Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


7796. Samuel Carpenter Jr.

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Bill  Carpenter
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Jan 2009

7799. Burwell Carpenter

Family Update from:
Van Ripper Family Tree

WILL: See image: RIN 5349 Burwell Carpenter Will.pdf


NAME: Surname may be Matthisson, Matison, or Mattison or even Madison?

14983. Mary or Polly Carpenter

E-MAIL: From: Priscilla Wood
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 2:11 PM
To: John Carpenter
Subject: Burwell Carpenter
Hi John. I am at this Carpenter genealogy again. This time for my husbands line ,Burwell Carpenter b:1762 Nash NC, d:24 Jan 1831 Anderson SC. He married Elizabeth Mattison, and had many children, of which
Polly Mary Carpenter b 1796 Nash NC and died 1860 Pendelton Anderson the line I am fallowing.
She m: Laban Massey. Larry's grandmother was Martha Victoria Massey,3 geneations from Polly Mary Carpenter.
Do you have any info or Can you send me in the right direction to find source for this family?
Priscilla Wood

14985. Elizabeth Carpenter

NAME: Elizabeth Walker and Elizabeth Carpenter appear to be the same person.
Elizabeth Lavina WALKER Birth: 8 Feb 1792 Becket, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Father: Ebenezer WALKER Mother: Elizabeth CARPENTER
NAME: Lovica WALKER Birth: 8 Feb 1792 Granville, Washington, New York. Same
These 3 Elizabeths were believed to be the same person.  However, see mother's
notes for the problem with this!

14988. Burwell Carpenter Jr.

See images:
RIN 5369 Burwell Carpenter Misc.jpg  - this refers to him as John Burwell Carpenter. This is from the book called "Families of Old Pendleton district, South Carolina" Volume 2, by Linda Gale Smith Cheek.

Elizabeth See Notes Carpenter

Number 1105 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 171.
No Family listed.
Per corrective notes on page 839, Elizabeth married twice.  First
to Ebenezer Walker of Becket, MA then secondly to Burwell Carpenter of
the Providence line that went to Virginia.  This matches data in the Virginia
Carpenter data records.
AFN MTLC-KN and G8XP-PF are believed to be the same person.
However, children birth dates indicate she must have been born circa 1753 or
so.  This seems to contradict the 1762 Elizabeth having children about 1773
unless there was two Elizabeths.   THIS FAMILY ARRANGEMENT LEFT AS IS UNTIL

-- This connection is incorrect.  This is false data from Mattie Belle
Carpenter Ross connection to the western VA Carpenters.  I cannot vouch for the
generations from Burwell on down, but it is my understanding that other
researchers have proved more of MBCR Elisha Carpenter with wife Deliverance Marough appears to have been lifted out of the IGI with no justification -- there is no evidence of any connection there and those two individuals did not live in NC.
Per Terry Lee Carpenter.
Burwell may have married an Elizabeth but she was not the daughter of ELISHA
CARPENTER and DELIVERENCE MAROUGH.   Children transfered to the other "Elizabeth.
JRC. 1/2001

7800. John R. Carpenter

NOTE: Please note the profusion of wives to this John Carpenter. I know
at least one or more sets are wrong ... maybe.  It will be interesting to see
which lines prove out in the future.  Too many conflicting children and
spouses.  Some of these John Carpenter families may belong to the related John Carpenters in this line.   For now, I have included all data for future researchers. JRC 3/00.
Slowly but surely we are moving children to their proper places!
Y-DNA has indicated that the son of this John, James Ludwell Carpenter-73141, matches descendants of Thomas Carpenter-5337. This seems to indicate that child and possibly marriage is correct. JRC 3/2010

Nash County is northwest of Edgecombe County. Nash County was formed in 1777 from Edgecombe County. See:

From: Donna Cuzze
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 1:31 PM
To: John R. Carpenter
Subject: Re: Jubal Carpenter definitely Edgecombe, NC
I always wished Jubal was my ancestor as no one else had that name and would be so much easier to trace, ha ! But nooo... we had to be of Thomas.
Thanks for the info. I also found this today:
"John R. Carpenter of Greene County, Alabama sold land in FranklinCounty, NC April 5, 1833. Deed to Benjamin Carpenter in FranklinCounty, NC March 8, 1811; deed to Jubal Carpenter in Franklin County,NC March 17, 1818 and deed to Churchwell Carpenter of Greene County,Alabama 2/1/1828 "
Was posted at: which shows John as father of Jubal. That is probably correct. And Thomas of Nash did have a son named John according to a bunch of researchers. So perponderance of evidence leads one to believe this line is correct as posted:
1. Thomas of Nash
2. John of Edgecombe, Franklin & Greene Co
3. Jubal of Edgecombe, Franklin & Greene Co.
3. Churchwell of "
3. Benjamin of "
* they also show James & Simeon but I didn't see any docs with John and their names together.
So now we have proved the Greene County AL Carpenters are not of the Abigail Jordan line.

From: Donna Cuzze
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 11:14 PM
To: John R. Carpenter 2
Subject: Re: Limestone Carps #1
First thing I see is this error:
4) Albert L. Carpenter-73496 of
Allen Richardson Carpenter-73481 of
Thomas J. Carpenter-73418 of
Simeon Carpenter-73148 of
John Carpenter-5351 b. abt 1764 Nash, NC M. abt 1790 , Greene, AL ***d. 1824 Newman,, GA*** Spouses: Elizabeth UpChurch, Mary ? and Mary Lee ?. AND way to many children!!! of Thomas “Jack” Carpenter-5337 b. 1740 Botetourt, VA d. 6 Aug 1803 ,, NC - See Group 13.
This line was supposed to be members of Group 2, but ...
Genetically tested descendants of Thomas "Jack" Carpenter-5337 are in Group 13 and Group 16. We do not know if this was an adoption situation or what. This line went from VA through Nash County, NC, to Greene County, AL (some alternating between NC & AL and one dying in Newman, GA) then Albert born in LA before winding up in TX.

Someone got that all messed up. This was one of those "somebody said" and everyone copied it, including me at one point. However, now we know the John who died 1824 in Newman, COWETA, GA was John Carpenter the son of Abigail Jordan. He was definitely not the John of NC. Anson Co NC had both an Allen & a Thomas Carpenter listed in 1840 Anson Co but that Thomas was still there in 1860. There was also a Thomas Carpenter in Wake Co NC in 1840 that was of right age to be Allen's father. Some folks on Ancestry show Simeon of Franklin Co NC as his father but no one has any sources.
Thomas was in Sumter Co AL by 1850 where Allen b.1832 is in household. Then Allen is found in MS then LA with son Albert. Then Albert is found in Limestone. So, the latter part was pretty simple to piece together.

Here is what I show for the Greene Co AL Carpenters (Sumter is next to Greene, Montgomery & Washington. BLM shows no old deeds for Carpenters in Sumter):
1. Jubal, Benjamin & Churchwell Carpenters "all" deeded Greene Co in 1823. Records show them born in NC.
2. John Carpenter deeded land in Greene Co in 1828 & 1831 which is hard to do if he died in 1824. He is said to have married Elizabeth Upchurch.
John is said to be older than the other 3 and presumably their father.
John is said to be the son of Thomas Jack Carpenter. This info from others, I've not researched it.
3. Thomas Jack Carpenter d.circa 1803 in Nash Co NC.
4. I found the following land patents for Carpenters in 1830s Greene Co AL:
SIMEON (1830 1837) THOMAS (1834 1837) BENJAMIN (1835) CHURCHWELL M. (1832 1833)
FURNEY L. (1833 1834) JOHN R. (1834) JOHN (1831 1837) JUBAL Jubill? (1837)
KENNITH (1837) PHILLIP (1837) LEE (1834) LEROY (1837)
and SHADRACH (1834)
Thomas Carpenter (1811) might be the one listed in the 1830 Greene Co AL census (of right age with a wife and one young daughter). His son Allen stated he was born in AL so Thomas had to be there by 1832.
The Thomas in question (1811) was in Sumter in 1850 with Allen in hshold and then still in Sumter Co in 1860 and Allen was not (Allen was in Lauderdale MS). So it is very possible that Allen (1832) 's father Thomas (1811) was of the Greene Co Carpenter line. But if Thomas's father was John of Greene Co, his father did not die in 1824 GA. John of Greene Co was alive in the 1830 census, age 60-69.

John Carpenter-5351 (b.1764 d.1824) – Conflicting Spouses & children
TLC notes that John See Notes Carpenter-5351 is not related to Thomas “Jack” Carpenter-5337. This line is the old Mattie Belle Carpenter Ross's book on her family "My Ancestry" which was put together by her and a bogus researcher in GA, and is full of errors.

BOOK: See page 46 (for notes) of the Mowrey 1997 book. See book information
Page 46: 1. John (17) Carpenter presented Solomon's discharge in Botetourt
County court in February of 1780 and proved Solomon (15)'s Ranger service. He
was identified as "son of Thomas Carpenter and heir of Solomon Carpenter" on
this date and was issued a warrant for 60 acres of land as such. This
relationship was restated in another Botetourt County court case on 5 May 1791.
Brother Reuben, this John & grandson of Reuben Thomas were listed on the
1803 GA tax roll.  In 1805 Henry, John & Thomas were listed in the
Lincoln Co. Georgia Land Lottery.

E-MAIL: Subj: Carpenter GEDCOM Date: 99-03-19 From: (Daniel Carter)
John, Hi, sorry I did not supply enough information in my first E-mail.
Here is what I have on him: John CARPENTER, b. ca. 1773 in VA.
My first record of him is when he paid taxes in Hancock, GA in 1804. He
entered the GA Land Lottery in 1805, as a batchelor, and drew one lot, # 866.
For him to do this, he must have been in GA for at least a year. He was married
around 1805 as well, I believe. His wifes name was Mary, b. ca 1790. She was
believed to be Indian, Cherokee. He apparently moved, to Putnam Co., GA, paying
taxes in 1815. He entered the 1820 GA Land Lottery, having two draws, receiving
his land in Irving and Early County Districts. He was enumerated on the 1820
Federal census of Hancock Co., GA. He was shown with his wife Mary, five boys
and four girls:
Hamilton Carpenter, b. ca. 1808, Deborah Carpenter, b. ca. 1810, George W.
Carpenter, b. ca. 1811, Nancy Carpenter, b. ca. 1813, Bical Carpenter, b. ca.
1814, John Carpenter, b. 1815, Eleazar "Eli" Carpenter, b. 1816, James
Carpenter, b. 1817, Sarah H. Carpenter, b. 1825.
John Carpenter died around 1839. Mary died ca. 1857.  Hope this information is all I have on he and his wife. I have plenty on the children and
the resulting families. I am descended from Hamilton.
Thank you for responding, Daniel Carter.

