Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


5553. Joseph Carpenter

Number 3952 on page 429 in the Carpenter Memorial.
Family on page 618 to 620 (# 1068). A manufacturer and farmer.

He fought in the War of 1812.  He was a pensioner.  He and his wife
celebrated their golden wedding in 1863.

Nancy Mason Bullock

She was the eldest daughter of Abel Bullock.

11187. Nancy Mason Carpenter

Number 6213 on page 618 in the Carpenter Memorial.
Family on page 618 and 619.

11188. Sarah Martin Carpenter

Number 6214 on page 619 in the Carpenter Memorial.

11190. Lucy Bliss Carpenter

Number 6216 on page 619 in the Carpenter Memorial.
Family on same page.

See notes!

11193. Jane Buffum Carpenter A Twin

Number 6219 on page 620 in the Carpenter Memorial.

11195. Jane Buffum Carpenter

Number 6221 on page 620 in the Carpenter Memorial.

11196. Joseph Carpenter

Number 6222 on page 620 in the Carpenter Memorial.

11197. Albert Norton Carpenter

Number 6223 on page 620 in the Carpenter Memorial.

5559. Newton Albert Carpenter

Number 3958 on page 430 in the Carpenter Memorial.
Family on page (# 1070).
He is buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Boston.
Residence was in New York City.

CENSUS: 1880 US Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Elizabeth EVANS   Self   W   Female   W   60   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY
N. Albert CARPENTER   BroL   M   Male   W   76   NY   Farmer   NY   NY
Margaret CARPENTER   Sister   M   Female   W   72   NY      NY   NY
Emeline CARPENTER   Niece   W   Female   W   36   NY      NY   NY
William ACKERT   Other   S   Male   W   16   NY   Boarder   NY   NY
Source Information:
 Census Place Mount Hope, Orange, New York
 Family History Library Film   1254911
 NA Film Number   T9-0911
 Page Number   474C

5560. Green Carpenter

He settled in Greece, Monroe, NY.

CENSUS: 1850 US Census - See image: RIN 28177 Green Carpenter 1850.jpg
United States Census, 1850
Name: Green Carpenter
Residence: Clarkson, Monroe, New York
Age: 49 years
Calculated Birth Year: 1801
Birthplace: New York
Gender: Male
Race (original):  
Race (expanded):  
Death Month:  
Death Year:  
Film Number: 17104
Digital GS Number: 4197501
Image Number: 00021
Line Number: 11
Dwelling House Number: 109
Family Number: 112
Marital Status:  
Free or Slave:  
  Household Gender Age
   Green Carpenter  M 49y
 Paulina Carpenter  F 41y
 Louisa Carpenter  F 17y
 Augusta Carpenter  F 15y
 Mary Carpenter  F 8y
 Hellen Carpenter  F 5y
 Adelia Carpenter  F 2y

Pauline Hovey

NAME: Pauline or Paulina

1880 United States Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Paulina CARPENTER   Self   W   Female   W   71   NY   Keeping House   VT   MA
Mary CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   37   NY      NY   NY
Source Information:
 Census Place Greece, Monroe, New York
 Family History Library Film   1254861
 NA Film Number   T9-0861
 Page Number   153B

5562. Abdiel Bliss Carpenter Dr.

Doctor of Medicine.  He studied medicine under Dr. Anthony Gage in the Finger
Lakes Region.  Dr. Gage induce Abdiel to move to Greece, NY and continue his
studies under Dr. Millard B. Gage.   He later purchased Dr. Gages's practice
and set up his own practice in Greece, NY.  Along with his mdeical practice
Abdiel purchased a stable farm on Latta Road near North Greece, NY.
SEE: Dr. Abdiel B. Carpenter in the McIntosh History on Monroe County 1877.
"Among the prominent physicians of Monroe County, Dr. Abdiel B. Carpenter
enjoys an enviable reputation, having had a successful practice of thirty-four
years in the towns of Greece and Parma.  He has a wide circle of friends and
acquaintances, and commands universal respect and esteem."  The article gives
his birth, place where he studied, who he gave it to (his son) and a little
about his house and farm.  It notes he is sixty seven years old and "is in
the full enjoyment of health, wealth, and happiness to which long years of
industry and temperate habits so justly entitle him."

