchandise.  He has been postmaster of Allen's Hill 12 years, and in politics is a Republican.

Obit. 8 Mar 1911, "always lived in the town of Richmond, his farm on the town line between Richmond and Bristol, until he moved to Canandaigua about 4 years ago. He was the youngest of 3 sons of Mr. & Mrs. Sardious Simmons, prominent residents of the town. . .Conducted a store for 25 years. . .survived by his wife, two sons, Arthur and Carl Simmons of Rochester, and two daughters, Mrs. George Bridgman, of Rochester, and Mrs. Rex Fisher of South Bloomfield.  Buried Baptist Hill Cem."

Birth year was also given as 1847 by Edith Thomas of Clarkson, NY.  and date as May 20th not 21st.  Death was shown as Mar 12, and we had 3 Dec.  Obviously numbers were used, and not alphabetical names for months.

16973. William Riley Carpenter

May have been born in South Bristol, Ontario NY as his father was there.

1840 U. S.Census, Middlesex, Ontario, (now Yates ) NY.  Nathaniel had a male between 5 yrs and 10. (1830-1835). (His name was William Riley Carpenter, although not given on this census).

1860 U. S.Census. (The following about Boone  is incorrect as family records [1993] gave CALHOUN CO, IL, but Calhoun County needs to be researched before this entry is deleted.   Bonus, Boone  IL, taken 28 June.  Film # 0007651.  Household 1823/1250.  William Carpenter 29(?), b. NY, Polly (?) 24(?) (extremely hard to read and the lst and 2nd filming were both used), wife;  Willie 2 b. IL; Charlie 3/12 b. IL.   (William Riley Carpenter was supposed to have only one son, Willis, by this time, and Henry C. (Charles) was not supposed to have been born until 1861.   However, even though it was difficult to read, the Willie, age 2 and Charlie 3/12 was readable.  Bonus is close to Belvedere, IL, which was given as his place of birth on Willis Carpenter's death certificate.  Death certificate for Willis said his father was William R. Carpenter.)   If Calhoun county is correct, this  is probably why the above names did not match, but the Boone  record was a really close concidence, and had a Belvedere, IL in that county next to Bonus!

There must have been some relative in Illinois for both William Riley Carpenter and his brother Albert to have gone there.  Both brothers, William & Albert, had childen born in IL between 1860 and about 1865 (as stated on the 1870 Prairieville, Barry MI. census), at which time they apparently returned to Prairieville, Barry County, MI where their parents, Nathaniel and Almira, were living.

1870 U.S.Census, Prairieville, Barry , MI, film 0552160, viewed at Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah,  taken 25 July.  #117-120, Carpenter, William, 39, b. NY; Mary, 35, b. NY (should be Polly, but Mary and Polly are nicknames for each other.  This is not his second wife who was named Mary); Willis, 12, b. IL; Henry, 10, b. IL; Eveline, 8, b. IL; Anne, 6, b. MI; Byron, 4, b. MI; Edgar, 1, b. MI.   This is Nathan's ( Nathaniel Carpenter's) son!  We have a certified copy of his death certificate and it gave his father as Nathaneal (spelled this way) Carpenter and mother Myra Lewis (Almira on census and tombstone). We found this information by a personal visit to the Allegan County Court house in 1993.  We should look for Wm. Riley Carpenter as head of household in Cohocton, Stebeun County, NY in 1850, or in Ontario or Yates or Niagara Co, NY now that we know he is Nathaniel's son.   He obviously was married before the 1850 Census when the census names the family members.

1880 U.S.Census, Martin Twp., Allegan County, MI. Vol. 1, Ed. 13, Sheet 16, Line 1. William Carpenter, age 50, b. NY; father b. CT and mother b. VT; (William  Riley Carpenter's father, Nathaniel, was born in NY); Mary, wife, age 29,  b. MI; (notice age difference from the 1870 census, as his second wife is much younger), her parents b. OH;  Byron, son, 13, b. MI, parents b. NY; Eddy, son 10, b. MI, parents b. NY  Ada, daughter 5, b. MI, father b. NY, mother b. MI; Ella, daughter, 2,  b. MI, father b. NY, mother b. MI.  (Byron and Eddy are Polly's children and Ada and Ella are Mary's children.  Willis, William's oldest son, is a laborer in the home of Edward Wall, household 121/122 in the same village.  Edward Wall is the father of Mary Jane Wall who married William's brother, Benjamin Franklin Carpenter.)

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  Plainwell Enterprise, Plainwell, MI, July 10, 1889.  Samuel E. Andrews complained of William R. Carpenter last week for adultery with Mrs. Andrews, and the examination is set for next Friday before Justice Roberts.  The parties all belong in the northeaster part of Martin Twp..  (This needs further research as William R. Carpenter and Mary Jane Andrews were married in 1874 and had their first child in 1876, and three more after that.  Maybe someone didn't know they were married on 17 Nov 1874.  See 1910 Census as it said they had been married 35 years.)

1900 U.S.Census, Wayland, Allegan, MI. Vol 2, Ed. 32, Sheet__, Line 44. William Carpenter  b. Aug 1830, 69, b. NY; Mary, wife,  b. June 1856 (1853 on death certificate, and 1858 on family records sent in 1993), age 43, b. MI; Roy, son, 10 b. MI.

3 Aug 1902, Plainwell Enterprise p.1, col.3.  Carpenter Family reunion (impossible to read most on film)  President:  William R. Carpenter;  Vice President:  Mrs. P. King;  Secretary:  Mrs. T. Maurice; Treasurer:  Mrs. John Norton.  (See Byron Carpenter and Willis Carpenter's files for 1899, 1900 and 1901 reunions.)
12 Aug 1903, p.1 col.3.  The annual reunion of the Carpenter family of Allegan was held Saturday at the home of Ralph Koostra on the Kahler farm.  (Very short article.  No names were mentioned).

1910 U. S.Census, Vol 2, Ed. 34.   Household 157, William Carpenter, age 79, b. NY, Father  b. VT (not corrrect, Nathaniel was definitely b. NY, but family record states he was in Vermont for a period of time.), mother: b. Conn.
(She was b. VT) ; Mary 52, b. NY, father: b. Ohio, mother: b.  MI, 4 children, and 4 living. They had been married 35 yrs.

1920 U. S.Census, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo , MI, Film 1820775,  taken 8 Jan.  Household 115/119,  William R. Carpenter,  b. NY age 89, is in the home of Franklin F. Scherer, 317 N. Prairie Ave., Kalamazoo, MI.  Vol. 45,
Ed. 159, Sheet 5, Line 87.  Scherer, Franklin F., age 32, b. MI; Bertha M., 36, b. MI (Wm. Riley Carpenter's daughter);  Carpenter, William R., father-in-law, 89, b. NY; Mary J., mother-in-law, 63, b. MI.

OBITUARY.  The Plainwell Enterprise, Plainwell, MI (article found in 1997) May 27, 1920. William R. Carpenter.  William Riley Carpenter, a veteran of the Civil war, died Tuesday afternoon, May 11, at the home of his son, Riley Carpenter, near Martin, where he had gone on a visit. Mr. Carpenter was born in Lockport, N.Y., July 31, 1830. He married in 1857 Miss Polly Cronkite, who died in 1871. To them six children were born, of whom five survive, Willis of Doster, Byron of Martin, Henry of Plainwell and Ed. of Wayland, and Mrs. Edward Noble of Wayland. In 1874 he married Miss Mary Andrews, who survives him. To them were born three daughters and one son, Mrs. D. A. Woodard, Mrs. T. L. Fenker, Mrs. F. F. Scherer and Roy W. Carpenter, all of Kalamazoo. He leaves also 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Mr. Carpenter's early life was spent in New York and Illinois. From Illinois he moved to Prairieville, Mich., where he enlisted in the 11th Michigan Cavalry. After the war he moved to Shelbyville, and in 1911 came to Kalamazoo where he spent his declining years with his children. The funeral was held from the Methodist church at Shelbyville, 2 o'clock last Thursday afternoon. (We have no record of a son, Riley.  Is that Edward's middle name?)

