Group 8 - Descendants of Jonathan Carpenter-135818
of Still Run, Spotsylvania County, Virginia


1. Jonathan Carpenter

Group 8 of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project..
Does this line come from Cornwall or Devonshire?
Jonathan was of Still Run, Tidewater Virginia Carpenters.

T. L. Carpenter:  "Some Descendants of Jonathan Carpenter of Still Run, Spotsylvania Co. VA"

Jonathan Carpenter Sr., born c1710-1720, died c1763 in Spotsylvania Co. VA, settled some time before 1750 on Still Run in Spotsylvania Co. VA.  A record of his death is provided by the appointment of his widow as administrator of his estate on 7 Nov 1763.  He married c1735-1745 to Jane, whose maiden name is not proved.  Jonathan Carpenter Sr. and presumably his wife Jane if she was his only wife are believed to have had eight sons, of whom we have placed six: five in VA and one in OH.  The "missing" son in VA could be William Carpenter of Loudoun Co. VA, Joseph Carpenter of 1810 Washington Co. VA, Richard Carpenter of 1810 Washington Co. VA, or William Carpenter of Brunswick Co. VA, and it is also possible that one or more of the sons was one of the early Carpenters in southern MD.  The placed descendants are:
1. Jonathan Carpenter Jr., born c1742-1747, died 1798, married first c1770 to Susannah Lea, second c1787 to widow Elizabeth (née Montague) Trigg.  Children:
1a. Rhoda Carpenter, born 1770, married Thomas Duvall.
1b. John Carpenter, born 20 Mar 1772, married first Polly Duvall, second Frances Norwood.
1c. Zaccheus Carpenter, born 20 Jan 1774, died 3 Jan 1863.
1d. Jesse Carpenter, born c1779, married Susannah Edwards.
1e. Francis Carpenter, born c1774-1797, resided in Fayette Co. KY in 1798.
1f. Nancy Carpenter, born c1774-1797, resided in Fayette Co. KY in 1798.
1g. Jonathan Carpenter III, born c1785 in VA, died c1853 in Platte Co. MO [WMP].  Census and other records indicate these children [TLC]:
1g1. (Son) Carpenter, born c1800-1810 -- possibly Lemuel Carpenter, born c1808 in KY -- his placement here is supported by Y-DNA evidence, but some other evidence conflicts with this placement. Son:
1g1b. José Antonio Carpenter, born c1841 -- he might be MC12's Joseph Antonio Carpenter, born 1837, died c1886 [MC12]; children [MC12]:
1g1b2. Arthur Lewis Carpenter, born 1874, died 1932 in CA [MC12].
1g1b2b. Arthur Lewis Carpenter Jr., born 1904, died 1966 in CA [MC12], father of:
1g1b2b1. FTDNA #66183, born c1932, living in 2008 [MC12] -- his Y-DNA does not support his placement in this family -- he is a genetic distance of 21 from #17908.
1g1b3. Joseph Carpenter, born c1875, possible father of:
1g1b3a. Lemuel J. Carpenter, born 1904, died 1957, father of:
1g1b3a1. Robert L. Carpenter, born c1928, living 2004, father of:
1g1b3a1x. FTDNA #17908 -- his Y-DNA evidence indicates his family belongs genetically to the same group as Jonathan of Still Run, but unfortunately for his fellow descendants, he refuses to correspond about his family history so the above lineage remains speculative and unproved.
1h. James Carpenter, born 13 Aug 1789 in VA, married Elizabeth Anderson.
1i. Elizabeth B. Carpenter, born 31 Jan 1797, died 1859.
1j. Jane Carpenter, born c1774-1797, died without progeny in 1808, interred in VA.
