Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


7811. Moses Carpenter

SEE: Carpenter Chronicles Volume 6 1990 - Branch # 15 - page 15-18 submitted by Terry Lee Carpenter.
Moses farmed in Jackson county AL and in Tishomingo county MS.  It is not known where he died. It is believed he died after 1850 but this is uncertain.
Sources for his family include: Family Bible, Census Records, Marriage Records of KY and MS.

NOTE: Moses Carpenter
Compact Disc #19     Pin #673575    Sex: M
Event(s):  Birth:  abt 1793   Place:   Scar,Kentucky
Death:  Deceased  Place: Tishomingo,Mississippi
Father:         Soloman Carpenter     Disc #19     Pin #674060  (SEE A)
Spouse:     Lavina West     Disc #19     Pin #673488
Marriage:  26 Feb 1816        Place:  Wayne,Kentucky
Notes and Sources:
Notes:              Available on CD-ROM Disc# 19
Sources:            None
104 Doublehorn Stephenville, TX 76401
Soloman Carpenter
Compact Disc #19     Pin #674060    Sex: M
Birth:  1770                            Place:   ,,Virginia,Usa
Father:        George Carpenter Sr   Disc #19   Pin #673219 (SEE B)
Mother:           Anna Shutley     Disc #19       Pin #673133
George Carpenter Sr
Compact Disc #19     Pin #673219    Sex: M
Spouse:          Anna Shutley     Disc #19     Pin #673133
Marriage:                          Place:
Terry Lee Carpenter wrote, "This Moses is my ancestor, and there is no connection to George
Carpenter Sr. who married Anna Schulteli (Shutley) -- in fact, George Carpenter Sr. died in service in the Revolutionary War some 15 years before Moses Carpenter was born!!!"

15032. John Carpenter

DEATH: Died after 1860.
MARRIAGE: Married by 1840, possibly in AL.

15035. Susannah Carpenter

DEATH: Died after 1850.

15036. Lucretia Carpenter

DEATH: Died after 1850.

15037. Moses Carpenter Jr.

DEATH: Died during Civil War. He was a Confederate cavalryman, and died a POW in a Union prison.
CSA Soldier in the War between the States (Civil War).

15039. Jefferson Carpenter

DEATH: Died during Civil War. The record does not indicate whether or not he was a combatant.

7812. Daniel Carpenter

CENSUS: 1850 US Census - on same page as brother - See: RIN 138955 William Carpenter 1850.jpg

SEE: Carpenter Chronicles Volume 6 1990 - Branch # 15 - page 15-18 submitted by Terry Lee Carpenter.
Other than Elijah C. Carpenter was the son of Daniel and Matha (Marlar) Carpenter, no other ancestry is given.
This family was Baptist and Daniel farmed in Old Tishomingo, now Prentiss county, MS.
Sources for his family include: Family Bible, Census Records, Marriage Records of Tishomingo, Alcorn and Prentiss counties, MS.
Terry Lee Carpenter states: "Please correct the line to show that neither Moses Carpenter nor Daniel Carpenter has a proven parent, and Allen Marlar is not proved to be the father of Martha Marlar."
While Terry Lee believes this line ties into the Solomon Carpenter line he has not proven the connection.

E-MAIL: ----- Original Message -----
From: "Terry Carpenter"
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: FTDNA test ...
I can comment on 5853, which is of great importance to me -- it is me.  The line as shown on the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA project web page is:
** Nathaniel Carpenter-625 b. 1668/1669
***Joseph C. Carpenter-5312 b. 1693
**** Solomon Carpenter-5330 b. 1714/1720
***** Solomon Carpenter, Jr.-31373 b. 1745/1750
****** Unknown Carpenter-65975 b. 1784
******* Daniel Carpenter- 66005 b. 1810
******** Elijah Carpenter-66004 b. 1847
********* Walter Carpenter-66030 b. 1886
********** Alive
*********** FTDNA Kit # 5853

I would "correct" the above to this:

** ?Nathaniel Carpenter-625 b. c1668-1669
*** ?Joseph Carpenter-5312 b. c1693
**** ?Solomon Carpenter-5330 b. c1714-1720
***** ?Solomon Carpenter, Jr.-31373 b. c1745-1750
****** Daniel Carpenter- 66005 b. c1800
******* Elijah C. Carpenter-66004 b. 1847
******** Walter L. Carpenter-66030 b. 1886
********* Warner H. Carpenter b. 1921
*********** FTDNA Kit # 5853

