Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


15471. Milo Carpenter

1880 U.S. Census, Wayland Twp., Allegan, MI. Vol 1, Ed. 12, Sheet 1 0,
Line 23. Carpenter, Milo 44 b. NY (Cattarogus, NY); Sophia, wife 40 ,b.
N.Y., Frank son, 20, b. NY; Miner, son, 17, b. MI; Fred, son, 15, b .MI; Eddie,
son, 12, b. MI; James, son, 8 b. MI; Clara, dau, 12 b. MI; Hattie, dau, 6, b.
MI; Nora, dau, 4, b. MI.

The Plainwell Enterprise (Newspaper) 14 Apr 1897, p.4, col.l. Wayland.
Election of township officers last Monday. Commissioner of Highways:
Milo Carpenter. . .

1900 U.S. Census, Wayland, Allegan, MI. Vol. 2, Ed. 32, Sheet 4(?) , Line 9.
Carpenter, Milo, b. July 1835, age 64, parents b. NY married 43 yrs;
Sophia, wife, b. Aug 1838, b. NY (this has been several different places in
MI, and now NY), parents b. NY , 8 children, 8 living; Hattie, dau, b. July
1871, age 28, b. MI; James, son, b. May 1872, age 27, b. MI.

Allegan, MI Death Records, Book 3, page 93. Milo died 4 Apr 1905 7 0 yrs.
Parents Carlton Carpenter & Polly Smith. He was married.  He is buried in the Elmwood Cemete3ry, Wayland, Allegan County, MI.

Served in the Union Cavalry of Michigan - Company E, Unit 4  Source is Civil War Service Records on

Sophia Button

Death records Allegan Co., MI. Sophis Book 5-Page 103, d. 7 Aug 1922
88y11m11d, died in Wayland Twp. Widow, parents John A. Button b. NY.
Mother Unknown.

23104. Hattie Carpenter

Hattie is stll single in the 1930 census of Wayland, Allegan, MI

15480. Christopher C. Carpenter

CENSUS:  1880 US Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Christopher CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   31   IL   Pilot On River   NY   NY
Mary J. CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   27   IL   Keeping House   NY   NY
Georgia CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   5   IL   At School   IL   IL
Gertrude CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   3   IL      IL   IL
Source Information:
 Census Place Fulton, Whiteside, Illinois
 Family History Library Film   1254258
 NA Film Number   T9-0258
 Page Number   32D
Civil War
93rd Infantry Regiment
Company "F" 93rd Illinois Infantry
CARPENTER, Christop’r Recruit Newton Jan 23, 1865 Transferred to 40th Ill. Inf.
Whiteside County Biographies

Capt. Christopher C. Carpenter, of Fulton, Captain of the steamer “Brother Jonathan,” of the Jenks, Mathews & Jordan Line, of Stillwater, Minn., is a native of Whiteside Co., Ill., and was born in Albany, February 20, 1849. His parents, John B. and Mary (Fisk) Carpenter, were among the pioneers of Illinois, of 1840, and of Whiteside County, of 1846, and were originally from New York.

The subject of this sketch was brought up on a farm, and in 1864 began steam-boating, and was made Captain of his first boat, the steamer “G.B. Knapp, “ in 1870, since which time he has been Master of the steamers “Jim Watson,” “Lumberman,” “Dexter,” “Nellie,” “Lafayette,” “Lamb” and finally “Brother Jonathan.” At this writing he is about starting out on his fourth season as Captain of the last named boat. He has had 20 years experience on the river in the lumber and log business, and 15 years’ as steamboat Captain. During this time he has never lost a boat or met with any accident of consequence, but has been very successful, and is held in high esteem as an experienced and trustworthy officer. He was married in Albany, Ill., November 24, 1870, to Miss Mary J. LaRue, daughter of George and Gertrude A. LaRue. Mrs. Carpenter was born in Lee Co., Ill. They have two children, Effie M. and Gertrude A. Capt.Carpenter is a member of Abou Ben Adhem Lodge, No. 148, I.O.O. F., of Fulton, Illinois, and has been through the chairs. In politics he is a Democrat. He has made his home in Fulton since 1870, except two years, from 1878 to 1880, which he spent in Cordova, Illinois.