2. John Carpenter, born c1743-1745 in Spotsylvania Co. VA, died in 1803 in Louisa Co. VA, married c1771 to Mary _?_.  Children [CFC2:4]:
2a. Elizabeth Carpenter, born c1772, married Thomas Bibb.
2b. Sarah Carpenter, born c1774, married John Turner [MHH].
2c. Elijah Carpenter, born c1776, died c1818.
2d. William Carpenter, born c1775-1778, died 30 May 1852 in Washington Co. VA.
2e. Frances Carpenter, born c1780, of age in 1803, married Enos Gunter.
2f. Mary 'Polly' Carpenter, born c1782, of age in 1803, married John Gunter Jr.
2g. John Fulcher Carpenter, born 6 Apr 1785, died 15 Dec 1835.
2h. Jonathan Carpenter, born c1786, died young.
2i. Nancy Carpenter, born c1788, married John Lucas.
2j. Clifton Carpenter, born c1790, died c1821 [TLC19].  
2k? Asa Carpenter, born c1795.
X?. William Carpenter -- possibly William Carpenter born c1750, died in 1825, married c1775-1780 to Amelia _?_, who in 1778 witnessed a deed and in 1781 a codicil to a will in Spotsylvania Co. VA. In 1792 he was deeded fourteen acres in Frederick Co. VA by Lord Fairfax of Leeds Castle, County of Kent, Kingdom of Great Britain, with the deed naming his sons. He was enumerated in Loudoun Co. VA in 1810 and 1820.  He left a will dividing his land and slaves among five children:
X?a. James Carpenter, born probably c1775-1780.
X?b. William Carpenter Jr., born c1780, died in 1826 in Loudoun Co. VA; posited son:
X?b1. John Deskin Carpenter, born c1816 in Loudoun Co. VA, married Jennet Trotter; children include [LC1]:
X?b1b. James I. Carpenter, born 1843, died 1927 [LC11], father of [LC11]:
X?b1b3. Willie K. Carpenter, born 1883, died 1961, father of [LC11]:
X?b1b3x. Charles D. Carpenter, born 1930, living 2009, father of [LC11]:
X?b1b3xX. FTDNA #148504, who matches Carpenter Y-DNA No. 98F3E below.
X?b1g. Isaac A. Carpenter, born c1853, married Martha _?_, children include:
X?b1gX. Charles C. Carpenter, born 1897, died 1968, father of [LC]:
X?b1gXx. David C. Carpenter, born 1938, living 2009, father of [LC]:
X?b1gXxX. Carpenter Y-DNA No. 98F3E, born 1961 WV, living -- his Y-DNA suggests this line belongs in the Tidewater Virginia group, Group 8 in the Carpenter Y-DNA study, matching FTDNA #148504 above.
X?c. Mary Carpenter, born c1785-1795, married Phineas Thomas.
X?d. John Carpenter, born c1789-1790, died 1854 in Clarke Co. VA.
X?e. Nancy Carpenter, married George Keen or Keene.
3. George Carpenter, probably born c1750-1755, moved to Belmont Co. OH [MM4], where he died c1815, married Elizabeth _?_.  Proved and possible children include:
3a. Sarah Elizabeth Carpenter, born c1780, married first Samuel Gilpin, second William George.
3b. Jonathan Carpenter, born c1782-1788 in VA, died in 1859 in Belmont Co. OH.
3c. Thomas Carpenter, mentioned in his father's will, no further information.
3d. Mary Carpenter, born probably c1777, married John Pickering.
3e. Amelia Carpenter, born c1786 in VA, married Joseph Fawcett.
3f. Catherine Carpenter, born c1791 in VA, George Sanderson Brock.
3g. Walker Carpenter, born c1793 [MCC].
4. Nathaniel Carpenter Sr., born c1755, died c1828-1829, served as a Corporal in the Virginia Continental Line in the American Revolutionary War [JLCJ3, CAC2], married first Mary E. Fulcher, second Lydia Bagby.  Proved and posited children:
