Group 7 - Descendants of the Speculative Anthony Carpenter-122905 of Virginia and places westward


The VERY SPECULATED descendants of Anthony Carpenter "READ NOTES!" born maybe 1675ish and of Virginia. Group 7 is part of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.

This line is to believed to be of English origin. And there is a possibility of a dual ancestry coming from England but this is unclear.

The number after the surname is a record information number (RIN) from the Carpenter Cousins Project master genealogical database. See: The Carpenter Cousins Project

These Descendant lineages include those who have been Y-DNA tested and are part of Group 7 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.

These Group 7 descendants are in two categories.
1) Those both genetically and genealogically connected. This includes those who are reasonably believed to be related but are not proved. Read their NOTES.
2) Those that match genetically but are NOT connected genealogically. These are listed like children as DETACHED GENEALOGICALLY. This is a technique to provide their lineages in an to recognize them.
AGAIN, the DETACHED lines are connected genetically only. Group 7 is genetically distinct from other Carpenter/Zimmerman groups within the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.

See much more at the Carpenter Cousins web page at: - The Carpenter Cousins Project The Carpenter Cousins Project is part of the Guild of One Name Studies

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a working research file and contains emails, notes and comments by researchers on this line.

This file does and will contain mistakes. Verification is always needed of any data.
Generally speaking, the better the documentation, the better the data is. READ THE NOTES!

Names have been retained for those living, but other details have been removed for privacy.

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Prepared by:

John R Carpenter
La Mesa, CA USA

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