Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, that part now in Bristol County, MA


89. Joshua Carpenter

SPOUSE: Was his wife Hannah Ludham/Ludlum?  Dawn Davies Carpenter of
CA indicates this may be so.  However, she provides no proof.  It is an
interesting theory.     (SHE MAY BE RIGHT)

E-MAIL: Dawn Carpenter
Date: Tuesday, September 05, 2000
Subject: Marriage of Joshua Carpenter, NY
>About  the marriages of Joshua Carpenter, Jamaica, NY and Joshua Carpenter,
>Goshen, NY and I forgot to include this;
>NEW YORK CITY WILLS, 1744-1758 p. 208
>"In the name of God, Amen, I Henry Ludlam, of Jamaica, in Queens County,
>yeoman, being sick.  I leave to my wife Damaris, the use of 1/3 of all the
>buildings and my two orchards and meadow land and all my cleared lands,
>liberty of getting fencing stuff out of my wood land and her firewood.  And
>she is to have 1/3 debts due me, two cows and my best horse, and my riding
>chaise, and 1/3 of all my meat and grain.  I leave to my two sisters, Ruth
>Smith, of Jamaica, widow and Hannah, wife of Joshua Carpenter, of the same
>place, the other 2/3 thirds of all land and estate, during their lives, and
>then to William and Thomas Smith, sons of my sister, Ruth Smith, and to her
>grandsons, john and Ludlam Smith, and to the six daughters of my sister
>Hannah Carpenter, Ruth, Hannah, Judith, Rachel, Millicent, and Sarah.  And
>the said John smith shall give to his brother, Howell Smith, and to his two
>sisters, Millicent and Hannah Smith, each oe10.  I make my cousin, William
>Ludlum, and mt brother-in-law Joshua Carpenter, excutors.
>Shows that Joshua of Jamaica was married to Hannah Ludlum.

Hannah Ludham

MAJOR change in spouse. She was linked to the wrong Joshua. See below.

NAME: LUDHAM in the AF and LUDLOW in the Carpenter and Related Family
Historical Journal. LUDHAM or LUDLUM per Dawn Carpenter.

SPOUSE: Dawn Davies Carpenter of Lakeside, CA indicates that this Hannah
Ludham/Ludlum may be the spouse of Joshua Carpenter born circa 1701, the
uncle of the Joshua born in 1740 (currently listed as spouse).
However, she provides no proof.  It is an interesting theory that need to be researched more.  See next.

From: "Dennis Carpenter"
To: "John R. Carpenter"
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 5:34 AM
Subject: Re: Benjamin C. Carpenter d. 26 May 1846 will and family
>   The will of Henry Ludlam of Jamaica, Queens Co., dated May 27, 1752,
> mentions sister Hannah, wife of Joshua Carpenter.   Also mentions 6
> daughers of sister, Hannah Carpenter, Ruth, Hannah, Judith, Milicent and
> Sarah.
>   This can not be the same Joshua Carpenter named in the will of Samuel
> Carpenter of Goshen, who was not of age on June 21, 1752.
>   Joshua Carpenter died at Jamaica on or before May 21, 1784.  (The
> origin and history of Grace Church, Jamaica, New York;  Horatio O. Ladd,
> 1914;  page 357; Book of Burials).
>   His wife, Hannah Ludlam, was possibly a daughter of John and Ruth
> (Carpenter) Ludlam.

93. John Carpenter Capt.

Number 338 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87
Not found in AF, no family in CM, probably died before age of majority?

The Carpenter and Related Family Historical Journal (1995 Vol. 5, No. 9)
indicates he married.  He is believed to be a Patriot.  He may have had two
sons, one who was killed making gunpowder for the navy.

From: "frank bradner"
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 5:27 PM
Subject: Carpenter Data - Joseph Carpenter & Susanna
> John ..... thanks so much for the ROM data. I finally got this
> straightened out with the help of 2 other great contributors. It seems
> my coauthor of the Bradner Genealogy had the Carpenters all messed up.
> I DO have some problems with the ROM data though .....
> 1) I Have John, son of Joseph and Susanna marrying Susanna Turner, not
> Fanny McGarrahan.