Portrait & Biographical History of Whiteside Co 1885.

Carpenter Chris

Carpenter George

“When Rafters Ruled”
The Career of Capt. Jerome E. Short
Captain Fred A. Bill, St. Paul, Minnesota

“The order to discharge the first one George Carpenter, was brought to me by Lafayette Lamb. I began to argue with “Lafe” and tried to have him talk with his father and let me keep George as he had not done anything to warrant discharge, just got stuck for a day at Bellevue slough, a thing that was liable to happen to any of us. But, it was no use, he had to go.

The carpenter family and our family lived as neighbors for many years only a street between us and we were the best of friends. Chris Carpenter and I were the only ones who quarreled. He was about twelve days my senior and we had a fight when we were about ten years old. The fight must have been a draw for when it was over I thought Chris had licked me and he thought I had licked him and we were so afraid of each other that we were warm friends ever after.”

“When Rafters Ruled”
Chapter Six
Fred A. Bill

Jerome Short telling story:

“Just before leaving I sold a little skiff I had for six dollars and so had money enough from sale of the skiffs to take me home. As I was too sick to knock around on deck I took cabin fare. On arrival at Burlington who should come on board but my old playmate Chris Carpenter. He was going back deck fare and suggested I change my ticket and come down with him and he would look after me, and this I was glad to do. That night I went to bed on a pile of five bushel sacks-filled with oats, I think and Chris bunked at my feet. In the morning I felt much better and Chris said I was talking in my sleep most of the night. He took good care of me until we reached Albany where I went ashore and he went on up river.”

15481. George Carpenter

CENSUS:  1880 US Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
George CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   38   OH   Pilot On River   NY   NY
Francis CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   28   IL   Keeping House   NY   NY
Paul G. CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   4   IL      OH   IL
Leroy CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   2   IL      OH   IL
Mary CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   11M   IL      OH   IL
Mary CARPENTER   MotherL      Female   W   68   IL      OH   IL
Source Information:
 Census Place Fulton, Whiteside, Illinois
 Family History Library Film   1254258
 NA Film Number   T9-0258
 Page Number   33B

SEE: Brothers notes for "When Rafters Ruled."

15491. Miner Welcome Carpenter

CENSUS:   1880 United States Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Miner W. CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   48   OH   Farmer   NY   NY
Elnora CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   40   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY
Daniel S. CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   12   IA   At Home   OH   NY
Wilton CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   11   IA   At Home   OH   NY
Hellen L. CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   10   IA   At Home   OH   NY
John L. CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   8   IA      OH   NY
Carlie CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   3   IA      OH   NY
Byron CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   1   IA      OH   NY
Lizzie COOK   Other   S   Female   W   19   IA   Servant   ---   ---
Source Information:
 Census Place Pleasant Valley, Fayette, Iowa
 Family History Library Film   1254339
 NA Film Number   T9-0339
 Page Number   172A

Carpenter burials in Fayette Co, Iowa

23126. Byron Carpenter

BIRTH: Sec 7, P.Val.Twp, Fay.Co.IA

15499. Phebe C. Carpenter

Letter from a granddaughter of Jane Carpenter Balding, Miss Blanch Cox, of Champaign, Illinois, Feb. 21, 1965.  "Aunt Phoebe had quite a large family.  She lived out at Thayer, Kansas.  I think she died about 1910.  My uncle got in touch with some of her children back in the 1940's but they are dead now.  They were two sisters and were both past 90 at that time.  Aunt Anna corresponded with one of the granddaughters for a while but we haven't heard from her for several years - Nellie Hosier Haasbrook, 910 Beech St. McAllen, Texas.. .