WEB: ""> Wylene & Joys Ancestory
Here is my web page with more information on it if you have the
time...... Wylene Alston. 27 July 1999 .
This web page chronicles Wylene's searches through the land records and other
data.  It is well done. She is not convinced of the ancestry.  She may be
right.  JRC.
Part of her page is listed here;
Headright Land Grants were land grants issued by the Colonial Government,
based upon the number of persons in a household. A man would be entitled to
two hundred acres as his own headright, plus an additional fifty acres for his
wife, each child and each slave. He could not receive over one
thousand acres. The Colonial Government was under the rule of a King or
Queen in England. These grants were given to entice settlers into this new
Country.  After the American Revolutionary War, our government gave out land
grants which were called Bounty Grants. These were given to men that had served
America during the war. Widows, orphans and certain others could also receive
these grants. In 1805, the United States Government began distribution
of lands that were ceded to them in Indian treaties. This distribution
of land was done by Land Lottery in which lots were drawn from hats. When there
were more entries than lots, blanks were used. Those that drew blanks
received no land. A free white male, a bachelor, 21 years of age or
over with one year of residence in Georgia, and a United States citizen received
one draw. A married male with the same qualifications received two draws.
Our earliest record of John Carpenter, who was born in Virginia between 1770
and 1780, was when he paid land taxes in Hancock County, Georgia, in 1804.
John Carpenter entered, and as a bachelor, drew only one lot. This was
lot number 866 which was a blank. Hancock County, Georgia, was formed
partly from Headright Land Grants, Bounty Grant Lands, and partly from Indian
lands. For John to enter the 1805 Land Lottery, he had to show proof of one
year of residence. This would mean that he was in Georgia by 1804.
John and Mary Carpenter were probably married by 1805. Many have wondered at
the degree of Indian blood of this couple.
Was Mary an Indian, or was John? Maybe they both were. The only documentation
found that even hints at Indian blood is on
the 1850 Federal Census record of their son, George W. Carpenter, in
Upson County, Georgia, on page 285. The census taker turned the page
sideways and wrote what surely must be "NATIVE AM. CLASSIFICATION".
John Carpenter paid land taxes in Putnam County, Georgia, in 1815. He entered
the 1820 Georgia Land Lottery, this time he
had two draws, and received his land in the Irvin and Early Districts.
John was enumerated in the 1820 Federal Census in Hancock County, Georgia. He
was shown with his wife, five sons and four
daughters. This would have been one daughter born 1804-10, Hamilton and George
W. born 1804-1810, Deborah, Nancy and
Bical born 1810-1820, John, Eli, and James born 1810-1820.
In 1822 Crawford County was formed out of parts of old Houston, Marion, Talbot,
and Macon Counties, Georgia. Then in
1824, Upson County was created from Pike and Crawford Counties.
On the sixth day of July 1824, John Carpenter and a John Bell, together,
purchased lot number 82, in the 16th district of
Houston County, Georgia. This land lot had been drawn by a Sheldon Farrow, but
it had been levied on and sold to John
Carpenter and Bell by Sheriff Burrell Orr of Pike County, Georgia.
More than a year later, on the 29th of November 1825, in Burke County, Georgia,
John Carpenter paid seventy dollars to Bell,
and received a quit claim deed to Bell's share of this property. This second
deed was written on the back of the first deed. These
deeds were not registered until the first of March 1845, in Upson County.
Hamilton Carpenter, the oldest son of John and Mary Carpenter, entered the 1827
Georgia Land Lottery. He drew land lot
number 180, District 9, Section 1 in Putnam County.
John Carpenter and his family were listed on the 1830 Federal Census in Putnam
County, Georgia. Their household consisted
of seven males and four females. This would have been John, listed as born
1770-1780, Mary born as born 1790-1800. The
eldest daughter was gone, probably married. Hamilton was listed as born
1800-1810, Deborah as born 1800-1810, George born
1810-1815, Nancy and Bical born 1810-1815, John and Eli born 1815-1820. James
and another male are listed as born between
1820-25.  We have no record of this last male child, and we don't find
Sarah on this census. She was born ca. 1825, and should be listed.
There is a possibility that she was mistakenly recorded as a male, but in the
1840 census there is also a male listed who is
unaccounted for. So most likely, there was a son younger than James.
This youngest son was listed in the 1830 and 1840 censuses, but was not living
at home in 1850, when the first census was taken
that listed each member of the family by their first name and gave their age
and state of birth.
The Carpenter family was probably still living in Putnam County when George W.
Carpenter married Elizabeth Louisa Wallace
there on the fifth of June 1832. On the tenth of December of the same year,
John Carpenter deeded fifty acres of land in
Putnam County to a John Cousins.
John and Mary and their family, probably along with George and his family, had
relocated in Upson County, Georgia, by the
first of January 1838, when their daughter, Deborah A. Carpenter, married
William Hickey there. Another daughter, Bical
Carpenter, married Pleasant Spears on the fourteenth of January 1838, also in
Upson County.
George W. Carpenter sold some land in Upson County to Sarah Raines on the
twentieth of April 1839. George W. then moved
to Talbot County, Georgia, where he was listed on the 1840 census with his
wife, three sons and one daughter.
In the 1840 Federal Census of Upson County, Georgia, Mary was listed as head of
the household. Also enumerated were four
males and one other female. This would have been Hamilton, Eli, James, the
youngest son, and Nancy. John Carpenter had
died in the latter part of 1839. Deborah Carpenter Hickey and Bical Carpenter
Spears and were in their husband's households in 1840.
John Carpenter Jr. in 1840, was listed as head of his own house- hold as born
1810-1820. A female is also listed in his household as born 1820-1825. Sarah wasn't shown in her mother's household in 1840. This could very well be Sarah, keeping house for her brother. On the first of May 1841, Hamilton Carpenter and McDade Donnelly signed, sealed and delivered a security bond to Samuel Caraway, the Deputy Sheriff of Upson County. This bond of five hundred and twenty-six dollars and ninety cents was payable to William W. McNeil. The conditions of the bond was that George W. Carpenter should appear at the next Superior Court in Upson County on the third Monday in August, and would not depart from the county. To secure that McDade Donnelly would not be held liable for any loss, Hamilton Carpenter put up as security, one hundred acres and a negro girl named Betty, about twenty-one years of age.
John Carpenter Jr. married Sarah Cummings on the twenty-third of August 1846 in
Upson County, Georgia. She was possibly the daughter of Stephens Cummings. As far as we know, they only had one child, Napoleon, born in 1847.
James Carpenter married Irene/Arena Norris on the tenth of January 1848, in Troup County, Georgia. He probably died before 1850, when the Federal Census was taken. In 1850, Irene and their daughter, Sarah A., was enumerated in the household of her parents, Samuel and Elizabeth Norris. In 1860, Irene and Sarah are
listed in the household of her brother-in-law, Mark H. Griffin, the husband of her sister, Cornelia. Elizabeth Norris, widowed, was also living in the Griffin household.
On the seventh of May 1850, George W. and Eleazar Carpenter witnessed a deed for their brother, Hamilton Carpenter. Also witnessing the deed was Edmond Killebrew, a neighbor of George W. Carpenter. In
the 1850 Federal Census of Upson County, Georgia, taken on the twenty-eighth day of April, Edmond Killebrew was listed as household number two.
Household number four was George Carpenter and his wife, Elizabeth Louisa (Wallace) and their eight children, Jesse, George, Sarah, John, Louisa, Diadimona, Missouri and Harriet, with an age range of three through eighteen years. George is listed as a farmer. By 1860, George and his family were in Stewart County, Georgia, where they established their permanent home.
William and Deborah (Carpenter) Hickey and their children, Mary, Benjamin and Caroline were household forty-one, with William Hickey's occupation shown as a blacksmith. By 1860, the Hickeys were settled in Schley County, Georgia.
Hamilton and Berthina (Norris) Carpenter and their first three children, Calvin, Greenville "Green" and Deborah, were household number fifty-one. Hamilton was listed as a farmer. Berthina was shown as not being able to read or write. Hamilton and his family stayed in Upson County, Georgia, on the Carpenter land.
This land remained in the Carpenter family until Hamilton's son, Green Carpenter, sold it to his stepson, Edgar Allen, the twenty-sixth day of December 1916.
Edgar Allen was the son of John Wesley Allen, who died in 1862 of neglect and
lack of supplies while serving in the Confederate Army. After the Civil War, Edgar's mother, Frances Allen, married
Green Carpenter. They had one daughter, Lucille, who married Scott McMichael on the twenty seventh of April 1907, in Upson County.
Eli and Annzena (Norris) Carpenter were household fifty-two. At that time, they
had three children, Mary Ann, Dilly, and an infant listed as two months old. Dilly is listed on an old bible record as
Juley Ellender. She died the first of September 1858.
The 1850 census and the bible entry of her birth and death are the only record
we have of her. The infant listed was William Cicero Carpenter. Eli and Annzena are both shown as being unable to read or write. In 1860 Eli, his family and brother, John Jr., are listed in Randolph County, Alabama.
Household number fifty-three was John Jr. and Sarah (Cummings) Carpenter, their
son, Napoleon, and Mary and Nancy Carpenter. John Jr. is listed as unable to read and write, without occupation
and insane. Nancy is listed as an idiot. There is no notation as to whether she could read or write, but it is doubtful.
Mary Carpenter died before 1860, probably before the twenty-fourth of April 1855, when Nancy was admitted to the Georgia State Mental Hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia.
Nancy could very well have been a victim of Down's Syndrome. There has been several instances of it down through the family.
Mary was probably the only one who could control Nancy. When she died, Nancy
didn't understand what had happened to her mother and was grief stricken with the loss. The rest of the family probably couldn't manage her, so they had her committed.
Nancy died the thirtieth of June 1855, two months after entering the Georgia Mental Hospital in Milledgeville.
As to John Carpenter Jr., it is not so easy to come up with a simple explanation. John married Sarah Cummings on the 23 of August 1846, in Upson County, Georgia. At that time, to have acquired a wife, he probably was or seemed to be functioning normally. They had one child, Napoleon, who was three years old in 1850. No one
will probably ever know what was wrong with John, Jr. In 1860, Mary and Nancy were both dead. Sarah (Cummings) Carpenter and her son, Napoleon, were in the household of W.R. Jarrold in Upson, County, Georgia. Sarah was listed as a domestic. John was living in the household of his brother, Eleazar,
in Randolph County, Alabama.
b. ca. 1770-1775, VA
d. ca. 1832-1840, GA
m. ca. 1806-1807
MARY _________
b. ca. 1790, NC
d. 1854-5, GA
1. daughter
b. ca. 1806, GA
b. ca. 1808, GA
d. after 1870, prob. Upson Co., GA
m. 3 Mar 1845, Harris Co., GA
b. ca. 1825, GA
d. after 1880, prob. Upson Co., GA
She was the daughter of SAMUEL and ELIZABETH NORRIS.
b. ca. 1810, Hancock Co., GA
d. after 1870, prob. Schley Co., GA
m. 1 Jan 1837, Upson Co., GA
b. ca. 1812, GA
d. after 1870, prob. Schley Co., GA
He was a blacksmith.
b. ca. 1811, GA
d. after 1880, prob. Steward Co., GA
m. 5 Jan 1832, Putman Co., GA
b. ca. 1814, GA
d. after 1880, prob. Stewart Co., GA
b. ca. 1812-13, GA
d. 30 Jun 1855, State Mental Hospital, Milledgeville, GA
b. ca. 1814, GA
m. 14 Jan 1838, Upson Co., GA
b. ca 1815
b. 1815, GA
m. 23 Aug 1846, Upson Co., GA
b. 1825-1831, GA
She was prob. the daughter of Stephen Cummings, listed in 1860 Upson Co., GA,
Federal Census. In 1850 Upson Co., GA,
John is listed as insane. In 1860 Upson Co., GA, Sarah, listed as a domestic,
and their son Napoleon, were in the household of W. R. Jarrold.
John was in the household of his brother, Eli, in Randolph Co., AL.
b. 1816, GA
d. 30 Oct 1864, Baltimore, MD, a paroled prisoner of war in a Union hospital.
bur. 1 Nov 1864, B-64 Louden Park Cem., Confederate Lot,
Baltimore, MD.
m. 10 May 1846, Troup Co., GA
b. Mar 1831, GA
d. After 1900, prob. OK
She was the daughter of SAMUEL and ELIZABETH NORRIS. She
married 2nd, 19 Aug 1886, E. D. CHRISTIAN.
b. 1817, GA
d. before 1850
m. 10 Jan 1848, Troup Co., GA
b. ca. 1827
She was the daughter of SAMUEL and ELIZABETH NORRIS.
10. son
b. ca. 1824, GA
b. 1825, GA
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22. List of Confederate Soldiers Who Died While Prisoner of War
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23. Family tradition from Wyile Emerson and Tullos Carpenter.
24. Bible record belonging to Miley Jo Wagner, Granddaughter of
James Carpenter.
Compiled by: WYLENE L@AOL.COM and Accessing My Place Accessing My Place
Joy Adams-JA7238@AOL.COM
Hamilton Carpenter was the oldest son of John and Mary Carpenter. He was born
in 1808, in Georgia. We first find record of
him when he entered the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery. He drew land lot number 180,
District 9, Section 1, in Putnam County.
He would have been about nineteen years old at that time. He was living in his
father's household in Putnam County, Georgia,
when the 1830 Federal Census was taken. About 1835 he moved with his family to
Upson County, Georgia.
He was listed paying a poll tax of twenty-two cents in 1837. The Upson County
Tax Digest shows that he paid tax one hundred
and one and one fourth acres in District #1. The next time Hamilton was shown
paying a tax was in 1839, where he paid tax on
the same land as in 1837, twenty-eight cents.
John Carpenter died in June 1839, without a will. Everything he owned had to be
inventoried and sold. Hamilton purchased
the following items from his father's estate: one log chain, two dollars and
six and one fourth cents; one broad ax, three dollars
and fifty-six and one fourth cents; one lot of plow gear, two dollars and six
and one fourth cents; one lot plow and ox ring, two
dollars and twelve and one half cents; one lot farming tools, one dollar; one
scythe and cradle, one dollar and sixty-two and
one half cents; one plow, saw and cuneiform (wedge), sixty-two and one half
cents; one iron wedge, eighty-one and one fourth
cents; one lot of hoes, one dollar and thirty-one and one fourth cents; 3 axes,
two dollars and twelve and one half cents; one
steelyard (scales), twenty-five cents; eight bushels of oats, three dollars;
and three bushels of oats, eighty-seven and one half cents.
In 1840, Hamilton paid taxes on the land that his father, John Carpenter, had
paid taxes on prior to 1840. Hamilton was not in
the Tax Digest in 1841. In 1842, besides paying tax on the same land as in
1840, Hamilton was also shown as having two
hundred and thirty dollars and fifty cents at interest, and paid three dollars
and five and three fourths cents in tax. In 1843, he was only listed as
paying tax the land, his tax was one dollar and sixty- five cents.
Hamilton was listed with only one hundred acres in 1844, but he also owned two
slaves, and paid two dollars and thirty-one
cents in tax. In 1945, he paid tax on one hundred and sixty-seven acres and two
slaves. He paid two dollars and forty-eight cents in tax.
On the third of March 1845, Hamilton Carpenter married Berthena Norris in
Harris County, Georgia. She was the daughter of
Samuel and Mary Elizabeth (Stone) Norris. Hamilton's brother, Eleazar "Eli",
married Berthena's sister, Annzena, and his brother, James, married her
sister, Irene. On the first of May 1841, Hamilton Carpenter and McDade
Donnelly signed, sealed and delivered a security bond to Samuel
Caraway, the Deputy Sheriff of Upson County. This bond of five hundred and
twenty-six dollars and ninety cents and was
payable to William W. McNeil. The conditions of the bond was that George W.
Carpenter should appear at the next Superior
Court in Upson County on the third Monday in August, and would not depart from
the county. To secure that McDade
Donnelly would not be held liable for any loss, Hamilton Carpenter put up as
security, one hundred acres and a negro girl
named Betty, about twenty-one years of age.
There are no tax records for 1846 through 1849 in Upson County, but in 1850