DEATH.  Allegan County Death Records, Allegan, MI,  Book 4, page 169, Wm. Riley Carpenter b. NY, md., d.18 May 1920, 89y9m18d, d. Watson Twp., Parents:  Nathaneal Carpenter b. NY & Myra Lewis, b. VT.  (This was Nathaniel Carpenter and Almira.  We did not have the name of Lewis until this time.  Descendants have since confirmed that her name was Lewis, father being Levi Lewis).

MI State Library, Lansing, MI: Allegan Cemeteries: East Martin Cem., Martin, Allegan, MI. "Carpenter, William R. 1830-1920 GAR, Polly, wife of Wm. R & MJ died 1 Jan 1873, age 13 yrs & 20 da.; Mary J. 1858-1945
(cr. d. Kalamazoo) 1 Nov 1945."  Obviously something got left out between Polly, wife of Wm R . . .and the next, "& MJ", because one knows a wife that had several children did not die at age 13.  Apparently, when it was being typed, someone lost their place and started with the child before they finished Polly's record (or I did when copying?).  Polly died 5 Sept 1871, and the first recorded Carpenter death in Allegan Co, was a George, 8 Dec. 1871, so Polly's death was apparently not recorded. Polly's death is not recorded in Barry or Kalamazoo  either.  The child's tombstone by Wm. & Polly's stones, is unreadable in 1993.

Visited East Martin Cem., Martin, Allegan, MI. A child's stone is unreadable.  Both Polly and Mary are buried by William, and many family members are  in this Cem..  He was 89y9m18d at time of death.

Pauline "Polly" Cronkhite

Pauline had six children and died young, age 36.

26748. Eveline C. Carpenter

1860 U. S. Census, (The following may be incorrect as family descendants sent data in 1993 said they lived in Belvedere, CALHOUN , IL  This needs further checking before the following is deleted. ) Bonus (a town next to Belvedere), Boone , IL. Film 0007651, Census taken 28 June 1860. Very difficult to read, very light, it looked like: Household 1823/1250 William Carpenter 29(?), b. NY, Polly (or Mary or Bellie), 24(?), wife, Willie, age 2, b. IL, and Charlie, 3/12, b. IL.  This was extremely hard to read, but Willie and Charlie are readable. Henry C. may be Henry Charles. Eveline is not on this census.

1870 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI. Film #0552160, ensus taken 25 July,  117/120 Carpenter, William, age 39, b. NY; Mary, age 35, b. NY (Mary was a nickname for Polly--this is not the second wife that was named Mary); Willis, 12, b. IL; Henry, 10, b. IL; Eveline, 8, b. IL; Anne, 6, b. MI; Byron, 4, b. MI; Edgar, 1, b. MI.

The above is the only census Eveline is on that we can find.  In the East Martin Cem. their is a child's stone on William and Polly's lot. The stone looks like Addie C. dau of FH & MJ, but one could not be sure! (Maybe it is Evie C.) In the Cem. Records in Lansing State Michigan, it was copied earlier as "Dau of WR & MJ, 13 yrs. 20 da.,(This maybe should have said 1 yr 3 mo 20 da, see below) died 1 Jan 1873."  This would make this child's birthday abt. Dec. 11, 1859 if tombstone is correct. Eveline would be 11 in 1873, not 13, as she was 8 on the 1870 census.  William and his second wife, Mary, ("dau of WM & MJ" in MI. State Library Records)  could not have had a child born to Mary Jane, wife of William Riley, in 1859 or 1860 because Mary Jane, his second wife, wasn't born until 1853  herself (some records say 1856 and 1858).  Polly, William Riley Carpenter's first wife, was called Mary on the 1870 census, (Polly and Mary names often used interchangeably) but Polly had a child b. 17 May 1859, Willis, which information we have from his death record (unless that data given by others was incorrect).

1Another possibility, and probably the correct one is this could be William Riley's brother's child, a twin, Ada C. b. 12 Sept 1871, d. 2 Jan 1873, 1yr3mo20da.  If so this would be the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Carpenter and Mary Jane Wall  The convincing evidence that this might be the case is the date of death.  Notice the child shown as dau of WM and MJ (in MI State Records) died 1 Jan 1873, and the twin's death was 2 Jan 1873. And the tombstone has FH and MJ. not WM and MJ. The mother of the twin was also a MJ, Mary Jane. The FH probably stands for Franklin, we don't know what the H stands for. The middle initial on the tombstone was "C." and the twin's, Ada's, middle initial was "C". However, so is Eveline's, Eveline C. Perhaps if the descendants of Benjamin Franklin Carpenter could tell us where the twin was buried, it would solve this problem of which child is buried in this grave.

The stone was probably difficult to read when copied for the Michigan State Library records. Recent family records (1993) said the family was in CALHOUN CO, IL not Boone County, IL in the 1860's, so this county should be searched.

There is no death recorded in Allegan county for a Carpenter in 1873, but there is one for a male as early as 1871. Neither Ada or Evie (Eveline) was on the Kalamazoo, or Barry Co death records either. These are the three counties that would be the most likely to have her records. Perhaps this death was not recorded.

We have found the marriage for Eveline's brother Willis, sister Anna B., brother Byron T., brother Edward, and brother Henry C, but we have not found hers.

Mary Jane Andrews

1860 U. S. Census, Martin, Allegan , Michigan, p. 101-337.  826/777 Andrews, Asel, 45, b. Ohio, farmer, $600 real estate, $100 personal estate; Ann, 30, b. OH; Maria, 7, b. OH, attends school; Mary, 2, b. MI; Alexander H. 1 1/12, b. MI; next page, same household: Soloman Andrews, 29, OH, farmer.

1864 Michigan State Census, Martin, Allegan , Agricultural; Asel, head of household; Males under 5 y: 1 (Alexander); males 10-21y: 3 (Samuel, ?,?); 1 45-75y (Asel); females under 5: 1 (Ema); females 5-10y: 1 (Mary); females 10-18y: l (Maria); females 18-40y: (Ann and Melissa).

1860 Michigan State Census, Martin, Allegan , Michigan, schedule 4, agriculture, p. 31: Asel and his farm are listed. (The above was sent by David Rumery in Feb. 2000, of Gobles, MI.)

1870 U. S. Census, Martin, Allegan., Michigan.  Andrews, Asel, head, 54, b. OH, $1,600 real estate, $150 personal estate, registered to vote; Ann, 42, b. OH; Maria, 17, OH, at school; Mary, 13, b. MI, at school; Emma, 8, b. MI, at school; Charles L., 3, b. MI.

In 1910 U .S. Census, Mary Jane stated she had had 4 children and 4 still living.  That would be Ada, Ella, Bertha May and Roy Carpenter.  See husband's records for the 1880, 1900, 1910 & 1920 Census. Mary was also the step-mother of 6 children of William's first wife, Polly.

1920 U. S.Census, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI, Film 1820775, Salt Lake History Library, SLC, UT.  Census taken 8 Jan.,  Vol. 45, Ed. 159, Sheet 5, Line 87.    115/119, Scherer, Franklin F., age 32, b. MI; Bertha M., 36, b. MI (Wm. Riley Carpenter's daughter), Carpenter, William R. father-in-law, 89, b. NY; Mary J., mother-in-law, 63, b. MI.

DEATH.  Kalamazoo County Clerk, Kalamazoo, MI.  Mary Jane Carpenter of 510 Pearl St., Kalamazoo d. 1 Nov 1945, age 87y4m21d.,  b.  10 June 1858, widowed, in community 33 year, husband:  William R. Carpenter, father
Asil Andrews, b. unknown;  mother:  Ann Dihe, birthplace unknown.  Informant:  Mrs. Ada Woodward of Kalamazoo.  Buried:  East Martin Cem., Martin, MI .3 Nov. 1945.

Tombstone in East Martin Cem., Martin, Allegan, MI, has 1853-1945. Death record in Michigan State Library had b. 1 June 1858.

OBITUARY.  Kalamazoo Gazette, Friday 2 November 1945, 1.8.7.  Martin    Services will be held at 2:30 Saturday in Marshall's Memorial chapel for Mrs. Mary Jane Carpenter, 87, widow of William Carpenter, with burial in East Martin.  Mrs. Carpenter died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Ada Woodward, 510 Pearl St. Kalamazoo.  She was born June 10, 1858 in Martin, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Asil Andrews, and later resided in Bradley.  She leaves a son, three daughters, three step-sons, six grandchildren, ten  great grandchildren, one great-great grandchild."

