Descendants of William Carpenter of Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, now part of Bristol County, MA


22206. James W. Carpenter

1880 United States Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
James W. CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   29   MA   Driver   MA   MA
Hattie E. CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   29   NJ   Keeping House   ENG   ENG
Elizabeth B. CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   9   NY   At School   MA   NJ
Mabel G. CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   7   MA   At School   MA   NJ
Arthur W. CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   5   RI      MA   NJ
Joseph HONARTH   BroL      Male   W   21   MA   Cutter   ENG   ENG
Source Information:
 Census Place Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
 Family History Library Film   1255211
 NA Film Number   T9-1211
 Page Number   37B

22207. Silas B. Carpenter

Silas B. CARPENTER was born on 2 Feb 1841 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Born in
Canada. Built both his own and Tedie & Sadie's homes in Park Ridge.
Moved to St. Pete in 1925. He had hay fever. Owned a hardware store.
St. Pete address was Burlington Ave. N.
Bruce Woody of Brandon, FL provide information on this lline in July 1999.

22215. Wilfred Emerson "Em" Carpenter

Carpenter Family History - July 2007 page 85, Generation 28 by Ellliott R. Carpenter

22220. Chandler George Brundige

Information on this line supplied by Carol Brundage PO Box 292 Northampton, MA 01061-0292 via email  July 2009.

22227. George Reuben Brundige

George lived 50 years and married at age 28. He was a carpenter contractor.

BURIAL: Southview Cem., Lot 32, Southwest 1/4, section H.

George Reuben Brundige, who married Lydia Hathaway, had an inherited kidney disease. Lydia's father, Ambrose was a Civil War veteran. Her mother took over the family finances when he returned, he was incapacitated. She was a good business woman, dealing in mortgages.. not giving out the deed until the last payment was made. (first motel in the United States, began the old ladies home in North Adams, smoked a pipe). Lydia descends from Gov. William Pynchon, who came over with Winthrop. She descends from William Davis, first Knights Templar in the United States. She also descends from General James Cudworth. I have photos of them. Lydia was a stunning blonde. Her second husband was Gardiner Bentley.

Information on this line supplied by Carol Brundage of Lee, MA via email  July 2009.

Lydia Ann Hathaway

SEE: The book called "Hathaways of America" by Mary A. Hathaway, 1904.

27815. Alethobelle Brundige

NAME: First name uncertain Alethobelle or similar?

Mary Ann Brownsey

note: Mary Ann Brownsey came from England with her parents as a child
note: Mary Ann Brownsey  was the daughter of Frederick Henry Brownsey and
Elizabeth Emma Priddle.

22245. Joseph Owen Carpenter

Thomas C. Carpenter submitted this line in Oct. 1999.
BIRTH: Another record has 28 Mar 1856 as birth date.

CENSUS:  1880 United States Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
John KIPP   Self   M   Male   W   41   NY   Butcher   NY   NY
Helen KIPP   Wife   M   Female   W   38   NY   Keeping House   NY   NY
David KIPP   Son   S   Male   W   13   NY      NY   NY
Lida KIPP   Dau   S   Female   W   10   NY      NY   NY
Ella KIPP   Dau   S   Female   W   7   NY      NY   NY
Antoinette KIPP   Dau   S   Female   W   5   NY   At Home   NY   NY
Margaret COLLINS   Other   M   Female   W   30   IRE   House Servant   IRE   IRE
John COLLINS   Other   S   Male   W   6M   NY   At Home   IRE   IRE
Joseph CARPENTER   Other   M   Male   W   22   NY   Iron Business   NY   NY
Emma CARPENTER   Other   M   Female   W   21   NY   At Home   NY   NY
Jane CARPENTER   Other   S   Female   W   2   NY   At Home   NY   NY
Charles KIPP   Other   S   Male   W   29   NY   Butcher   NY   NY
Source Information:
 Census Place District 1, New Castle, Westchester, New York
 Family History Library Film   1254946
 NA Film Number   T9-0946
 Page Number   486A

Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: Charles b Carpenter
An update on the posted 1880 census of John j Kipp.
His wife is Ellen,not Helen as listed .Ellen is the Sister of Joseph owen Carpenter.Also Joseph is listed as born 1858 ,should be 1856,from death cirtificate .He is listed as Iron business. This Business is owned by his brother Reese, who for a short time wanted to be a bucther working wih JohnJ Kipp,went to N Y C opened the iron store, got contracts from the Harlem rail line to furnish Rail, and became a Wealthy man. Also he was a desinger of Cemeteries, one being Kensico.
                                      Thank you, Buck Carpenter

Emma Green Knapp

DEATH:  She died in the home of her daughter, Ellen Midred Odell.
BIRTH: born Emma Emily Knapp but later changed it to Emma Green Knapp.

27821. Joseph Louie Carpenter

NAME: Went by Lou.

27822. William Henry (Harry) Carpenter

NAME: Went by Harry.

POSTED BY: Thomas A. Murray.
I actually have something on this couple. It's rare that I do, as what I do have tends to fade out after the 1850's.
HARRIET “HATTIE” FLEWWELLIN b. 15 DEC 1891, d. 21 OCT 1918, m. 6JUN1909 WILLIAM HENRY CARPENTER (b. 17JUN1885, d. 1971), son of Joseph Carpenter. Their daughter was: OLIVE BRADY CARPENTER b. 20 DEC 1913.
And that's about it. I have added in your information as well.
Harriet was the daughter of:
CHARLES FLEWWELLIN b. 27NOV1859, m. 19NOV1882 MARY EMMA FLEWWELLIN(b. 24OCT1862), daughter of Levi and Elizabeth (McCormack) Flewwellin
Charles Flewwellin was the son of:
LAMOREAU FLEWWELLIN b. ca. 1831, m. _____BEDELL (The Bedells are another family from Long Island.)
Lamoreau Flewwellin was the son of:
WRIGHT FLEWWELLIN b. ca. 1800, d. 1891, m. JEMIMA (b. ca. 1800, possibly maiden name was Tompkins or Tomlins.) In Yorktown in 1820; in New Castle in 1830 and 1850
Wright Flewwellin was the son of:
Robert G. Flewwelling I am fairly sure was the son of:
Robert Flewwellin was the son of Robert and Maplet (Jeacockes?) Flewelling of North Castle, Westchester Co., NY. This was a Quaker branch of the family, which may explain some movements of the family in later years. Robert Flewwellin was born (from census evidence) about 1750 ± 5 years. His will was made 4MAR1828 and probated 30JUN1828. His wife was Mary Searles (or Sarles) (b. 8FEB1755, and d. 3MAY1849, d/o John Sarles (11MAY1732-27AUG1810) and Hannah Ireland (14MAY1735-20DEC1821.) He lived in Yorktown, Westchester Co., NY To go back to Mary Emma Flewwellin who married Charles Flewwellin. She was the daughter of:
LEVI FLEWWELLIN b. 1805, d. 2SEP1875, m. ELIZABETH McCORMACK(d. 25 FEB 1900),In 1850, Levi was with his parents in Yorktown, presumably single. He appears to have married when he was in his early 50's, and is said to have lived in White Plains, N. Y.
Levi Flewwellin was the son of:
EZEKIEL FLEWWELLIN b. 27MAY1779, d. 17JUN1853, m. TAMAR WASHBURN (b. 30OCT1786, d. 21MAR1853), daughter of Joseph and Freelove (Mathews) Washburn. Tamar's brother, Reuben Washburn, married Ezekiel's sister, Hannah Flewwellin.
Ezekiel Flewwelling was the son of Robert and Mary (Searles) Flewwellin above. Robert was the son of Robert and Maplet Flewelling. Robert Flewelling was the son of Thomas and Hannah (Smith) Flewelling. Something of their ancestry can be found at

As I mentioned, I have nothing to continue this line and would be happy to add anything you can offer to the compilation on Robert and Maplet's family that I am working on.
Thomas A. Murray

22259. James Henry See Notes Carpenter

NOTE: This maybe (most likely is) a Zimmerman / Carpenter line from this
individual on. See below.