Hamilton Carpenter paid tax on one hundred
and sixty-nine acres and paid eighty-eight cents in tax.
On the second of May 1850, Hamilton Carpenter sold one hundred and sixty-nine
acres of land to Edward Raines for eight
hundred dollars. His brothers, George W. and Eleazar, and an Edward Killebrew
witnessed the deed. In 1851 when he paid his
poll tax, he owned no land, but had four hundred and thirty dollars at interest
and paid one dollar and twenty-seven cents.
On the twenty-fifth of August eighteen fifty-one, Hamilton Carpenter purchased
two hundred and two and one half acres of
land from his brother George W. Carpenter, he paid one thousand dollars. This
deed was not recorded until the twentieth of
March eighteen ninety-five.
In the 1850 census of Upson County, Georgia, taken on the twenty- eighth of
August, Hamilton Carpenter was listed as head of house hold number fifty-one.
He was shown to be forty-two years of age, born in Georgia, and was a farmer.
The value of his real estate was shown as eight hundred dollars.
Berthena was twenty-five years old and born in Georgia. It was indicated that
she could not read or write. At that time they had three children, Calvin, age
3, Greenville, age 2, and Debora, two months old.
There are no tax records for 1852 and 1853. In 1854 Hamilton was shown with two
hundred and two and one half acres and
paid a tax of twenty-five cents. The tax records for 1855 are also lost, but in
1856, "Hambleton" Carpenter was listed with two
hundred and three and one half acres and paid a tax of one dollar and
ninety-one cents. This record shows he has one child
between eight and sixteen. This was the only age group for children listed on
the tax records.
Tax records for only one year between 1856 and 1860 are available, and which
year is unknown, but Hamilton had the same acreage, paid twenty-five cents in
tax and still had only one child between eight and sixteen. In 1860, he had
the same acreage, paid the same amount of tax, but had seven children between
eight and sixteen. The 1860 Federal Census taker in Upson County, Georgia,
was remiss in his job and used initials instead of taking the time to
write the given names of the people being enumerated. On page six hundred and
fifty, B. H. Carpenter was listed as fifty-three
years of age. His personal worth had increased from eight hundred dollars in
real estate in 1850 to seventeen hundred dollars in
real estate and three hundred and fifty dollars in personal estate.
Berthena, shown as B. E. Carpenter, was thirty-six years old and was again
listed as unable to read and write. C. N. (Calvin)
was thirteen, G. N. (Greenville) was twelve, D. A. E. (Deborah) was ten, J. T.
(James) was nine, B. A. (Ann) was seven, L. A. D.
(Lydia) was five, H. P. (Hamilton Parks) was two, and J. G. (John) was listed
as zero twelfths.
On this 1860 census, Hamilton Carpenter was listed as dwelling house number
eight hundred and seventy-two. Dwelling house
numbers eight hundred and seventy-two and seventy-three were listed as
unoccupied. These were probably the houses that Eli
and John Carpenter were listed as living in as heads of the household in the
1850 census.
In 1861 Hamilton paid tax on two hundred and three acres, has five children
between eight and sixteen and paid twenty-five
cents in tax. In 1862 and 1863 he has six children between eight and sixteen
and a tax amount isn't listed. In 1863 his land had
increased to two hundred fifty-seven acres His land in 1864 was listed as two
hundred and three acres and he paid forty-five dollars and fifty-seven cents.
There is no record of an estate settlement for Hamilton Carpenter, but
according to tax records, he died between the time he
paid taxes in 1864 and 1865 when his widow, Berthina, was listed on the tax
On the eighth of June 1870, Berthena was shown as head of household number
three hundred sixty-one. She was forty-six years
old and unable to read or write. Her real estate value was listed as one
thousand dollars and her personal estate as five hundred dollars.
Deborah Carpenter's age was listed as twenty-four years, but this is not
correct, she would have been twenty. She was listed as
two months old in 1850 and ten years old in 1860. Her occupation, as all the
children in the household, was listed as farm hand
and they were all shown as not being able to read or write.
James Carpenter was twenty, Ann, seventeen, Lydia, fifteen, Parks, thirteen,
and John, ten. Jeff's age is covered by an ink
blotch, but he would have been seven, his age was listed as
seventeen in 1880. Also listed is a female child, Carrey Carpenter, her age
was seven months old, with the notation that she was
born in November. This child was not listed in the 1880 census.
Calvin Carpenter married Frances M. "Fannie" Smith in Upson County, Georgia, on
the seventh of November 1869. They were
living next to Berthena, in household three hundred sixty-two in 1870.
This was probably the house Eli and Annzena Carpenter occupied in 1850.
The next household after Calvin Carpenter, number three hundred and
sixty-three, could have been the house Mary Carpenter
was living in when she died. James Smith, forty years old and listed as a farm
hand, was living in it in 1870. His wife, Martha,
was also age forty. They were probably the parents of Calvin's wife, Frances.
Calvin was twenty-four years old and was listed as
a farm hand, he was probably working for his mother, Berthena. Frances was
twenty years old and shown as keeping house. Their daughter, Mary, was four
months old, with the notation she was born in March.
All of Berthena (Norris) Carpenter's children were living with her, or in the
next household, in 1870, except for Greenville
"Green" Carpenter. We haven't located him in 1870. Green Carpenter married
Frances Allen, the widow of Job Allen, on the
seventeen of December 1879, in Upson County, Georgia. Job Allen died of disease
at Camp Pickens, Virginia, on the
twenty-first of January 1862. Green and Frances Carpenter had one daughter,
Lucille. She married Scott McMichael, whose family lived nearby.
In 1880, in Upson County, Green Carpenter and his wife, Frances, were living in
household ninety-one. Berthena was head of
the household in number ninety-two. Listed with her were Deborah, thirty,
Lydia, twenty-five, Hamilton P., twenty-two, John
G., twenty, Jefferson J., seventeen, Alice Carpenter, ten, listed as a
grand-daughter and Hamilton, 22, named as a nephew. This
nephew was John Hamilton Carpenter, the youngest son of Hamilton's brother,
Eli, and Berthenia's sister, Annzena (Norris) Carpenter.
Calvin Carpenter was in household number ninety-three. He and his wife,
Frances, had three children, Mary, ten, James W., five, and Charles one.
It is possible that the Carrey Carpenter, listed in Berthena's household in
1870 as age seven months, is the above mentioned
Alice. The ages are the same. The 1880 census was the first to name the
relationship of the members of the household to the
head of the household, so there is no way of knowing if Carrey was a
granddaughter. Then there is the question of whose daughter was Alice? Calvin
has a daughter, Mary, a few months older, so she wouldn't have been his
Green wasn't married. It is possible that she may have been Deborah's daughter.
On the seventeenth of December 1890, Green Carpenter purchased his brother
Jack's one eighth share of inherited land from
their father's estate for one hundred and ten dollars and sixty-two cents. On
the ninth of May 1891, Green purchased his
brother Calvin's one eighth share for ninety dollars. Calvin's share included
what was known in the area, as the "Carpenter Spring".
Green Carpenter then purchased his brother John G.'s share on the thirtieth of
May 1891, for one hundred and ten dollars and
sixty- two cents. On the twenty-eighth of November he purchased his sisters
Elizabeth's and Lity Ann's undivided shares for ninety six dollars each.
The Carpenter land stayed in Green Carpenter's possession until he sold it to
his stepson, Edgar Allen, the twenty-sixth of
December 1916. Green Carpenter died in the early 1930's in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma, where his daughter Lucille lived. Walter "Scott" and Lucille
(Carpenter) McMichael were childless, but raised Scott's nephew, Jack McMichael.
Deborah A. Carpenter and William Hickey were married the first of January 1837,
in Upson County, Georgia. In the 1850
Federal Census of Upson County, Georgia, Deborah's age was given as thirty-six.
This would give her year of birth as 1814. In
the 1860 Schley County, Georgia, Federal Census her age is listed as
forty-nine, making 1811 her year of birth. In 1870, her age
was sixty and setting her birth year as 1810. She was very likely born 1810,
only admitting to being older than her husband in
her later years.
John Carpenter died without a will in 1839. His estate had to be inventoried
and sold. William Hickey purchased the following
from John's estate: one lot of old iron, one dollar and eighteen and one fourth
cents; bellows, tongs and one piece of iron, two dollars.
William Hickey was first listed in the Upson County Tax Digest in 1845. He is
listed as one poll, owned no land and paid
sixty-eight cents in tax. There are no Tax Digests found for 1846 through 1849.
In 1850, the Tax Digest shows that William
Hickey owned no land and paid no tax. The 1850 Federal Census of Upson County,
Georgia, William Hickey was listed as
thirty-eight years old, his occupation listed as a blacksmith and his real
estate valued at six hundred dollars.
He owned no land in 1851 or 1852, paid no tax in 1851, but in 1852, Hickey paid
forty-six and eight tenths cents in tax. There
are no Tax Digests found for 1852 or 1853, so the last record we have of him in
Upson County was the 1852 tax record.
On the 1860 Federal Census of Schley County, Georgia, William Hickey's real
estate is worth two hundred dollars and his
personal estate listed as two hundred and fifty dollars. In 1870, according to
the Federal Census his real estate value has risen
to one thousand dollars and his personal value to seven hundred dollars.
William Hickey was listed as one of the first justices of peace in Schley
County, Georgia.
William Hickey wrote and signed his will on the tenth of August 1885. To his
wife, Elizabeth, during her lifetime, he bequeathed
his land and possessions, except his blacksmith and carpenter tools. These were
to be sold, and the proceeds of the sale and the money collected from notes
and accounts, were to be divided. Two thirds going to his wife, Elizabeth,
and one third to his daughter, Caroline E. Heam. Except twenty  dollars
which he gave to his daughter Mary Ann C. Gillmore and her children. Mary Ann
Gillmore and her children were bequeathed all their indebtedness to his estate.
George W. and Elizabeth "Louisa" (Wallace) Carpenter were married on the fifth
of January 1832, in Putnam County,
Georgia. George and his family probably moved to Upson County in 1833. He was
first listed on the Upson County tax records
in 1834 in Blounts' Militia district. George was listed with three polls, which
means there were three men between twenty-one
and sixty in his household. These two men were probably his brothers. The tax
records states that he owned no land and paid forty-seven cents in poll tax.
There is no Tax Digest found for 1835. In 1836, George Carpenter, still lived
in Blounts' Militia District, paid tax on one
hundred and one and one fourth acres, he was still listed with three polls and
paid fifty-three cents in tax. In 1837 and 1838
George was listed with three polls, paid tax on one hundred acres and paid
fifty-nine cents in tax each year. In 1839, he had two
polls, paid tax on one hundred acres and paid thirty-seven cents in tax.
George sold his land in Upson County to Sarah Raines on the twentieth of April
1839. George then moved to Talbot County,
Georgia, where he was listed on the 1840 Census, with his wife, three sons and
one daughter. Acting as agent in 1841 for his
mother, Mary, and his brother, John Carpenter, Jr., George paid taxes for them,
but he was not listed on the tax record.
On the first of May 1841, his brother, Hamilton Carpenter, and McDade Donnelly
signed, sealed and delivered a security bond
to Samuel Caraway, the Deputy Sheriff of Upson County. This bond of five
hundred and twenty-six dollars and ninety cents
was payable to William W. McNeil. The condition of the bond was that George W.
Carpenter should appear at the next
Superior Court in Upson county on the third Monday in August, and would not
depart from the county. To secure that
McDade Donnelly would not be held liable for any loss, Hamilton Carpenter put
up as security, one hundred acres and a negro
girl named Betty, about twenty-one years of age.
George Carpenter was not listed on the tax records in 1842, but in 1843 He was
listed with one poll for himself, and two polls
for two slaves that he owned. He paid tax on sixty-six acres, two dollars and
twenty-two cents. In 1844, he paid tax on
sixty-seven acres, eighty and one half cents. In 1845, he was shown as owning
no land and paid sixty-eight cents in tax.
There are no tax records available for 1846 through 1849. In, 1850 George paid
tax on two hundred and three acres, three
slaves, a total of three dollars and sixty-two cents in tax.
In the 1850 Upson County, Georgia, Census, taken on the twenty- sixth of
August, George was listed as thirty-eight years old
and a farmer with a real estate value of three thousand dollars. His wife,
Louisa, thirty-five, Jesse, eighteen and a student,
George, fifteen, Sarah A. thirteen, John, nine, Louisa, seven, Diadimina, five,
Missouri, four and Harriett, two. The 1850
census taker turned the census record sideways and wrote what must be "Native
Am Class." This is the only hint of the Indian
heritage in the family.
At the same time the census was taken, there was also a "slave census taken.
This 1850 slave census showed George Carpenter
owning four slaves: one black female, twenty-four years of age; one black
female, fifteen years of age; one mulatto male, six
years of age; and one mulatto female, four months old.
The last time George was listed on the Upson County tax records was in 1851.
He paid tax on two hundred and three acres, four slaves, had twenty dollars
at interest, he paid four dollars and sixty-two cents in tax.
George W. Carpenter and family were on the 1860 Federal Census of Steward
County, Georgia. His real estate value was listed
as two thousand dollars and his personal estate as seven thousand dollars.
Jesse, the oldest child, wasn't living at home,
George, Sarah, John, Diadimima, (Isabella) Missouri, (Mary Etta, Harriett) Mor
ganella were all listed. His children born since
1850 were Sophia, whose age was given as eleven, but most likely was ten,
Etheldor, eight, Victoria, six and Emma, four.
The 1860 slave census enumerated George Carpenter with six slaves: one black
male, forty-five years of age; one black female,thirty- seven years of age; one
one black female, twenty-five years of age; one mulatto male, seventeen
years of age; one black female, ten years of age; one black male, forty years
of age; one black female, one year of age; and one black male, one year of
age. George W. Carpenter was listed on the Muster Roll of Co. G, 46th Regiment,
Georgia Volunteer Infantry C. S. A., Stewart Co.,
GA. He was a private in Zollicoffer's Guards, recruited March 2, 1862.
B,His son, George W. Carpenter, Jr. was mustered in 4 March 1862 as a private in
Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee, C S A, Schley County, Georgia, Schley
Rifles. He was transferred to Co. G, on the twentieth of March 1862. He was
captured at Atlanta, Georgia, on the twenty-second of July 1864.
John J. Carpenter, George's fourth child, was mustered in as a private on the
tenth of November 1861, into Company G, 31st Regiment, Georgia Volunteer
Infantry, Evans Brigade, Gordon's Division, Army of Northern Virginia, C S A,
Chattahochee and Stewart Counties, Georgia., He was appointed Corporal in 1861,
and 5th Sergeant on the second of November 1862. He was wounded
in 1863, and surrendered the ninth of April 1865 at Appomattox, Virginia.
George W. Carpenter, Sr. was listed on a tax list of firms and individuals
paying tax to operate business in Stewart County, GA, in 1868. He was on a
list of jurymen eligible for jury duty in 1869, Stewart Co., GA.
In 1870 George and Louisa are listed with children, Sarah, Vickie, and (Emma)
Anna. Their daughter, Diadimima Perkins, and granddaughter, Mary Perkins,
age seven, are also living with them. His real estate value is listed as one
thousand five hundred dollars and his personal estate as two thousand dollars.
John J. Carpenter, age twenty-nine, his wife , Alice E., age twenty-three
daughter, Emma, age two, and son John B., age six
months and shown to have been born in December, were listed in Sumter County,
Georgia on the 1870 Federal Census.
George and Louisa are listed with four grandchildren in 1880. William Rowe,
thirteen, Oscar Rowe, eleven, Lena Rowe, nine and Thomas Rowe, six.

