Group 3 - Descendants of William Carpenter-98-
Father of William Carpenter-584 (b. abt 1605)


Gustav Harry F. Fabbe

NAME: Middle name listed as F'son.  Is this short for Fabbeson?
But he went by "Harry." He was Editor of Svenska Posten.

39047. Mary Darrow

Mary is in rehab (6/98).  She was delivered by her grandfather Dr. F.L. Darrow.

45781. John Coward

Died of gunshot wounds.

39059. George Junior Carpenter

He was a Auto Shop Manager and had some college.  He divorced his first wife.
He served in the Marine Air Corps as a Aviation Mechanic Master Technical
Sergeant during World War II.  He died of stomach cancer at age 70.
!FROM: JOHN CARPENTER of England ca. 1300 Family History Report by Wayne
Carpenter, Findlay, Ohio - 27 May 1998.