Letter from a descendant of Jane Carpenter Balding, Miss Blanche Cox, Champaign, Illinois, April 26, 1965.  "About Aunt Phoebe - her married name was Welch.  I am sending you a picture of her family.  The names are on the back.  I do not know the married names of any except Sarah Lukembill.  She may have been married again.  Dora married name was Kilgore.  I think they were living at Clay Center, Kansas when Aunt Phoebe died.. . "

We have a picture of Phebe with 8 children.  Son William might have died because we did not have his name on the picture.   She is believe to have died in Cascade, MI or Thayer or Clay City, KS.  Family was supposed to live in Clay Center, KS in 1910.

We are not sure of the position of the children in this family, i.e. which is first, second etc.

1860 U.S. Census of Jasper Co, IL, William C. Welch 44, Phebe 34 b. NY, Boston age 15 b. IN. William 12 b. Ohio, Rebecca 9, b. IN., Leonard 5, Hannah 4, Twin girls age 1 all b. IL.  These might be relatives.  The age for our Phebe Welch doesn't quite match, she had a Leonard and a Hannah and two girls that might have been twins, Sarah and Mary.  (Further research revealed this is Phebe's family.)

Nov. 2000, received her OBITUARY from Donald L. Coon, Pocatello, Idaho, who is a descendant of Phebe and her frist husband.
Obituary from "The Thayer Independent News " Dated  March 18,1904   Grandma Welch Drowned
People was shocked to learn of the sudden death of Grandma Welch on Monday last.  She had been in poor condition for quite sometime, and at times got very melancholy and tempory Mentally Disarranged. At the time of her death , she was living with her daughter Mrs. Marion Lukenbill a mile and a half west of town (Thayer , Kansas).  Both Mr. Lukenbill and his wife was away Monday afternoon, and Mrs Welch was left with the children. The eldest being 13 years of age . Mrs Welch wrapped a blanket about her and left the house going in the direction of the barn . . Mr.Lukenbill returned about noon and inquired of the children of their grandmother, and they told him of her wrapping the quilt about her .  They thought to sit in the sun as she had done serveral times on warm days . Mr. Lukenbill set out at once to search for her going towards the barn where the children had last seen her and discovered her foot prints leading to the creek in back of the barn about 200 feet from the house .   Upon reaching the creek, he found her in the water which was about 15 inches deep, lifeless . The bank of the creek was about 3 feet high and there was a wire streched along the bank,  and it was thought that she might have stumbled across this wire and fallen in accidently, or that she might have jumped in delibertly in a fit of despondency to take her life.   But if the latter was the case , the shock of the fall into the water brought her back to her senses and she tried to get out as the creek showed sign of a stuggle.
The funeral was held from the Lukenbill Residency Tuesday 3:00 pm.   The Rev. Aberholtzer of the Seventh day Advenist church officiated .
Phebe Carpenter was born in New York, August 11, 1823.  She married in October 1840 to William Lee, who died Sept.15,1841 near Valpariso, Porter, Indiania.  She married William Welch on Jan.1, 1843. William died November 15, 1872 near Newton, Illinois .
She was the mother of 12 children whom are living and mourn her loss . They are  J.W.Lee, R.L.Welch,-Leonard Welch, - Mrs. Hannah Tarr , - Mrs. Marion Lukenbill ,- Mrs John Whitaker of Thayer, Kansas ,- Mrs. Frank Lukenbill and Mrs John Stevensen of Pittsburg,Kansas , - and Mrs Thomas Kilgore of Altoona,Kansas . ( this is only  9 children )
There are 44 Grandchildren and 14 Great-grandchildren and 2 Great-Great Grandchildren . Mrs Welch was a member of the Methodist Church up to about 6 years ago, when she was united with the Seventh Day Adventist . She was a member of the ladies circle of the G.A.R.

The following was from Mr. Coon's notes in his file;

Death Certificate of John W. Lee - Child of William Lee & Phebe Carpenter in Possesion od Donald Coon States that Phobe Carpenter was born in Indiana

1900 Census of Chetopa Twp. Tayer City , Neosho  Kansas states that Phebe Carpenter born in New York

Obituary Of Phebe Carpenter giving Children , Birth Place and Death Date from "The Thayer Independent News" dated March 18,1904.  Following Information Phebe Carpenter Born August 11,1823 in New York . She married William Lee October 1840, William Died September 15,1841 Near Valpariso , Porter, Indiana She Then Married William Welch , who died November 15,1872 Near Newton,Illinois She was the Mother of 12 Children . (Entire obituary is quoted above.)