26754. Bertha May Carpenter

Bertha Mae was not on the 1900 census with her parents.   We did not know about Bertha until her father was found in her home on the 1920 census.  Her death certificate gave the name of her parents.  There were no children on the 1920 census.  If she were married about 1911 (Franklin was still in his parents' home in 1910 with no wife) one would expect small children if they had any.  Her death certificate said she had lived in Kalamazoo since about 1905.  We are assuming there were no children. She could be researched further to find where she was in 1900 and 1910.

1920 U. S. Census, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI, Film 1820775, Vol. 45, Ed. 159, Sheet 5, Line 87.  Scherer, Franklin F. (317 N. Prairie Ave.) age 32, b. MI, father b. Bararia, Germany, mother b.  Germany; Bertha M., 36, b. MI, father  b. NY, mother  b. MI; William R.,  F.L. father-in-law (to head of the house) age 89, b. NY  father: b. VT (His father, Nathaniel, was definitely b. NY), mother: b. Conn (She was b. NY); Mary J., mother-in-law, 63, b. MI, father: b. VT   (Wm. Riley Carpenter, who was in their home, died later that year in Watson, Allegan, MI., possibly in his son, Riley's, home.  We have no record of a son Riley, so that must be a middle name for one of the son's we have, or a nick-name.))

Bertha was Mrs. F. F. Scherer of Kalamazoo in May 1920 in her father's obituary, and also in May 1923 in half-brother's (Willis') obituary.

DEATH.  Kalamazoo County Clerk, Kalamazoo, MI. ( We have a copy of Bertha May's death certificate) Died 6 Jan 1947 in City of Kalamazoo, Bertha M. Scherer, b. 15 Feb 1885 in Martin, MI, age 61y10m21d, residing at 401 N. Prairie Ave., 42 years in this community, married, father:  William R. Carpenter, b. NY, mother:  Mary Andrews, b. Martin, MI.  Informant Roy W. Carpenter, of 25 Henrietta St. Comstock, Kalamazoo , MI.  Burial:  Riverside Cem., 8 Jan 1947, Kalamazoo, MI.  (She died 1 month and 10 days before her husband.  Perhaps this is why her brother was the informant instead of her husband.

OBITUARY.  Kalamazoo Gazette, Monday, 6 Jan 1947. p. 7.2.   Mrs. F. F. Scherer Dies at Residence.    Mrs. Betha May Scherer, 61 a resident of Kalamazoo for 42 years, died this morning at her home, 401 North Prairie avenue, after a short illness.    Mrs. Scherer, the wife of Franklin F. Scherer, was born Feb. 15, 1885, at Martin, the daughter of William R. and Mary E. Carpenter  She was a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, the DAR, and the Women's Relief Corps.   In addition to her husband she leaves three brothers and two sisters, Roy W. Carpenter, Comstock, Byron Carpenter, Shelbyville, Edward Carpenter, Wayland, Mrs. J. W. Scott, West Lake, and Mrs. Ada Woodward, Kalamazoo.

Franklin F. Scherer

1910 U. S. Census, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI. Vol 43, Ed. 150,    # 134.  Scherer, Jacob, 58, b. Germany, md. 32 yrs, second marriage, laboror in a Pill Factory; Mary, 58, b. MI, 2nd marriage also.  No. of children not given, this marriage 32 yrs, Edwin W., son, 27, b. MI, Wood Engraver; Franklin F., son,  22, b. MI, Corsett maker, factory.

DEATH.  Kalamazoo County Clerk, Kalamazoo, MI.   b. 22 Nov 1887 in Kalamazoo, MI, electrician,  died 16 Feb 1947, in Village of Richland, Twp. Richland, (MI) 5334 Gull Rd. Lived in the community all his life, age 59y9m24d at time of death,  wife was Bertha May (Carpenter) Scherer. Franklin was a widower.  Informant:  Edwin Scherer, RFD #, Richland, MI.

16974. Achsah Almina Carpenter

1840 U.S. Census, Middlesex, Ontario (now Yates ) NY, Nathaniel had a two daughters  between 5 - 10 (1830-1835).  One was Poll) . Descendants sent her name in as Achsah b. 15 Feb 1832, who md. Daniel W. but did not give his last name.

From: Deanna Brown
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 8:47 PM
To: John R Carpenter
Subject: Re: Carpenter
Thank you so much. That was a lot of effort for you. I just thought that she might want to have the missing piece of the puzzle she had worked so hard to find? It has taken me years to figure it out, 15 years excactly.
I am from Otsego, Allegan Co., Michigan, 10 miles from Praireville. My GG Grandfather was Lewis Riley Cramer, son of Daniel W. Cramer and Achsah Almina Carpenter. Lewis obviously from her mothers maiden name and Riley from her brother William Riley Carpenter, whom Lewis lived with for a short time.
I don't know if you are interested in this information, I would be happy to share. I now live in Las Vegas so records are not as easily acquired.
Thank you for all you hard work and dedication. Hope to share information with Mrs. Hellewell, too.
Deanna DePauw-Brown

16975. Polly M. Carpenter

1840 U. S. Census, Middlesex, Ontario (now Yates ) NY. Nathaniel had two females between 5-10 (1830-1835).  We know one of the two girls in this age range was Polly.

1850 U. S.Census, Cohocton, Steuben, NY. Polly is 16 yrs. old and in the home of her parents, Nathaniel and Almira Carpenter.

Family records (sent in 1993) stated that Polly married a William on 30 July 1855.  We have not found this entry yet, and the marriage record below stated she was Polly M. Carpenter when she married Rufus C. Honeywell on 29 Dec 1859.   M. might be for the first married name, this could be checked, but it would be unusual to use the Carpenter name after the M.  Further research is needed here.

MARRIAGE.    Barry County Clerk,, Hastings, MI. Liber A-2, page 226,   Rufus C. Honeywell age 25 of Prairieville married Polly M. Carpenter, age 25 of Prarrieville, on 29 Dec 1859 in the presence of N. W. Carpenter and David Honeywell. Loomis Benson, Minister.

1860 U. S.Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI.    161/141.    Honeywell, Rufus C. (Chester), 26, b. NY; Polly, 26, female, b. NY.    Next door is Chester R. Honeywell's father. (This is the way Rufus C. Honeywell's name is on other documents, except his marriage license, and it is Rufus C. also). 160/140 Honeywell, David, 53,  b. NY; Lorana, 47, b. VT; Hiland (Hylond),  23, b. NY; Frances, 17, female, b. NY; Elizabeth, 13, b. NY; Frank, 9, B. MI.  Also in this home are Barna M. Morris, 16, b. NY, and Lois Gibbs, 76, b. NY, female.   Living on the other side of Chester is his brother:  Newell Honeywell, 28, b. NY; Juliett, 23, b. NY; Candis, 3, b. MI;   Eva Landenca, 3/12, b. NY.

1870 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI. Film # 552160, viewed at FHL, SLC, Utah,  172/176,  Honeywell, Chester, 35, male, b. NY; Polly, 35, female, b. NY; Almira, 9, female,  b. MI; Elemer, 1, male, b. MI; Carpenter, Almira, 59, b. VT.  ( Polly's mother).  This is Polly, not Paulina's family. ( Nathan and Almira had a daughter Polly born 1834, and a daughter Paulina b.1840, and it is very easy to confuse these girls.) Polly and Chester are living next door to Fernando Carpenter, her brother, and his family.

1875, Polly dies at age 41 and is buried in the Cressey Cem., Prairieville, Barry, MI.  See Husband's documentation for the following years.

Cressey Cem., Prairieville, Barry, MI.  Film 0927468  FHL, SLC, Utah.   Chester Honeywell is buried in Lot 60, and so is Polly M. "wife of C. R. Honeywell," age 41 at death on 1 June 1875,  and Elmer R. Honeywell, their son, 3 years, 6 months.  Newel Honeywell is in the same Cem. by himself.  Newell is a brother to Chester.  Newel was living next door to Chester in 1860.

