Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


1255. Jacob Carpenter

Number 94 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.

SEE: Early Wills Westchester County, NY (1664-1784) by Pellettreau, 1898
Page 339.  Mentioned as executor of a will of James Wright.
Will dated 3 July 1775 and proved 20 may 1776.

WILL: Jacob's will was proved 12 Feb. 1811 says "of New Castle."  See Vol. E,
p. 126, Westbury Records.

Ruth C. Carpenter

Number 71 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H. Carpenter, 1901.

DEATH: IGI conflict
Birth: 1730 Musket Cove, , Queens, New York
Death:  08 FEB 1795

1256. Zophar Carpenter

Number 95 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.    Zophar or Zopher in some records.

WILL: Will dated 1794 and filed in the county of Garrard which was formed in
1797. His will mentions his wife Mary, and gives 100 acres to each of his three
sons, Zenes (Zenith), Rufus and Robert Carpenter.
The Census Records of Garrard County, Kentucky Index:
1800 - Mary, widow of Zophar, Zenes Carpenter, Rufus Carpenter.
1810 - Zenith Carpenter, Rufus Carpenter, Robert Carpenter
See the Carpenter and Related Family Historical Journal, Vol. X, No. 9, page
558 for more census information!

This family line submitted by Gerald Reid Tudor of Berea, KY.
Gerald disagrees with Charles about Zophar ever as having served as a drummer
in the Revolutionary War.
Documents (Summers, in his Annals of Southwest Virginia) indicate Zophar served
as a drummer in the French and Indian Wars.  While Zophar provided beef during
war time, it does not specify which.  Gerald states there is no credible source
for this Zophar serving in the Revolutionary War.
Gerald's E-MAIL is:

Charles Carpenter of Pocatello, ID indicates Zophar was a drummer in
Capt. Dickerson's Rangers in Augusta County Va.  Also he has descendants not
found in other records.  Was Charles' Zophar a young man as a drummer, probably
the son of this Zophar?  The younger Zophar would have had to be deceased by
1794 when the will was written. While this would explain things, Charles
Carpenter of ID believes they are the same person.  Charles also has some
children duplicated namely Rufus and Zenith which are in BOTH families with

>The earliest Carpenter to settle in Madison Co., KY was a John Carpenter who
>was more than 20 miles from where Zophar settled.  There is no record of
>their meeting.  This john died quite early and his children were named.   In
>the case of Zophar, only his three known sons were named in his will.
>Zenes(later records say Zenith and a grandson is also named Zenith), Rufus,
>and Robert.  That I have added Mary, Leah, and Rachel is due to the close
>association and residence of the parties involved.  Zenith was the bondsman
>for Leah's marriage.  Zenith married Ann Boyle, dau of Major John Boyle.
>Alexander Boyle, son of John married Mary Carpenter.  Rachel's marriage to a
>McCollum is the weakest of my deductions.  The only fact connectiing them is
>a close association with the Carpenters in Garrard Co. and a future
>marriage.    At the death of Rachel's father John Reed, Rufus was to provide
>the care and education of a David McCollum until he became of age.  This
>David's mother was a Reed and he later married one of Robert Carpenter's
>Daughters (Robert the son of Zophar)    You might also take a close look at
>the supposed births of Zophar's daughters.  The marriage bond dates are
>We'll talk again.
>Gerald Tudor    My Genealogy Web Site is:

E-MAIL: (More) From: Gerald Tudor;
Below are some facts about Zophar.  They may help some with questions.
The first knowledge we have of Zophar is found in his father =
Robert's will.  He is listed 2nd behind his brother Jacob .  Both are =
named executors with Mary, the second wife of Robert.  Robert's will was =
proven on 7mar1751.  At the time of will abstract by Daniel Hoogland =
Carpenter, he guessed the birth of Jacob as being about  1728.  Oma =
Glasburn Robinson, reports these facts in her "David Glasburn-Virginia =
Pioneer," then guesses the birth of Zophar as being about 1730.  Will =
was proven in Westchester Co., NY.                 FACT:      =20
The Grave marker of Zophar and Mary, placed sometime after =
the death of Mary reads:  In Memory of Zophar Carpenter =
and Mary his wife.  he died Feb. 6th A.D. 1798 Aged 65 years.    She =
died Aug. 14th A.D. 1832 Aged 97 years.=20
Therefore, Zophar and Mary's birth dates are about 1733 and 1735 =
respectfully.  Zophar's will was proven in 1798, Garrard Co, KY.   The =
will is simple.  It only mentions his three sons, Zenes, Rufus, and =
Robert.  Each is willed one hundred acres.  An inventory was taken at =
Mary Carpenters later.
Augusta  Co., VA. 1755:    Zophar's name is in a list of delinquents in =
the tax levies.  This means he was in the area earlier.
1756:  He was a Drummer in Capt. Dickenson's Company in the Indian wars. =
8 May 1770:  At a court held for Botetourt Co., VA.   Gopher(sic) =
Carpenter for unlawfully keeping Moses Watkin's wife.  Grand Jury =
ordered that process issue against Carpenter and several others (other =
cases) returnable at the next court.  There was no further action found =
in the Carpenter case.  (Too bad, as such a case ,  untried, leaves open =
some interested speculations as to what "unlawfully keeping" meant and =
to who?
15 May 1771:  Zophar on jury.       8Feb1773:   Zophoe Carpenter appointed =
Surveyor of the Road, in room of William Wooley, who is discharged from =
that office.
14 July 1773:  Zopher appointed Surveyor of the Road from Fort Defiance =
(Boyle's Allum Rock) and the tithables who usually wrought thereon do =
attend him.
11 Nov 1779: Ordered that Zopher Carpenter's claim be certified who acted =
in Capt. Dickenson's Company of Rangers formerly for the defense of the =
Colony as a Drummer.     13Nov1780: (note that this date was printed =
1760 in error.  This would predate any authorization for claims)   =
Ordered that it be added to the order made at Nov. court granting land =
to Zopher Carpenter for military services performed as a Drummer, due =
proof was made that he served till he was legally discharged and the =
Company disbanded, and that he is an inhabitant of this State at the =
time of the passing the Act granting land & c.
15 Aug 1783:  Zophar on Jury.   14Nov1783:  Zopher Carpenter defendant in =
Case.  Jury awarded plaintiff, John Robinson three hundred pounds, but =
plaintiff acquitted the defendant of all the damages except twenty =
pounds.  Judgement was given for twenty pounds and cost.   The above =
data taken from Summer's Annals of Southwest Virginia.   On page 1386 =
Vol. II,  Zepher Carpenter listed as Drummer under Revolutionary =
Soldiers.  (This has to be an error as no proof is found of such =
service.  It is unlikely that he served again as a Drummer).
18 Mar 1778:  Botetourt Marriages.   David Glasburn to Elizabeth =
Carpenter, daughter of Joseph and Mary Carpenter.  (later research by =
Oma Glasburn Robinson and others proves the original record to say =
Zopher instead of Joseph).
Other sources from Robinson:  1763: Zophar purchased 135 acres NW side =
of Jackson's River.   ^Oct1767:  50 acres on James River.   Furnished =
supplies to the soldiers-wheat, corn, and one time 400lbs. of beef. =
(does not say for what war).
Nov 1768:  Zophar in court due to indebtedness to Israel Christian =
incurred on the 21st of Dec1765 for one shilling six pence for three =
Jews Harps.
1789:  Michael Mallow bought of Zophar Carpenter and Mary, his wife, and =
David Glasburn and Elizabeth, his wife, 130 acres on the north side of =
Jackson's River for 275 pounds.   (Mrs. Robinson says, "before and after =
this date there are several similar references linking the names of =
......   " the above individuals).
1791:  Zophar first appears in the Madison Co., VA tax list. (This is =
one year before Madison Co. became a Kentucky County.)
Zophar's 300 acres in western Madison Co., KY, an area that soon =
became a part of the newly formed Garrard Co., came from a 400 acre =
survey for John McKenzie, assignee of Robert Espie by virture of a =
premption Feb. 19, 1780 in then Lincoln Co., VA.  On 22Nov1788, John =
McKenzie traded to John Boyle of Madison Co. 205 acres of his 400 acre =
premption to join acrage already owned by Boyle for 200 acres in Lincoln =
Co.   Although Zophar willed his sons 300 acres, it was not officially =
recorded until 6Jun1816 when John Boyle, for five hundred pounds, =
transferred the 300 acres to Zenith, Rufus, and Robert Carpenter.  Part =
