Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


21686. Sarah Elizabeth Query

Sarah Elizabeth Query, [9] (Ella[8], Parley [7], Abner [6], James
[5]), born 7 Mar. 1896 at Harrisburg, N.C,, died 23 May 1930 at
Meadville, Pa., buried at Guys Mills, Pa.; married to Clark H.
Davison, born 1889 (?) at Meadville, Pa., son of John Davison and
Mary Ellen Ewing. Occupation farmer. Sarah graduated at Edinboro
Normal School, 1916. She was a teacher and housewife.

21687. Lloyd Clare Carpenter

NAME: Lloyd Clare Carpenter in one part and Lloyd Harold Carpenter in another
part of the record!

21688. Parley Carpenter

Parley Carpenter, [9] (John[8], Parley [7], Abner [6], James
[5]), born 26 July 1896 at Guys Mills, Pa., married Hazel lone
Judd, 20 Nov. 1920. She was born 19 June 1897 Chagrin Falls,
Ohio, daughter of Hugh W. Judd and Margaret Elliott Judd.
Occupation farmer. Hazel Judd a school teacher and housewife.

21698. Mead Bradt Carpenter

Meade Bradt Carpenter, [9] (Mead[8], Parley [7], Abner [6], James
[5]), b 23 Feb. 1906, at Linesville, Pa., son of Mead Charles and
Grace Anna (Bradt) Carpenter; married Frieda Constance Ver
Hoestra 15 Sept. 1934 at South Bend, Ind., born 27 Dec. 1905,
South Bend, Ind., daughter of Frank Ver Hoestra and Rose De
Ruyck; Occupation Pharmacist, Belleville Pharmacy. Educated at
Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, Ohio Class of 1929, pharmacy
degree Purdue University 1942.
              I    Timothy Elliott, [10]  born 4 Nov. 1948 at South Bend,
                   Ind. educ. St. Joseph High School Class of 1966.
                   Graduated Purdue Univ, Class of 1970, Civil Engineer,
                   M.S. degree Sanitary Engineering Purdue 1971.

21726. Edwin Layfayette Carpenter II

E-MAIL: Thu, 11 Jan 2001
From: Bruce E. Carpenter
To:     "John Carpenter"
Add to Edwin L. Carpenter,  b. July 9, 1910
Edwin L. Carpenter was nicknamed "suger". He and his siblings were all
nicknamed by William Bancroft Carpenter, the brother of renowned writer and Columbia University
professor, George Rice Carpenter.
Edwin L. Carpenter was a grocery retailer and worked for both Brockleman
Brothers and Stop and Shop.  d. June 6, 1892            <--------- (SHOULD BE 1992???)
married Grace Rita Fanning (b. July 28, 1918) August 8, 1938
Brian Wells Carpenter, b. 1940
Donna Marie Carpenter, b. 1943
Neil Francis Carpenter, b. December 12, 1945 (twin)

21734. Beatrice Lenore Carpenter

Married 4 times.
Beatrice Lenore Carpenter (Isa Kimberly, Rosannah Isabel, Ebener Jordan, Daniel Trundy) was born 23 September 1889 at Gaylord, Ostego County, Michigan.  She married #1 Dummy Maxson, #2 Roy Cullies Matthews on 13 June 1914 the son of William Herbert Matthews and Katie Yates.  #3 Edwin Hansuld in 1928.  Beatrice divorced Edwin Hansuld after 17 years and married her old fling #4 Leslie Hunt.  Beatrice died 1964 at Gladstone, Delta County, Michigan as Mrs Leslie Hunt and is buried next to him in the Fernwood Cemetery, 3108 South Hill Road, Gladstone, Delta County, Michigan.  Leslie had died 1949-50 in Detroit, Michigan.

Note: Leslie Hunt had a bad heart, early in the morning Beatrice found him dead on the front sidewalk, he had carried a 50lb bag of cement up from the basement to repair a corner of the walk.  Edwin Hansuld is remembered "as a wonderful man, and step-father" by Beatrice Roberts "January 2002". He was Canadian born, his family lived around the Ontario area.

DEATH:  Two different locations given for death;
Detroit, Wayne, MI
Gladstone, Delta County, MI