Susanna Turner

Capt John Carpenter(2) - b. 1735 - Chester, NY ; d. Feb 25, 1805 ; bur Christ Church, Chaptico
    St. Marys Co, MD
    Marr Susanna Turner - b. 1749 ; d. Sep 16, 1805 ; bur Chaptico
    1)  William Carpenter(3) -  b. 1790 ; d. 1884 - St Marys Co, MD
          On Feb 9, 1824 marr Ann Attoway Hayden.
          1) Susanna E. Carpenter(4) - b. 1829. Marr Zachariah Brown
          2) Amanda R. Carpenter(4) - b. 1833. Marr A.T. Maupin in 1858
          3) Matilda Carpenter(4)
          4) Rebecca Carpenter(4)
     2) George Alexander Carpenter(3) - b. Feb 25, 1792 ; d. July 21, 1852
          On Dec 16, 1822 marr  Eleanor Hayden - b. Sep 12, 1801 ; d. Jan 20, 1879
          1) Susanna Rebecca Carpenter(4) - b. Sep 30, 1823 ; d. Dec 28, 1863
          2) John Edward Carpenter(4) - b. Feb 5, 1825 ; d. Mar 20, 1892
               Marr 1) Sarah Catherine Swann Posey
                             Dau: Mary Carpenter(5)
               Marr 2) Catherine Swann Posey on Nov 7, 1853 - St Marys Co, MD
                             Son: Thomas M. Carpenter(5)
          3) Mary Elisa Carpenter(4) - b. Jan 5, 1827 ; d. May 24, 1899
               Marr _____ Budd.
          4) Samuel Parish Carpenter(4) - b. Sep 12, 1828 ; d. Oct 13, 1836
          5) George Henning Carpenter(4) - b. Aug 27, 1830 ; d. May 6, 1896 - Baltimore
          6) Joseph Carpenter(4) - b. Nov 27, 1832 ; d. June 20, 1853
          7) Thomas Benjamin Carpenter(4)  - b.June 10, 1834 ; Feb 1, 1847
          8) Charles Lewis Carpenter(4) - b. Mar 9, 1836 ; d. May 1864
          9) Nathaniel Evans Carpenter(4) - b. Feb 2, 1838 ; d. Apr 8, 1899
          10) James Walter Carpenter(4) - b. Feb 2, 1840 ; d. Feb 2, 1898
                 On Oct 21 1873 at St. Marys Co., MD marr. Alice L. Bunting (b. 1852)
                 1) Ogden Carpenter(4) - d. infancy
                 2) Bertha Carpenter(4) - d. infancy
         11) Jane E. Carpenter(4) - d. infancy
         12) Frances Asbury Carpenter(4) - b. July 6, 1844 ; d. Jan 3, 1897
         13) Laura Maryland Carpenter(4) - b. June 7, 1845 ; d. May 12, 1867
         14) Thomas Lemmon Carpenter(4) - b. June 6, 1847 ; d. Mar 16, 1904
      3) Eleanor Carpenter(3) -
      4) Susanna Carpenter(3) -
          Marr Thomas Turner
      5) Rebecca Carpenter(3)
      6) Edward Turner Carpenter(3) -
      7) Charles Carpenter(3) -b. St Marys, MD ; 1823
           Marr _____ Cahill
           1) Mary Ellen Carpenter(4) - b. 1817 ; d. 1831
           2) Elizabeth Catherine Carpenter(4) - b. Sep 17, 1823 ; d. Jan 20, 1893; bur
               Christ Church, Chaptico, St Marys Co, MD
               Marr Hezekiah Garner Hayden.
               1) Elizabeth (Betty) Hayden(5)
               2) Oscar Garner Hayden(5)
               3) Catherine Ann Hayden(5)
               4) George C. Hayden(5)
               5) Mary Amanda Hayden(5)
               6) Sarah Sally Hayden
               7) Eliza Hayden(5)
               8) Anne (Nanny) Hayden(5)
               9) Samuel G. Hayden(5)
               10) Peregrine Hayden(5)
               11) Rebecca Hayden(5)
               12) Webster Hayden(5)
      8) James Carpenter(3)
      9) Henry Carpenter(3)

94. Colville or Calwell or Calvin Carpenter

Number 336 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87
Family on page 161 (#149)
His name is listed as Calvin, Colvin, Colvell, and Colwell, but the AF has his name as Colville named after a relative.
He served in the Revolution and was in Captain Casey's company: He was assessed in Chester in 1775.
He was born in Hempstead, LI per the Carpenter Memorial but the Carpenter and Related Family Historical Journal (1995 Vol. 5, No. 9) indicates Chester, NY.