1860 Census Willow Creek, Jasper  Illinois . Listing children - A set of Twins Born 1859 ( No Names )  This is listed above as in the Census.

William D. Lee

Death Certicate Information of Son John W.Lee Listing Father.

1880 Newark Twp Wilson Co,Kansas List Birth of William D.Lee as Ohio in the Census of John W. Lee's Family for John W.Lee's Father

Obituary of Wife Phebe Carpenter Listing Marriage date and the Date 0f William Lee's Death - In possesion of Donald L. Coon

William C. Welch

From Newspaper "Thayer Tribune " November 13,1891 - Mrs Welch and her Daughter Mrs. Tarr moved into Elmer Watkins house on Wilson Street .Which Daughter - Needs more Research

23128. Boston L. "Ross" Welch

Listed as R. I. Welch in mothers obituary in 1904

1860 Census - Willow Creek Twp. Jasper  Illinois

Newspaper Clipping Thayer, Kansas Aug.17,1928 - R.L.Welch is among the old Soldiers attending the Reunion
at Cherryvale this Week. Mr Welch is 84 Years old and enjoying the meeting .

23129. William Welch

1860 Census - Willow Creek Twp. Jasper  Illinois

23130. Rebecca Welch

1860 Census - Willow Creek Twp. Jasper  Illinois

May be Mrs. John Stevenson or her sister Jennie might have married this man.

23132. Hannah Welch

1860 Census Willow Creek Twp. Jasper  Illinois

1900 Census Chetopa Twp. Thayer City , Neosho Kansas Film # 1240492 Suppliment # 2

23133. Sarah Welch

May be a twin to Mary. Md. (1) Mr. Lukembill according to Miss Cox's letter, see mother's notes.

23134. Marion (Mary) Welch

In mother's obituary in 1904, there are three possibilities.  Mrs. Marion Lukenbill, Mrs. Frank Lukenbill and Mrs. John Whitaker, or Mrs. John Stevensen of Pittsburg, Kansas.  We do not know for sure which daughter married which man.

May be a twin to Sarah called "Saray".

23135. Jennie Welch

May be Mrs. John Stevenson or her sister Rebecca might have married him.

23137. Dora Welch

She is listed as Mrs. Thomas Kilgore of Altoona, Kansas in her mother's 1904 obituary.

Married Kilgore Reported living in Clay Center, Clay City, KS in 1910.

15501. John McNair Carpenter

"FAMILY RECORD of the Carpenter Family", pub. 1947, in IL, and personal interviews with descendants of Thomas, William Marion, John Edgar, James Armstrong, LeRoy Fremont, and Eunice Jane Carpenter. Correspondence with Eunice gave birthplaces for Mary and herself. Correspondence with Miss Cox, granddaughter to John McNair Carpenter's sister Jane Carpenter Balding.  Correspondence from Helen Fox of Canandaigua, NY, whose husband was descended from John McNair Carpenter's father's brother. (Abner Carpenter's brother Benjamin.)  Mrs. Fox has been instrumental in compiling the early Carpenter records.

Marriage record for John and Phebe was validated in Jasper  Records.  The lived in Willow Hill according to this record and her last name does have a "g" on the end.  It is Griffing, not Griffin. We have a copy of the license.

1860 U.S. Census of Willow Hill, Jasper, IL, John is age 32, b. NY, Phebe E. 22 b. IN. Thomas 4, b. IL, Henry G. 2, b. IL.

"In 1863 John McNair Carpenter moved with his family from IL to IN (probably Clinton area) N. of Terre Haute, IN.   On 22 May 1876 the family moved to IL, south part of Anderson Township where they lived for 74 years on the same farm, farming and raising livestock."  John was 58 according to an obituary of Thomas, his oldest son.

1870 U.S. Census, Otter Creek Twp, #273, Vigo, IN (Index Vol I) 977.201 c689, Indianapolis, IN State Library, John, Phebe, Thomas, Henry, William, Margaret, John, James, and Charles are listed.