Chester Rufus Honeywell

The following, through 1870, are similar to wife's but contain more about his side of the family.

Marriages, Barry  Clerk's Office, Hastings, MI. Liber A-2 page 226, Rufus C. Honeywell, age 25 of Prairieville, md. Polly M. Carpenter age 25 of Prairieville were md. the 25 day of Dec. 1859, in the presence of Joseph Farr, N. W. Carpenter and David Honeywell.  Loomis Benson, Minister.

1860 U.S.Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI Household 161/141.  Rufus C. (Chester) Honeywell 26, male, b. NY; Polly,  26, female, b. NY;  Chester's, brother, Newell, is next door:  Household 161/142 Newell Honeywell, 28, male,  b. NY; Juliett, 23, female, b. NY;  Candis, 3, female, b. MI; Eva Ladesca, 3/12, female b. MI. Also next door (on the other side) is Rufus C's (most documents he is Chester R.) father,  160/140, David Honeywell, 53, b. NY; Lorana, 47, of VT; Hiland (Hylond), 23, b. NY; Frances, 17, female, b. NY; Elizabeth, 13, female, b. MI; Frank, 9, male, b. MI.

1860 U.S.Census, Orangeville, Barry, Mi. John Honeywell 57, (b. Abt 1803); Emeline 54; David 29.   Burnett, Julia  age 11. (Probably an Uncle to Chester)

1870 U.S.Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI, Film 552160, Household 172/176.  Honeywell, Chester 35 male, b. NY; Polly 35, b. NY; Almira 9 female, b. MI; Elemer 1 male, b. MI; Carpenter, Almira 59 female, b. VT (Polly's mother).

1880 U.S.Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI, Film # 1254571, viewed in  FHL, SLC, Utah, Vol 2, Ed. 47, Sheet 15, Line 10.    139/144.  Honeywell, Chester, male, 45, b. NY, both parents b. NY; Cyntha A., 46, wife, (second wife), b. PA, father b. Mass, mother ME; Almira, 19, b. MI , (Almira is the daughter of Chester and Polly Carpenter Honeywell,) Polly's mother, Almira, is no longer in the home.  Since the mother, Almyra, did not die until 1888 she is probably with son Fernando.  We couldn't find Fernando on the 1880 Soundex to validate this assumption.  Hilond H., 10, son, b. MI. This Hilond is also Polly and Chester's son as Polly didn't die until 1875.  There is also in this home a Slates, Edna age 19 (servant) b. MI, father b. PA, mother NY; and Guy Slates 8/12 b. MI, son of Mrs. Slates, parents both b. MI. (Chester's brother Hylond is in a different county, but is given here for other researchers.)

1880 U.S. Census, Ypsilanti Twp., Washtenaw, MI Vol 28, Ed. 244, Sheet 15, Line 27.  Honeywell, H. (Hylond), age 43, b. NY; Phebe, 34,  b. MI; David N.,  son, 9, b. MI, (David Newell later married. Ethel); Charlotte, daughter, 8; Charles W., son, 6; Hyland B., son, 2; Phebe Bertha, daughter, 2; and 2 servants.  (In 1884 Hylond has moved back to Barry )

1884 Michigan State Census. Prairieville, Barry, MI. Honeywell, Chester, 48, male, b. NY, parents both b. NY; Hylond, 16, (unclear, probably 14), son b. MI; David, 76, male, husband, b. NY, parents b. NY; Abagail, wife (2nd wife), 52, b. NY; parents b. NY; Gilbert, Harriett, 43, female servant; Royce(?), Mary, 19, single, b. MI, parents b. Ireland. (Polly is no longer alive, and his father and step-mother are living with him.) Chester's brother, Hylond, is on this census too.  See below.

1884 Michigan State Census, Orangeville, Barry, MI. Film 915281, viewed in the FHL, SLC, Utah.   47/51 Honeywell, Hylond, 48, b. NY, father: b. NY, mother: b. VT; Phebe, 38, wife, b. MI, fathera: b. Penn, mother: b. Eng; David, 13, son, b. MI; Charlotte, 12, daughter, b. MI; Charles W., 10, son, b. MI; Bertie H. (Hylond), 6, son, b. MI; Phebe Bertha, 6, (twins) b. MI; & 2 non-relatives. Tayler, Benj. C., 18 servant, b. NY, parents b. NY; Miller, Charlotte, 33, female, boarder, b. MI, father: b. Penn.  mother: b. England.

1894, Michigan State Census, - Chester was not found  on this census.

1894 Michigan State Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI.   Honeywell, H H (Hylond), 69, (should have been 59, see census 1884), b. NY, parents b. NY; Phebe, 48;  David, 23, son;  Lottie, 22, daughter, (Charlotte in 1884), Charlie, 20, son. (Where are the twins? Bertie & Bertha?   Bertha is on a later census in 1910 with her brother David in Prairieville, Barry, MI)

Prairieville Cem., Hylon N. Honeywell,  b. 22 Aug 1836-8 Dec 1898, Phebe A., wife of H. H., b. 26 Apr 1846 - d. 24 Dec 1914).

1900 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry , MI,  Soundex H-540, Vol 5, Ed. 47, Sheet 3, Line 4.   Honeywell, Chester R. b. Nov 1835, age 65, b. NY, Elizabeth, wife (3rd wife), b. July 1846 age 59 b. NY.

1910 U. S.Census, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo , MI. Vol 43, Ed. 152,   /453.  Honeywell, Chester R., 76, b. NY, parents b. NY; Elizabeth, 69 b. NY father: b. NY, mother: b. VT, md. 2 times, this one 25 years (no. of children not given).

1910  U. S.Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI.  (Chester's brother's [Hylond's] son, David, listed again to benefit others researching this line.)  Film 1374649,viewed at the FHL, SLC, Utah.  236/238, Honeywell, David N., 39, md. once 7 yrs. b. MI, father: b. NY; mother: b. MI; Ethel C., 26, md once 7 yrs, 3 children 3 living, b. MI., parents: b. Germ.; Harold H., son, 5, b. MI; Leland M, son, 3, b. MI; Evalyn M., daughter, 11/12 b. MI. Honeywell, Phebe A., mother, 64 md. 5 children, 5 living. b. MI. parents NY; Honeywell, Bertha, sister, 32, single (one of the twins). A Bert in 1910 is age 32, "living alone," in Washtenaw  Vol. 89, Ed. 120, Household 23.  Washtenaw  was where they lived when Bert & Berta were only 2. In Barry Co. 1910, there is a Bertha H. Carpenter, age 32, Vol 5. Ed. 49, Household 238, enumerated with David N. Stonewall. (Our Bertha is supposed to be in nephew David's home, unless she was visiting there and was enumerated in both places.)

1920 U. S. Census, we could not find Chester on this census.

Cressey Cem., Prairieville, Barry, MI.  Film 0927468   Chester Honeywell is buried in Lot 60.  So is Polly M. "wife of CR Honeywell" age 41 at death in 1875, and Elmer R. Honeywell, their son, died 3 yrs. & 6 months.  Newel Honeywell is in the same Cem., by himself. Newel is Chester's brother.  Recorded in Cressy Cem. book at the Michigan State Library, in Lansing, MI there is a Newell Honeywell, GAR, d. 16 Sept 1865, 33y 8m 1d.  This is the same Newell as on the Barry County film.

Also we found Chester's brother, Hylond A. or H. Honeywell, b. 22 Aug 1836,  d. 8 Dec 1889 (article mentioned below said 1898),  buried in Cressey Cem., Prairieville, Barry, MI.  Hylond married a Phebe A., b. 26 Apr 1836 (1846 in article),  d. 24 Dec 1914.   Hylond and Phebe had a son David Newell who md. Ethel (See 1910 Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI ).  See article in book on Barry County about The Harold Honeywell Family of Prairieville, Call # (In SLC Family History Library, SLC, Utah) is: Barry  Mich. Book pub. 1985, 977.416 H2 The article tells more about Chester's brother's (Hylond's) family.

26757. Almira Honeywell

1870 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI, Almira was 9 yrs. old, and in the home of her parents, Chester and Polly (Carpenter) Honeywell.

1880 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI, Almira is 19 and with her father Chester, and step-mother Cynthia.