He went to Texas in 1883. Married in Christian or Todd County, KY.
He settle in Mertens or Brandon then later went to Hillsboro, Hill county,
Texas.  He married twin sisters.  Cynthia was 1/2 Potawatomia Indian.  Name of
first wife unknown.

MARRIAGE: J. H. Carpenter married Cynthia Thompson, ceremony performed by
Thomas H. Shaw, Minister of the Gospel.  Witnesses: Josiah & George Gray,
married at the home of Mr. Thompson.

CENSUS: 1880 Census of Christian County, KY, page 286 #92/96:
Carpenter J. F. (should be J. H.) age 27 TN, Cynthia age 23 TN, Willie age 3
TN, and George age 2 TN.

Phyllis Collins Rummel of Austin, TX submitted this descendantcy line in March
1998.  James Henry Carpenter's father was John H. Carpenter with a mother
listed as Cynthia Thompson.  It is possible they came from Kentucky.
It is not proven that John Henry Carpenter that went south from Westchester
county, New York is the correct father.  This is a temporary connection pending
further investigation.  JRC 4/98.  Phyllis indicates some of her records list
her Carpenters as "Carpentier."

Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 21:53:48 EDT
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Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
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Any suggestions?  I have the information showing that we go back to Hans
Zimmerman (John Carpenter) Chrisitan, Christian, John (Cumberland) to Daniel,
To James.  The info does look very convincing.
Do you know where I can get the book "Carpenters A'Plenty, by Robert C.
Seems a lot of the information came from that book as well as census.
The Mt Vernon Precinct shows James Henry Carpenter, wife Cynthia Thompson
(which I have SGorin's bio, Making it a strong possibility that Cynthia came
from Woodford Co...... Ky, not Tn.) Son Willie and George were all born in Tn.
But my Grand Father George Green Carpenter said he was born in Hopkinsville,
Ky.  James and Cynthia were married in Christian Co Ky. Any suggestions? Could
they of just put that they were all born in Tn? Since the head of household
was born in Tn?  When in reality that maybe only John was born in Tn. Hans was
over here in the 1700, what did you mean about the 200 years difference. I am
not familiar with the French Carpentier.  Just heard how they spelled there
name. Since the Indian and French fought together it has just raised questions
for me.
Thanks Phyllis.

Cynthia Thompson

The 1880 census indicates she was born in TN.  She was the second wife.

27832. William H. W. "Will H." Carpenter

The 1880 census shows he was born in TN. P286.
Could he be a William H. or Willard H. or Willett H. Carpenter instead of
Will H. Carpenter?

Lisa Brannon

3rd wife.

22261. Charles T. Carpenter

Number 1497 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H.
Carpenter, 1901. No family listed.

CENSUS: 1880 US Census
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Chas. T. CARPENTER   Self   M   Male   W   34   NY   Farmer   NY   NY
Sarah CARPENTER   Wife   M   Female   W   33   IL   Keeping House   KY   KY
George CARPENTER   Son   S   Male   W   11   IL   Helps On Farm   NY   IL
Mary CARPENTER   Dau   S   Female   W   6   IL      NY   IL
William HARRIET   Other   S   Male   W   15   NJ   Farm Laborer   ---   ---
Source Information:
 Census Place Tolono, Champaign, Illinois
 Family History Library Film   1254180
 NA Film Number   T9-0180
 Page Number   395C

22266. Lela Carpenter

Number 1670 in the Carpenter Family in America, 1901 book.