The will of Calvin was dated Aug. 25, 1805, proved Dec. 23, 1815. 2  SOUR S203 3  TEXT pg 161
1  MILI Calvin served in the Revolutionary War and was in Captain Casey's Company;  he was assessed in Chester in 1775.  We find his name written Calvin, Colvin and Colvell, but Calvin is probably the correct name?
1  MILI 1  MILI 2  SOUR S203

95. Sarah Carpenter

Number 87 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 62.
First name might be Sarah.  It is unknown in the Carpenter Memorial.
She married a Smith and had a son named John Smith, and a grandson named
William Smith.

96. John Carpenter

Number 88 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 62.
Family on page 781 (#1669)

The history of Orange county, NY mentions John Carpenter as being one of the
first settlers of Goshen, NY.  AND this John must have been a son of William of
Hempstead, as a John Carpenter of Goshen sold Daniel, the son of William, the
third of land given by William of Hempstead to his son John.  John Carpenter of
Goshen, Orange county, NY sold land to Daniel Carpenter of Hempstead, LI on
April 5, 1751: thus showing conclusively that John and Daniel were the sons of
William and that John went to Goshen at an early day.

Will dated 17 Sept 1767 and proven 27 June 1787 signed in Blooming Grove,
NY.  Will mentions wife, Rachel, sons Elijah and William, granson Matthew.  The
two sons were made executors of the will.

Only six children listed for family in the CM and CARFHJ.
See notes for his son, Elijah.

505. William Carpenter

Number 8323b in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 781. A Husbandman.
No family listed.  Known as William of Cornwall, New York.

506. Elijah Carpenter

Number 8323c in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 781.
No family listed.  Known as Elijah of Blooming Grove, near Conwell, New York.
!WILL: Will proven in 1813 does not mention wife or children.  It mentions
brother William deceased, kinsman Elijah (Number 8347 of the Carpenter
Memorial), eldest son of his nephew Matthew of the county Tioga, Amra wife of
James Harton, Rachel widow of Edward Howell and elizabeth daughter of Julia

A Patriot who signed the Cornwell Precinct "Revolutionary War Pledge".

508. Rachel Carpenter

Number 8323e in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 781.

509. Amira or Almira Carpenter

Number 8323f in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 781.
Amira in the CM and Almira in other records.

97. Daniel Carpenter

Number 89 on page 62 in the CARPENTER MEMORIAL.
Family on page 86 (#50)
Daniel married Sarah or Margaret Hall in 1752 and purchased a large farm in
Dutchess county, NY in 1753 and died there.  His will divides his property
amongst his nine children.
Daniel was the first of this family who settled in Duchess county.  He became a
resident of Crom elbow precinct in 1752, having purchased land in the Great
Nine Partners upon which he resided until his death in 1777.
Daniel was married at least twice. Once about 1729 and then in 1752.  He
probably married sisters.  IE Sarah AND Margaret.

Sarah Hall

Died about the time of her last child was born.

511. William Carpenter

Number 328 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 86.
Family listed as # 146 but on page 160 a note says child number 967 and family
# 146 is dropped.
!He is listed in the Carpenter and Related Family Historical
Journal, Vol. 5, winter 1994, Number 7, page 417.

513. Sarah Carpenter

Number 330 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87

514. Elizabeth Carpenter

Number 331 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87

515. Hannah Carpenter

Number 332 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87

516. Abigail Carpenter

Number 333 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 87
Not married before she died.

519. Morgan Carpenter

MAY or may not be a child in this family.  May have died young.

98. Elizabeth Carpenter

Number 90 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 62.

520. Sarah Bedell

Per the Carpenter Memorial on page 62 under number 90:
"They had a daughter Sarah who m. Peter Cooper."
Peter Cooper was born 12 Feb 1791, NY and married Miss Sarah Bedell of
Hempstead, LI, Dec. 1813.   She died in 1869.
This Sarah's parents were born in the abt 1691 and Sarah abt 1730.  Thus This
Sarah could not have married Peter Cooper as indicated by the Carpenter

UNLESS at age 83 she convinced a youthful 22 year old male
to marry her and she lived to be 139 years of age!

106. Elizabeth Titus

DEATH: 11 Apr 1714 is her husband's mother's death date.