This shows where there is conjecture about the line, removes the middle initial C. from Joseph
Carpenter-5312, and removes the Unknown Carpenter-65975 born c1784.  Joseph Carpenter-5312 did
not have a middle name that is documented anywhere in original records - the attribution of the middle name
Coles to this Joseph is an error that first appeared in print in the 1980s and has been propagated by rote
copying.  Unknown Carpenter-65975 is removed because there doesn't appear to be an additional generation
between Solomon Jr. and Daniel.  Solomon Jr. married comparatively late in life by the standards of the day
- he was approximately 30-34 years of age at his marriage in 1784 - so Daniel would have been born at
about the 16 year point in the marriage, which would place him as the 6th to 8th child (estimating a child
was born an average of every 2.5 years to a married couple in those days).  This is within expected norms
for that era and location.

The reason "correct" is in quotes is because I cannot prove this line is indeed correct.  We have an
excellent oral family tradition and some circumstantial evidence supports the line as shown,
however, it remains unproved.  The only truly certain facts are these:

- Joseph Carpenter-5312 came from New York colony to western VA in about 1748.   However, his parentage is
speculative, not proved, though some circumstantial evidence supports the possibility that Nathaniel
Carpenter-625 was his father.  I am doubtful of this connection.  If you dig into the documentation of the
reputed connection, there is almost nothing there but unsupported statements dating back into the 1970s.
This gets into more than I can explain in a short space - it would take several pages to discuss the
details of this one proposed link in the lineage.
This is one reason the Y-DNA study has been of such great interest to me.

- The first certain link in this line, i.e., one for which I have indisputable documentation, is the
father-son link between Daniel and Elijah.  From there on back, there is significant doubt for discussion.

The link between Joseph and Solomon Sr. is another one I am highly doubtful of - there is significant
evidence that Solomon Sr. was a brother of Joseph Sr., rather than a son, and the suffix "Sr." was due to his
being older than a coexistent Solomon.  For details on this, see the paper Raquel Carpenter Sonnenberg and I
authored, which is on the CE CD.  This paper was based on independent professional research done by a
respected genealogist whom we hired to research the line, as a result of a long-standing disagreement
between me and pretty much everybody else (including Raquel's father who was a family historian) over the
reliability of past interpretations.  The independent professional agreed with me - the line is most likely
not as it has been represented for the past 30+ years. Exactly how it should be pieced together is still in
question - and Y-DNA results are crucial to resolving that question.

I am still very actively researching my line, but have not made a lot of progress in the past 10 years
because very little new data has come to light.  Part of the problem is a lack of data - Daniel and his
father Solomon Carpenter lived so far out on the fringe of the frontier that there are almost no
institutional records, and all the family has to go on is oral tradition - no family Bible or other written
evidence has yet been uncovered.   The repetition of common names, particularly Solomon and Joseph, has
made sorting out the lines very difficult.  Recruiting more people to join the Y-DNA project is also
important - one may match my line closely and give me a vector to follow.

I have also been accumulating records of the southeastern NY families, in particular Nathaniel
Carpenter-625.  Once I have enough to start delineating family groups, I hope to find out whether
Joseph Carpenter-5312 was related to Nathaniel or not. There is a much longer story, but I've already gone on
too much - suffice it to say that now that I have seen the Y-DNA profiles, I believe my line has a more
distant relationship to the Providence line than previously believed.  How to present this is now the
question, and I would appreciate your feedback based on your expert knowledge of what the Y-DNA data
indicates.  I have no problem with my profile being removed from the group it's currently in, and if the
lineage should be abbreviated to stop with Daniel Carpenter- 66005, that is alright with me too.
Accuracy is my foremost concern.  Regards, Terry

Martha Marlar

PARENTS:  Martha "d/o Mary and poss. an ?Allen? Marlar."

15041. Silas Carpenter

DEATH: Died after 1870.

