Descendants of William Carpenter of Providence (Pawtuxet section, now in Cranston), Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, now part of Providence County, RI


5366. Peter Starling Carpenter


death certificate

Starling Carpenter & Penninah Westbrook

1860 - Township 21, Choctaw, Mississippi, United States
1870 - Township 21 Range 11, Choctaw, Mississippi, United States
1880 -  Leon, Texas, United States
1900 - Justice Precinct 2 (South Half), Navarro, Texas
1910 - Justice Precinct 2, Navarro, Texas
1920 - Justice Precinct 2, Navarro, Texas

7221. James Vance Carpenter

James Vance Carpenter 001

James V Carpenter

Lt James V Carpenter

5367. Judson Ellis Carpenter

Per TLC:
---- Judson E. Carpenter, born in Jan 1873 in MS per the 1900 census. He married c1896 to Mary Alice Murphy, who was born in Nov 1871 in TX or AR. He was enumerated in Angelina Co. TX in 1900 next door to his brother Joseph Carpenter, in Limestone Co. TX in 1910, and in Angelina Co. TX in 1920 and 1930.


Judson Ellis Carpenter 001

1880 - Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States
1890 -
1900 - Justice Precinct 3, Angelina, Texas
1905 - Colman County, Texas, USA
1909 - Justice Precinct 3, Limestone, Texas
1910 - Justice Precinct 3, Limestone, Texas
1920 - Justice Precinct 3, Angelina, Texas
1930 - Precinct 3, Angelina, Texas

Mary Alice Murphy

Mary A Carpenter death cert


Mary A Carpenter death cert

7225. Clara B. Carpenter

Clara 'Carpenter' Horton Family

Calvin L. "Fate" Johnson

1910 -
1920 -
1930 - Lufkin, Angelina, Texas  Precinct 1, Angelina, Texas

5370. Reuben J. Carpenter

1  NAME Ruben or Rheubin /Carpenter/

Reuben J Carpenter 001

5371. Joseph Carpenter

Joseph and Annie Carpenter

Joseph Carpenter 001

5378. Mary Carpenter

May have married another time to C. M. Burchett 25-March-1889 in Surry
county NC at the home of William Carpenter.  Probably died in Texas.

Andrew Andrew Willey

DEATH: Died in Texas(?) or OKlahoma(?)?
Lived in Grayson,,VA-Seminole,,OK. Willey's in Texas. He
was in the Civil War.  Civil War Vet!

Nancy E. Turner

NAME: Nancy E. Turner?

7242. Ennis Willey

Ennis is a male given name.

5380. Creed Columbus Carpenter

BURIAL: PLACE - Saddle Mt. Cemetary, NC
Creed along with Thomas Willey were early settlers of the community of Vox, NC
between 1870 and 1900.

Creed Columbus Carpenter, enlisted in the Confederate Army, 3- May
-1862 in Wilkes Co., N. C. CO 1, 61st. Inf. Reg.
He was an early settler in the Vox community, Alleghany Co., N. C.
He married Frances Susan Willey at the home of Ambrose Willey,( her
father ). The marriage was performed by Squire William Joines.
On the 1900 Alleghany Co., N. C. census, they had been married for
twenty-three years and had nine living children. One died young.
He died 4-Oct.-1916 and is buried in the Saddle Mtn. church cemetary,
Alleghany Co., N. C.
It has been said, not verified, that he was part indian, on his
mother's side of the family (Malinda \ Lydia Richardson ). It has also
been said that twins, Houston and Hasten Richardson were first cousins to

Frances Susan Willey

Buried in the Saddle Mt. church cem., Alleghany , NC

7246. Jesse Mack Carpenter

Jesse was 23 when he died and was never married.
He is buried in the Woodruff church cemetary, Alleghany county, NC.
He was killed in a coal mine cave-in in WV.  His future brother-in-law,
Thomas Jefferson Medley was in the same cave-in but survived.

5381. John Andrew Carpenter

Per Carolyn W. Spence of
Trinity, NC in a letter dated 8 Mar. 1999, both John and Nancy weighed over 500
pounds.  John's second wife, Adeline weighed 90 pounds. Flora's weight was not

BURIAL: Buried in the Saddle Mt. church cem., Alleghany coutny NC.  John
Carpenter, I have been told, weighed more than five hundred pounds as did
his 1st. wife Nancy. His second wife Emoline weighed only ninty-eight
He may or may not have served in the Confederate Army (CSA) during the
Civil War.

Walter Jas

NAME: Last name Jas?

7257. Luther A. or Gunther Carpenter

NAME: Was Gunther "Luther A." Carpenter?


BIRTH: Borns in Jaspers?

7263. Lula J. Carpenter

Buried in the Rocky Ford church cem., Surry county NC. Age 9.

Flora Adair

AFN DXV8-PQ (Flora Carpenter) and RNC1-H1 (Flora) are the same person but not
for this John Andrew Carpenter.  This correction provided by Carolyn W.
Spence of Trinity, NC in a letter dated 8 Mar. 1999.
The correct Flora Adair Carpenter is listed as a spouse for John Andrew
Carpenter, son of Creed Carpenter, grandson of "Buck". She is a daughter of
Albert Carpenter, and granddaughter of "Buck."

5382. Elizabeth Carpenter

All info on Elizabeth's family came from a LDS file.

5383. Albert Carpenter

SPOUSE: Did Albert marry a "Eletha"?

CENSUS: Surry Co., N. C. census said they had been married twenty-two years
and had seven children. Death Cert. says his mother was Mary Brannock but
this is not true as she did not marry his father until he was ca, age 29.
The 1880 Surry Co., N. C. census lists his occupation as carpenter.
Buried in the Snow Hill burial ground, Surry Co., N. C.