26758. Elmer R. Honeywell

Cem. Records, Cressey Cem., Prairieville, Barry, MI. Son of CR & PM on tombstone  He was 3y 6m.

26759. Hylond H. Honeywell

1870 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI. Film 552160, Viewed in Family History Library, SLC, Utah   172/176.  This child is listed as Elemer Honeywell, age l. (Elmer b. 1864 had died in 1868, so this is probably Hylond, son, b. 1869.)

1880 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI, Film 1254571,    # 139/144.   This child is listed as Hylond H., age 10.  Since he had a brother Elmer that died at age 3, they might have written the wrong name on the 1870 census.  Hylond has an uncle, his father's brother, also named Hylond Honeywell.

We did not find this Hylond on the 1900 or 1920 Soundex for MI.  We need to search again.

16976. Marquis Fernando Carpenter

1850 U. S.Census, Cohocton, Steuben, NY, Marquis (spelled this way) is 14 yrs. old,and in the home of his parents.

1860 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI, Fernando is 25, and in his parent's home, Nathaniel Carpenter and Almyra Lewis. (His mother was Elmira on this census, and Fernando was Marquis in the previous census).

MARRIAGE.  Barry County Clerk, Hastings, Michigan.   Liber A-2 page 271.  Fernando Carpenter married  Helen Cook  4 Aug 1861 in Prairieville Twp..  Witnesses: Hellen (spelled this way) Brainard & Paulina A. Carpenter, his sister. George Brainard was Justice of the Peace.

1870 U. S.Census, Prairieville, Barry MI,  taken 28 Jul.   Film # 552160 viewed at FHL, SLC, Utah.  173/177, Carpenter,  Fernando,  33, b. N Y;  Helen, 24, b. MI; Grace, 4,  b. MI;  Hattie M., 2, b. MI;  Henry, 4/12, b. MI; (Benjamin F.Carpenter, 22, male, b. NY.   Benjamin Franklin "Frank" is a brother to Fernando.  His mother was born in NY on other census.)  Next door to Fernando is sister Polly and her family, now Mrs. Chester R. Honeywell. See her notes.

We cannot find Fernando on the 1880 U.S. Census Soundex or the 1884, or 1894 MI State Census for Barry County, MI .  Allegan, does not seem to have an 1884, 1894 Census.  It may be that it is unreadable, or no one knows where it is.  The Michigan  State Library, Lansing, MI or the Salt Lake City Family History Library does not have it.  The Allegan Public Library, Allegan, MI was checked, but no one could find it. The only Fernando Carpenter on the 1880 Soundex was in Oceola, MI, age 36, wife, Amanda, 31.  They had Jane 11, Grace 8, Hattie 5, Ida 2.  It is a concidence they have two children with the same names, but our Grace should be 14 and our Hattie should be 12.  We did learn Fernando's brother "Frank" was in this county in 1887.  More research should be done there.  The following newspapers show he was in Allegan County in 1888 until his death in 1897.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enterprise, Plainwell, MI, Wed., 8 May 1888.  J. T. Curtis has rented his planning mill to Fernando Carpenter and George Chapman for a term of years.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enterprise, Plainwell, MI,  13 June 1888.   Negotiations are pending for the transfer of Fernando Carpenter's share of the lease of the Curtis planning mill to George Elser.  George Chapman will be his partner.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enterprise, 31 July 1889.  Fernando Carpenter has sold his house and lot on the East side to Frank Storms (the cripple) for $800.  Mr. Carpenter intends to move away.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enterprise, 13 Nov. 1889.  Fernando Carpenter has bought W. A. Lasher's house and lot on Allegan St. for $600.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enterprise,  13 Nov 1895, Fernando Carpenter moves to the Nichols house on First Avenue.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. The Plainwell Enterprise,  12 May 1897, Fernando Carpenter has moved into Elmer East's house on Allegan street.

Fernando Carpenter attended a reunion of Calvin Carpenter Family in Athens, Calhoun, MI, in 1895, listing himself as age 59, and said he was from Plainwell, MI.  He signed in as a relative, even though there was a place for visitors only. (This was our connecting link that his father, Nathan on the Census, was Nathaniel!)  His son, Fred, was also with him, age 20.  That reunion was obviously a special reunion, because cousins came together from as far away as NY.

Allegan  Marriage records had the marriage of his sons Henry, to Cora Putman, Frank to Nellie Barney, his daughter Hattie to John S. Norton.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE; The Plainwell Enterprise: 30 Jun 1897,   Died by The Roadside    The Lifeless Body of Fernando Carpenter Found near Allegan Street Saturday Morning. Fernando Carpenter, a well known resident of the village, left his home at four o'clock Saturday morning, to all seeming a well man, and a few hours later was taken back to his family a pulseless corpse. Always an early riser, he had taken his horse out to bait on the grass along the sides of Allegan street, near the fair ground and not far from his home.  One or two persons who passed along the road within the next hour or two saw him thus engaged, one of them being Rev. J.. W. Arney of Otsego.  About 7 o'clock C. F. Gilkey, coming down the cross street from the south, found him, a few rods from Allegan street lying on his back as though asleep and his horse quietly feeding a few feet away.  Life was then extinct.  There were no marks upon his body to indicate violence either from the horse or from evil disposed human beings.  His attitude indicated that death had come suddenly and without pain and the verdict of the physicians was that is was caused by failure of the heart's action. It was declared unnecessary to hold an inquest. Mr. Carpenter was born Nov. 10, 1835 in the town of Bristol, Ontario , NY.  He came to Michigan in 1851 and engaged in work at the carpenter's trade, which he has since followed.  August 4, 1861 he was united in marriage with Miss Helen Cook of Prairieville, who survives him.  He settled in Plainwell in September, 1880, where he has passed most of the years since.  He left six children:  Mrs. Grace Grable of Kenoma, MO., Mrs. John Norton and Henry, Fred, Charles and Frank Carpenter of this place.   The funeral services occurred at two o'clock yesterday afternoon at the Baptist Church, Rev. J. Fletcher, officiating.  The interment was made in Hillside Cem..

Just a few articles above this article, another short article, "Mrs. Wm. Grable of Kenoma, Missouri arrived here last Sunday night, having been summoned by the death of her father, Fernando Carpenter." (This article was in both papers.

1897  Allegan Gazette, July 3, "Fernando Carpenter was found dead at the fairgrounds last Saturday morning.  It is thought that his death was caused by heart disease.  He leaves a wife, four sons, who live in Plainwell, and two daughters, Mrs. John Morton (should be Norton according to Wedding license) of Plainwell, and Mrs. Grace Grable of Missouri."

Death. Record is in  Allegan County Courthouse, Michigan, Vol. 2 page 248.

Cem. Records of the Hillside Cem. from the Gun Plain Twp. Office in Plainwell,  Allegan, MI.   Fernando, his wife and mother, and some of his children are buried in Hillside Cem.. Fernando was 61 yrs. old at the time of his death.  Records were in the township office and a visit was made to the Cem. in 1992.  Dates are dates of burial:   Carpenter, Almira  14 Apr 1888; Fernando, 26 June 1899; Helen, 18 May 1930; Joseph Henry, 3 Jan 1949; (death recorded in Allegan  had 31 Dec 1948-Mother Helen Cook b. Bath, NY); Frank A. 26 Aug 1954; Nellie, 17 Dec 1962; Hugh, 17 Mar 1986.

A visit to the Cem. was made in 1992.  Their lot is S-7 near the main gate and not far from the road.  Tombstones: Fernando Carpenter, Nov 10, 1835 - June 26, 1897.  Next to him is Helen Carpenter, his wife, 1846-1930. Then one stone with two names:  Carpenter, Nellie 1883-1962, and Frank A. 1882-1954. Behind Fernando's is his mother, "Almira, wife of N. W. Carpenter b. 5 Sept 1810, d. 14 Apr 1888."  Next to her is an empty lot and next to that is Joseph Henry, according to Twp. records, but there is no stone.  Next one over, behind Nellie and Frank A's is:  Hugh D. Carpenter, Pvt. U.S. Army, WWII 1910-1986.  This is Frank and Nellie's son. Nathaniel does not appear to be buried here with his wife according to records. This would explain the empty space next to Almira. The earliest death records recorded in Allegan  were 1867.  Nathaniel was supposed to have died in 1864, according to family tradition, so he may be buried there.