E-MAIL: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 From: "Darryl Cook"
Hello John.
I heard about your CD project, and all the Carpenter family info you have
gathered. If I could enlist your aid to help clarify a questionable
part of my family tree, I would be grateful.  I am a descendent of Eleazer
(Eleazar) Ely Carpenter b. 1816 Putnam Co. GA.  Most family research gets
cloudy at this point.  We know his father was John Carpenter b. before 1790 in Virginia. Recently, at the site, Eleazar is linked to the Carpenter's from
Jamica, NY and earlier Rebohoth, MA. Specifically, Joseph Carpenter b.1628
in Amesbury,Wiltshire, England. The lineage from Joseph to Eleazer is sketchy.
Joseph b. 1628, John b. 1658  CT?, John b.abt 1680 Jamaica, NY, John b.abt 1700
NY, John b. abt 1730 NY, John b. 1765 NY died VA, John b. 1786 VA, Eleazer b.
I was wondering if you could verify or disprove this linkage.  If it
is valid then the line continues to before 1000 ad.  If it is
someones wishful thinking, then I am basically stuck at Eleazer's
father. Thank you,  Darryl Cook.
PS: My connection to Eleazer is as follows.
Eleazer Carpenter>>Alonzo C. Carpenter>>Cicero O. Carpenter>>Peggy L.
Carpenter>>Florene Worthley>> Darryl Cook

