Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


32929. George Albert Carpenter

Number 1087-6 in the Timothy Carpenter book.
Buried in Lot 687, La Sol Plot.

32931. Ralph Welk Carpenter

Number 1089-6 in the Timothy Carpenter book.
Had at least one child.

40134. Raymond Carpenter

Number 1598-7 in the Timothy Carpenter book.

32932. Stephen Decatur Carpenter

Number 1090-6 in the Timothy Carpenter book.
Stephen is referred to as Stephen Decatur 2nd by family members.
A World War One Canadian Army soldier, he received a medal from England's King
George and the Croix de Guerre with star from the French goverment.  He was
wounded seven times in war action.
He resided in Long Beach, CA in 1970.  He provided the compiler (of the above
record) with numerous articles and data about his granfather Stephen.

40135. Mary Donna Carpenter

Number 1599-7 in the Timothy Carpenter book.

32950. Samuel Edward Dean

He was President of Dean Milk Company in Chicago.

40141. Helen Grumhouse Dean

Helen had two sons Peter and David.

40142. Samuel Dean

Samuel married a Dorothy ? and adopted two children.

40143. Howard Dean

Howard married Betty ? and had three sons.

40144. Steward Dean

Steward married Cora ? and had three sons.

40145. Patricia Dean

Patricia married John Rockwood and had three sons and a daughter.

32951. Charles Edwin Dean

Married and adopted one child.

40146. Virginia Dean


40149. Esther Smith


40150. Glenn Smith


40151. Harry Smith


40152. Beatrice Burroughs

Killed in an auto accident.

40153. Thomas Burroughs

Killed in an auto accident.

40155. John Alexander Burrows

John had children Stephen and David.

40157. Dorothy Edith Burrows

Dorothy had a child named Arthur, Jr.

40158. Harold Burrows

No children.

40160. Edna Burrows

married twice, no children.

40163. Leah Sybil Pierce

Leah had no children.