Group 7 Descendants of Anthony Carpenter - THE VERY SPECULATED Progenitor of Group 7 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.


1514. William A. Carpenter

Married with one child.
Born either KY or IA

1515. Josephine or Josie Carpenter

Born either KY or IA

1516. Cecil Carpenter

Born either KY or IA

1517. Florence or Sis Carpenter

Born either KY or IA

1518. Ruth or Dottie Carpenter

Born either KY or IA

1519. Della Carpenter

Born either KY or IA

1520. Minfie Carpenter

Born either KY or IA

John Benjamin Franklin Brown

NAME: Full names is: John Benjamin Franklin Harrison /BROWN/

1527. Benjamin Harrison Carpenter

Benjamin had four children: #1 a male had 3 spouses, #2 a female had 1,
#3 a female had 2, and #4 another female had 3 of which the first was named
Norman Francis Hitchcock.

705. Peter Wade Carpenter

Descendants of this person supplied by:  Nellie (Carpenter) Hardway of Farmington, WV in a letter dated 27 Dec 2001.

728. Anna Gabbard

1910 Breathitt Co., KY census has year as 1858.

737. Susan Ann Belle Carpenter

1900 Brownstown Twp, Jackson Co, IN census Pg 19A has year as 1856.
1930 Brownstown, Jackson Co, IN census Pg 43B has year as 1856.

John Isaac Kindred

1900 Brownstown Twp, Jackson Co, IN census Pg 19A has abt 1852.

Marriage Notes for Susan Ann Belle Carpenter and John Isaac Kindred

Married at home (Fielding and Marium's) with Allen Hunter and Joseph Rus?
Married by Isaac Jones of Baptist Church.

1578. Fielden Steve Kindred

1900 Brownstown Twp, Jackson Co, IN census Pg 19A has name as Felix.

741. Peter T. "Arthur" Carpenter

Worked as a miller at a gristmill in 1930.
Retired saw mill operator.

Heart disease. Georgia Benge was informant.

Nancy "Nannie" Powell

Pilot Knob Cem records has year as 1873.
1900 Madison Co., KY census Pg 116A has year as 1873.
1920 Madison Co., KY census ED 101-7-A has year as 1874.
1930 Yates, Madison Co, KY census Pg 129B has year as 1875.

Died of cancer of the stomach.

Marriage Notes for Peter T. "Arthur" Carpenter and Nancy "Nannie" Powell

Married at Moses Estes home. William C. Todd and James Carpenter werewitnesses.

1590. Odas P. Carpenter

PFC Co. B345 WWII Infantry Reg.

Pilot Knob Cem. records show date as 3/19/62.

742. Charles "Charlie" Carpenter

Laborer. 1900 census shows he was a farmer. Owned their own farm free andclear. Came to Ohio in aprox. 1913. Did not find where he bought land inMadison Co. Ky.
Grandma Dorothy Carpenter said she heard Charles was asthmatic and didn'twork much although he could father a lot of kids. Kids and wife had to doall the work. Also, that Martha Lakes Reece (His sister-in-law) talkedthem int coming to Ohio so they could help them on their farm sinceCharles couldn't work much.
Grand-daughter Helen Sundo Morris said Charles could recite the bible.Possibly had a brother that was a traveling preacher.  Could this beGeorge??

Death cert. contradicts this year but the 1870 census proves it.  A familybible held by Evans family shows Charlie's birth as 1869.

died of pneumonia

Sarah Jane Ennis Lakes

Could read and write. Up to 1900, they had 5 children. 2 had died. Sheworked for Carl Emmert's mother at one time per Grandma Dorothy GauCarpenter.

Death cert. said Monroe, Ind. and 1900 Ky.census said Ky. 1880 Ky censusfigures birth in 1868. Family bible shows year as 1867.
1900 Madison Co., KY census Pg 147B has year as 1866.

Lived here for 6 mo. Died of Cerebral thrombosis and arteriosclerosis atthe Shady Lawn Rest Home.

Marriage Notes for Charles "Charlie" Carpenter and Sarah Jane Ennis Lakes

Married by E.J.Baker at his home. Witness John W. Reece and Jap Coyle andothers.

1591. Emine D. Carpenter

1895 was copied by dad out of Charles Carpenter bible.  Has to be 1894 ifyou compare to when William Andrew was born.