From: "Terry Carpenter"
To: "jrcrin001"
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 7:17 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: [CARPENTER]
Hi John,
... "Bob Carpenter is #6060 in the Y-DNA study.  He and I have been working on connecting his line for a couple of years.  I'm certain it is connected to the Carpenters A'Plenty line -- he found a member of that line to join the Y-DNA project, should be seeing their sample by December.  The Kiser connection is very significant.  I'll leave it to Bob to explain the story when he's ready."
TLC notes that John See Notes Carpenter-5351 is not related to Thomas "Jack" Carpenter-5351.  This line is the old Mattie Belle Carpenter Ross's book on her family "My Ancestry" which was put together by her and a bogus researcher in GA, and is full of errors. Possible "Carpenters A'Plenty" line - German/Swiss Carpenters.

Amanda Carpenter

NAME: Probably McGUIRE - based on children name sequence or mother's maiden
name?   In record given her last name was Carpenter however.

14993. John Thomas Carpenter

This John Thomas may have had a child named "John T. Carpenter" born abt 1823
NC and died 1895.  He may also have had a child named "J.C. Carpenter."
UPDATE 12/20/2003 - Y-DNA Tests prove John T. Carpenter was of the German Carpenter line.
SEE: "Carpenters A'Plenty" by Robert C. Carpenter.
John Carpenter, surname anglicized from Hans Zimmermann, b c1702 Switzerland, d 1794 NC:
#C. Christian 'CZ' Carpenter, b c1721, d 1800:
#C(10). Frederick Carpenter, b c1772, d 1829:
#C(10)3. Joseph Carpenter, b c1795, d aft1850:
#C(10)31. John T. Carpenter, b c1820-5, d 1895:

J.C. Carpenter
>US Federal Census records show his birth place as:
>1860, Census records dated 21 July 1860, M653, Roll42, Page 46,
># 269, Family # 265, show him and his wife Frances, and young son,
>John Jeff in Cache Twp., Greene Co., Arkansas, PO=Wolcott.  It shows his
>age  as 35, Occupation as farmer, and Birthplace as North Carolina.  His
>wife's birthplace is recorded as South Carolina (which is correct I
>have traced her ancestors back two generations, in the Spartanburg, S.C.
>area.  It aslo records John Jeff's birth place as Georgia.  This would
>agree, i.e., Chattooga County, Georgia Marriage Records, Book 1, Page
>280, has John T. Carpenter being married to Frances E. Richardson on
>18 January 1855.
>1870, Census records dated 15 August 1870, M593, Roll 180, Page # 310,
>Dwelling # 503, Family # 499,Subdivision 145, Walker County, Georgia,
>PO at Rock Springs.  It shows his age as 47, occupation as Huckster, and
>birthplace as North Carolina.  At this point he and Frances have
>additional children: John Jeff 13, Mary s. age 6, and George W. age 2.
>Note all children have birthplace as Georgia.
>1880, Census records dated 13 June 1880, T9, Roll 139, Page 18,
>Dwelling  # 155, Family # 157 Haywood District # 962, Chattooga County
>At this point, John Jeff is no longer in the household, Mary S. is now
>16, George W. is 13, and Wm J. is 7, (Note:  believe the Wm. J. is in
>error, later information shows this individual is Joseph C.), James R.
>age 6, and last my grandfather, Noah Z. Carpenter age is 3.
>I have been unable to find an obituary or death certificate for John
>T.  Carpenter, i.e., records were not kept in Georgia at that time, I am
>told.  I do have two newspaper articles:
>1) Walker County Messenger, Vol XVIII No. 42, LaFayette, Georgia,
>Thursday October 24, 1895 "John Carpenter, 70 years or more... died 14
>October 1895."  His headstone at the Old Bethlehem Baptist Church
>Cemetery in Chattooga Co., Georgia also reads 1895.
>2) Chattooga News, October 30, 1895 "John Carpenter, who lived near
>Subligna and who was hurt by a runaway horse over two weeks ago, died
>the second day after receiving his injuries".
>Basically, I have been able to document his life from 18 January 1855
>to  his death on 14 October 1895, and also document all his children
>except for John Jeff and Mary S., John Jeff is supposed to have died at an
>early age and Mary S. married William J. Stowe.  I have identified
>William J. Stowe's parents in the same cemetery as the one containing
>John T. Carpenter, and have written a lady in Phoenix regarding this
>line.  Have received no answer, it has been about 4 weeks.
>As mentioned above, there is one oddity, i.e., the Wm. J. Carpenter
>mentioned in the 1880 census is never mentioned anywhere again.
>However, there is a Joseph C. or J.C. Carpenter mentioned in an
>Indenture involving my Grandfather and my Granduncle James R.  In
>addition, I have information about the death of a Joseph C. Carpenter
>on  28 Jan 1896 from his estate records recorded in Chattooga Co.,
>A J.C. Carpenter is buried in the same cemetery as John T. Carpenter,
>i.e., the graves are very close, like a family plot.
>Hope that I have not bored you with this information.  All I can go on
>at this point is that John T. Carpenter was born in N.C.
Bobby L. Carpenter.  22 July 1998 E-Mail.

From: "Bob & Judy Carpenter"
To: "John R. Carpenter"
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2002 9:29 AM
Subject: Re: Family Tree DNA
> Hi John
> The kit number was 6060. I received confirmation on their receipt of my kit
> on 25 Nov.
> A brief Pedigree would be starting with myself: Bobby L. Carpenter, b: 16
> May 1938, my father - George Benson Carpenter, b: 21 Sep. 1909, my
> grandfather - Noah Zumon Peter Carpenter, b: 12 May 1877 and my
> Great-Grandfather John T. Carpenter, b: 1823 in N.C. and he died in
> Chattooga County, Georgia on 14 October 1895.  My father and grandfather
> were both born in Chattooga Co., GA.  The 1880 Census records that JTC's
> father was born in NC and his mother in PA.  I don't know the names of JTC's
> parents or anything on him prior to his marriage to Frances E. Richardson in
> Chattooga County, GA on 18 January 1855.  Census records show JTC as being
> born in 1820-1823-1825, depending upon which census you read. However, his
> headstone reads 1823.  So, I have adopted the 1823 date and will retain that
> one until I find something different.
> Thanks   Bob Carpenter
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "John R. Carpenter"
> To: "Bob & Judy Carpenter"
> Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2002 9:02 AM
> Subject: Re: Family Tree DNA
> > Hi Bob!
> > Great to hear from you!
> > Let me know the kit number.
> > Can you remind me which John T. Carpenter?  Can you give me a brief pedigree?
> > Thanks!
> > John R. Carpenter
> > La Mesa, CA
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Bob & Judy Carpenter"
> > To: "John R. Carpenter"
> > Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 12:27 PM
> > Subject: Family Tree DNA
> > > Hi John
> > > Received my DNA kit on 20 Nov and returned it on 21 Nov.   I'm awaiting
> > the results.  Who knows, they provide just what I've been looking for.