1900 U. S.Census Plainwell, Allegan, MI. Helen said she had 7 children with 6 still living.  There was probably a child born before Grace (b. 1866)  as they were married in 1861 (we have marriage record), or there may have been a child between Joseph Henry 1870 & Frederick 1875. We are choosing to put it as the first child in this record.

Helen Cook

See marriage record in Fernando's, (her husband's, documentation

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. Plainwell Enterprise, Plainwell, Allegan, MI. 18 Apr 1900, p.1, col.3.  Among the recent real estaate transactions in this vicinity are those of . . .Myron M. Pierson to Helen Carpenter, land in the village of Plainwell, $150.  (Marquis Fernando, her husband died 26 Jun 1897).

1900 U. S.Census, Plainwell, Gun Plain Twp., Allegan, MI. Vol. 2, Ed. 11, Sheet 12, Line 93.  Helen, female, b. NY,  July 1846, age 53, 7 children and 6 still living, parents b. NY, o ccupation: nurse; Charles or some name that started with a "C" but couldn't be read easily, son, b. Sept 1879, age 20, b. MI, parents both b. NY; Frank, b. Apr 1882, age 18, b. MI, parents both  b. NY. There may have been a child born before Grace in 1866, as Helen and kFernando were married in 1861 according to their marriage.  Or there may have been a child between Joseph Henry in 1870 and Frederick in 1875.  We are choosing to put this child as the first one in this record.

1910 U. S. Census Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co, MI, Vol 42, Ed. 137,  Household 136. Frank Carpenter, 28, b. MI, father b. MI (should be NY), mother b. NY; Mary, age 26, she had had 1 child and 1 was still living; Hugh, 3/12, b. MI; Fred (brother, to Frank) (looked like Foul on Census), age 34 b. MI, lst marriage of 12 yrs;  Elva (Elva L. Johnson of Athens, MI), 33, lst marriage 12 yrs. (This census doesn't list number of children, but both Frank and his mother, Helen, did, perhaps Fred and Elva had none.)   Helen 63, widow, b. NY had 7 children and 6 are still living. (We believe the child who died, was born before Grace, or between Joseph Henry and Frederick).  All 6 are mentioned when the father died 3 years earlier,  Grace, Hattie and 4 sons, Joseph Henry, Frederick, Charles and Frank.

1910 U. S. Census,  Barry , MI,  Vol 25, Ed. 49,taken 25-26 Apr.    89/92, Lynes, Semour, 74, md. once for 42 yrs., b. NY, parents b. NY;  Caroline, wife, 2 children 1 living; Carpenter, Helen, sister-in-law, 63, 7 children 6 living, b. NY, parents b. NY.  Did Semour Lynes marry Helen's sister and is she visiting in their home?  We know the Helen reported in the 1910 Kalamazoo Census, is Fernando's wife, Helen, because the others in this household are her sons, and daughters-in-law.  We need to get the date of that Kalamazoo Census, as she might have been counted in two places.

1920 U. S. Census of Three Rivers, St. Joseph , MI,, Vol 7, Ed. 60, Sheet 3, Line 3, Helen Carpenter 73, b. NY in Barry  with John Thomas as a sister-in-law.  Did Helen Cook Carpenter have a sister who md. John Thomas? The 1920 Census below, she is in the home of her daughter.  She still could have been visiting her brother-in-law, and been counted twice or there are two Helen Carpenter of the same age.

1920 U. S. Census, St. Joseph County, City of Three Rivers, MI, ED 169, sheet 5A, 120/123 Norton, John, head, owns, mortgage, male, white, age 55, married, b. MI;  father b. OH, mother b. MI, paper maker, paper mill; Hattie, wife, f,w, age 52, b. MI, parents b. NY; Fred, son m,w., age 18, b. MI; Dale, son, m,w., age 13, b. MI; Donald, son, m,w, age 11, b. MI; all sons are single;  Carpenter, Helen, mother-in-law, f, w, age 73, widow, b. NY, parents b. NY

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enerprise  (article found in 1997) May 22, 1930. Funeral services were held Sunday in the Baptist church for Mrs. Helen Carpenter, 83, who died at Brower Hospital here Friday. (The masthead of the paper said April 22, 1930. But the paper filmed before this issue was dated May 15, 1930, and the one filmed after this issue was dated May 29, 1930. Possibly the April 22 date should have been May 22.) Another source said she was 83y10m15d.  She died of Valvular Heart Disease.

DEATH.  Record is in Allegan County Courthouse, Allegan, Michigan, Vol 5. page 465, 83y10m15d.

26761. Grace Carpenter

1870 U .S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI. Grace is 4 yrs. old and in the home of her parents

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enterprise (published  weekly) Wed., 19 Dec 1894, p.l, col. 2.  Miss Grace Carpenter and Will Grable are to be married at 8 'clock this morning at the home of the bride's parents.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enterprise, 26 Dec 1894, p. 1. col. 2.   Miss Grace Carpenter, who has been employed for a year or two past in Kankakee, IL. came home and was married last Wednesday morning at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Carpenter, to William Grable, ticket agent of the Greenfield and Northern Railway at Aurora, Missouri.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. F. Z. Rossiter.  The happy couple departed immediately for the future home at Aurora, MO.

1897 at father's death she is reported as living in Kenoma, Missouri.

1900 U. S. Census, Fair Play City, Madison Twp., Polk , Missouri, Vol. 75, Ed. 130, Sheet 17, Line 56,  taken 21 June . Soundex G-614. Household 339/345 Grable, William L,. b. Ohio, parents both b. Ohio; age 35, b. Sept 1864; Grace, wife, age 34, b. Feb 1866; married 5 yrs., 0 children, 0 living, b. MI, parents both b. NY   He was a railroad agent.  This is two counties over from Kenoma, Barton, Missouri, but the only William and Grace in the state, so we believe they are our family. Her age, place of birth, and birthplace of parents would be correct also.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  Plainwell Enterprise, Plainwell, MI, 15 Aug 1900, p. 8. col. 1.  ". . .A letter was read from Mrs. Grace Carpenter Grable of Fair Play, MO."  The newspaper article was about the Carpenter Family Reunion in Allegan County.  See notes for Byron Carpenter for complete article.

26764. Frederick Carpenter

Fred attended a reunion of the Calvin Carpenter Family with his father Fernando in 1895 in Athens, Calhoun , MI.   Fred  was 20 yrs. old.   Calvin was Fernando's uncle, his father's Nathaniel's brother.   Calvin was Robert Carpenter's son and Nathaniel's brother.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  Plainwell Enterprise, Plainwell, Allegan, MI.  23 Aug 1897, col. 1 p. 2.  Fred Carpenter has taken a position at the Kalamazoo asylum for the insane, going to work yesterday.

MARRIAGE.  Calhoun County Clerk-Register, Marshall, MI.  1898 Marriages,  Fred Carpenter, age 23, of Kalamazoo, married Elva L. Johnson, age 22, of Athens.  Married at Marshall, Calhoun, MI. His father was F. Carpenter and mother Helen Cook.  Her parents were C. D. Johnson, mother unknown. (Calvin D. Johnson & Ellis C. Taylor from other sources.)  Witnesses: Mrs. Hattie Hoeltzel of Marshall, and Mrs. P.W. McReynolds of Marshall.  Married by P. W. McReynolds, M.G.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.  The Plainwell Enterprise, 25 May 1898.  Word has been received here of the marriage of Fred Carpenter to Miss Elva Johnson on May 14, at Milan.

1900 U. S . Census, Plainwell, Gun Plain Twp. Allegan, MI. Vol. 2, Ed. 11, Sheet 5, Line 84.  Carpenter, Frederick, b. Jan 1875, 25, b. MI;. Elsa, wife, b. Oct 1875, 24 , b. MI; married 2 yrs. 0 children, 0 living.