1. Almeda CARPENTER-10775               Abt    1879   2
2. Martha M. (Mattie) CARPENTER-10796   31 Aug 1881   1
3. Flora Adair CARPENTER-10637          18 May 1885   *
4. Sally CARPENTER-10794                Abt    1886   3
5. Sarah E. CARPENTER-10777             Abt    1889   4
6. Fannie C. CARPENTER-10770            Abt    1897   5
7. Mary M. CARPENTER-10797              Abt    1899   6
1. Flora Adair CARPENTER-44698          18 May 1885   *
2. Almeada CARPENTER-44739              Abt    1887   2
3. Sarah E. CARPENTER-44778             Abt    1889   4
4. Sally CARPENTER-44779                Abt    1892   3
5. Mattie CARPENTER-44780               Abt    1894   1
6. Fanny CARPENTER-44781                Abt    1897   5
7. Mary CARPENTER-44782                 Abt    1899   6

7271. Fannie C. Carpenter

NAME: Fanny or Fannie.

5386. Martha Jane Carpenter

BURIAL: PLACE - Cross Roads Primitive Baptist Cemetary-Va.
According to Ethel Burcham WIlley, when Martha was buried, water rose in her
grave, and they stopped burying people there, so Thomas Ambrose had to be
buried at Saddle Mt. in NC.

Buried in the Cross Roads Primitive Baptist church cemetary, Baywood, ,VA

Thomas Ambrous Willey

Data per Carolyn Spence of Trinity, NC in a letter dated 8 Mar 1999.

Visited with Calvert Cecil Willey (Willie) of Fries, VA on 9/6/1998 at his
home. Calvert is the last remaining grandchild of Thomas Willey, that isn't in
a nursing home.  Calvert has just turned 81 years old.  Calvert is the oldest
child of Robert & Bessie Spears Willey.
Calvert identified the picture who I thought to be Tom, as Tom, his
grandfather. He did not recognize the woman with Tom in the picture, but this
is understandable as Martha J. died in 1914, and Calvert was born 8/16/1917, so
he would not remember his grandmother Willey.  Calvert's parents divorced when
Calvert was nine years old, but up until then he spent many hours with his
grandfather.  He related how one time when he was about 4 or 5, he was with his
grandfather and Tom gave him some fragments of strips to play with and Tom lit
them on fire with his big box of matches.  ( Tom smoked a corncob pipe and
always carried long handled stick matches.)  When the fire was dying out
Calvert took 2 strips of wood used in making baskets and recaning chair bottoms
and threw them into the fire, when Tom wasn't looking.  Tom called the boy over
and scolded him, and then whacked his bottom with one of the strips.
Calvert recalled that was the only time Tom ever spanked him.
Calvert said Tom had a long white beard down to his belt.  Tom would travel
around selling baskets and recaning chair bottoms.  When people in the
neighborhood saw Tom coming, they would send children to the neighbors or call
each other if they had phones to let everyone know Tom Willey was coming.
Neighbors would then scurry out to meet Tom with their broken chairs, or to buy
baskets.  Calvert recalled all the children loved Tom and would follow him
around like a Pied Piper.  He told them stories of things he saw or did in his
travels, and maybe had a piece of penny candy for each.  Calvert said that
Tom always said "GEE JINGO" before everything he said, and we don't know what
that meant. Calvert said that his Grandpa Tom did talk funny, and that the
children loved to hear him speak. (This could be the Irish accent I heard
about from my grandmother Ethel B. Willey, and her daughter Reva W. Akers. They
both said Tom was from Ireland, although I now know he wasn't born there.)
Tom had so much work to do in some neighborhoods that he sometimes stayed a
week or two before he went home.  ( In those days chairs were handmade and when
the bottoms broke, they couldn't just throw the chair away, they saved it to be
fixed by Tom Willey or other recaner.)
Calvert said that Tom would shave and whittle long strips of wood ( I think he
said black gum trees) to be used in weaving baskets and chair bottoms.
Also Calvert told Carolyn Elliott and I that some years ago some of the
family had tried to re-bury Martha J. down at Old Saddle Mountain Primitive
Baptist Church, so she could be with Tom, but either money or permits wouldn't
allow it.  Carolyn and I visited Saddle Mt. cemetery and Tom does lie with an
empty plot next to him.  When Tom died in 1926, he couldn't be buried beside
Martha in Baywood at Hampton Cross Roads church because water rose in Martha's
grave, and they wouldn't allow him to be buried there.  He is buried with
Martha's relatives in the Carpenter plot at Saddle Mountain in NC.
Calvert also recalled a Willey reunion in the late 1950's or early 1960's at
Ford Carpenter's house somewhere around Low Gap NC.  He said on the way they
met Bert, Quince and Herman, Jack Willey's boys, and led them to the reunion as
they didn't know how to get there.  He said that his cousin Tom ( son of Jesse
Willey ) told him that Jack Willey's boys were cousins and that's why they were
attending  the reunion. This is our first concrete connection between all the
Willey families.
Calvert said that the reason his branch spells their name Willie was because
many years ago someone found letters written to or by Thomas Ambrous Willey and
that was the way the name was spelled ( Willie).  So they started spelling it
that way too, because that's how Tom spelled it.  Calvert's daughter Barbara
Sue said she spelled it Willey all her life though, as the other branches did.
Fact 1: Cem:  old Saddle Mt. prim. Bap. Ch. Ennice, NC
Fact 2: Tom's profession was chair re-caning.

BURIAL: Buried in the Saddle Mt. church cem., Alleghany , NC He was a
chair caner.

5402. John E. Carpenter

CENSUS: 1870 Census of Christian County, KY, Page 17, Mt. Vernon Precinct.
Carpenter, John E. age 31 farmer KY, Arabella age 27 KY and Henrietta A. age 6,