Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


4355. Henry Carpenter

Resided in Amboy, ,IL

9432. Julius Jehiel Carpenter

Resided in ,,MI.

9433. Warren Wallace Carpenter

Resided in Fair Haven,,VT.

9434. Benjamin Franklin Trask

Benjamin was killed.

9436. Mary D. E. Trask

She was matron of the soldiers' home annex, Grand Rapids, ,MI.

9437. Volney Trask

Resided in Alvaretta, Ok.

9438. James R. Trask

Resided in Harvard, Kent  ,MI

4358. Warren Carpenter

Resided in Clymer, ,NY

9439. Arvilla Chloe Carpenter

Resided in Clymer,,NY.

9440. Amarilla Carpenter

Resided in Clymer,,NY.

9448. Lucia A. Carpenter

Resided at 79 Grand St., Lockport, N.Y.

9449. Samuel A. Carpenter

Resided in Buffalo, ,NY

Mary Berryman

NAME: Her last name could have been spelled Berryean.

Robert Gibson Hinckley

He was reported as residing at 411 Elm St., Dallas, Tex.

9452. Walter R. Hinckley

He resided in Dallas, Tex., and was in the hardware business.

Anna Lusk

Anna was the sister of Charity Lusk who married Frederick's
brother Austin.

9453. 3 Carpenter

Died in infancy.

Nathaniel Redinghouse Thatcher

"Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel R. Thatcher celebrated the sixtieth
anniversary of their wedding at their home, No.334 Kensington
Avenue, Tuesday, May 12, 1896.     Mr. Thatcher was born in New
Jersey, March 14, 1812. At the age of twenty-one he left New
Jersey to join a brother in Mt. Morris, New York.   Mrs.
Thatcher was Miss Lydia Carpenter, and was born near Rochester,
N. V., March 27.1819.  She was one of seventeen children, five
of whom are still living, Mrs. Thatcher being the eldest. They
came to Illinois, Oct. 18, 1845, and settled in Warrensville and
remained there two years and a half.  Then moved to Naperville
where Mr. Thatcher was in the nursery business for over twenty
years, being a member of the firm of Lewis Ellsworth & Co.  The
rooms were very prettily decorated with snowballs and red
peonies, lilies of the valley being the decorations for the
table. There were three generations at the dinner, Lewis having
four children. Air. and Mrs. George W. Waite of La Grange and
Mrs. S. M. Estes of ,IA Falls, ,IA, took dinner with the
family, having been friends for over fifty years, they being the
first acquaintances acquired by Mr. and Mrs.  hatcher after
reaching lllinois, and have kept the friendship alive ever
since, corresponding when separated.     Mrs. Thatcher wore a
very pretty dress of brown alpaca which was made twenty-five
years ago.     It was trimmed with ruffles, folds, and bows, had
large flowing sleeves and worn with dainty under sleeves of
white, tiny cuffs edged with tatting. The dress was made
entirely by hand.  She wore a large white embroidered kerchief
around her neck, held in place with a large oval breast pin,
representing the costume of "Auld Lang Sync."     Mr. Thatcher
has enjoyed excellent health until within the
last year, since which time his health has been greatly
enfeebled. Mrs. Thatcher has always been very frail and
delicate. but keeps up wonderfully for one of her years. A large
number of  friends called to offer them congratulations upon
having enjoyed such unusual Iong and happy married life, a
sexagesimal marriage anniversary being a blessing seldom
conferred upon man.  Nathaniel R. Thatcher died at his home,  34
South Kensington avenue, La Grange, Nov.22, 1896,  aged 85. He
was one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of La
Grange. He was one of the few men whose word was considered as
good as his bond.     Rev. Dr. Thayer in conducting the
services, being personal  acquainted only a short period,
inquired of a neighbor
who had known him for 50 years, if Nathaniel R. Thatcher had
left a good record. He replied  "A record of pure gold, that
noblest work of God, an honest man."     He was brought up an
educated by Quaker parentage..   At the age of 21 he left New
Jersey to join a brother in Mt.  Morris, N. V. where he was
married to Lydia Carpenter and commenced their labors with small
beginnings but ended in leaving considerable estate. This family
of Thatcher spelt the name
with a "t," the Attleboro, MA family without the "t".

9454. Jennie May Thatcher

In 1897 she lived at La Grange, ,IL, a florist, she is much
interested in the family record and assisted the compiler in
obtaining the record of the family.  Pg 329.

4379. Lyman Carpenter

Number 2852 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 330.
Family on page 526  (# 823).
Resided in Ossian, Wells,.IN.

Lyman Carpenter, b. NY abt. 1823, on La Grange, IN 1850 census
Posted by: Julie Arney (ID *****8536) Date: July 28, 2002 at 12:36:33
Does anyone claim or recognize this Carpenter family?
STATE: IN COUNTY: LaGrange 1850 Census REFERENCE:West & East Lima Township
06504 1124 1131 COTHERILL Newell 38 M Farmer NY
06505 1124 1131 CARPENTER Lyman 27 M Farmer NY
06506 1124 1131 CARPENTER Betsey 23 F NY (Elizabeth Cothrell)
06507 1124 1131 CARPENTER William 6 M OH X
06508 1124 1131 CARPENTER Newton 4 M IN
06509 1124 1131 VAN ALSTINE Wm 25 M Laborer NY
06510 1124 1131 VAN ALSTINE Ellen 23 F NY
The Cothrell's are mine, and hard to track. Would love to hear from connected parties!
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Julie Arney

Betsey or Elizabeth Cotterill

Of Providence, Lucius, OH.

9456. William Carpenter

He was a member of Company A., 24th regiment of Indiana
volunteer infantry and was drowned in the Mississippi river near
the mouth of White river.

9461. Albert Carpenter

Resided in Kansas City, Mo.

9466. Charles A. Carpenter

Charles was blind from birth.  He was educated at the Fryburgh
institution for the blind at Indianapolis,,IN.

Horace B. Morgan

Of Lansing, ,MI

Frederick Sheldon

Resided in ,OH.

4383. Ira Carpenter

He resided in Hinsdale,,MI.