1910 U. S. Census, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co, MI Vol 42, Ed. 137,   # 186.  Frank Carpenter, 28, b. MI. father b. MI (should be NY), mother b. NY; Mary, age 26, she had had 1 child and 1 was still living. Hugh, 3/12, b. MI.   Fred  (Frank's brother, age 34, b. MI, lst marriage of 12 yrs. and  Elva (Elva L. Johnson of Athens, MI), 33, lst mg. 12 yrs also. (It didn't give the number of children, for Fred and Elva, perhaps their were none.  The number of children were recorded for Frank's wife and their mother Helen.) Helen 63, widow, b. NY had 7 children and 6 were still living.

1920  Could not find Fred or Elva, his wife, in MI. on this Soundex.

DEATH.  Calhoun County, MI  Film 1,009,293, Index.  Vol. 6 p. 230. # 191, Died 4 Apr 1919 in Battle Creek,Calhoun , MI  b. MI. He was 4y2m26d (believe this should be 44y2m26d), not married, (we know he was married),  father:  Fernando Carpenter and mother:  Helen Cook, both of NY. He was a manager.  Fred  died of Meningitis.

OBITUARY.  Battle Creek Enquirer Evening News.  April 4, 1919. Fred Carpenter.  Fred Carpenter, district manager of the Hankow Tea company, passed away at the Nichols hospital at 4:15 a.m. today.  Recently Mr. Carpenter was reported to be improving from the illness which caused him to be taken to the hospital, but his condition took a sudden change for the worse.  An aggravated digestive trouble was the cause of the death. Mr. Carpenter is a resident of 40 S. Jay street.  He leaves a wife, Mrs. Elva Carpenter; a mother, Mrs. Helen Carpenter, both residing at the Jay street residence; three brothers, Henry and Charles of Kalamazoo, Frank of Waterville, Can., one sister, Mrs. John Norton of Three Rivers.  Funeral announcements will be made later.

Elva I. Johnson

DEATH.   Kalamazoo County Clerk, Kalamazoo, MI  Vol. 3, page 540; Elva I. Carpenter, born Athens, 4 Oct 1875, died 3 Jun 1967 in Kalamazoo.  Father:  Calvin Johnson, mother:  Ellis C. Taylor.Spouse: Fred Carpenter; buried Oak Hill Cem., Battle Creek, MI.  She was 91 years old at the time of her death.    Informant: Harold Norton.  He is the son of Hattie and John Norton, nephew of Elva's late husband.    We learned in 1998 that Hattie and John Norton had a son Harold. Route 1, Plainwell, MI.  .

16977. Albert Dinia Carpenter

1850 U. S.Census, Cohocton, Steuben , NY, Albert is age 13 and in the home of his parents, Nathaniel and Almira.

Albert Denia  is not on 1860 census with his parents or head of a household in Prairieville, Barry , MI, where his parents were living.  Albert had children b. in Illinois in the early 1860's (thought to be Boone  where his brother, William Riley Carpenter was believed to be living with his family.)  Family records sent by descendants in 1993 state that Belvedere is in CALHOUN  CO, not Boone County, so he may have been traveling to that destination in 1860.  Albert's first child was born in MI about 1860, but his second child, Albert Clark, and third child, Claude D., were born in Illinois.   Still we have not been able to find him on a Michigan or Illinois census in 1860.

1870 U. S.Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI., taken 30 July.  132/135 Carpenter,  Albert, 39 (This should be 32, see 1880, 1900, & 1910 census below), b. NY; Mary E., 28, b. Ohio; Geo. W., 9, b. MI; Albert C., 8, b. IL; Claude, 7, b. IL; Elmer, 5, b. MI; Harriett, 3, b. MI. (Family in IL 1861-1863)
Name: Albert Carpenter
Age in 1870: 39
Birth Year: abt 1831
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1870: Prairieville, Barry, Michigan
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Prairieville
Value of Real Estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Albert Carpenter 39
Mary E Carpenter 28
George W Carpenter 9
Albert C Carpenter 8
Claude Carpenter 7
Elmer Carpenter 5
Harriet Carpenter 3
Source Citation
Year: 1870; Census Place: Prairieville, Barry, Michigan; Roll: M593_661; Page: 245A; Image: 573; Family History Library Film: 552160
Source Information 1870 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.
Original data:
1870 U.S. census, population schedules. NARA microfilm publication M593, 1,761 rolls. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.

1880 U. S.Census, Ostego, Allegan, MI,  Vol. 1, Ed. 24, Sheet 17, Line 49.  Soundex C-615. Albert 42, b. NY;  Mary, 38, b. Ohio; George 20, son, b. MI; Clark (Albert Clark in 1870), 18, b. IL son; Claude, 17, b. IL, son; Elmer, 15, b. M, son; Hattie, 13, b. MI daughter; Avilla, 9, b. MI daughter.   (This child's name was Havillah and he was NOT a female.   He filed a delayed birth certificate to show he was a male on 4 Aug 1940, in Muskegan County, Michigan and gave his father's name as Albert Dinia.  This is how we got Albert's middle name.  See his record for details.)
Name: Albert Carpenter
Age: 42
Birth Year: abt 1838
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1880: Otsego, Allegan, Michigan
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Mary Carpenter
Father's Birthplace: New York
Mother's Birthplace: New York
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Saw Mill
Cannot read/write:


Deaf and Dumb:

Otherwise disabled:

Idiotic or insane:

View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Albert Carpenter 42
Mary Carpenter 38
George Carpenter 20
Clark Carpenter 18
Claude Carpenter 17
Elmer Carpenter 15
Hattie Carpenter 13
Avilla Carpenter 9
Source Citation
Year: 1880; Census Place: Otsego, Allegan, Michigan; Roll: 569; Family History Film: 1254569; Page: 402A; Enumeration District: 024; Image: 0807
Source Information and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 1880 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2010. 1880 U.S. Census Index provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints © Copyright 1999 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. All use is subject to the limited use license and other terms and conditions applicable to this site.
Original data: Tenth Census of the United States, 1880. (NARA microfilm publication T9, 1,454 rolls). Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. National Archives, Washington, D.C.

1900 U. S.Census, Otsego, Allegan, MI, Vol 2, Ed. 23, Sheet 20, Line 95. Albert D. Carpenter b. Oct 1835, b. NY, age 64; (he couldn't have been born in 1835 if Nathaniel had 2 males under 5 in 1840. [See 1840 census] Fernando, his brother, was b. 1 Nov 1835. [census was taken 18 Sept 1840 before he turned 5], so Albert would have to be born in 1836 or 1837.  Also on the 1850 census, Albert is only 13);  Mary, b. March 1844, age 56, b. Ohio.  (Family records sent in 1993 confirmed he was born in 1837.)
Name: Albert D Carpenter
[Albert Carpenter]
Age: 64
Birth Date: Oct 1835
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1900: Otsego, Allegan, Michigan
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Mary Carpenter
Marriage Year: 1858
Years Married: 42
Father's Birthplace: New York
Mother's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Albert D Carpenter 64
Mary Carpenter 56
Source Citation
Year: 1900; Census Place: Otsego, Allegan, Michigan; Roll: 698; Page: 20B; Enumeration District: 0023; FHL microfilm: 1240698
Source Information 1900 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Twelfth Census of the United States, 1900. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1900. T623, 1854 rolls.

1910 U. S. Census, Otsego, Allegan , MI, Vol 2, Ed. 24   Original census was consulted.  614/ 697.  Albert D. Carpenter, age 72, md. once, 51 yrs. b. NY, parents both b. NY; Mary E., 67, md. once, 51 yrs, 7 children, 5 still living,  b. Ohio, parents both b. Ohio.
Name: Albert D Carpenter
Age in 1910: 72
Birth Year: abt 1838
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1910: Otsego, Allegan, Michigan
Street: River Street W
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Mary E Carpenter
Father's Birthplace: New York
Mother's Birthplace: New York
Native Tongue: English
Occupation: Own Income
Home Owned or Rented: Own
Home Free or Mortgaged: Free
Farm or House: House
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Years Married: 51
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Albert D Carpenter 72
Mary E Carpenter 67
Source Citation
Year: 1910; Census Place: Otsego, Allegan, Michigan; Roll: T624_634; Page: 26A; Enumeration District: 0024; FHL microfilm: 1374647
Source Information 1910 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.
Original data: Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910 (NARA microfilm publication T624, 1,178 rolls). Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. National Archives, Washington, D.C. For details on the contents of the film numbers, visit the following NARA web page: NARA.