> > > Thanks   Bob Carpenter Grandson of John T. Carpenter


Possible second marriage of John Carpenter to this Mary.  See notes below:
From: DCarter669
>Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 21:03:53 EDT
>Hi, I am researching my Carpenter roots and have come across this name. John
>Carpenter was born Abt1775 in Virginia. He moved to Georgia around 1804 and
>entered the GA Land Lottery in 1805. He later married in 1805 to a woman
>named Mary. John and Mary Carpenter had eleven children that I know of but nine
of which I have names for:
>1.) Hamilton Carpenter
>b. ca1808 in GA
>d. ater 1870, probably in Upson Co., GA
>m. 3Mar1845 in Harris Co., GA
>Berthina E. Norris
>b. ca1825, GA
>d. after 1880
>2.) Deborah A. Carpenter
>b. ca1810, GA
>d. after 1870, Probably Schley Co., GA
>m. 1Jan1837, Upson Co., GA
>William Hickey
>b. ca 1812, GA
>d. after 1870, Probably in Schley Co., GA
>He was a blacksmith
>3.) Georgw W. Carpenter
>b. ca 1811, GA
>d. after 1880, Steward Co., GA
>m. 5Jan1832, Putnam Co., GA
>Elizabeth Louisa Wallace
>b. ca 1814, GA
>d. after 1880, probably Steward Co., GA
>4.) Nancy Carpenter
>b. ca 1812-1813, GA
>d. 30 Jun 1855, State Mental Hospital, Milledgeville, GA
>5.) Bical Carpenter
>b. ca 1814, GA
>d. ?
>m. 14Jan1838, Upson Co., GA
>Pleasant Spears
>b. ca 1815
>d. ?
>6.) John Carpenter, Jr.
>b. 1815, GA
>d. ?
>m. 23Aug1846, Upson Co., Ga
>Sarah Cummings
>b. ca 1825-1831
>d. ?
>I believe she was the daughter of Stephen Cummings.
>7.) Eleazar "Eli" Carpenter
>b. 1816, GA
>d. 30 Oct 1864, Baltimore, MD-a paroled prisoner of war in a union hospital.
>m. 10May1846, Troup Co., GA
>Annzena "Angine" Norris
>b. Mar1831, GA
>d. after 1900, probably in Oklahoma
>She was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Stone) Norris
>8.) James Carpenter
>b. 1817, GA
>d. before 1850
>m. 10Jan1848, Troup Co., GA
>Irene Norris
>b. ca1827, GA
>d. ?
>Also a daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Norris
>9.) Sarah H. Carpenter
>b. 1825, GA
>d. ?
>Not married that I know of.
>I have some pretty good info on the families after John Carpenter, but have
>run into a brick wall on his ancestors. If anyone has information pertaining
>to this family of Carpenters, please E-mail me at:
>Thank You,
>Daniel Carter.

Mary Lee

E-MAIL: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 From:
John: Good afternoon.
Please find attached a copy of my Carpenter family data. My purpose in
sending this to you is my hope in finding history on a Thomas Carpenter
m. Mary Lee in I believe Nash Co. NC in the mid to late 1700s. I have
one son John Carpenter d. before 1838 in Greene Co., AL.
I hope there may be info in my gedcom file that can be of use to you.
Also, I am interested in what I need to do to obtain a copy of the CD on
it's release. Best regards, Mike Coop.
Mike adds spouse Mary Lee and Elizabeth Upchurch to this line.

E-MAIL: Thomas Carpenter & Mary Lee.
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 From: Travis Carpenter
My family (Those researching ancestors of James Ludwell Carpenter) have some
disagreement with some of the postings we have found on the Internet
concerning Thomas Carpenter who married Mary Lee.  Information on the
Internet shows that Thomas had a son named John Carpenter who went to
Georgia.  Our information shows that Thomas had a son named John who moved to
Green Co., AL.  John owned land on Moccasin Creek in Franklin Co., NC, the
same land owned by Thomas Carpenter.  John had a son named James Ludwell who
had extensive landholdings in NC.  He is listed in the will of John Carpenter
of Greenie Co., Ala.  We have a lot of documentation that supports these
assumptions and feel quite confident about our line of descent from Thomas
Also on the Internet we have found that Thomas' father was a Solomon
Carpenter.  We suspect this is not true for reasons that I do not fully
understand but I will try to get our "expert" involved and maybe he can shed
some light on this subject.  We believe that there were 2 Thomas' in this
area during the same time.  We show a Solomon Carpenter in VA who had a son
named Thomas who served in the Revolutionary War, and died in VA.  There is
another Thomas Carpenter of Nash/Edgecombe Co. NC who served in the
Revolutionary War and died in Nash Co.  This is the Thomas who married Mary
Lee.  The Lee's, Burwell's, and Ludwell's were all Tidewater families.  We
think there was a close relationship to these families as these names appear
as first or middle names of our family members.  We believe that Thomas
Carpenter was not the Thomas from Botetout Co., but rather from the
If anyone has information to add to this and help clear the waters it would
be greatly appreciated.
Travis Carpenter

7801. Rueben Carpenter Sr.

NAME: Middle name maybe "Lee".

Reuben who died in Edgefield circa 1840 was ""NOT"" a son of Thomas Jack Carpenter & Mary Lee nor is he known to be any part of the Nash County Carpenters. Reuben was listed in 1800 & 1810 in Edgefield while the other Reuben (son of Jack) was listed in the Nash Co census of 1800 & 1810. To say he was accidentally double enumerated twice in two decades in two different counties and states is hardly likely. An 1884 diary indicates Reuben of Edgefield was the son of Abigail JORDAN and an Unknown Mr. Carpenter who died in the American Revolution. Reuben was probably born in SC or at least lived there in childhood. DNA of descendants of Reuben of Edgefield do not match the Nash Co NC Carpenters either. Donna Cuzze
CHILDREN: Reuben, John & Thomas were listed on the 1803 GA tax roll.
Rueben L. Carpenter Sr, was supposedly listed as a farmer in Edgefield Co.,
South Carolina.  His son Thomas was in Henry Co Georgia during the 1820 and
1830 census.  Thomas did a lot of land dealings in the Land Lottery.  He too
must have been a fanner as in different years his land was auctioned off.
His son Thomas M. Carpenter and James Warren also had land records in GA.
Surprisingly, there is a $1,500.00 bond between Thomas (the father)
and John Wilkens, in Much the agreement states that John Wilkens will
take guardianship of Sallie, David Jered find John Harlen who
were orphaned.  There seems to be a lot of Zachariahs and Reuben Lee
Trying to figure if they were children. brothers or father is difficut.
I have taken my best guess at putting them where I think they belong based
on dates hearsay, stories and land transactions (which would mean they would
have to be old enough to buy, etc.).
Reuben, brother John & son Thomas were listed on the 1803 GA tax roll.
In 1805 Henry, John & Thomas were listed in the Lincoln Co. Georgia Land

BIRTH: B. abt 1766/1776 Halifax District, Nash, NC may belong to another Carpenter.  
Birth about 1770/1774 in SC per Donna Carpenter Cuzze - See NOTES: below.
General consensus is abt 1770/1774 in SC.

Donna supplies:
According to census records, he was born between 1770-1774.
Census 1800 born : 1755-1774
Census 1810 born : 1765-1784
Census 1830 born : 1770-1780
Census 1840 born : 1770-1780

E-MAIL:  Mon, 25 Dec 2000 From: "Jack Gray"
CC:      "Jack Gray"
John R. Hi my name is Jack Gray.
If you would be so kind and help me, I would be so grateful.
My GGG/Gfather was James Gray and he married a Mary Carpenter, she was the
daughter of Ruben Lee Carpenter and Mary Butler, married in 1785 in S.C. I have nothing
past Ruben L. and hope to take him back in time. You made a post on Gen Forum
#1524 about this man.(July 6, 00)
I will be happy to pay any cost needed.
Thank you,
Jack Gray
POBox 1823
Odem, Texas 78370

E-MAIL:  Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 18:09:25 -0600
From: Your Name
To: Jan Robison
Subject: Re: Gus Carpenter
Hi Jan,
Since John Augusta Carpenter's sister Charlcy was born Feb. 22, 1840 I
believe that all the postings on Gus Carpenter's parents are incorrect.
Researchers in Camp County, where Gus lived most of his life, married
Sarah Cope, reared their children and finally died in 1881 have Gus's
father as Rueben Carpenter, Jr. and mother as Leatha (I believe that one
of the Carpenter kin there in Camp County gave me her maiden name as
Faulkner). Gus had 8 brothers and sisters. The first five children of
this family were born in South Carolina and the last 4 were born in
Mississippi. I have shared information with the Carpenter kin in Upshur
and Camp counties because of Gus and his sister Charlcy marrying the
sister and brother of my great grandfather. Normally I do not research
the ancestry of those who marry into the Cope family but much
information from family Bible records, public records, and unpublished
and published Civil War documents mentioning the Carpenters have fallen
in my lap and I share it like others have shared with me.

If the Carpenters were in my direct line I would read the deed records
of all early Carpenter land purchases in Upshur and Camp Counties to see
if I could find indisputable proof of Gus's father, but that is not the
case. Usually the passage of title to real estate from parents to
children is the best proof other than wills and probate records.

Jan Robison wrote:
> Bill,
> I spent over an hour searching online and found the same information
> on every last page I could find. I believe that Gus could have been
> born out of wedlock... Rueben married a second time, but not until
> 1840 to a "Mrs. Henderson." I saw a reference to another wife named
> Leatha, but there was no surname. I don't know if we will ever figure
> this one out, actually. Even the "gurus" of the Carpenters have the
> same info as I do. I think I got mine from John...
> The only thing I can think of is the add another spouse to Rueben as
> "Unknown" and link Gus to her. This is merely a peripheral line for
> me, so I never really researched it.
> If you find anything, please subscribe to the Carpenter maillist and
> post the info for all to see.
> Thanks again,
> Jan