Dr. Abdiel delivered his second wife into the world, one of the first children
he delivered.

SEE: The following web page has his marriage date:

1880 United States Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
A. B. CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   71   NY   Retired Physician   VT   MA
Caroline E. CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   48   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY
Charles A. CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   17   NY      NY   NY
Annie E. CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   15   NY      NY   NY
Millie E. CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   13   NY      NY   NY
Maria RYAN   Other   S   Female   W   32   NY   Servant   IRE   IRE
Mary WELCH   Other   S   Female   W   33   IRE   Servant   IRE   IRE
Source Information:
 Census Place Greece, Monroe, New York
 Family History Library Film   1254861
 NA Film Number   T9-0861
 Page Number   147B

11207. Helen E. (Millie) Carpenter

NAME: went by "Nellie."  She never married.

11208. Anna E. (Annie) Carpenter

She married a Lambert of New Jersey, a millionare whose family prospered in
the silk business.  Anna Carpenter Lambert developed TB and lived most of her
adult life in the Saranac Lake area.  She is buried at Lambert Castle in New

11211. Frank Carpenter

Died during the Civil War.

11213. Babe Carpenter

Died at age 6 weeks. Name listed as "Babe."

11214. Jessie Carpenter

CENSUS:  IN the 1880 US Census with brother "A.M. Carpenter" in Greece, Monroe, NY.

5564. James Harvey Carpenter

He settled in Litchfield, OH.  In 1838 he moved to Ohio with his new wife.
Two of his sons died about the time his mother died.

5593. Augusta Louisa Carpenter

CENSUS: 1870 US Census - See brother Edward's notes.

5596. Mary Uletta Carpenter

CENSUS: 1880 US Census
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Mary YAWKEY Self  M Female W  46 VERMONT Keeping House VERMONT VERMONT
Source Information:
Census Place East Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan
Family History Library Film 1254602
NA Film Number T9-0602
Page Number 173A

E-MAIL: From:
Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 2:12 PM
Subject: [CARPENTER] Carpenter - Yawkey Marriage
The following appeared in the Genesee County, Michigan newspaper marriage
notices, 1850-1867:
17 Jan 1855, Samuel W. Yawkey, of Flint, to Mary U. Carpenter, daughter of
Gen. Carpenter, of Guilford, Vermont, in Guilford. (22 Jan 1855)
Citation:  Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, Vol. 47, No. 3 (Spring 1984)
Flora McRae - a descendant of Samuel and Roxalana Newton Carpenter