1880  U.S. Census, Anderson Twp., Clark, IL   Dwelling #101, Family #108. Page 11, Reel 181.  Phebe is listed as Lidinia, but is Phebe on other records.   John is 52, "Lidinia" is 42, Thomas 24, Henry 22, William 18, Maggie 16, John 14, James 12, Maria 5, Freemont 2. Census shows all children born in IL, but we know they lived in IN from 1863-1876. Marriage of John and Phebe validated in Jasper , IL records.  They lived in Willow Hill according to this record and her name does have a "g" on the end, it is Griffing, not Griffin.

Death records validated for Thomas Abner (lst child) and William Marion (3rd child) b. IL.   They lived in Willow Hill, Jasper, IL.

Tombstone for John and Phebe is in the Ohio Cem., Melrose Twp., Clark, Illinois.

The person most responsible for keeping records and seeing that the records were perserved, and eventually typed,  was Eugene Carpenter of Paris, IL, grandson of Thomas, John's oldest son.

Phebe Ellen Griffing

Copy of wedding certification from Willow Hill, Jasper, IL.

See husband's, John McNair Carpenter's, notes for 1860, 1870, & 1880 Census.

1900 U. S. Census of Clark , IL, Enumeration district 1, Sheet 6, Line 2.  Pheobe Carpenter, b. Dec 1837, in IN, age 62, in 1900 Census of Clark , is in Anderson Twp., Clark IL.   Eunice, daughter b. May 1882, age 18, b. IL, and Earnest, grandson b. Apr 1890 age 10 b. IL is in the home. .

All of the research on Phebe Ellen Griffing's ancestors was done by Terilee Carpenter Jensen, great grandaughter of John and Phebe,  during the 1980's while she lived in Indiana.  She now lives in Rigby, ID in 1996.

23144. Charles Allen Carpenter

Child was about 5 years old at death.

23145. Albert Perry Carpenter

Infant 6 wks old at death.

15502. Hannah Allen Carpenter

1860 Census of Willow Hill, Jasper, IL, John age 37 (should be 27) b. IN, Hannah A. 39 (should be 29 or 30) b. NY, Mary 1, b. IL, Margaret Carpenter 19 b. IN. (Probably Margaret, daughter of Abner and Rebecca Carpenter, who was raised by the McNair relatives in this town.  If so, she was later Margaret Bostic.)

Marriage License, Willow Hill, Jasper, IL.   Hannah was a first cousin of John H. McNair.  Hannah's mother, Rebecca McNair and John's father, Thomas Allen McNair were brother and sister.

Letter from a descendant of Hannah's sister, Jane Carpenter Balding, Miss Blanche Cox, of Champaign, Illinois, dated Feb. 21, 1965.  ". . .Aunt Hannah who married a cousin John McNair.  They remained at Willow Hill.  There are three children who are all dead now, John, Lillian and Emma.  Lillian became the wife of Henry Carpenter, your grandfather's brother.  (letter written to Carol Lynn Carpenter, daughter of LeRoy Cephas Carpenter.)  Emma maried a cousin of my father's Alfred Booker.  The last that I heard of them they were in Oregon.  . ."

Hannah and John's daughter Mary Lillian McNair md. Henry Griffin Carpenter and they were lst cousins also.  Henry was son of John McNair Carpenter and Phebe Ellen Griffing.  It is our understanding that three of Mary Lillian and Henry Griffin Carpenter's children were blind due to diabetes. Back a few generations there was blindness in the Allen family also.  We now know the cause of the blindness was Diabetes.