Ezra Carpenter     Compact Disc #43     Pin #436606
Birth:  1825  Place:   S. Carolina
Father:  Reuben Carpenter     Disc #43     Pin #436608
Mother:  Alletha      Disc #43     Pin #436609
Spouse:  Tabitha Crawford     Disc #43     Pin #436607
 Marriage:    Place:
Birth:  18 JAN 1825   , , Usa
Death:  05 JUL 1877
Husband's Name
Ezra CARPENTER (AFN:B9LT-C5)  Pedigree
 Born:  18 Jan 1825  Place:  , , Mississippi
Died:  5 Jul 1877  Place:
Married:  8 Sep 1845  Place:
Wife's Name
Tabitha CRAWFORD (AFN:B9LT-DB)  Pedigree
 Born:  25 Jul 1823  Place:  <, , Mississippi>
Died:  14 Oct 1877  Place:
Married:  8 Sep 1845  Place:
1.  Sex  Name
M  Robert B CARPENTER (AFN:1LBC-MDK)  Pedigree
 Born:  22 Jan 1848   Place:  , , Louisiana
2.  Sex  Name
M  Augustus CARPENTER (AFN:1LBC-MJD)  Pedigree
 Born:  13 Oct 1853   Place:  <, , Mississippi>
3.  Sex  Name
M  Andrew Jackson CARPENTER (AFN:1LBC-MLS)  Pedigree
 Born:  13 Oct 1855   Place:  <, Titus, Texas>
4.  Sex  Name
M  Marcus Y CARPENTER (AFN:1LBC-CSN)  Pedigree
 Born:  14 Oct 1877   Place:  <, , Texas>
Died:  7 Jan 1878   Place:
5.  Sex  Name
M  Joseph Hill CARPENTER (AFN:1LBC-MN7)  Pedigree
 Born:  4 Feb 1858   Place:  , Titus, Texas
Died:  25 May 1940   Place:
6.  Sex  Name
M  Missouri Elenor CARPENTER (AFN:1LBC-MG0)  Pedigree
 Born:  2 May 1851   Place:  , , Mississippi
Died:  10 Aug 1938   Place:  Pittsburg, Camp, Texas
7.  Sex  Name
M  Hillery CARPENTER (AFN:1LBC-CLF)  Pedigree
 Born:  3 Jun 1846   Place:  , , Mississippi
Died:  21 Apr 1894   Place:
8.  Sex  Name
M  James Henry CARPENTER (AFN:1G0Q-16)  Pedigree
 Born:  8 Aug 1862   Place:  Tn
Died:  19 Apr 1934   Place:  Pittsburg, Camp, Tx
Buried:  20 Apr 1934   Place:  Pittsburg, Camp, Tx
A-  The data below is for the Herman Lansing Carpenter who was on the USS Marblehead.
He was one of the sailors who were wounded on the USS Marblehead, treated at hospitals in Java and evacuated in Feburary 1942:
Herman Lansing Carpenter, SC3c
Herman L. Carpenter  Male
Birth:  21 SEP 1907   Of, Pittsburg, Camp, Texas
Death:  14 NOV 1986
 Father:  Walter Lee Carpenter  (SEE: A below)
 Mother:  Estelle OR Stella McCurdy
 Spouse:  Ila B. Phillips
 Marriage:  About 1933   Of, Pittsburg, Camp, Texas
Wife's data
Ila B. Phillips
Birth:  07 APR 1911  Of, Pittsburg, Camp, Texas
Marriage:  About 1933  Of, Pittsburg, Camp, Texas
Death:  27 FEB 1995
Father:   Phillips
Mother:   Phillips
Social Security Information:
Name                  Birth              Death         Last Residence                    Last Benefit          SSN
CARPENTER  21 Sep 1907 Nov 1986 75644 (Gilmer, Upshur, TX) (none specified) 457-10-9925
CARPENTER  07 Apr 1911 Feb 1995 75644 (Gilmer, Upshur, TX) (none specified) 456-03-7256
Birth:   24 Oct 1884
 Pittsburg, Camp, Tx
Death:   4 Jan 1975   Gladewater
Father:  James Henry CARPENTER (AFN: 1G0Q-16)
Mother:  Mary Lenora JONES (AFN: 1G0Q-2C)
Spouse:  Stella MCCURDY (AFN: D640-3Q)
Marriage:  25 Dec 1906

The following web pages deal with the CL-12 USS Marblehead.
The story and the Doctor
message board regarding those who served.

Per TLC:
- Reuben Carpenter Sr., born c1776-1780, died c1843 in Edgefield Co. SC. He is posited as a son by the preponderance of evidence. The Y-DNA of a posited descendant through his son Reuben Jr. {FTDNA #21005, descendant of son Reuben Jr.} links him with a descendant {FTDNA #78860} of Thomas Carpenter, another posited son of Abigail (Jordan) Carpenter; both are matched 25/25 with another descendant of Reuben Jr. {FTDNA #187121, descendant of son Reuben Jr. through a different grandson than 21005}. {All should match FTDNA #192004 (1 Nov 2010).} Reuben Carpenter Sr. married first c1795 to Mary Butler, who was born c1780. In 1800 he was enumerated in Edgefield Co. SC. He had purchased land in 1805 in Lincoln Co. GA from Thomas Carpenter and others, who had purchased it from Thomas Moffatt in 1803, but sold it in Jan 1809 and left GA not long after, because on 14 Dec 1809 in Edgefield Co. SC he witnessed a deed for 50 acres on the waters of Stephens Creek. In 1810 he was enumerated in Edgefield Co. SC. On 19 Nov 1822 he was mentioned as a landowner on Stephens Creek in Edgefield Co. SC. He was enumerated in Edgefield Co. SC in 1830 and 1840. He married second at the age of 75 on 16 Aug 1840 in Edgefield Co. SC to Mrs. Rebecca Henderson, who was age 72, and the widow of Bennett Henderson. His residual estate was sold in Edgefield Co. SC in 1843, naming his widow Rebecca and nine children.

1840 Census, SC, EDGEFIELD, Reuben CARPINTER 1770-1780, male 1800-1810, male 1835-1840, female 1810-1820, female 1820-1825.

NOTES: From Donna Carpenter Cuzze
Migrated to Wilkes / Lincoln Co GA to Edgefield Co SC
Died abt 1842 in Edgefield Co SC

CENSUS-1: 1800 SC, EDGEFIELD, Ruben (mistranscribed as Rober) Carpenter 1755 -1774, Sp-1774 - 1784, male 1790 - 1800  (Reuben Jr? , male 1790 -1800 (Thomas?). NEIGHBORS:  Lewis Martin, Giles Satcher, Wyat? Logan, Evan *BUTLER, Thomas Dison.
In 1800 Edgefield SC census is our Ruben Carpenter Sr. living next to Even (Erven) BUTLER and as you know, Ruben married Mary BUTLER.
That same Even (Erven) Butler lives near Ruben Jr in the 1830 Edgefield census. So I do not think the Ruben in the NC census could possibly be our Ruben. I do not believe he was enumerated in Nash and then in Edgefield the same year.
1800 CENSUS : SC, EDGEFIELD, Ruben Carpenter 1755 -1774, Spouse-1774 - 1784, male 1790 - 1800 (Reuben Jr? , male 1790 -1800 (Thomas?). NEIGHBORS: Lewis Martin, Giles Satcher, Wyat? Logan, Evan *BUTLER, Thomas Dison.
[note: Ancestry transcribed Ruben as “Rober” so is hard to find unless you just search the last name of Carpenter in the Edgefield 1800 census].

TAX RECORD: 1803 GA TAXROLL: John, Reuben and Thomas were listed on GA taxroll.

CENSUS-2: 1810 SC, EDGEFIELD, Reuben Carpenter 1765-1784, Sp 1765-1784, male 1794-1800 (Reuben Jr?), male 1794-1800 (Thomas?), male 1800-1810 (son #3), 1800-1810 (son #4), 3-Females 1800-1810. 2 slaves. NEIGHBORS: Edmon *CATLIDGE, Stephen *TOMPKINS, Blumer *WHITE

CENSUS-3: 1830 SC, EDGEFIELD p.13, Reubin Carpenter  1770 - 1780, Sp 1770 - 1780, male 1790 - 1800 (Thomas?), 3-F 1815 - 1820, 2-F 1820 - 1825. 2 slaves. NEIGHBORS:  James GRAY, Stephen *TOMPKINS, Blumer *WHITE.
Son Reuben Jr on pg 7 : R. Carpenter [Jr?] 1790-1800,  Sp 1790-1800, male 1800 -1810 (brother?),  male 1800-1810 (brother?), male 1825-1830, male 1825-1830, F 1825 -1830, 2 slaves. NEIGHBORS:  Earvin BUTLER, Edmon *CATLIDGE.
1830 CENSUS : SC, EDGEFIELD p.7, R. Carpenter [Jr] 1790-1800, Sp 1790-1800, male 1800 -1810 (brother?), male 1800-1810 (brother?), male 1825-1830, male 1825-1830, F 1825 -1830, 2 slaves. NEIGHBORS: Earvin *BUTLER.
CENSUS-4: 1840 SC, EDGEFIELD, Reuben CARPINTER 1770-1780, male 1800-1810, male 1835-1840, female 1810-1820, female 1820-1825.

LAND-1: 1805 GA, LINCOLN -Thomas & Mary Carpenter sell to Reuben Carpenter the 148 acres they co-purchased originally from MOFFAT.  It is only 45 miles to Edgefield, SC.

RECORD-1: 1828 SC, EDGEFIELD, REUBEN Carpenter & THOMAS Carpenter witness deed of Isaac FORTNER to Drury MORGAN.  [Probably Thomas was son of Reuben].

RECORD-2: 1828 SC, EDGEFIELD, Chain of deed shows John Crawford > Nathan Fortner > Ansel Fortner > Drury Morgan.  Wit: James TOMKINS & Reuben CARPENTER.

RECORD-3:  Someone (sorry I didn't document it) said that on August 28, 1832 in Edgefield, SC, Reuben [Jr] received $400 from his father's estate. He [Reuben Jr] was taxed for it in Choctaw Co. MS.  Reuben Jr was subsequently listed in the 1840 Chickasaw Co MS census.  ***HOWEVER, I show Reuben “Sr” still alive in the 1840 Edgefield census and also marrying in 1840 .  I think the estate may have had something to do with the death of Reuben “Sr's” wife, Mary Butler Carpenter who died 1831-1839?  

RECORD-4:  Reuben Sr's daughter Mary married James GRAY.  “They resided in Edgefield County, South Carolina in 1830 next door to Reuben Carpenter.  They were in Chickasaw County, Mississippi at the 1840 census.  In 1843 she and her husband gave power of attorney to John Griffis to collect her share of her father's estate (Reuben Carpenter) in Edgefield County, South Carolina.  They were still in Chickasaw Co, Ms at the 1850 census (National Archives Microfilm Publications (census).  They reportedly moved to Franklin County, Arkansas after 1880 (Jack Gray).”

DNA:  Three persons who descend from Reuben Jr's line match my father's DNA (Thomas Carpenter line, the brother of Reuben Sr).

NOTE:  Information on children from Terry L. Carpenter, Wayne Carpenter, census records and other descendants.
MARRIAGE 1:  Mary Butler b: 1780   d. 1831-1839  m. abt 1795

MARRIAGE 2:  Mrs. Rebecca Henderson b: Abt. 1772 in NC  m: August 16, 1840 Note:  She was age 72, widow of Bennett Henderson.  Reuben, Sr. was age 75 .