of this 300 acres came from that owned by Boyle prior the the trade to =
McKenzie.  (Later, seven acres of the 300 would be claimed by the =
Ambrose Ross estate which joined to the south. This was taken into =
consideration when Rufus Carpenter had the land surveyed in 1846.
Parts of the Carpenter land has remained in descendant's =
ownership to present 1998.  About 78 acres , including the the Carpenter =
Cemetery, is owned by this compiler's daughter.   Her husband, also a =
descendant, owns another joining 10 or 13 acres.
Oma Glasburn Robinson's family tradition says that Elizabeth, daughter =
of Zophar and Mary was of Irish descent.  Since Carpenter is of English =
of French descent, then Mary must be the Irish member.  This of course =
contradicts Kentucky family tradition that Davis was Mary's maiden name. =
There is no proof of this, however, and it is supposed that earlier =
family members may have gotten families mixed up in their oral =
histories.    Case in point:   It was always reported that Rachel, wife =
of Rufus, was a McCarthy.  This was proven to be in error when it was =
discoved in Rachel's application for a pension for Rufus' service in the =
War of 1812, that her full name was Rachel Alexander Reed (later spelled =
Reid).  Also, that their marriage was on 8Mar1808.  Officials then could =
not verify the marriage as the minister did not make a return to the =
court house.
The name Davis is persistant in published genealogies as the maiden =
name for Mary.   This is partially the fault of this compiler as he fed =
the data, but with a qualifier, "no proof" which has been ignored.  In =
one case it has been reported that mary was the widow Davis, nee Coles.  =
When the author of this was asked for his source, he responded that it =
was in the Coles genealogy but could not think just where at the time.  =
Thus the misdirection continues.   Davis, may very well belong to a =
family member.   It is possible that the mother of Rachel Reed Carpenter =
was a Davis, and that the McCarthy belongs to Mary, wife of Zophar. (NO =
There has been much speculation as to the marriage(s) of Zophar and =
how many children he had.   Taking into account that the known daughter =
Elizabeth was many years older that those who came with Zophar to =
Kentucky, makes you wonder about the in between years.  It is a fact =
that several Carpenter children were carried away on the early Virginia =
frontier by Indians.  There is no proof that they were children of =
Zophar.   Some suggest that Zophar must have had two wives, both named =
Mary and that the second Mary was the mother of the ones who came to KY. =
Also, there has been doubt that Mary in Kentucky would have given =
birth to Zenith, Rufus, and Robert at such an advanced age.   I suggest =
the hardiness of the frontier mother made it possible once she survived =
the first births.  After all Mary lived to be 97.  It has been forwarded =
that Zophar may have married his step-mother, Mary and left for the =
Virginia frontier were his uncle Joseph Carpenter had previously gone in =
1746.   Zophar's younger siblings Rufus and Mary may have been by his =
father's second wife.  There is no further trace of these two as well as =
the other siblings, unless the Rufus who married Olive Whitcomb on =
2Mar1777 is the brother.   If Zophar married his step-mother, is it =
likely that they would name a second son Rufus and possibly a daughter =
For the children of Zophar and Mary, they will be forth coming in =
other notes.   Gerald Tudor    4Jul1998 .
As one studies families in close geographic communities in =
frontier times it is almost certain that there will be marriages of =
neighbor's children, even where there is close kinship, first =
cousins,etc.   In the case of Zophar, he is the only Carpenter residing =
in the western portion of early Madison Co., KY until several years =
later.   There had been Carpenters who preceded Zophar in this area, but =
one was killed by the Indians and another, Solomon, made an improvement =
where John Boyle later settled, and moved on.  It is not believed that =
there was family involved.  In the eastern end of Madison Co. there was =
a John Carpenter with a family.  Like Zophar, he died prior to 1800.  =
His children were identified.  There is no proof that the two were =
related.  A descendant of John says that he came from Virginia and was =
believed to be a Rev. War soldier.  Also in the same area was an Edmund =
Carpenter who also was deceased before 1800; no further trace on him.   =
With these facts and close associations it is reasonable to believe that =
certain female Carpenters were the daughters of Zophar and Mary, =
although circumstantial in evidence.
To this compiler there is enough evidence to keep these ladies, =
Mary, Leah, and Rachel as daughters of Zophar and Mary.   Remember, in =
that day and time, daughters were often left from wills, preferring the =
male sons to inherit.  So, until further data is proven, the family is =
larger than first thought.
Gerald Reid Tudor in 1998 A.D.