CIVIL WAR PENSION Records.  Affidavit filed 15 Mar 1915 with the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, states Albert D. Carpenter was born 25 Oct 1838 in New York, that he enlisted at Prairieville, Barry , MI; his wife's name is Mary E. Myers Carpenter; they were married at Gull Prairie, Kalamazoo , MI by Elder Donbaney; that he was not previously married; that his children are:  Geo. M. Carpenter, b. 20 Jun 1860; Clark A. Carpenter, b. 9 Sep 1861; Claud Carpenter, b. 23 Mar 1863; Elmer E. Carpenter, b. 22 Jun 1865; and Hattie B. Carpenter, b. 4 July 1867.

CIVIL WAR PERSION Records.  Affidavit states Albert D. Carpenter enrolled 4 Jan 1916 in Company L, 4th Regiment, Michigan Calvary, commanded by Capt. B. O. Prichard, and was honorably discharged at Nashville, or Edgefield, TN on the 15th day of August, 1865.  That after his discharge in 1865, Albert D. Carpenter returned home to his family in Silver Creek, Allegan  MI.

1916 Michigan State Death records:  Albert D. Carpenter, died 23 June 1916 in Burton Twp., Genesee, MI. age 77y1m28d. b. NY, died of Cronic Cudareritus, father Nathaniel Carpenter

Name: Albert D Carpenter
Birth Date: abt 1839
Birth Place: N.Y.
Death Date: 23 Jun 1916
Death Place: Burton, Genesee, Michigan
Death Age: 77
Occupation: None
Race: White
Marital Status: Widowed
Gender: Male
Father Name: Nathan Carpenter
FHL Film Number: 1018930
Source Information Michigan, Deaths and Burials Index, 1867-1995 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data:
"Michigan Deaths and Burials, 1800–1995." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009, 2010. Index entries derived from digital copies of original and compiled records.

Mary Elizabeth Myers

1880 U. S.Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI. Mary was 38 and with her husband Albert Carpenter.  See husband's record.

1910 U. S. Census  she said she had had 7 children with 5 living at that time.

When Havillah filed a delayed birth registration to prove he was a male when his birth had been recorded as a female, he said he was the 7th child out of 7, and his mother, Mary Elizabeth Myers was born in Cahugh Falls, Ohio.  His father was Albert Dinia Carpenter, b. Steuben Co. NY

Michigan State Records.  Mary E. Myers Carpenter's death is in Vol 4, page 53, died 8 May 1915, age 71y1m16d of diabetes at Flint, Genesee, MI.

26767. George M. Carpenter

1910 U. S. Census, Kalamazoo , MI. Vol. 44, Ed. 165, House # 174. Carpenter, George B., 53, b. MI; Mary J. 46, wife; Arthur, SS (Stepson ?), 18, Bessie, 7; (couldn't read the name of this next child), 4, son.  More research is needed.  This was the only one on the 1910 Michigan Soundex that might be our George, but we need to prove it first.

26768. Clark Albert Carpenter

MARRIAGE.  Allegan County Clerk, Allegan,  MI,  Vol. 6, p. 101, #1507, Albert C. Carpenter, age 30, of Otsego, Allegan , MI, b. IL  married  Mrs. Emma Jackson, Emma Yemens, (maiden name), age 28, of Otsego, Allegan, MI, b. Allegan, MI, married  21 Mar 1892 in Allegan, MI.   Parents of the groom:  A. D. Carpenter (Albert Dinia) & Mary Meyers.  Parents of the bride: James Yemans & Eliza Barker. Witnesses:  Theron N. Hudson of Allegan, MI and Orlyn J. Delano, of Allegan, MI.  Married by Fayette S. Day, Justice of the Peace.

1900  We couldn't find Albert Clark on a  1900 census.

1910 U. S. Census,  Kalamazoo County, MI,  Vol 41, Ed. 158, Household 265.  Carpenter, Albert C. hired man, 48, widow, b. MI, father b. NY, mother b. OH,  was in the home of George Dolph, age 43, b. MI, father b. Virginia, mother b. NY; wife, Una O, age 37, married 16 yrs, 2 children 1 alive; Horace Dolph, son, age 14, b. MI, parents b. MI.

DEATH.  Allegan County Clerk, Allegan, MI.  Book 10 of Death Records p. 576.   Albert Carpenter,  b. 9 Sept 1861 in IL;  burried  30 Apr 1946, age 84y7m17d, wife: Emma Yemens.  Died at  Kalamazoo State Hospital, length of stay 9m 12d;   parents:  Albert Carpenter b. NY & Mary b. USA.

Another death age was given as 85y4m12d

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. Otsego Union, May 2, 1946.(article found in 1997) Elbert Clark Carpenter Dies at Age of 84.  (Should be Albert)  Elbert Clark Carpenter, 84, passed away in Kalamazoo last Saturday, April 27.  He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Carpenter, Kankakee, IL. where he was born on 9 Sept 1861.  He had lived most of his life in Otsego. He leaves two brothers, Claude Carpenter of this city and Kavilla (Havilla) Carpenter of Muskegon; also a niece, Mrs. Arvilla Standish of Willow Run. Funeral services were held at the Boyce Funeral home at 2:00 p.m. Monday with Rev. James Andrews of Kalamazoo officiating.  Burial was at Mt. Home cemetery.

Emma Yemens

Emma's name was reported to be Mrs. Emma Yemans Jackson.  Jackson probably was a first husband.

26770. Elmer E. Carpenter

1870 U. S. Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI.  Elmer is age 5, b. MI. and in the home of his parents, Albert Dinia Carpenter and Mary Elizabeth Myers.

1880 U. S. Census, Ostego, Allegan, MI. Elmer is 15  and in the home of his parents.

MARRIAGE.  Allegan County Clerk, Allegan,, MI  Vol 5, p. 108, #1615.  Elmer E. Carpenter, age 21, of Otsego, MI, b. Kalamazoo, MI, married Matie Maidins, age 28, of Kalamazoo, MI, b. Kalamazoo, MI.  Married, Oct 9, 1886, at Otsego, Allegan , MI. (date of license 17 Aug, 1886).  Witnesses:  Albert D. Carpenter of Otsego, MI and Mary E. Carpenter of Otsego, MI.  A. L. Ferguson, Pastor.  (This was Elmer's parents, Mary E. Myers was his mother's maiden name.)

We could not find Elmer or Matie in 1900, 1910, or 1920, Soundex of Michigan.  More research needed here.

16978. Paulina Adalanda Carpenter

1850 U. S. Census, Cohocton, Steuben, NY.  Paulina was age 10 and in the home of her parents, Nathaniel Carpenter and Almira (Lewis).

1860 U. S.Census, Prairieville, Barry, MI.  Paulina was age 18 and in the home of her parents.

On August 4, 1861 her name was Paulina A. Carpenter  when she was a witness at her brother Fernando's wedding.

MARRIAGE.   Allegan County Clerk, Allegan, MI,  Vol. 2, Page 152,  James Brainard, 27, and Paulina A. Carpenter, age 21, married Aug 26, 1861.  Witnesses were Lucy L. Latham and Thankful Freeman.  D. R. Latham, Minister of the Gospel.

On November 9, 1864  she was Paulina A King  when she was a witness at her sister Adalaide's wedding.  (Checked for marriage index for Pauline Brainard for another marriage, but nothing was found.) We have not, as yet, found her wedding to Mr. King.  (Family records sent in 1993 confirm a marriage to a James 26 Aug 1961 [we know this James is James Brainard], and a marriage to a William 11 Sept 1862.  We are assuming this William is William King.) More research needed here.

In a short death notice of Almira Carpenter in the Plainwell Enterprise on Wednesday, April 18, 1888, it says she was the mother of Fernando Carpenter and Mrs. William H. King.

We have not been able to locate Paulina either as Brainard or King on the 1880, 1900, or 1910 Michigan census.  There was only one Paulina King on the 1880 Soundex for Michigan.   Her husband was Marcus in Almont Twp. Lapeer  but this Paulina was only 32 yrs. old.  Ours should be about 39 by this date.  They may have left MI or she may have died.  More research needed here also.