He may have had a son named John (b. 1872 d. c. 1910-1920) who had Joshua Paul Carpenter (b. 1899 d. 1932) who had Silas Daniel Carpenter (b. 1929 alive Nov 2003)   This per TLC.

15046. Lucretia Carpenter

She did not marry.

7813. William Carpenter

NAME: No evidence for middle name Ryle or R. in any of the Census records yet found.

William Carpenter Compact Disc #70 Pin #948120
William Carpenter Compact Disc #138 Pin #2619520

CENSUS: 1850 US Census - See image: RIN 138955 William Carpenter 1850.jpg    
United States Census, 1850 for George Carpenter
Name: W Carpenter
Residence: Tishomingo county, Tishomingo, Mississippi
Age: 46 years
Calculated Birth Year: 1804
Birthplace: Kentucky
Gender: Male
Race (original):  
Race (expanded):  
Death Month:  
Death Year:  
Film Number: 443594
Digital GS Number: 4200053
Image Number: 00063
Line Number: 3
Dwelling House Number: 393
Family Number: 393
Marital Status:  married
Free or Slave:  
  Household Gender Age
 W Carpenter  M 46y
 Elizabeth Carpenter  F 39y
 Reuben Carpenter  M 19y
   George Carpenter  M 16y
 William Carpenter  M 12y
 Elizabeth Carpenter  F 8y
 Mary Carpenter  F 6y
 John Carpenter  M 5y
 Joshua Carpenter  M 3y
 Caroline Carpenter  F 6m
 Nancy Carpenter  F 6y
   John Carpenter  M 3y
 William Carpenter M 1y

DEATH: Possible Aug 1870 in Prentis County, MS , but more commonly referred death date is abt 1875 in Prentis county, MS.

Elizabeth Marler

Elizabeth MARLER Compact Disc #70 Pin #948121

15052. Reuben Carpenter

NAME: Rubin in the 1900 US Census with brother John.

In 1850 US Census with parents.

15053. George W. Carpenter

In 1850 US Census with parents.

15059. Caroline Carpenter

Age 6/12 in the 1850 US Census.

7814. Jeremiah Carpenter

Number 8059 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 762.
Family on page 763 (#1592).    5 May 1803 in CM & 7 May 1803 in Mowrey book.
Jeremiah moved with his parents to Rutland Twp., Meigs county, OH, where he
settled in 1806.  He received a good common school education.  At marriage he
located in Columbia Twp., Meigs county, OH, and was prominent in advancing the
enterprizes of the county.  He was early identified with the Baptisit Church
and was for many years a minister of that dedomination.  By their energy and
perseverance in their pioneer life they accumulated a valuable estate.

CENSUS: 1830 Census of Columbia Township, Meigs county, Ohio page 268.
Jeremiah Carpenter, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30.
!CENSUS: 1850 Census of Sutton Township, Meigs county, Ohio (# 1261-1261).
Jeremiah age 47 VA farmer with family.

BOOK: See page 47 (for notes) of the Mowrey 1997 book. See book information

E-MAIL:  From: "ethel l flannery"
Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2005 1:15 PM
Subject: Jeremiah Carpenter died July 23, 1884
> Hi,
>        Does anyone know who these Carpenters belong to?  They are buried
> in the School Lots Cemetery in Carpenter, OH.  On one side of a tall
> monument it says "father Jeremiah Carpenter died July 23, 1884  aged 81 y
> 2m 25d"  "mother Sarah Ann Simpson wife of J. Carpenter died May 7, 1887
> aged 80 y 4m 15 d"
>        On another side it says "children of J. & S.A. Carpenter--Abraham
> L. born Oct 30, 1825 died Jan 27 1826; William A. born Jan 2, 1827 died
> July 21, 1827; Sarah A. born Jan 2, 1850 died Jan 3, 1850"  These
> children had individual stones a few feet away.
>        On another side it said "Jeremiah L. Carpenter son of J. & S.A.
> Carpenter died Sept 28, 1919 aged 80 y 5 m 10 d"
>        On the ground near the tall monument were two stones "Jeremiah L.
> Carpenter 1839-1919" & "Mary Hauk Carpenter 1844-1931"  I have pictures
> of these stones if anyone is interested.
>        My great grandparents were Solomon and Sudna Hughes Carpenter.
> I'm descended down through their daughter Margaret who married Joseph
> Riffe.  Any info will be much appreciated.
>        Thanks   Ethel Flannery