Mount Helix Park Foundation
The Mt. Helix Park and Nature Theatre was built in 1925 as a memorial to Mary Carpenter Yawkey.  In 1929 the Park was placed in the private Yawkey Trust (“Trust”) and dedicated for public use and enjoyment.  The Trust states that the property should be used “to promote knowledge and culture, to relieve the distressed in body, mind and/or spirit, to cultivate a love for the beautiful in art and nature, to foster an interest in and love of music and the drama, and to promote all things which tend to elevate and refine mankind.”
Mt. Helix Park Foundation is the non-profit organization responsible for preserving and enhancing the Park, amphitheater and cross memorial on top of Mt. Helix. The Foundation was formed in 1999. This was after a ACLU lawsuit that tried to remove the cross from the top of Mount Helix. Provisions in the private trust provided by the Yawkey family to the County of San Diego was invoked and a non-profit organization was set up.  A cross has been a top of Mount Helix since at least 1917.
Mt. Helix Park, the "Crown Jewel of East County," is truly a unique and historic site. Built as a memorial to Mary Carpenter Yawkey, Mt. Helix Park with its huge outdoor Amphitheatre nestled into the hillside below the magnificent 35-foot-tall Christian Cross crowning this 1,370 foot mountain peak, is one of the most recognized landmarks in San Diego County.
Inspiration for the Park
Mt. Helix Park was built in memory of Mary Carpenter Yawkey by her two children, Mary Yawkey White and Cyrus Carpenter Yawkey. Following her marriage to Fred White, Mary and her husband eventually moved to San Diego.
In the early 1900's Mary Carpenter Yawkey, who lived in Saginaw, Michigan, started visiting her daughter in San Diego and then lived with her during the last few years of her life. At that time Mt. Helix was barren, void of trees, and completely undeveloped, but according to Cyrus, his mother "loved to ascend to the summit and look upon the beautiful panorama of mesa, hills and sea spread out before her. It was her favorite drive, and frequently, in her later years, with a reverent and true love of nature, she came up the steep, winding trail where she might see the sunset in all its glory from the high summit."
The Mount Helix Cross
In the mid-1920's, Cyrus Carpenter Yawkey and Mary Yawkey White placed a 36-foot Latin cross on the summit of Mount Helix on privately owned land. The cross was erected as a memorial to Mary Carpenter Yawkey. Mt. Helix is one of the highest hills in San Diego County, and the cross is visible from a substantial distance. The cross also serves pilots as a navigational aid.
In 1929, Yawkey conveyed about 3.2 acres, including the cross and an amphitheatre, to San Diego County for uses and purposes specified in the deed. This county park is known as the Mt. Helix Nature Theatre. The conveyance obligates the County to maintain the cross, allows no other monuments to be erected in the park, and requires that "annually, on each and every Easter Sunday forever, religious services of a strictly non-sectarian character and appropriately suitable for commemorating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, as taught by the Christian churches of the world, shall be held at Sunrise" at the park. Although an Easter sunrise service has been held in the park every year since, the County stresses that it never enforced this provision against an applicant desiring to use the park for an alternative purpose on Easter morning.
The deed also established a trust fund, with the County as trustee, to maintain the cross and to contribute towards the Easter celebration. County employees administer the trust fund. Public funds contribute to the maintenance of the Nature Theatre as a whole.
The deed further requires that "[t]he Cross on the summit of Mount Helix shall be lighted" on several specific nights each year, including Christmas Eve and the evening before Easter. The County illuminates the cross every night of the year; the trust fund currently pays for the lighting, but county funds had been used for this purpose in the past.
Subsequent to the filing of this case, the County Board of Supervisors designated the Mt. Helix Nature Theatre and the cross within it as a historical landmark.

MORE: Info on park and construction

Samuel W. Yawkey

Samuel W. and Mary Uliaetta (Carpenter) Yawkey, natives of Massillon, Ohio per son's bio page.

11225. Mary E. Yawkey
Mary White was responsible for constructing Mount Helix Park (south of Interstate 8, between Bancroft Drive and Avocado Boulevard, 619-588-4901; mthelixpark. org) in the 1920s. At the top of the 1,370 foot-high summit, there’s a Christian cross and a memorial to her mother, Mary Carpenter Yawkey. When the sun rises, it starts with a tiny beam on the horizon before illuminating the whole city, a magnificent sight to see.

Elisha G. Smith

Resided in Dighton, ,MA.  Elisha Galushia Smith was prominently
connected with the Dorrite or Peoples' Constitution party in
this state in 1842.  He was an early and persistent petitioner
of the Legislature for a change in the government from the Old
King Charles charter to that of a constitution.  He was a member
of the Legislature that met in the "Old Foundry" building, which
adopted the "People's constitution."  When martial law was
proclaimed he was compelled to leave the state to avoid
imprisonment.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 367

11228. Peter Smith

He was the practical partner in forming and conducting a jewelry
business, the firm name being Waite, Smith & Co.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 367
1  MILI He enlisted in the 1st regiment of ,RI volunteers, in
company F, (Belger's) battery, for one year, Oct. 29, 1861, and
was appointed orderly sergeant, at the expiration of his
enlistment he re-enlisted for three years and served through the
war and returned to command of the battery.
2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 367

11229. Charles Sidney Smith

A partner in the jewelry business of Saxon, Smith & , he
purchased the interest of his partner and became the proprietor.
He as been honored many times by the citizens of Providence, he
served in both branches of the legislature and in the city
council and in 1890 was elected mayor.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 367
1  MILI He enlisted September, 1861, in the 4th regiment of ,RI
volunteers, at the end of two months he was appointed the
assistant quartermaster on General Howard's staff in 1862,
resigned his command and returned home.
2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 367

Charles M.