John H. McNair

1850 U.S. Census, Newton, Jasper, IL. Film 007683, John's father Thomas Allen McNair is with 3rd wife, Cynthia.

Some information on this family came from Mrs. Skyrock of Willow Hill, IL.  She is a half-sister to Fred McNair, son of John Abner McNair (son of John and Hannah) of Robinson, IL.  A letter from Mrs. Fox of Hilton, NY. in 1966,  said, "I have copied the names of the children and grandchildren of John Allen (believe his middle name began with and H. ) McNair who married Hannah Allen Carpenter, daughter of Abner Carpenter from Mrs. Eva Skyrock of Box 20, Willow Hill, Ill. R. #2 who is a half-sister to Fred McNair of Robinson, Ill.  She has a family bible.  Her information completes that sent by Mrs. Grant Kidwell; as Mrs. Kidwell did not know of the Carpenter connections. . ."

Letter dated 17 July 1966, from Miss Cox from Champaign, IL,  a granddaughter of Hannah's sister Jane, "Grandson of Howard McNair md. Eunice Carpenter Jackson's daughter, Mabel."  Eunice Carpenter was a daughter of John McNair Carpenter and Phebe Ellen Griffing.

1860 Census, See wife's (Hannah Allen Carpenter's) notes.

1860 U. S. Census, Willow Hill, Jasper, IL. John, b. Ind. age 37, Hannah A.(Carpenter) b. NY age 39.  Mary 1 yr. born IL. Margaret Carpenter 19 yrs.  (Margaret was a sister to Hannah Carpenter, John's wife.  When Margaret's mother, then father died, Margaret was taken to the McNair relatives in IL to raise.  She was only 6 when her mother, Rebecca McNair Carpenter died in 1846 in Indiana.  Her father (and Hannah's too) died a few years later, believed to be in 1851) (This family lived a few houses from Caleb McNair, brother)

His death place has not been validated.

15507. Abner Griffin Carpenter

Illinois State Archives, Volunteered for a 3 yr term in Newton, IL. Mustered into Service June 28, 1861 by Capt. Pitcher.  Native Town, Valpariso, Porter, IN.  Company "K', Twenty-First Infantry Regiment, Illinois Volunteers.  Mustered out Nov. 29, 1864, Springfield, IL. by Capt. Sumner.  "Wounded and has his right arm amputated.  By musket ball."

U. S. Washington DC National Archives, Civil War Records,  "At Kenesaw Mountain in the State of Georgia on the 19th of June he was shot with Musket Ball in the right Arm in Skirmish line. The Arm afterwards being amputated, rendering him wholly incapable of obtaining a subsistence by manual labor."  This was for a disability pension.  His second wife Rebecca D. (Kinsey) Carpenter signed application for pension after his death.

Letter from a descendant of Hannah's sister, Jane Carpenter Balding, Miss Blanche Cox, of Champaign, Illinois, dated Feb. 21, 1965.  ". . Abner Griffon [spelled this way]  (called Uncle Grif) married Eliza Elder in 1861.  He had six children, Margaret, William, Ada, Sarah, Stella, Thomas.  He moved to Arkansas.  I do not have the date of his death.  I remember Margaret who married Joe Nichols.  I have a faint recollection of their visiting us when I was a child.  Later they had a small restaurant in Joplin, Missouri where we lived.  They had several children, Clarence, Claud, Clyde and twin girls Orrine & Lorene.    A few years ago we learned of another of Uncle Grif's daughters.  Ada Dement who was living in Bloomington, Ill.  She has since died but we hear from her daughters occassionally.  They are:  Mrs. Violet Powell, 516 N. Lee St., Bloomington, Illinois; Mrs. Madge Gifford, 1470 E. Trafficway, Springfield, Mo., Mrs. Syble Fossitt, 601 E. Washington, Bloomington, Illinois; Mrs. Jean Firebaugh 805 N. McLean St. Bloomington, Illinois.  There is also a son Earl Dement who lives in Bloomington. . . ."

Letter of 2 Jun 1967, Miss Cox also said Abner Griffin had a couple of granddaughters living in Bloomington, Illinois.  Mrs. Syble Fossitt, 601 W. Washington Street, Bloomington, Illinois, and Mrs. Jean Firebaugh, 805 N. McLean St., Bloomington, Illinois.  These are Ida (or Ada's ?) Dement's daughters.

23157. Stella Carpenter

In 1891 Stella's address was Eureka Springs, KS, given in War Records
when mother sent information to Washington DC.

