Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


12817. James Smith Carpenter

James lived in S., Walpole, Alstead, Gilsum, and Marlow.  He
lived at No. 126 in S.2  SOUR S268

20474. Nina Miranda Carpenter

When she got real sick she stayed with Oren Anson and Luanna.

George Henry Wilson

George died in 1938 or 1939.  They had no children.

20480. Daisy Cushing Carpenter

Carl Leach ran into her with a sled and broke her back.

12827. Frank Dewillis or Willis Frank Carpenter

Number 6126-d in the Carpenter Memorial.  Family on page 778.  See the page insert for additional data.
NAME: Born as Frank DeWillis carpenter but he disliked being called "Frank."  He changed his name while in his teens to  "Willis Frank Carpenter."  He was born on his father's farm and died there.  This farm is four miles south east of Oregon, IL.

20488. Earl Harrison Carpenter

He was an electrician.

12828. Luman Marshall Carpenter

Reference shows Luman's last name as Marshall.  It also lists
his birthday as 7 Apr 1839.  Additionally, reference  shows
Lucy's birthday as 7 Oct 1836.
He served on the board of selectman for 12 years and has held
the office of postmaster for the past five years and member of
the school board (1898).  Resided in Surry, NH2  SOUR S162
2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 611

MARRIAGE: Unknown which last name to use for spouse.  Thus both are used.
This will hold off an arguement until further information comes along!  JRC

Lucy Maria Murdock

NAME: Lucy Maria /(Cushing) Murdock/

12831. Jasper Hazen Carpenter

He went to ,MI when a young man.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 611

Lydia Ann Poush

NAME: Poush or Roush.

12832. Mason Adams Carpenter

Resided in Surry, NH  One of the board of selectman three
years, town treasurer two years and representative of Surry in
1889 and 1897 in the state legislature.2  SOUR S203
3  TEXT pg 611

20491. Arthur Mason Carpenter

Resided in Keene, NH

12833. Frank Dewitt Carpenter

Resided in Surry, NH

12838. Merrill Dudley Carpenter

NOTE: Merrill Carpenter was a farmer, weaver, tray maker, blacksmith,
merchant and a selectman for the town of Surry, NH in 1920. He also
resided in S. Gilsum, Acworth, Marlow, Keene and Surry where he lived
at #96, #11, and #24 in 1920.

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Bertha Adell Wilbur

DEATH: Bertha had a heart attack while visiting grandma Rena in Millbury.
She is buried in Keene, NH. Her death certificate is on file at Millbury
Town Hall.

12839. Laforest John Carpenter

Resided in Malden, ,MA.

12844. George Carpenter

Resided in Alstead, NH