Sarah Ann Simpson

AF has birth as Jan 1807 in ME or VA.  The Carpenter Memorial has 22 Dec 1806.
Sarah Ann was the granddaughter of Andrew Simpson who emigrated to America from
Ireland with his parents.  Andrew married Agnes Ayers and were the parents of
Robert and John Simpson.  Robert Simpson married Lydia Longfellow, the father
and mother of Sarah Ann.  John Simpson married Abigail Guild, they were the
parents of 4 children.  Their third child, Hannah Simpson married Jesse Grant.
Hannah and Jesse Grant were the parents of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, former
president of the United States of America.
Sarah Ann's children are second cousins to former President U.S. Grant.

15061. Abraham E. Carpenter

Number 8061 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 763
Listed as Abraham L. in the CM.

15062. William Albert Carpenter

Number 8062 in the Carpenter Memorial.  Page 763

15068. Sarah A. Carpenter

Sarah is not listed in the Carpenter Memorial.

7815. Samuel Carpenter

CENSUS: 1850 Census of Sutton Township, Meigs county, Ohio (# 1035-1060).
See image: RIN 30273 Samuel Carpenter 1850.jpg AND RIN 30273 Samuel Carpenter 1850b.jpg
CENSUS: 1850 US Census - see son Charles' notes.
Name: Samuel Carpenter
Residence: Sutton, Meigs, Ohio
Age: 45 years
Calculated Birth Year: 1805
Birthplace: Virginia
Gender: Male
Race (original):
Race (expanded):
Death Month:
Death Year:
Film Number: 444703
Digital GS Number: 4204495
Image Number: 00370
Line Number: 38
Dwelling House Number: 1035
Family Number: 1060
Marital Status:
Free or Slave:
Collection: United States Census, 1850

CENSUS: 1860 US Census - see son Charles' notes.

15070. Susannah Carpenter

BIRTH: Either VA or OH.

15071. Soloman Carpenter

BIRTH: Either VA or OH.

15072. Mary Carpenter

BIRTH: Either VA or OH.

15073. General Carpenter

NAME: First name listed as General.
BIRTH: Either VA or OH.

CENSUS: 1850 US Census - with parents
Name: General Carpenter
Residence: Sutton, Meigs, Ohio
Age: 2 years
Calculated Birth Year: 1848
Birthplace: Virginia
Gender: Male
Race (original):
Race (expanded):
Death Month:
Death Year:
Film Number: 444703
Digital GS Number: 4204495
Image Number: 00371
Line Number: 2
Dwelling House Number: 1035
Family Number: 1060
Marital Status:
Free or Slave:
Collection: United States Census, 1850

7816. James Carpenter

CENSUS: 1850 Census of Scipio Township, Meigs county, Ohio (# 413-413).
James married Rebecca Stone on 12-8-1844, wedding performed by Rev. J. Coms,
Vol. 1 page 295.

7817. Henry Carpenter

CENSUS: 1850 Census of Bedford Township, Meigs county, Ohio (# 526526).
Henry married Hannah Gilkey per Vol. 1/2, page 180.

7828. Joseph Carpenter

1. Joseph (17) Carpenter was born about 1797 and married, possibly, Acenith
Romine in Lewis County 22 March 1820. He and his brother, Samuel, left what is
now the Harper District of Roane County in the 1830's and were lost track of,
but he married second, Mahala A. Harper 23 July 1838 in Washington County,
Ohio and was residing there in 1850.  Some Carpenter researchers say
that this Joseph was a son of Jeremiah and that he died in a logging
accident near Addison (Webster Springs) shortly after his marriage to
Acenith Romine; but this is, obviously, incorrect.
CHILDREN: Minerva may be a child of his first marriage. One record indicates he
had some 13 children but only have been identified so far.

15081. Minerva A. Carpenter

Minerva A. (18) Carpenter was born circa 1834.
Born either in VA or OH.  Born of the first wife?

15082. Alfred F. Carpenter

Alfred F. (18) Carpenter was born around 1838.

15083. Elzra J. H. Carpenter

Ezra J.H. (18) Carpenter was born about 1839.