15508. Margaret W. Carpenter

Letter from a descendant of Jane Carpenter Baulding, Margaret's sister. (Both children of Abner Carpenter and Rebecca McNair Carpenter.) Miss Blance Cox of RR3 Champaign, Illinois 61820, letter  dated July 17, 1966.  "Yes, I understand my grandmother, and her sister Margaret were living in Indiana when their mother died.  In fact they were only 3 & 6 yrs old.  That was still their home at the death of their father three or four years later.  I found a note that says he was buried in Rolling Prairie Cem. near LaPorte, Indiana. . ."

In 1966 Miss. Cox's letter confirmed #10, 11, & 12 as being born in Indiana.  Her letter of 2 Jan 1967 gave birth places.  There is a Deep River in Indiana still on some maps.  It is just West of Valpariso, Indiana.

Margaret was a small girl when her mother died.  She was taken to the McNair relatives in or around Willow Hill, IL to raise when Abner remarried "a widow with children."  Margaret's son, Avery, lived with Miss Blanche Cox and Miss Anna Balding.  (Both Blanche and Anna were descendants of Margaret's sister Jane). Miss Cox  of Champaign, Illinois, stated in a letter dated January 2, 1967, "I'm looking at some obituaries clipped from the newspaper.  I find one says Margaret was born at Deep River, Lake County, Indiana.  Jane's obituary said she was born near Big River, Indiana.  I think one of these or both must be a mistake.  I don't find either place listed now. . . they were both born in the same place.  Lake County perhaps is correct."

1870 U. S. Census of Jasper  IL, there is a James Bostic age 28, b. IN., Margaret 29 b. IN., and Ida 4 b. Il., William 3 b. Il., Sarah 1, b. Il .  Not certain this is the right family.

Visit to Shiloh Cem., Willow Hill, Jasper, IL where Margaret is buried.  We have a photograph of the tombstone.

15509. Jane Henri Carpenter

From a letter from Jane's granddaughter, Miss Blanche Cox, of Champaign, Illinois on Feb. 21, 1965. ". . .my grandmother Jane was left a widow when my Aunt Anna was about six years old.  At that time they were living in a cabin on your great grandfather's farm.  Grandma wove carpets and sewed and did various things in order to bring her children up.  There were the three of them, Frank, Alta & Anna.  Frank moved around from various places in Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas.  He was living in Joplin, Mo. the last few years and died there just before his 90th birthday.  He lost three children when they were small but two daughters, Bertha and Louise are still living.  Bertha lives near Joplin, Mo. RR #4  Box  206.  She has five children, 2 girls and 3 boys.  Two of the boys are single and live at thome, the other one lives next door to her.  He is married and has three little girls aged 9-12 yrs.  One of the girls Anabell Nelson lives on a farm in western Kansas, RR #1, Bird City, Kansas.  She has four boys ranging in age from 10 - 18 years.  The other one lives at Philo, Illinois.  About 20 miles from our home.  She has four children, one boy 17 yrs, and three girls, 15 yr. 10 yrs. and 2 months old.  Her name is Mary Bowers.  R R, Philo, Illinois.  Mary and Anabell both spent several years with us while they were going to school.     Louise lives at 310 Spruce St., Leavenworth, Kansas.  She has one son and three daughters, the son is in a veterans hospital.  The three girls are married.  Sue Garrote lives in Springfield, Missouri and has three daughters.  May (Mrs. Richard) Newton lives at 1851 E (or C) King Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She has two boys and two girls.      Betty (Mrs. Robert Potter) lives at 2711 Kimball, Parsons, Kansas.  She has three boys. . ."

From letters and family records it states that Jane was a small child when her mother, Rebecca Carpenter, died (possibly in childbirth as a baby died soon after  too).  She and her sister Margaret were taken to relatives, the McNair's, in Willow Hill, Jasper, IL to raise.  Her father, Abner Carpenter, remarried an Elizabeth Miller, "a widow with children."  Jane lived on "great-grandfather's farm." "Jane wove carpets to support the family." Her husband died when she had very young children.  Newspaper clipping, April 3, 1928, died at age 84, in Urbana, IL.