PICTURES: Data provided by Gerald Tudor.
Zophar and Mary's marker is located on the land that he homesteaded in Garrard
Co., KY. He was born in
Westchester Co., NY and later moved to that part of Augusta Co., VA that
became Botetourt Co. He arrived in KY
1790-1791. His parents, Robert and Elizabeth were both Carpenter cousins
whose American roots were in
Providence, RI and Rehoboth, MA.

Mary Cole Davis

NAME: Last name may be DAVIS, at least according to family tradition.
See husband's notes regarding census information.
!DEATH: Death date maybe for the wife (Mary) of her son, Zophar.

3375. Robert Carpenter

NOTE: This area was Kentucky county, VA before 1780. After 1780 it was
Lincoln county, VA then KY then in 1786 Madison KY Territory.  In 1792 KY
became a state. He moved to Missouri or Kansas about 1852.

He is not Robert Carpenter-20271 who is from a Zimmerman line.

1258. Barsilla or Beyzuilla Carpenter

Number 97 in the book, the Carpenter Family in America by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.
Family on page 118.  He was a resident of New Castle, Westchester county.
WILL: His will was proved 7 Sept. 1791.  See Westchester County Wills, Vol. B.
p. 40.  Jacob Carpenter, witness.  Except for his oldest, all were underage
(less than 21 years old).


Died aged 97 years.

3378. Thomas Carpenter

Number 312 in the book, the Carpenter Family in America by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.  No family listed.  Not of age (21) in 1791.
He was of Coyeman's, Columbia county.

3379. Judah Carpenter

Number 313 in the book, the Carpenter Family in America by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.  No family listed.  Not of age (21) in 1791.

3380. Mary Carpenter

Number 314 in the book, the Carpenter Family in America by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.  No family listed.  Not of age (21) in 1791.

3381. Sarah Carpenter

Number 315 in the book, the Carpenter Family in America by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.  No family listed.  Not of age (21) in 1791.

1261. Rufus or Ruphas Carpenter

Number 100 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.
A Rufus Carpenter of North Castle was wittness to will of James Meadows of
Rye, October 4, 1778 (New York Wills, VOL. 36, P. 80.) & proved 22 May 1783.
SEE: Early Wills Westchester County, NY (1664-1784) by Pellettreau, 1898
Page 354 & 355.  Mentioned as witness and as a tailor. Verfies the info above.
BURIAL: buried Cushing Cem. " Graves of Revolutionary War Patriots" vol1,
p. 156.
CENSUS: 1790  census shows 2 sons, 2 dau. under 16.
SLC Fim #0873754 item 3.

E-MAIL: 31 Dec 2000 From: "Steve Somers"
Attached are three generations of the descendents of Rufus Carpenter.
I have been meaning to send this information for a while, so better late
than never. Most of this information came from the descendents of Rufus
Carpenter and Olive Whitcomb of Woodstock, VT through their daughter Phebe Carpenter who married Gideon French. This from the work of Duane Powers (Olive French), Marilyn Ames (Louisa French), Howard Hodgson (Phebe French), the Deem family genealogy (Martha French) and some things I (also Phebe) dug up. There are some spelling errors in the Deem and Powers material.
I hope this is useful. Other than my line, I have little backup material.
One problem I see is the hard connection between Rufus Carpenter, North
Castle, NY in 1778 and Rufus Carpenter in Woodstock, VT in 1780 plus the
particulars of his likely mother, Mary, Robert Coles Carpenter's second
wife.  Steve Somers.  Tulsa, OK.