4a. Joseph Fulcher Carpenter, born c1777, married first Jane Southerland, second Nancy Smith.
4b. John F. Carpenter [C&L], born 1 Apr 1781, died 20 May 1853 [AL, JLA].
4c. Matthew H. Carpenter, born c1789, died 12 Mar 1837 in Arlington Co. VA.
4d. Nathaniel Carpenter jr., born c1790-1800, died c1828 in Todd Co. KY.
4e. Ann F. Carpenter, born c1800, married Dr. William Lewis.
?4f. William Fulcher Carpenter, born c1800-1810, died in 1824 at Richmond, Henrico Co. VA.
4g. Claiborne Carpenter, born c1803, married Cornelia Woolfolk.
4h. Mary E. Carpenter, born c1805, married Tandy Gilliam.
?4i. Robert J. Carpenter, born c1807, resided 1850-1880 in Madison Co. TN.  
4j. Elizabeth 'Betty' Carpenter, born probably c1809, married James Walker Carpenter, her first cousin.
4k. Sarah J. Carpenter, born probably c1812, married William Armstrong.
4l. Lewis F. Carpenter, born 20 Feb 1819 in Loudoun Co. VA, died 3 Mar 1907 in Frederick Co. VA [D-P&M].
4m. Frances 'Fanny' Carpenter, born c1820, married William Humphries or Humphreys.
5.  Philip Carpenter, born before 1750 in VA, died c1821-1824, married Ann or Joanna _?_; his LW&T names his children [IMC]:
5a. William Carpenter, born c1776 in Caroline Co. VA, died 7 Apr 1855 in Louisa Co. VA [JLA].
5b. James Carpenter, born c1782, died 17 Jun 1865.
5c. Jonathan Carpenter, born c1780, died in Fayette Co. TN in 1845.
5d. Judith G. Carpenter, born c1778, married Lewis Nuckolls.
5e. Pleasant Carpenter, born c1779 in Caroline Co. VA.
5f. Sarah 'Sally' Carpenter, born c1780, married Richard Byrd.
5g. Susanna Carpenter, born 13 Aug 1784, married John Hendrick.
6. Mathew Carpenter, born before 1760, died c4 Dec 1813 married c1776 to Sarah Beazley, parents of:
6a. Elizabeth Carpenter, born c1779, married John M. McKenney.
6b. Henry Carpenter, born 9 Mar 1782, married Mary Beazley.
6c. John Carpenter, probably born c1782-1791.
6d. Charles Carpenter, born 20 Mar 1792 in Spotsylvania Co. VA, died 3 or 8 Sep 1854 at Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co. OH [SMS].
6e. William H. Carpenter, born c1794 in Spotsylvania Co. VA, father of:
6e1. John Samuel Carpenter, born 1844, father of:
6e1c. James Samuel Carpenter, born 1872, father of:
6e1c3. James Linwood Carpenter, born 1903, father of:
6e1c3a. James Linwood Carpenter Jr. [JLCJ3], born 1925, deceased: FTDNA #8026.  Children:
6f. Jonathan Carpenter, born 10 Mar 1795 in Spotsylvania Co., died 27 Mar 1882 in Rappahannock Co. VA.
6g. Mary B. Carpenter, born 30 Jul 1797, James M. Beazley.
7. Elizabeth Carpenter, married c1800 John J. McKenney.
8. (Daughter) Carpenter who married Henry Beazle}.
9. Charles Carpenter, identified as "Uncle Charles" in correspondence of Jonathan Carpenter -- but could have been Uncle Charles Ball, not a Carpenter.
10. Jesse Carpenter, born c1760, JLCJ3 states that available records indicate he moved to KY about 1800.

6. Carpenter

BIRTH:  Any time between 1745ish to 1760.  I am using 1750 since the program does not allow more than a 10 year spread.

8. (Daughter) Carpenter who married Henry Beazle}.

11. Jesse Carpenter

10. Jesse Carpenter, born c1760, JLCJ3 states that available records indicate he moved to KY about 1800.