From a letter from Miss Blanche Cox,  a descendant of Jane Carpenter Baulding, Margaret's sister. (Both children of Abner Carpenter and Rebecca McNair Carpenter.) Miss Blance Cox of RR3 Champaign, Illinois 61820, letter  dated July 17, 1966.  "Yes, I understand my grandmother, and her sister Margaret were living in Indiana when their mother died.  In fact they were only 3 & 6 yrs old.  That was still their home at the death of their father three or four years later.  I found a note that says he was buried in Rolling Prairie Cem. near LaPorte, Indiana. . ."  This means that they were not taken to the McNair relative to raise until AFTER Abner died, and according to this letter, Abner is buried near LaPorte, Indiana.

OBITUARY:  Mrs. Jane H. Balding, mother of Miss Anna Balding, 803 W. Park Avenue, Urbana, died at her home at 5 o'clock last night after an illness of two months due to complications and infirmities of age.    Mrs. Balding was born in Big River, Ind., December 27, 1843, and was 84 years old at the time of her death.  For several years she lived in Willow Hill in the southern  part of the state and for the past 20 years she and her daughter had made their home in Champaign and Urbana.  Her husband, Lewis Balding, died 40 years ago.    The deceased is survived by her daughter and one son, Frank Balding, Joplin, Mo.  She is also survived by two grandchildren, Miss Blanche Cox and Ira Cox, both of 803 West Park Street, Urbana.    Funeral services will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow from the late home, with the Rev. W. L. Adkins, Seventh Day Adventist, officiating.  Following the services the body will be taken to Willow Hill, Jasper County, where burial will be made in the Shiloh Cem..     April 3, 1928.

Visit to Shiloh Cem., Willow Hill, Jasper, IL where Jane is buried.

23163. Gladys Balding

Gladys died in infancy.

23164. Glades Balding

Glades died in infancy.

23165. John Oren Balding

John Orin died in infancy.

23168. Anna Balding

Letter dated 1966 from Miss Cox, daughter of Ezra Cox, cousin of Anna, and lived with Anna as neither every married, "Anna trained in Battle Creek, MI as a nurse.  Jane, her mother visited her there and learned of Calvin's descendants, in Athens, Calhoun, MI, Abner's brother."

OBITUARY;  RITES MONDAY FOR MISS ANNA BALDING,   . . .community servant dies.    Funeral service for Miss Anna Balding, 88, Route 3, Bloomington Road, C, will be at 1 p.m Monday at Mittendorf Funeral Home.  Elder J. S. Henderson district superintendent, Danville-Champaign Adventist Churches, will officiate.  Interment will be in Shilo Cem., Willow Hill.  Visitation at Mittendorf Chapel will be from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday.    Miss Balding died at 2 p.m. Friday (Aug 6, 1965) at Carle Memorial Hospital, U.  She had been in failing health for some time.    Miss Balding was well known throughout the area, having been in the nursing profession for more than a half century.  She was born Aug 5, 1877 in Willow Hill, daughter of Lewis B. and Jane Carpenter Balding.  A resident of this area for 58 years, she had lived at her present address for five years.  She previously had lived in Martinsville and LaFayette, Ind.    In addition to several nieces and nephews, Miss Balding leaves three foster children:  Mrs. Edward Bowers, Philo; Mrs. Harry Bowers, Champaign, and Mrs. Harold Nelson, Kansas.  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by three brothers and two sisters.    Miss Balding and a niece, Blanche Cox had lived together since 1921.  A registered nurse Miss Balding was graduated from Battle Creek Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich., in 1904.  She came to Champaign in 1907 and  lived across from the old Beardsley Hotel, now Hotel Tilden Hall.  She later maintained offices at 611 W. University C.  She opened offices in the old Busey Home in the fall of 1920.  In later years the home became the site of the present imposing Carle Memorial Hospital, 602 W. University, U.    Upon completion of 50 years of nursing service in the community in 1954, she was honored by Urbana Association of Commerce at a public reception.  She was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.