Elizabeth Carpenter circa 1795 m. George Hancock
Reuben Carpenter Jr circa 1796-1800 m. Sarah Leatha?
Thomas Carpenter circa 1800 m. Avy-Amy? Faulkner
Frances Carpenter circa 1800-1810 m. Joel P. Hill
Unknown Son circa 1800-1810
Unknown Son circa 1800-1810
Abigail Carpenter circa 1806 m. Samuel Stalnaker
Mary Carpenter circa 1807 m. James Gray
Jane Carpenter circa 1815 m. Samuel Butler
Ellen Carpenter circa 1820 m. John S. Barton
Martha Carpenter circa 1820

Reuben Carpenter Sr deeded land on Stevens & Turkey Creek.  Today that would be near Parksville, in McCormack County SC.  Many of the land features were changed after the dam was built.  Early deeds for this area were considered to be Granville District which was later abolished.  On a map dated 1776 is the name CARPENTER at the head of the South Fork Edisto River which would be in Edgefield/Aiken County today.  The reference was probably to the land of ABIAH CARPENTER and his wife Margaret.  On a reconstructed map of the Long Cane Settlement (called the Index to Abbeville District Colonial Plats), are several persons of interest.  This land was allocated in 1762 to Irish Protestant immigrants following a 1760 massacre of inhabitants by Indians.  One JOSEPH CARPENTER was given bounty land there in 1765.  Near him is John GRAY (remember Reuben Carpenter's daughter Mary married James Gray in Edgefield.  Not too far from him were Phillip and Henry ZIMMERMAN who also obtained their land in 1765.  In 1767 Dazell HUNTER deeded land almost right next to Joseph Carpenter.  In 1775 there was a Capt. David HUNTER who deeded in the same area.  The Moffetts and Hunters had several marriages together and possibly had connections to the Hunters in this area (although the Moffetts owned land in Chester Co SC from 1768-1791).  These Abbeville Colonial plats were a little west of center between the current town of McCormack and Greenwood, SC in probably what is today Troy or Bradley in GREENWOOD COUNTY (almost a straight line across the Savannah to Lincolnton, GA where Thomas, Reuben and John Carpenters deeded land as well as the Moffetts and Jordans in 1803.

From: Donna Cuzze
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 2:36 PM
... We know Thomas Moffett was living in WILKES / LINCOLN CO GA and that he and Abigail moved to Jasper Co GA after marriage. We know in 1794 that John & Thomas Carpenter paid taxes in WARREN GA and Reuben was living in EDGEFIELD SC in 1800. We know the three brothers bought land from James Moffett in 1805 LINCOLN GA. After that, Reuben lived in EDGEFIELD, Thomas went to HENRY GA and John stayed in LINCOLN GA until at least 1820.

Date: Tue, 1 May 2012 02:51:10 -0700 From: "Donna Cuzze"

From: Donna Cuzze
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2012 1:11 PM
Subject: CORRECTION to Unknown sons of Carpenter
Hello Group 16,
Here is what we need to look for in the way of other descendants of John, Reuben & Thomas. Assuming that each of them named a son after the other, plus popular names down the chain, a process of elimination left me with some logical guesses as to their names.
All of them had a Thomas so we are NOT looking any Thomas's.
Son b. 1800-1810 SC possible names: John, Starling, Robert, Zachariah, Warren (or James W.)
Son b. 1800-1810 SC possible names: John, Starling, Robert, Zachariah, Warren (or James W.)
Son b. 1795-1805 GA possible names: John, Starling, Reuben*, Robert, Zachariah, Warren (or James W.)
Son b. 1815-1820 GA possible names: John, Starling, Robert
REUBEN SR - 2 Unknown Sons
Based on the 1810 Edgefield census, Reuben had a wife, 3 daughters & 4 sons.
2 sons born 1795-1800 (Reuben & Thos)
2 sons born 1800-1810.
So we are looking for 2 sons born in SOUTH CAROLINA.
Son b. 1800-1810 SC possible names: John, Starling
Son b. 1800-1810 SC " " " "
Donna Cuzze Las Vegas, NV

15006. Elizabeth Carpenter

In 1840, Reuben Sr's daughter Elizabeth who married Geo W Hancock was listed born 1810-1820 and had only TWO SONS b.1835-1840 , no daughters.
1840 CENSUS: SC, EDGEFIELD: George Hancock 1810-1820, spouse 1810-1820, 2-males 1835-1840.
You cite a census record showing that the Elizabeth born 1795 of the Chesterfield Co SC census is Reuben Sr's daughter. I have an alternate suggestion.
I found a George W & Elizabeth Hancock, of the correct age of the 1840 census, listed in Arkansas.
1850 United States Federal Census about George W Hancocke Name: George W Hancocke Age: 30 Birth Year: abt 1820 Birthplace: South Carolina Home in 1850: Tucker, Clark, Arkansas Gender: Male Family Number: 43 Household Members: Name Age George W Hancocke 1820 SC,
Elizabeth 1820 SC,
Dianacias (male) 1838 SC,
Mary Ann 1842 SC,
Frances Ann 1845 SC,
John Washington 1849 AR,
Thomas Hancocke 1831 SC. order listed suggests this is Georges' brother John Thomas Hancock.
The above coincides with the 1840 census of 2 sons born bef 1840 and no girls born before 1840.


Listed as Mrs. Rebecca Henderson, a widow.

7806. James Carpenter

Either James or Benjamin had children who went to KY then IN.  Jane born about
1805, Peter born about 1808.  Temporarily assigned to Benjamin.

7807. William Carpenter Sr.

Carolyn Spence of Trinity, NC in a letter dated 8 Mar 1999, updated this
line.   She believes that the data for this William Carpenter (who is listed
in the Ancestral File as dying on 26 Nov. 1832 in Surry County, NC) is in error.
She says the following Will she found provides information that
William died in 1859 and not 1832.

WILL: Will of William Carpenter from Surry County NC Will book # 5 page 46.
I think this William was the father of Buck Carpenter.
My body shall be decently buried and my funeral charges and just debts be paid
by executor.  My two youngest daughters Nancy Carpenter and Frances Carpenter
get my tract of land whereon I now live divided as follows: Beginning at a
forked pine the west corner of said land, then runs southeast to a white oak
the beginning corner of said tract, the south side of said land and of said
tract I give to my daughter Nancy and the north side  together with the mill I
give to my daughter Frances.  Also, my daughters Nancy and Frances all my
household and kitchen furniture to be equally divided between them and one cow
each.  Son John Carpenter gets my blacksmith tools.  The balance of my property
is to be sold and equally divided between all my lawful heirs.  Executor:
Frances Carpenter.
Witnesses: Jonathan J. McMickle and Joseph Isaacks.  Proved by J J McMickle.
Probate Aug term 1860.
William was last found in the 1850 Surry census with a daughter Frances 19,
Mandy which is probably Nancy mispelled, and a child named  Rhudy which was
probably Rhody mispelled.  John lived nearby and was already a blacksmith,
indicating to me that John was using his fathers tools, and the Will above gave
the instruments to John outright.
Since a wife was not named in this Will written in 1859, she had died prior to
Jan 1859.

FAMILY: Family data from the 1850 Surry County NC census.
CENSUS:1810 Surry Co, NC pg 179 William CARPENTER age 16-25 (1784/94) "10100-10100";
CENSUS:1820 Surry Co, NC pg 762 William CARPENTER age 45+ (bef 1775) "110001-01010";
CENSUS:1830 Surry Co, NC pg 145 William CARPENTER age 40-49 (1780/90) "0011001001-2000101";
CENSUS:1840 Surry Co, NC pg 81 William CARPENTER age 50-59 (1780/90) "00000001-00110101";
CENSUS:1850 Surry Co, NC North Division # 737 William CARPENTER, 61 (1788/89) born NC;

This Carpenter Descendancy line updated by Nanalee Wrenn on Tue, 08 Aug 2000
via E-MAIL. Nanalee Wrenn of Advance, NC.

Rhoda Rody

NAME: Unknown if Rody is first or last name.
CENSUS: Surry county NC census Rhoda was a widow, age 73, with Nancy age 28,
Frances age 25, and Columbus age 19. in 1860.

15021. Rhoda Carpenter

This Carpenter Descendancy line updated by Nanalee Wrenn on Tue, 08 Aug 2000
via E-MAIL. Nanalee Wrenn of Advance, NC.

15024. Mandy Carpenter

This Carpenter Descendancy line updated by Nanalee Wrenn on Tue, 08 Aug 2000
via E-MAIL. Nanalee Wrenn of Advance, NC.

7808. Benjamin Carpenter

Either James or Benjamin had children who went to KY then IN.  Jane born about
1805, Peter born about 1808.

Subject: Benjamin CARPENTER - SC (maybe NC?) Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999
From: "J. R. Carpenter"
I am looking for any information on Benjamin CARPENTER (born ca 1770-80,
died ca 1836-1840 Dale Co. AL). According to oral tradition in one branch of
descendants, his name was Samson (perhaps Samson was his middle name?).
Benjamin Carpenter married ca 1806 to Milly --?--. They resided in SC ca
1808-1816, in Dale Co. AL in 1830, and bought land on 5 Jan 1836 in Dale Co.
AL. Milly and children resided in Dale Co. AL in 1840 and in Coffee Co. AL
in 1850. No further mention of Benjamin after the land sale that I've seen.
His son, my ancestor, Sampson A. CARPENTER (born ca 1816 in SC), married ca
1838 to Nancy MAYBERRY (born ca 1817 AL). They resided in Coffee Co. AL in
1850 and 1860. There is an established MABRY line in Union Co SC, coming
from Surry Co VA but through the Warren Co area of NC (near Nash Co). My
Nancy may be from a Franklin Co GA branch of the Mabrys.
Benjamin's family may have been in NC before SC, but that is unproven. I
thought at one time that his father was Thomas "Jack"  of Nash Co NC, but I
have not been able to prove it. There were some PA Dutch Zimmermans who came
to middle NC in the 1750s, eventually moving south until in Old Tryon Co,
with some of this line being buried as Carpenters in Blacksburg SC. I have
been unable to prove any descent from these people as well.
I have info on Benjamin's descendents, if anyone is interested.
Rick Carpenter.

15028. Jane Carpenter

Was this the Jane Carpenter noted in the 1870 Census of Vernon Precinct,
Christian county, KY in 1870?  Page 19.  Jane was living with Peter.

7810. Jesse Carpenter

The Jesse Carpenter who is found in the household of David and Catharine Given
in the 1850 Braxton County census is placed here, but not proven.    He is
logically a nephew of Jeremiah, Jesse et cetera.  See father's notes.

15030. Judith Carpenter

Children of Jesse (17) Carpenter, of Solomon (16), of Solomon (15)
1. Judith (18) Carpenter was born circa 1815/1819, died about 1859 and married
16 July 1846 James Salisbury in Braxton County.

NOTE: Marriage dates for this Judith Carpenter and Mary Judith (Miller), a
widow, Carpenter who married James Salisbury are the same.  It is possible that
the Judith Carpenter listed here is in error for marriage to James Salisbury.

James Salisbury

NOTE: Marriage dates for Judith Carpenter and Mary Judith (Miller)
Carpenter (a widow) who married James Salisbury are the same.
One may be in error!