Resided in Providence.

11231. Henry Dewitt Smith

A retired jeweler.

Cornelius S. Tomkins

Resided in New Bedford, ,MA

11233. 1 Tomkins

Died in infancy.

11234. 2 Tomkins

He resided on the old homestead in Warren.

5607. James Carpenter

Number 3234 in The CARPENTER MEMORIAL.  Page 368.
Family is number 913 on page 562.  A farmer who resided in Mansfield, MA.

James resided in Mansfield, ,MA.

Henry Blanding

Resided in Pawtucket, RI.

5608. William Carpenter

Number 3235 in The CARPENTER MEMORIAL.  Page 368.
Family is number 914 on page 562.  A farmer who resided and died in Chelsea,
VT.  He first resided in Williamstown , Orange county, VT in 1812.  In 1814 he
removed to Washington then lastly to Chelsea.  He resided on "West Hill" in

He removed to Williamstown, Orange , VT, in 1812;  in 1814
to Washington, and lastly to Chelsea where he died.  He resided
on what is known as "West Hill" in Chelsea.

Hiram Bacon

Resided in Williamstown, VT

11254. 13 Carpenter

NAME:  List as "a Girl."

5613. Daniel Carpenter

Number 3239 in The CARPENTER MEMORIAL.  Page 368.
Family is number 915 on page 563 & 564.  A farmer who resided in Norton, MA.

Hannah Danforth

Her 98 birthday was celebrated by the family and friends.  She
retains her mind and memory, tells of events of 1812.  She is
hale for one of her age, with a fair prospect of living in two
centuries.  Her two daughters, Miss Ellen F. and Nancy Caroline
reside with her.

William Carpenter

Obituary notice of his death from The Watchman:
"The Foxboro Baptist church has been called to suffer a deep
loss in the death of Mr. William Carpenter.   For 54 years he
has been a member and warm friend and supporter of this church.
He was one of those who lived as they professed.   He believed
fully that the gospel of Christ could thoroughly change a man's
life.  He there fore expected that Christian men should be,
first of all, upright and strictly just in whatever they did. He
was a man who had the public confidence;  the people well knew
his interest in public affairs;  they also recognized his great
faithfulness in all matters entrusted to his care.  Hence, he
had many positions of trust in the church and in the community.
In business he had won success by hard work and perseverance. He
was engaged in the manufacture of straw goods in Foxboro, and
was also a wholesale dealer in straw and millinery goods having
his warehouse in Boston.    For some fifteen years he was in the
well-known firm of Carpenter, Plimpton & , of Boston.    In
1865 he retired from active business life, giving his attention
to the management of his affairs.
Notwithstanding his success in business and in the various
trusts committed to his care, his highest interest was centered
in the church of God.  It was there that he loved to be, to meet
with God's people, and to worship with them.      He was
constant in attendance and activity.   He thoroughly appreciated
those old lines, 'I love thy church, 0 God;'  and his
faithfulness here was rewarded.   For years he bad been
treasurer and a member of the board of trustees.      Mr.
Carpenter left a wife and son, the latter in business in New
York city. Among other public gifts he left by his will $500 to
Boyden library of Foxboro, $500 to home missions, $500 to
foreign missions,  $500 to St. Albans lodge F. & A. M., $1000 to
the Foxboro Baptist church.
These gifts, it ought to be said, are but an index of the
generous nature of the man.  For forty years be has been a
systematic giver to God's work, both for home and foreign
He was a firm advocate of our denominational paper, The
Watchman, and had taken it at home and abroad for over 52 years.
On Nov. 3d, at the age of 74 years, our brother was taken away,
but we are reminded constantly of the truth, `He being dead yet
speaketh.'"2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 362