15084. Mary D. Carpenter

Mary D. (18) Carpenter was born circa 1845.

15085. Spencer Carpenter

Spencer (18) Carpenter was born around 1845.

15086. Diantha Carpenter

Diantha (18) Carpenter was born about 1846.

15087. Isaac Carpenter

Isaac (18) Carpenter was born circa 1848.

15088. Frances A. Carpenter

Frances A. (18) Carpenter was born around 1850.

7829. Stephen Carpenter

Stephen (17) Carpenter was born circa 1812, married Susanna Westfall 19
November 1829 in Lewis County and died after 1870 in Roane County. Susanna was
born circa 1815 and was a daughter of Andrew H. and Rachel (Raines).

15090. John G. Carpenter

John G. (18) Carpenter was born about 1833, married Jane Batten 18 June
1854 in Jackson County and died after 1880 in Roane County.

15091. Phoebe Carpenter

Phoebe (18) Carpenter was born around 1836 and married John White 3  September
1857 in Roane County (He was born 1835, son of Isaac and Mary White).

15092. Lucretia J. Carpenter

Lucretia J. (18) Carpenter was born circa 1838 and married Samuel B. Hinzman
17 January 1861. He was born 1839, son of John and Margaret Hinzman.

15093. Sarah Carpenter

Sarah (18) Carpenter was born around 1841 in Lewis County and married 21 March
1878 in Roane County to Marshall Smarr, born about 1840 in Lewis County.

15094. George Carpenter

George (18) Carpenter was born circa 1845.

7830. Susan Carpenter

Susan (17) Carpenter was born about 1814, married David Reed Jr. in Lewis
County on 29 June 1837 and died after 1860 in Roane County. David was a son of
David and Nancy (Romine) Reed Sr. and a veteran of the War of 1812.

15095. Solomon Reed

Solomon Reed was born about 1836, married Jerushia Kelly (daughter of
Archibald Kelley) and was a Union soldier in the Civil War.

15096. Marcellus Reed

Marcellus Reed was born circa 1838, fought as a Confederate soldier in the
Civil War and was killed in the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain.
DEATH: K.I.A. = Killed in Action during the Civil War.

15097. Calvin B. Reed

Calvin B. Reed was born around 1840, married Margaret Randolph  (daughter of
Riley) and was a noted gunsmith.

15098. Nancy Reed

Nancy Reed was born circa 1842 and married Wesley Randolph.

15099. John B. Reed

John B. Reed was born about 1844. He was a Confederate veteran of the  Civil
War and was killed in a logging accident sometime after his discharge.

15100. Martha J. Reed

Martha J. Reed was born circa 1846 and married Madison Hinzman.

15101. David M. Reed

David M. Reed was born around 1849 and married Elizabeth Westfall a  daughter
of Abram and Mollie (Harper) Westfall.

15102. Jonathan R. Reed

Jonathan R. Reed was born about 1850 and married Mary Burdette, a  daughter of
George St. Clair Burdette.

15103. Elizabeth S. Reed

Elizabeth S. Reed was born around 1863 and married a Parsons.

7831. Solomon Carpenter

Solomon (17) Carpenter was born around 1817, married Carrie A. Oldacre 1
December 1836 in Lewis County and died after 1880. Carrie was born around 1829
and was a daughter of Abraham Oldacre.

15104. Sophia Carpenter

Sophia (18) Carpenter was born circa 1838 and married A.M. Queen

15105. Sarah Carpenter

Sarah (18) Carpenter was born about 1841, married 1st Elias B. Queen and  2nd
Lafayette "Lafe" Starcher, son of Stephen and Charity (Hinzman) Starcher.

15106. Daniel Carpenter

Daniel Johnson (18) Carpenter was born 28 February 1843, died 22 April 1934
and married Minerva Hinzman, daughter of John, 29 October 1868.

15107. Mary Carpenter

Mary E. (18) Carpenter was born circa 1846.

15108. Anthony Carpenter

Anthony (18) Carpenter was born about 1848.

15109. Lucretia Columbia Carpenter

Lucretia Columbia (18) Carpenter was born around 1851 and married 28  May 1870
Perry Starcher, son of Stephen and Charity (Hinzman) Starcher.