1265. Coles Carpenter

Number 103 in the Carpenter Family in America book (1901).
See page 199 to 122 for notes and family.
!BIRTH: PLACE Duck Pond(Musketa Cove) Glenn Cove ,N.Y.
Musketa Cove became Glen Cove in 1834.
!Queens county was established in 1683 and this area became Nassau county in
!Coles was a weaver.  He lived at Duck Pond until 1773 then
moved to Walton Estate (Sea Cliff).  He died on Walton Farm.  One record
indicates death in Sept. 1781.
He was a Captain of the local or county militia.

WILL: Will dated 6 April 1779.  Probated 1781 per New York Wills vol. 34, p.
228.  He came in from the field complaining of a severe pain in his head.  He
leaned his head upon his wife's arm, and in this position, unknown to her, he
passed away.  He was buried in the Coles family burial ground at "Burial Hill."

Sarah Latting

Queens county was established in 1683 and this area became Nassau county in

3389. Benjamin Carpenter

Number 319 in the book, The Carpenter Family in America by Daniel H. Carpenter,
BIRTH: in Queens county because Nassau county was created in 1898.
DEATH: When about 20 years of age, in good health, robust and strong, with a
prospect of many years of usefulness, he stood a chance of taking the small pox
from a sick neighbor.  So, as was the advise of the practitioners of that day,
he was "inoculated" with the virus and taken to a lonely building to spend the
time of sickness.  BUT like many another ones so "inoculated" it brought a sure
and speedy death.  It is said that his death was one of the means of greatly
helping to put a stop to the inhuman practice of "inoculating."

3392. James Carpenter

Number 322 in the book, The Carpenter Family in America by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.
BIRTH: in Queens county because Nassau county was created in 1898.
New York went from a Colony to State in 1776.

3393. Sarah Carpenter

Number 323 in the Daniel H. Carpenter book, 1901.
!BIRTH: in Queens county because Nassau county was created in 1898.
!New York went from a Colony to State in 1776.

1267. Tamar Carpenter

Number 107 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.

John Crane

John Crane and Tamer Carpenter
99-03-08 07:27:27 EST
From: (Anita Gauld)

Hi Andrew.  Greetings from Fife Lake, Michigan.

On Sun, 7 Mar 1999 you wrote:
>I have information about John Crane and Tamar Carpenter his wife.
>They are my great-grandparents X 9.  He was a captain in the
>Revolutionary War- serving under Colonel Luddington.  He built the
>first structure in Mahopac, NY- he and his wife operated an inn
>there for many years.  He was a circuit court judge for many years
>in Duchess County, NY- until Putnam County was founded.  I have
>some of his speeches and writings- as well as a Crane family tree
>that John Crane wrote at the age of 83.  He is a well known local
>figure (both for his patriotism and his eccentricity)- The Crane
>family is the oldest family in Mahopac.  He and Tamar are buried in
>the Crane family cemetary in Mahopac, NY. The Cranes were
>Presbyterians.  If you are interested in any information about his
>family tree- I would be glad to send it to you.  Because I am in
> school right now- I don't have access to it at the moment- but
>would be glad to send it when I do.

1268. Sarah Carpenter

Number 108 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.

3396. Carpenter Lewis

NAME: First name Carpenter!

1269. Gabriel Carpenter

Number 104 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.
Family on page 122 & 123.  Mentioned in his father's will and that he had a

1270. Amey or Ame Carpenter

Number 105 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901.  See page 104 & 105 for her family.
Per her husband's bible she died about "near two O clock in ye morning."
Recorded as "Anne" in one record, but this is wrong.

Caleb Carpenter

Number 72 in the Carpenter Family in America book of 1901.
Family on page 104 & 105.  After his mother died he removed with his father
to North Castle.  Caleb left a very clear and complete record of his family
in his Bible.  See page 105.

Caleb married two sisters, daughters of John Carpenter (Hatter), of North
Castle, New York, and Clinton, Dutchess county, New York.
He was a Patriot. He did patriotic service for America in New York State.
D.A.R., Patriot Index.

DEATH: One record has 2 Dec. 1826 as death date in Ulster county, NY but the
above book has 30 Dec. 1926 at Clinton, Dutchess county, NY.

1288. Caleb Green

Not mentioned as alive in father's will.  His son Caleb is mentioned however.